Is Haggar A Good Brand? (Recognized American Men’s Apparel Brand)

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What Is The Haggar Brand Known For?

Hagger is a growing, innovative menswear brand with a long-standing history. It manufactures, distributes, and markets a wide range of men’s apparel and accessories…

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Hagger markets its clothing lines to retail customers throughout the United States and abroad, as well as via online channels. It is one of the most recognized men’s apparel brands in America.

Is Haggar a good brand for pants?

Clothing that works as hard as you do. For generations, the Haggar brand has represented a timeless combination of quality, workmanship, and style.

For more than 125 years, the Haggar brand has worked hard to be known as one of America’s best clothing brands. When you wear any garment from the Haggar Brand, you know that the exceptionally high quality and style will always be there to work and play for you.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Haggar pants and shorts with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

 Are Haggar Pants Good?

Haggar has a variety of pant styles to choose from and they are fantastic. I will list their most popular below however they are all very highly rated and men love them. You can find pants for any occasion or size including casual, dress pants, iron-free, active, big and tall, and more…


Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Pant


Haggar Men's Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Pant Black 44x30

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Example of comments from Haggar pant reviews:


These pants are lightweight, wash great, stay nice looking enough right out of the dryer to not have to iron them. My son Loves the expandable waistband! It’s hidden so know one but him is aware of it. They are lightweight and breathable and since he sweats at work, they are great!


  • I have fallen in love with the Haggar Cool Pro 18 series. They look nice, feel nice, and are wrinkle resistant.
  • They also have a nice expanding waistline that makes them extremely comfortable to put on and wear while still fitting securely.
  • My favorite feature of these pants is the band that helps keep shirts tucked in.
  • I LOVE THESE PANTS. Extremely comfortable but they look so professional and I don’t have to iron them.
  • These are the most comfortable pants I own yet they look extremely classy. Have not had to iron them once.
  • I wear these for work and find they look high quality but feel incredibly comfortable and feel very cool in an office environment.
  • These are excellent pants! I bought these for my two teenage sons who need them for school uniforms.
  • Neither wears tight fitted clothing. These have hidden expandable waistbands that extend when worn, and my sons feel comfortable in them.
  • Best pants for the office that I’ve ever owned.
  • Great material for all-weather (it swings wildly from hot-and-muggy to frigid-and-windy here in the Northeast US) and the flexible waistband means it accommodates an expanding (or shrinking) waistline without having to buy new pairs.
  • These pants are perfect for church! They wash and dry great and look very neat and smooth. They are very comfortable!
  • It’s amazing how productive you can be at the office when your clothing is comfortable.
  • And comfort is what you’ll get wearing a pair of HAGGAR MEN’S COOL 18 HIDDEN EXPANDABLE-WAIST SLACKS.
  • The pant is lightweight, which is sensational when the temps are broiling outside.
  • Plus it wears and looks so darn good. But most of all, I love the expandable waist.

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Haggar Men’s Work to Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist Plain Front Pant


Haggar Men's Work To Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist No Iron Plain Front Pant,Bark,42x29

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Example of comments from Haggar pant reviews:


They are a good fit and comfortable to wear. My husband can wear them to church, a business meeting, or out to dinner. They look nice with a sweater or with a dress shirt and sport coat. The material is thicker than most dress type of pants. They do well with not wrinkling. If I remove them straight from the dryer, they do not require any ironing.


  • What I like most about these slacks is the elastic sections of the waistband. I really love that you can sit down at your desk and not get strangled by your pants.
  • The Haggar Men’s Work to Weekend pants is perfect for me. The material is thick, I’m in outside sales and traditional dress pants are too cold to wear during Midwestern winters.
  • The fabric on these pants is almost as thick as a pair of jeans but looks like a high-end dress pant.
  • The classic fit is perfect for me, and the expandable waist is fantastic.
  • A perfect blend of classy, functional, sophistication, and comfortable.
  • My son loves them and says it really helps him to bend over without his shirt coming untucked.
  • My husband also has tried these pants and loves the little extra give in the waist.
  • These pants are very comfortable to wear. The elastic is hidden in the sides, so they just look like regular nice dress pants.
  • However, it really does make a difference when you bend over or move around – the elastic provides just a little give that keeps them snug without being too tight.
  • The fabric is thick, has a nice smooth feel, and the seams are snug and well put together.

