Is Gildan A Good Brand? Gildan Brand Ratings

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Gildan is known to be a company that manufactures branded clothing. This company is also famous for undecorated blank activewear.

Examples of these activities are t-shirts, fleeces, and sports shirts. With its brand being known to manufacture this kind of clothing, why is Gildan a good brand?

Gildan is a good brand: The Gildan brand represents one of the world’s largest manufacturers of basic apparel, including activewear, underwear, socks, hosiery, and legwear.

From a classic tee to the perfect pair of underwear, Gildan has the best selection and the highest quality to compete with the best for less.

Gildan Brand Ratings

CriteriaRating (out of 10)Description
Reputation and Trustworthiness8Gildan has a solid reputation in the apparel industry, known for producing quality products at affordable prices. However, there have been some concerns raised about labor practices in the past.
Quality and Durability9Gildan is recognized for producing high-quality clothing items that are durable and long-lasting. Their products are known for maintaining their shape and color even after multiple washes.
Innovation7While Gildan focuses more on traditional styles and basics, they have introduced some innovative techniques and technologies in their manufacturing processes to improve efficiency and sustainability. They continuously seek opportunities for improvement.
Customer Support8Gildan provides satisfactory customer support, with responsive communication channels and efficient resolution of issues or inquiries. However, their support could be further improved by offering more personalized experiences.
Value for Money9Gildan offers excellent value for money with their reasonably priced products that still maintain good quality. Their affordability makes them a popular choice for individuals and organizations on a budget.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices7Gildan has made significant efforts to improve their sustainability practices and reduce their environmental impact. They have implemented water and energy conservation measures and have adopted ethical labor practices. However, there is room for further improvement, particularly in terms of transparency and traceability.
Brand Authenticity8Gildan has established a sense of authenticity through their consistent product quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. They have a clear brand identity and have built trust among their target audience.
User Experience9Gildan provides a good user experience through their user-friendly website, easy navigation, and clear product descriptions. They also offer a wide range of sizes and color options, catering to diverse customer preferences.
Longevity and Stability9Gildan has been operating for over 35 years, which demonstrates their longevity and stability in the industry. They have consistently delivered reliable products and maintained a strong presence in the market.
Industry Recognition and Awards7Gildan has received several industry recognitions and awards for their contributions to sustainable practices, ethical manufacturing, and corporate social responsibility. However, they are not necessarily at the forefront of industry innovation or design.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Gildan products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Gildan Has The Best Environmental & Social Practices

Another milestone for Gildan for this year is that this company has been listed on the 2020 Dow Jones Sustainability Index. This is their eighth consecutive year of achieving this kind of recognition.

This kind of recognition is given to acknowledge the company’s commitment and their success in Environmental, Social, and Governance or the ESG practices. It should also be noted that Gildan is the only clothing and apparel manufacturer that has been included in the North American Index List.

Gildan is also known because of its vision. This company dreams and envision becoming a leader when it comes to ethical and apparel manufacturing.

This is clearly shown in the recognition that was given to them for the eighth consecutive year. This reflects the company’s hard work, commitment, and dedication to meeting its goals.

Gildan’s remarkable accomplishment is its increase in scores in labor practice and economic management and efficiency.

This company has shown optimum improvements in all dimensions. This includes labor practice indicators, risk and crisis management, and economic efficiency.

Gildan has also obtained a top score in environmental reporting, social reporting, philanthropy categories, citizenship, and even in the codes of business conduct.

When it comes to social reporting, Gildan is a good product.  This company is known for its commitment to adopting the best labor duties and practices.

Gildan wants to ensure that they have met the basic needs of their employees and their business partners. This company wants to respect its people’s rights and dignity.

Gildan Is An Ethical Company

In every place that the company operates and manufactures, Gildan gives its partners and employees fair wages, professional development pieces of training, and competitive benefits. Providing a healthy environment for their workers is also a must for them.

Gildan is also known for its code of business conduct.  The company has numerous training and processes to reach the desired awareness and comply with its goals and visions.

Take also to mind that Gildan is the leading manufacturer of basic apparel. This company markets its items in North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America,  and even Europe.

Their products can be sold to a wide range of people. This can be in the form of wholesale distributions and screen printing. The retailing business is also available.

It is available to retailers that sell their products to customers by employing their physical stores and their brand companies.

