Is High Sierra A Good Brand? (Amazingly Durable Backpacks)

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What Is The High Sierra Brand Known For?

High Sierra is well-known for its backpacks that are available in the economic range, and people in all budgets find it affordable. Here are a few features which make it a prominent company for your backpack solutions…

Are High Sierra backpacks good?

High Sierra is a brand known for its excellence and incredible quality. This company produces backpacks that are functional, versatile, and best of all durable!

Kids as a whole are not gentle with backpacks and High Sierra backpacks have a reputation for surviving even the roughest of kids and the toughest of situations.

Whether traveling, hiking, working, or studies there is one thing in common, you need a backpack – and when we are talking about backpacks, High Sierra is no doubt one of the best choices.

Below I have provided some examples of the best High Sierra products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are High Sierra School Back Packs Good?

If you are looking for a backpack for a school that is comfortable, has plenty of room for books, pencils, folders, etc., and is amazingly durable then look no further than this High Sierra backpack. Just to make this backpack even better it sells at a great price too…


High Sierra Loop Backpack

High Sierra Loop Backpack, Black, 19 x 13.5 x 8.5-Inch

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Example of comments from High Sierra backpack:


I love these! They will not break! Now 3 kids are college and they still use these! I love the colors, they are great for high school and college kids.


  • High Sierra book bags are made to last. My older children have this brand book bag and have been using it for over 4 years. There is not one hole or tear. This is why I stand by this product.
  • This is the only book bag that I have bought in the last four years for my son that has not broken!
  • My daughter likes this backpack and likes that it truly is water-resistant.
  • Both of my kids own these backpacks, stuff them completely full of books and schoolwork, and they’ve lasted for years.
  • This is the only brand we will buy now.
  • Plus, they have great little pockets for pencils, phones, keys, and items like that, as well as plenty of room for books and school folders.

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Are High Sierra Freewheel Backpacks Good?

The cleverly designed High Sierra freewheel backpack is very popular and is a backpack that has wheels with a telescoping handle so when you know longer what it on your back you can wheel it behind you like luggage…


High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Laptop Backpack


High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Laptop Backpack, True Navy, 20.5 x 13.5 x 8-Inch

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Example of comments from High Sierra backpack:


I travel thousands of miles per year, and I am very pleased with this product. The pockets are handy, the compartments are great for pocket contents during security checks and things wanted during the flight such as inflatable pillow and noise cancelling earphones, the clip inside the smallest compartment is a brilliant idea for keys so I don’t have to dig down to the bottom for them, the laptop sleeve is great, and I could go on and on. It’s a well-made, durable, well-thought out carry-on.


  • This is an awesome product! I bought the rolling backpack because I have a bad back and always have a lot of stuff in my backpack…it does not disappoint.
  • There is plenty of room for everything…admin supplies in the front pocket and notebook and folders in the middle pocket.
  • The back pocket (more like a section) has a laptop sleeve that easily fits a 17″ laptop and then room behind the sleeve for a lunch box, compact umbrella, travel coffee mug, and more.
  • Plus, my 32 oz. cold-water mug fits in a pouch on the outside.
  • This is the best backpack I have ever owned! It blew me away with its design, functionality, and quality.
  • I travel by plane 3-4 times a week and needed a “personal item” bag that could hold all my cameras, drones, and laptop.
  • I always have to pull the laptop out when I’m traveling for work and this backpack made that super easy with a padded slip pocket for it.
  • All my cables have a place now also.

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Are High Sierra Laptop Backpacks Good?

High Sierra is an excellent brand for laptop backpacks with quality and durability mentioned a lot by customers however the most pleasing aspect of this backpack was how big it is and how much it can hold. Even 2 laptops…


High Sierra XBT-TSA Laptop Backpack, Black, One Size


High Sierra XBT-TSA Laptop Backpack, Black, One Size

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Example of comments from High Sierra backpack:


One of, if not, the best backpacks I’ve ever owned. I’ve had a laptop bag for years and I travel for a living. I seriously should have purchased this years ago. It weights practically nothing, has tons of compartments, feels great on your back, and has a luggage handle area so that you can lug both your luggage/carryon bag and backpack together.