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Haggar Men’s eCLo Stria Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Dress Pant


Haggar Men's Eclo Stria Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Dress Pant Black 36x29

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Example of comments from Haggar pant reviews:


WOW! I LOVE these pants. I should start by saying that I don’t really need the expandable waist feature, but I spend about 8 hours a day sitting at a desk and another 2-3 walking from meeting to meeting so pants that “adapt” to my posture- HUGE PLUS.


  • These pants are always a perfect combination of comfortable and affordable plus they look great right out of my drier!
  • If you need pants that are practical, yet look VERY respectable — these are the pants you need – hands down!
  • This is the quality material, workmanship, comfortability – and affordability that pants used to have.
  • I work at a hotel doing room-service and have been in hospitality for 40 years. I haven’t been able to find pants like this for well over a decade.
  • IF I wear high-end or expensive slacks, I have to deal with the hassle of dry cleaning. These pants are comfortable, have a permanent crease, & do Not wrinkle (with reasonable care)
  • The material is very light, which is good because where I work, business attire is required but the AC works very poorly or goes out too much and it gets warm in the office in the summer here.
  • The stretch waistband also makes them comfortable to wear all day and is not obvious.

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Haggar Men’s Premium No Iron Khaki Straight-Fit Flex Waistband Flat Front Pant


Haggar Men's Big and Tall Premium No Iron Straight Fit Flex Waistband Flat Front Pant, British Khaki, 32x36

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Example of comments from Haggar pant reviews:


My husband has been wearing these pants for years. He is on construction sites, but has to dress nicely. These pants look nice, but stand up to washing after washing. No ironing needed. He has a bigger waist, and the Haggar pants fit great. There are so many colors to choose from. Great product.


  • I work at a place where I dress “business casual” but am frequently required to move quickly and in awkward positions. These are perfect for that. They have just a tiny bit of stretch, but you’d never know to look at them.
  • These pants flex with you while you work. They look good and aren’t a stiff uncomfortable material. Perfect for office work or moderate manual labor.
  • These pants fit as well as any pants I have ever purchased. Just sculpted enough to look stylish and not frumpy, but still enough looseness to wear to work or church and be comfortable.
  • My husband loves Haggar pants. He volunteers at a hospital and with his volunteer polo, he looks very stylish.
  • I am in sales and move around a lot with a decent amount of physical activity, so I don’t want them too tight, but I don’t like baggy pants, either. These pants are right in the zone. They also breathe well.
  • Good quality pants. Fits well, flex waist gives wiggle room for big lunch days.
  • Works perfectly as an office/business casual pant.

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Haggar Men’s Stretch Denim Expandable Waist Classic Fit Pleat Front Pant


Haggar Men's Stretch Denim Expandable Waist Classic Fit Pleat Front Pant, Medium Blue, 38Wx30L

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Example of comments from Haggar pant reviews:


I hate to admit how much I love these jeans. Yeah I know they aren’t 100% cotton denim, but they are the most anti-wrinkle fabric I’ve ever encountered. I swear you could roll these up into a ball, smash them into the ground, leave them there a week and shake the wrinkles out when you picked them up.


  • These are awesome. Very nice quality. They look and feel like pants costing a lot more.
  • Haggar Men’s Stretch Denim Expandable Waist fit me very well. The perm creases were retaining their crease even after a full day of traveling.
  • These are the most comfortable and underpriced pants I have ever worn.
  • The pleats add expansive comfort when bending over or reaching and look really stylish as well.
  • My husband has two pairs of these slacks, they are really quite dressy, there not your usual jeans.
  • They have an adjustable waist which he really likes, and could be worn for a number of different occasions, he says that they are quite comfortable.
  • Every time I wear them people comment on how nice they look and how well they fit. The stretch denim is a bonus, I never feel constricted.

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 Are Haggar Shorts Good?

Just like their pants, Haggar has a variety of shorts that also rate very highly. People love the same things about the shorts as they do with the pants. Therefore the expandable waist, very comfortable, professional or casual, and a great look…


Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Pro Straight Fit Stretch Solid Flat Front Short


Haggar Men's Cool 18 Pro Straight Fit Stretch Solid Flat Front Short, string, 40

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Example of comments from Haggar shorts reviews:


These are great shorts for golfers. My husband said that they are very comfortable. We both love this color (string), and the wash up beautifully. He’s been wearing Haggar shorts for years because he loves the adjustable waist and the quality construction and fabric! You can’t wear them out!