  • Gildan is indeed a good brand because of its affordability.
  • This company is known to be one of the highest manufacturing and selling blank shirts that are available.
  • They are also known to have dependable and quality shirts that are available at affordable prices.
  • They also sold the best-fitting shirt for the most shrink-resistant wear.
  • This company brand also offers custom shirt printing.

Gildan offers quality shirts based on their customer’s needs. If you want to have the most comfortable and softest Gildan shirt with 100% cotton material, buy the G200 shirt.

A mild-weight shirt with sturdy and durable materials is also available when you buy the Gildan G500 shirt. The Gildan G800 is also available if you want a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester with moisture-wicking and quick-drying material.

Gildan Men’s T-Shirt

Wow! These Gildan men’s t-shirts are the biggest selling item I have come across so far with more than 71,000 at the time of writing and they rate very highly as well. If you’re looking for a t-shirt or an undershirt this pack of Gildan’s is PERFECT!

Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirt Multipack

Gildan Men's Crew T-Shirt Multipack, White (6 Pack), X-Large

Example of comments from Gildan:

Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirts are very comfortable very well made and I would highly recommend them. I wear a lot of white shirts and comfortability and the style and fabric of the shirt is very important to me. I Used to always Hans but they’ve got to be very expensive and I don’t mind the price but the quality has also been reduced but Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirts surpass my expectations.

  • I believe Gildan t-shirts are far superior to brands like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom.
  • They are my best white tees, and I have a whole lot, of different brands. I’d definitely buy them again.
  • They’re the perfect length for under my button-downs at work or atop blue jeans on the weekend.
  • I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wears plain t-shirts, whether for outerwear or for undershirts. Great value and excellent quality!
  • The t-shirt is nice good quality, I’ve had other shirts from this brand in the past and they’ve all treated me well.
  • My husband started wearing Gildan T-shirts a few years ago and very quickly became his favorite brand.
  • The workmanship is top-notch, and the cotton material is of better quality than others on the market.
  • After numerous washes, they do not stretch out of shape, nor does the fabric break down.
  • The fit is right on, and he tells me how comfortable and cool they are (especially in our hot southern summers).
  • It’s also a nice layer during the winter. I can’t praise Gildan enough.
  • For your money, and quality – Gildan is the best!
  • Never Buying Another Brand Again If Gildan Keeps Up This Kind Of Quality.
  • I will never buy another brand of plain shirts. These are sturdy, thick yet light tee shirts that feel supportive, strong, and extremely comfortable.
  • Many times thick shirts feel bulky and stiff. These do not. They are very soft and I am currently working on replacing all my tee shirts with Gildan.

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Are Gildan Women’s T-Shirts Good?

Gildan also has well-rated women’s t-shirts also. These quality classic t-shirts are the best fitting t-shirts for women and are very comfortable…

Gildan Women’s Heavy Cotton Adult T-Shirt, 2-Pack

Gildan Women's Heavy Cotton Adult T-Shirt, 2-Pack, Black, Large

Example of comments from Gildan:

Absolutely love these T-shirt the quality is very good and you get two of them that you can were one in the morning, and if you’re going out in the evening, you just put a clean one, they fit perfect not to small nor to big I like them so much that I’m going to buy-more in other colors.

  • I love the material on these shirts: as others have noted, it’s super thick and stretchy cotton.
  • Tees are so comfortable I barely know I am wearing one, and they look great! The cut (style) is terrific!!
  • Nice cotton, classic fit. Sometimes you just need a classic tee to go with an outfit and this one was perfect for me.
  • Love 100% heavy cotton, in ALL colors – as I have always been looking for each season! Gildan has easily become the new favorite brand of our family.
  • This t-shirt is really comfortable. I love the roomy neckline! The color is vibrant.
  • Gildan shirts are my go-to for my online merchandise. The cotton is preshrunk I assume because my clothing doesn’t shrink after many washes
  • These t-shirts are the best fitting t-shirts for women. Men’s or “unisex” t-shirts are not flattering and just plain fit weird. These Gildan t-shirts are the best!

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Are Gildan Men’s Hooded Sweatshirts Good?

The Gildan men’s hooded sweatshirt is another Amazon bestseller with over 31,447 and amazingly over 97% of those are positive. They are made of amazing quality considering how cheap they cost…

Gildan Men’s Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Gildan Men's Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt, Style G18500, Antique Sapphire, Large

Example of comments from Gildan:

I use this brand for my little business. Every customer that receives this product with their design on it absolutely LOVES it! They say the fit is fantastic and it’s very cozy and warm for the winter months! Love this product and haven’t had an issue at all.

