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Is Hessaire A Good Brand For Portable Evaporative Coolers

What Is The Hessaire Brand Known For?

If you are looking for evaporative coolers then you should take a serious look at the Hessaire brand of portable coolers…

The Hessaire brand is known for mobile evaporative cooled air conditioning. You will find their evaporative coolers in homes, on construction sites, at campgrounds, and in recreational vehicles. Hessaire has become a premier brand in this category.

The Hessaire brand is associated with the best-selling portable evaporative cooler that is very highly-rated by consumers. The best part is it can be used outdoors on patios, in backyards, garages, pool decks, and so on!

Hessaire coolers are known for using the best materials available to create dependable, lasting products. They combine clean modern design with sleek functionality and innovative new technologies to offer a level of quality unmatched by the competition.

Below you can see Hessaire’s best-selling evaporative cooler and discover why customers think it is a great brand…

Hessaire Is A Good Brand For Portable Evaporative Coolers

Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Cooler, 3100 Cubic Feet per Minute, Cools 950 Square Feet


Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Cooler, 3100 Cubic Feet per Minute, Cools 950 Square Feet

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What Do Customers Think About The Portable Evaporative Cooler?


The Hessaire MC 37M I purchased two weeks has been a godsend for the heat now and to come later this summer. It’s simple and easy to use and…is the best purchase I’ve made…in a long time! And my two dogs heartily second my satisfaction.


  • Buy without fear. Great product. This is a lot of cooler for the price.
  • Well worth the cost. We tried a few others of similar specs and this one by FAR was the best. Love it!!!
  • One of the best purchases we have ever made. Cools our 1900 sq. ft. Home around 20 degrees and we live in Northern Ca. We used to die on 90 and 95 degree days.
  • Best Evaporative cooler for the Money. Extremely satisfied cools our patio by 20 degrees.
  • What an amazing product, for the money, hands down the best bang for your buck.
  • Worth every cent! It cools our 2100 sqft home so nicely!! No AC and not ready to buy AC, this is amazing. On a 90 degree day our house gets HOT fill this thing with water and turn it on, it gets nice and cool!!
  • This was my best investment for the summer. It allows me to enjoy my backyard in 110-degree weather, It is comfortable to be outside.
  • One of our best purchases off Amazon! Everything is great about it!

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Works Very Well And Cools 3 Car Garage Nicely


I purchased this swamp cooler to help cool my 3 car garage here in SoCal where it gets 105-110 degrees in the summer months. Today at 11am it was 96 in my garage and after 2 hours it cooled to 87 then after 4 hours stabilised at 83. This should allow me to use garage as shop during summer. Nice I can use inside or outside.


  • When doing things in the garage, it makes it nicer as it’s now cooler in there. The fan is strong. I can feel it from one side of the garage to another. I have a 3-car garage, so it’s big.
  • It really keeps the hot areas, My 3 Car Garage, Nice and Cool. Excellent wind velocity, just what I needed to keep a HOT Garage Cool in the Summer.
  • This would be a great cooler for a large garage or small warehouse. The fan is very powerful and puts out a lot of cool air.
  • Freaking awesome. Cools my garage with ease in the 105 degrees Texas summers.
  • Great value for a portable cooler in my garage. Works wonderful and keeps the garage cool while circulation of air.
  • I bought this one because of the high CFM and that it is designed for the outdoor type of usage, such as the garage, a patio while grilling…it has a hose connector so I just leave it set up.
  • Great for cooling a garage! I use this product almost every day to make working in my garage possible during the summer heat.
  • Very happy with this. We purchased them to help cool the cars in the garage. Easy to use and does the job.
  • This unit keeps our Tucson garage cool enough to enjoy working when it is 100+ outside.
  • Awesome cooler. It works better than advertised! Cools our large 2.5 car garage quickly!
  • Pleasantly surprised at how well it cools my 3car garage. Wish I would have bought it sooner.
  • Love it. Perfect for my garage on a hot summer day in Phoenix.

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Fantastic Cooler For The Patio


The beauty of this cooler is that it can be used outdoors, unlike an air and my backyard patio a comfortable place for grilling and gathering, even in the height of the summer.


  • With it running on low we’re able to cool the outdoor patio very nicely when the temps are in the 90s.
  • It sits on a patio out in the backyard. We are on about a week of use and it works great. It held up great and kept us cool outside in 96-degree weather.
  • Used on a patio with an open pergola. Med. speed moves the bushes pretty good about 15 ft away.
  • I purchased this product for use at my outdoor patio which did its job of keeping me comfortably cool during a 95-degree day in the shade.
  • Very nice looking and definitely worth the money. I found it great for our patio here in las vegas.
  • We have a 600 sg ft covered patio. It does a great job of cooling off the area we relax in.
  • I live in Nevada and this works well on the patio.
  • Makes patio life great!
  • I use this on my back patio where my two bunnies live. Keeps them and us nice and cool on hot summer days.
  • Works great I have it sitting on my patio facing in open door to garage cools it very nice.
  • Best fan for your patio or porch. 
  • This fan is perfect for my hot patio. The air is now nice a cool no matter what.
  • A great little cooler for the patio!

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The Hessaire Portable Evaporative Cooler Really Works


This unit is awesome. I live in a dry climate and it works great. It keeps the whole main floor about 15 degrees cooler. I don’t even use the main AC anymore. Very pleased with this purchase.


  • Works wonderfully. On average the temperature difference outside/inside is about 25F. Example: yesterday we had 105F in the SHADOW outside the door while inside it dropped to 82F
  • It works very well! As an added plus, this will work as a fan with oscillation (swing) without the cooler pump running.
  • We are on about a week of use and it works great. It held up great and kept us cool outside in 96-degree weather.
  • Works perfectly in our gazebo outside during the summer. We still feel nice and cool.
  • Got this for my workshop and it works great. Has wheels on it so is fairly easy to move around, which will be nice if I want to use it in other areas.
  • We use it to cool a semi-enclosed outdoor space and it works perfectly.
  • The cooler works as expected. If you are in a dry climate it will feel even better.
  • This works amazing and is so light and maneuverable.
  • I live in the desert and this cooler works well to cool my outside porch. It looks nice, is quiet and cools well.
  • Works well I haven’t had to use the house air conditioning since I started using this.

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In summary, the Hessaire portable evaporative cooler is very impressive. The ability to easily move it from place to place is a huge plus.

Use it in your garage while working or for keeping your cars cool or simply use it in the backyard while grilling.

It is a great cooler for the patio allowing you to spend time in comfort in your favorite outdoor space this summer.

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