  • The material is just so smooth and luxurious – it sounds funny to be describing a man’s shorts as a luxury item – but these are truly wonderful.
  • Best purchase for a man – I’m sure of that!
  • The shorts wash up nicely and maintain a pressed appearance right out of the dryer.
  • They are dressy enough but also work well for golf.
  • Excellent fit & love the expandable waist which adds comfort when trying to play golf.
  • This product is comfortable, lightweight, and looks extremely professional.
  • Very pleased with these Haggar shorts. They’re light, comfortable, and best of all, Haggar understands men my age and the need to build in stretch at the waist.
  • The perfect golf shorts for hot weather. They are lightweight, breathable, fashionable, and comfortable.
  • I ordered these for my teen son’s school uniform and they not only look great but are also very comfortable. WIN!
  • The stretchy waistband is my favorite part. I am a very sweaty guy, and I wore them in 90°+ for a round of golf and I never saw any sweat marks on my shorts.
  • These shorts are the best. Wear them, wash them, and wear them again without ironing or fussing with them.

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Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Pleat-Front Short


Haggar Men's Cool 18 Gabardine Hidden Expandable Waist Pleat Front Short,Black,34

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Example of comments from Haggar shorts reviews:


Very comfortable shorts. Look great for either golf or casual wear. Highly recommend and the expandable waist band is a big plus for comfort and convenience.


  • I am very satisfied with my shorts, they are breathable, they are stretchy for those extra pounds, and I have gotten lots of compliments on them.
  • These shorts are excellent value for money. So good that I ordered two more pairs. My wife SAYS that they do not need to be ironed. Saving her a lot of work.
  • My father loves these, especially the fabric and feel. He has been losing weight gradually and the adjustable waistband (up/down two sizes) allows him to migrate two sizes each time I reorder for him.
  • The fabric is wonderful, he looks neat after a round of golf and there is no ironing, just take them out of the dryer and hang them up or put them on. Great also for traveling.
  • They are lightweight, cool, dry quickly, and are ‘wash and wear’.
  • I take them out of the dryer right away, they are folded and placed in the laundry basket – no ironing is needed.
  • These are full-cut shorts that DO NOT ride up in the crotch. Look great for everyday and dress-up.

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Hagger was founded in 1926 by J.M. Haggar Sr. Officially, it was called Hagger Clothing Co. Since the day of its foundation, the brand’s goal has been to offer quality apparel for working men at reasonable pricing.

Since its beginnings in a one-room office, Hagger has grown from a manufacturer of men’s apparel into one of the most original and recognized apparel brands in the market.

In 1938, Hagger Clothing Co. invented the term “slacks” and led the menswear innovation throughout the years by introducing a wide range of products, such as wrinkle-free casual pants, forever-prest pants, expandable waist pants, wash and wear pants, and pre-cuffed pants.

Hagger was also the first apparel brand to advertise on national TV and magazines, adopt UPC and EDI technologies, offer pants and jackets as suit separates, and invent the size strip sticker. The company also launched the eco-friendly and highly successful LK Life Khaki brand.

Today, Hagger commands the top position in the men’s dress pant market in America and has been a leader in men’s apparel for more than 90 years.

What Makes Haggar a Good Brand?

As we have already seen from the history and impressive reviewer ratings this is a very good brand however the following are some other key factors that make Haggar a good brand:


No. 1-Selling Dress Pant Brand

Hagger is an iconic men’s apparel brand. It invented the word “slacks” and has sold lots of them in its 90-plus years in business. Hagger is also a market leader in casual pants and single-style dress categories.


Wide Range of Men’s Apparel

Hagger Clothing Co. offers men’s fine dress pants, ties, shirts, slacks, sport coats, suits, and accessories. This wide range of products is sold through about 10,000 stores in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the UK.


Commitment to Quality

Hagger became popular and continues to be popular 90-plus years after its founding due to its commitment to quality. All apparel products of the brand feature high-quality material, with the capability to stay wrinkle-free. Their apparel is not too baggy and not overly done at the same time.


Extraordinary Fashion for Everyday Men

Hagger has a long-standing history and legacy of innovation and leadership and its products demonstrate exactly that. The brand excels at consistently producing extraordinary fashion for everyday men.

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Where To Buy Haggar Pants?

You can see all of the Haggar pants currently available and purchase them online from their website or at their Amazon Store.

Overall, Hagger is no doubt a great brand that continues its long history of innovation in the men’s apparel industry.

The brand’s high-quality products are a terrific option when it comes to finding slacks that are appropriate for both work and play.

Coupled with affordable pricing and a large selection of styles, Hagger offers a look that’s hard to beat.

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