Is Henckels A Good Brand (You Can Trust Henckels Quality Knives)

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J.A. Henckels as a brand has developed a huge following of fans with many professional chefs and home cooks raving about the quality of the knives they produce…

The Henckels brand has a fantastic reputation as a brand you can trust for quality knives. So impressive is Henckels that customers say they will never buy any other brand!

To illustrate how impressive the Henckels knife brand is I have listed 6 of their more popular selling products and concentrated just on the comments made about the Henckels brand so you can see there is no doubt Henckels is a very good brand…

Henckels Is A Good Brand For Knife Block Sets

J.A. Henckels International Statement Knife Block Set, 15-pc


J.A. Henckels International Statement Knife Block Set, 15-pc, Light Brown

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What Do Customers Think About The Henckel Brand For Knife Block Sets?


These knives are absolutely AMAZING!!! They cut things like butter and so smooth!! I’ve heard that they last forever, which I love. They are EXTREMELY sharp, so you need to be real careful when handling these. Will never buy another brand of knife again!! So happy I found this set for this price!!


  • Henckels is now the only brand I’ll purchase. Great value for a great product.
  • I purchased these as a gift for my boyfriend because I had a set of this brand years ago. They are super durable and keep an edge well.
  • Good brand. Great knife set!
  • I really like this style because the handles are very comfortable. I prefer them over some more expensive brands.
  • Buy a trusted brand. J.A. Henckels is a different name for Zwilling. We lived in Germany for a while, so we know that Zwilling is one of the best over there. We simply love this set of knives for the price it was purchased.
  • This knife block set lives up to the brand name.
  • I bought this set because I gave my daughter my old set of Henckel knives which were still in great condition after 7 years!
  • Always liked this brand. Very good knives and block.
  • I bought these to replace a set I’ve had for 18yrs. I love this brand and outstanding customer service!
  • Henckel is the only brand I buy.
  • My absolutely favorite Knives! I already had a 12 inch and 8-inch knife! Will never buy any other brand!
  • Absolutely love the Henckel brand. We put these in our oceanfront condos and they are the only ones that hold up to the caustic air and abuse of guests. Well worth the expense.
  • This set of knives was given to me years ago. I take care of them & have never had any rust. I wouldn’t use anything else. I have had numerous people call & ask what the brand was so they could order them.
  • Amazing brand and just a good set for the kitchen. I love my Henckels!

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Henckels Is A Good Brand For Classic Chef Knives

J.A. Henckels International 31161-201 CLASSIC Chef’s Knife, 8 Inch


J.A. Henckels International 31161-201 CLASSIC Chef's Knife, 8 Inch, Black

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What Do Customers Think About The Henckel Brand For Chef Knives?


The more affordable knives were by brands I had never heard of before, and the price difference between those brands and this Henckels knife on Amazon were minimal. This chef’s knife has a higher quality handle which is comfortable to use, and is of the reputable brand Henckels.


  • Great Father’s Day Gift! Nice as always! A brand you can count on!
  • This brand is of such high quality! This knife is sharp and of high quality. I went to a cooking class and the chef said that this chef knife is the best most universal knife to have.
  • I always buy this brand. The knife is great and always last so long.
  • J.A. Henckels is an excellent brand and this line is the best bang for your buck. It’s the perfect gift for a lucky college grad, house warming, or even a wedding gift.
  • Very sharp knife and well made. I will be buying more of this brand of a knife!
  • All I can say is this is a QUALITY knife for your kitchen. Once you own a JA Henckels you will never own any other knife brand for your kitchen and cooking needs.
  • I got this knife after using an older one of this brand at my parent’s house. The 10-inch J.A. Henckels knife is perfect at such a good price with great quality. Cuts through tomatoes like butter!
  • Will cut meat, tomatoes, and even bread. I will stay with this brand when purchasing knives in the future.
  • Henkel is a good brand and it is just what was expected.
  • My wife needed some sharp knives for the camper—since we have this brand in our home and have been very pleased with them—it was a no-brainer. They perform well for our cooking prep needs
  • Great product, name brand. The price was reasonable. One of the best knives out there.
  • Wonderful knife…would buy this brand over and over again. This chef’s knife has changed how I prepare food.

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Henckels Is A Good Brand For Steak Knife Sets

J.A. Henckels International 8-pc Steak Knife Set


J.A. Henckels International 8-pc Steak Knife Set, 4.5", Black

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What Do Customers Think About The Henckel Brand For Steak Knife Sets?


We are using these knives as our everyday dinner knives and like their sharpness as well as their feel. I bought them because of the Henckels name/reputation and am very pleased.