  • I use this pack as a daily carry pack, loaded with my computer, tablet, notepads, and files, and several tools and adapters needed for my work.
  • It’s VERY durable, has lots of pockets and space. You can easily fit a large tablet or laptop without any issues.
  • I carry two laptops for my job and this accommodates both with room for full-size headphones, cell phone chargers, laptop chargers, and everything else.
  • I always carry my 2 textbooks, laptop, laptop charger, mouse, notebook, binder, pencil pouch, wallet, water bottle, lunchbox, and jacket in this (just to give you an idea of how much stuff I carry around every day).
  • This IS a big backpack, so don’t be so surprised about the number of items that you can carry in it.

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Are High Sierra Ski Bag Boot Combo Good?

If you are looking for a quality ski bag and boot bag combo at a terrific price then High Sierra is the brand to go with…


High Sierra 53875-0968 Ski Bag & SKU Boot Bag Combo, Black/Mercury, One Size


High Sierra 53875-0968 Ski Bag & SKU Boot Bag Combo, Black/Mercury, One Size

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Example of comments from High Sierra boot bag combo:


These are no frills, great for the price, bags. You can put two sets of skis in the ski bag and there enough room in the boot bag for a helmet or some other items. There are straps that keep the ski bag snug.


  • Excellent durability. Was concerned that the material would be cheap however I’m very happy with the sturdiness of the bag.
  • Fits up to 200 cm skis easily and can fit poles, ski jackets, and pants.
  • The boot bag can additionally hold a ski helmet as well.
  • This is a fantastic ski and boot bag combo, especially for the price. I use it for my cross country (skate) skis.
  • The ski bag easily fits my 184 length skis (83 width) and the boot bag fits my boots perfectly.

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6 Reasons Why High Sierra Is A Good Brand:

As you can see from every product listed above the major theme running through all of the customer comments about High Sierra is outstanding durability


The first thing which makes it popular is its quality. High Sierra ensures durability and never compromise on quality. The material used in manufacturing and the accessories attached to it are all made of high quality.

Latches straps and zippers are strong and robust. Many zippers had waterproof flaps for protection from rain and water. Waterproofing is one of the prominent features of most of the High Sierra bags.

The company always considers straps and the size of the bag. Straps are made of good quality – comfort and adjustable options are always open for flexible options according to the type of bag.

Reputable and Reliable:

High Sierra is a reputable and reliable brand. Backpacks are reliable and you can take them anywhere you want. If you are in love with nature, so is the brand.

It will prove to be one of the best travel partners of yours. The quality and durability will always ensure the lasting losing company, and you may easily use it in rough and challenging conditions.


High Sierra has been manufacturing different kinds of bags for so many years, and they know every foot mark leaves a sign on earth’s natural habitat. Their inspection teams are always ensuring that everything is safe, secure, and not becoming one reason to destroy nature.


Social responsibility is one of the biggest concerns of the High Sierra. The company has inspections and audits to make sure that compliance standards are always met. Through its Social Compliance Program, it is ensured that all instances of child labor, human trafficking, and forced labor are prevented.

The company does not stop there. The unannounced audits and inspections ensure the high standards of the brand are met. High Sierra appreciates open communication with factory employees and representatives and always strives to provide a healthy work environment.

Versatile choice:

Backpacks are not only used in schools or colleges. With High Sierra, you will find high-quality laptop bags, travel bags, backpack s travel bags, and much more. Water resistance and strong quality are always ensured.

Fashionable choice:

No matter how much a thing is functional or robust; if it is not up to contemporary standards. High Sierra bags and backpacks are fashionable, stylish, and functional choice for everyone without a doubt.

Where To Buy High Sierra Products?

You can see all of the High Sierra offerings currently available and purchase them from their website or by going to their online Amazon store.

In summary, High Sierra really lives up to its mission statement of aiming to provide you a convenient journey of life. It will become part of your first day at the office to your first hike till last long travel and provide you the best you deserve!

One part of High Sierra’s mission statement says, “This is life’s real journey, the transitions from one life phase to the next. And we’re right there with you.”

It is a brand that supports and helps our growth throughout life, from our educational journey to our work and travel.

If you love to explore nature, if you need to carry a laptop to work, or if you’re a student who needs a reliable backpack for school High Sierra has you covered.

High Sierra is a legit company, an excellent brand, and one you can trust to purchase online.

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