Is Heatilator a Good Brand (Discover Why The Brand Is So Popular)

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What Is The Heatilator Brand Known For?

The Heatilator brand is well known for offering the most advanced design and technology in the fireplace industry. Their products stand apart from any other fireplace brand on the market, through high-quality features that are built into every product.

The Heatilator brand is known for its exceptional quality products that make it easy to create a comfortable, beautiful home environment. The Heatilator family of products provides a complete line of outdoor, indoor, and combination products for heating and air conditioning your home.

Each respective line of fireplace offers a broad range of options such as varying designs, sizes, and colors.

Choosing and buying a fireplace can be quite overwhelming because of the various factors involved in the process.

Most homeowners don’t know where to begin. Electric, gas, or wood-burning? A brick or stone facade? And even if you sort all that out, you are left with the most important question: which brand is the best?

With a lot of fireplace brands available in the market, it can be difficult to understand where to turn to. In the home-heating industry, Heatilator is arguably the most reputed brand. 

 What Does This Brand Offer That Makes It Better Than Others?

Heatilator is a long-standing brand that introduced its first product in 1927. The technology that the brand used in its fireplaces revolutionized the way fireplaces were installed.

Since then, Heatilator has gained a reputation as the leading brand in the home heating industry.

Contractors choose this brand when installing fireplaces in newly constructed homes. The reason behind the brand’s popularity is that it constantly updates its fireplace technology while continuing to offer great value to homeowners and home builders.

What Products Does Heatilator Offer?

Heatilator offers a wide variety of hearth products. It excels at offering premium quality electric, wood, and gas fireplaces that can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Furthermore, it also provides hearth accessories, fireplace surrounds, mantels, and gas logs.

All of the brand’s products come in a wide range of styles, from conventional to modern, so you are sure to find a fireplace, mantel, gas log set, or fireplace insert that fits your taste and the style of your home.

Where Are Heatilator Fireplaces Made?

Heatilator fireplaces used to be manufactured in Syracuse. Later, the Heatilator’s production plant moved to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. This is where their fireplaces, as well as other products, are now made. And you can see the entire range of Heatilator fireplaces here.


What Fireplace Technology Does Heatilator Brand Use?

Heatilator’s devotion to state-of-the-art fireplace technologies is one of the reasons why this brand continues to be an industry leader. Following are some of the most popular Heatilator fireplace technologies:

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces: This technology allows the fireplace to use a two-duct system, drawing cold air in from the outside as fuel and expelling its byproducts to the outside. This makes it one of the most efficient close-system-style fireplace options.
Power Venting: This technology enables proper venting of a fireplace no matter where it is installed in a home. An electric fan is placed in the chimney that helps pull air into the fireplace while expelling its byproducts to the outside.
IntelliFire: This is an exclusive Heatilator technology that helps save homeowners money. It is an ignition system that lets the pilot light of the fireplace turn on only when it is required, instead of being switched on at all times. There are other features of IntelliFire. These include a constant pilot option, child safety features, remote, and more.

Heatilator Parts And Accessories

Heatilator parts and accessories are easy to buy online at Amazon and you can get replacement kits, fireplace doors, pilot assemblies, fan replacements, and so on…

Heatilator Fireplace Doors – Black 36″ Series Glass Doors – DM1036


Heatilator Fireplace Doors - Black 36" Series Glass Doors - DM1036

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Here Is An Indication Of What Customers Think Of This Product


So we have a cat that loves digging through the fireplace and due to the odd shape of our fireplace surround, a typical fire screen would not suffice. Fortunately, I found these glass doors, and they fit great!


  • The product is well built with an exact fit for the Heatalator brand fireplace.
  • These genuine Heatilator doors snapped easily into the existing holes and track on my preinstalled EL36 wood-burning fireplace.
  • Works great snapped right in our Heatilator fireplace. Only the very smallest of adjustment is needed and only because I am kind of a perfectionist.

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Heatilator Fireplace Doors – Black 36″ Series Glass Doors – DM1036


Heatilator and Heat-n-Glo Natural Gas Pilot Assembly 4021-732

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Here Is An Indication Of What Customers Think Of This Product


Wow, this product is just what I needed to fix my fireplace. Installation required a bit of skill but it installed and looked like the OEM without a problem. It solved the issue that I was having with the pilot light and the fireplace turning off randomly. Highly recommend this replacement part.


  • Direct replacement, looked exactly like the bad part and now my fireplace works perfectly.
  • Exactly as described and fixed all problems that I had with the fireplace not working properly. It was a breeze to put this in.
  • Easy to swap in and out! A quick fix to the problem.
  • This part fit exactly as expected. My fireplace works again!
  • It works! Saved a lot installing it myself.

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Heatilator Fireplace Doors – Black 36″ Series Glass Doors – DM1036


Heatilator and Heat-n-Glo Propane Gas Pilot Assembly 4021-733

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Here Is An Indication Of What Customers Think Of This Product


My pilot was extremely difficult to lite, and would sometimes go out for no reason. Additionally, when the fireplace was fired up it would go out after about 10 minutes. This kit solved all my issues. Now the pilot lites easily and the fireplace runs like new.


  • The item was a nicer quality than the original one. The fitment was perfect and the size and length of the wire and gas line were perfect.
  • Installed in a short time unit performs just as it should. Fireplace back up and running.
  • The product was an exact fit. It was fairly easy for me to install with simple hand tools. The item works flawlessly for well over a month now.

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The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing a fireplace for your new or existing home, it is wise to go with a reputed, well-known brand that even the homebuilders trust.

For decades, professional homebuilders have put their trust in Heatilator, making this brand the primary choice for fireplaces all across the country.

Today, Heatilator remains the most recommended, preferred, and installed fireplace brand thanks to its wide range of premium quality products, state-of-the-art fireplace technologies, and reasonable pricing.

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