  • Henckels is the best! Bought these for a gift (hint/requested by a family member). I’ve had my Henckels knives and scissors for years and they are the best!
  • Bought these to add to our JA Henckels knife set and they are great! Much better than the old cheap set we were using.
  • Henckels, what more can you say? Quality, cutting steak like a champ!
  • Father’s Day gift! He loves them. J.A. Henckels top quality! Can’t beat the price!
  • They’re JA Henckels, what can I say? Durable, easy to clean, and they stay sharp. T
  • We love all our JA Henckels knives and can easily recommend this brand in general.
  • They are a nice product and a great addition to my Henckel collection.
  • Can’t go wrong with JA Henckel knives. It Cuts steak beautifully.
  • Needed steak knives. Trusted Henckels. Very sharp. Seem durable and well made.
  • Love Henckels Knives. This was a no brainer for me, Henckels knives are great.
  • These knives have got to be the best knives I have ever had. I have always heard of the reputation of Henckel’s knives, but have never had the privilege of having any. But the price of this set of knives was so unbelievable, that I had to buy them.

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Henckels Is A Good Brand For Paring Knife Sets

HENCKELS J.A. International Accessories Paring Knife Set, 4-piece, Multi-Colored


HENCKELS J.A International Accessories Paring Knife Set, 4-piece, Multi-Colored

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What Do Customers Think About The Henckel Brand For Paring Knife Sets?


Like, like, like. I’ve had my original Henckels since the 1980s, still using them. Delighted to find a new set (hate all the other brands I’ve bought over the years.) Lightweight, sharp, feel great to cut with, well balanced. Love these new colors, finally liven up that boring drawer in the kitchen.


  • Purchased this for my mom for her birthday. She loves this brand and loves these knives.
  • I really like this brand, my boyfriend’s mother has a huge set of this brand; they work great and she has had them for a while so I am confident that mine will last.
  • This is my favorite brand of knives for quality and sharpness.
  • If you have never used a Henckels knife, don’t hesitate to get one. They hold an edge for a long time. That little red-handled knife I had for four decades made me a believer. I’ll never buy another brand!
  • Great quality and easy to use. So much handier for sous tasks. Love this brand!
  • I bought these a while ago and they are still working fabulously. They are sharp and precise. Exactly what I would expect from such a reputable brand.
  • These pairing knives are sharp and do different jobs. Great value. Great brand!

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Henckels Is A Good Brand For Flatware Sets

J.A. Henckels International Flatware Set


J.A. Henckels International Flatware Set

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What Do Customers Think About The Henckel Brand For Flatware Sets?


Value for the money. Owned Henkel Herman made knives and cutlery for decades and all very durable.


  • A brand I’ve trusted for years as a professional chef, now I can enjoy quality flatware at home!
  • Henkels is a reputable brand and known for its quality.
  • JA Henckels never disappoints! Love my new flatware.
  • Washes great in the dishwasher without it coming out with water spots. I own some J A Henckels I knew I was getting quality!

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Henckels Is A Good Brand For Starter Knife Sets

J.A Henckels International Classic Starter Knife Set, 3-Piece


J.A Henckels International Classic Starter Knife Set, 3-Piece, Black/Stainless Steel

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What Do Customers Think About The Henckel Brand For Starter Knife Sets?


Great Starter Set of The Best Brand of Knives. This was a gift to a friend you has been using horrible knives. This Henckels starter set is an excellent way to get someone used to good knives so that they throw those other horrific knives away. The Henckels starts set did the trick!


  • I have used the same brand name in steak knives and needed new kitchen knives. These are just perfect. Great value.
  • These have a great feel and balance, and come from the factory with a nice edge, as you would expect from Henckels. These are a great addition or foundation for any kitchen cutlery.
  • I’ve used this brand for a few years and I ordered three more, I love them. Take care of them and they will take care of you!
  • I’ve heard about Henckels knives for years but have been hesitant to buy them because of the price. After years of never having a sharp enough knife in my kitchen, I decided to take the leap.
  • These are wonderful knives that are a real bargain for the price. I have used Henckels knives for about 30 years and they last forever.
  • My boyfriend has had the Henckels classic knives for several years now – they are fantastic. You can cut through anything like butter. These were a gift for my mom.
  • LOVE buying from Amazon. The knife set itself is a Henckels so of course, it’s awesome. Super sharp, great hand grips.

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In summary, as you can see from just some of the comments I have included for each product above that Henckels very highly-regarded for its knives.

Long-lasting, quality, sharp, trust, reputation, expectation, and many more words are used to describe how great this brand is.

Henckels most definitely stands out as a very good knife brand!

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