  • For the price, it’s a great buy and it’s a nice-looking basic hoodie you can’t go wrong with.
  • Higher quality than many of the expensive brands.
  • Gildan is a very high-quality company. And if you want a simple pullover hoodie, this is your best bet!
  • The softness inside is so much different than my old hoodies and it’s warmer.
  • Gildan is usually a great brand anyway but this hoodie was soft and true to size.
  • A comfortable, well-made, and true-to-size sweatshirt. Comfortable and soft…not thin material but not that heavy bulky feel.
  • Much better quality than those other expensive brands.
  • I love these heavy sweatshirts! This brand is my husband and my favorite! Great product great price!
  • Gildan is a great name brand. You can’t go wrong with this hoddie.
  • I have always loved Gildan brand sweatshirts! I buy them often. One nice thing is “they don’t pill” which is important to me!
  • Gildan is just that brand that never seems to disappoint and fits accurately.
  • Great Hoodie and the price is even better! I’m staying warm this winter!!
  • Gildan is absolutely the best brand hoodie ever made in my opinion! For work & play!

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Are Gildan Women’s Sweatshirts Good?

The Gildan men’s hooded sweatshirt is another Amazon bestseller with over 31,447 and amazingly over 97% of those are positive. They are made of amazing quality considering how cheap they cost…

Gildan Women’s Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt

Gildan Women's Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt, Style G18000FL, Aubergine, Large

Example of comments from Gildan:

Love Gildan clothing, comfortable and casual for a good price. I have washed this item a few times and the material hasn’t changed. Easy to wash, comfortable and light weight. Highly recommend Gildan brand clothing.

  • Sweatshirts for women are hard to come by and I bought navy and grey. Love them. Bought medium and they fit perfectly as hoped. Right length in hips and sleeves. Perfect!
  • I’ve always loved the quality Gildan provides. The fit and feel are always comfy!
  • These Gildan Women’s Crewneck Sweatshirts are really comfortable, & soft. They fit wonderfully.
  • Gildan is a great brand for tees and sweats! Fits great and feels even better. Love the color too! Very pleased with my purchase!
  • I have owned Gildan sweatshirts before and have loved them. The same is true for these and the quality is terrific for the money.
  • Love this sweatshirt. I have several Hanes sweatshirts and I feel like the Gildan is a nicer quality. It fits loose and is very comfy.
  • Gildan is always a great product. The price was even better!
  • Can’t beat Gildan quality! Nice heavy sweatshirt!
  • The sweatshirt fits well, wears well, launders well, and is very comfortable and cozy. Very good value.

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Is Gildan Men’s Underwear Good?

Just when you think Gildan couldn’t get any better along they come with a very popular underwear range that has an insane 98% approval rating from customers. So many men emphasized how comfortable these are and very much appreciated the breathability…

Gildan Men’s Cotton Stretch Regular Leg Boxer Brief

Gildan Men's Cotton Stretch Regular Leg Boxer Brief, Black Soot, Slate Blue, Grey Flannel (5-Pack), X-Large

Example of comments from Gildan:

For cotton boxer briefs, they breathe extremely well. I wore these out in hot, humid weather (80-85 degrees with 70ish percent humidity), and they kept me cool, dry, and fresh. No stickiness, no drowning in my own sweat. They gently hug my legs and don’t ride up. I usually wear boxers to sleep, but these are just so darned comfortable, I sleep in them, too.

  • I’ve tried 3 other kinds of boxer briefs from Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, and Hanes, and these are by far the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.
  • My husband said these are the best boxer briefs he’s ever worn. They are so soft!
  • I’ve been a fan of this company’s products for durability and price points, the underwear, in particular, has outperformed the big-name brands I’ve bought at the chain stores, Comfort is tops, too.
  • My husband said he believes these are the most comfortable underwear he has ever owned! Fit perfect.
  • Outstanding comfort and a perfect fit. Surprised at the low price for these high-quality briefs.
  • After multiple washes, these are holding up. I’m not seeing any threadbare issues or loose threads at all.
  • Even during summer weather, they can be worn all day without having to deal with any discomfort.
  • The wide elastic waistband keeps the boxer brief in place and doesn’t leave a mark on my skin from being overly tight.
  • It’s easy to move around in this underwear.
  • They’re designed to accommodate and support manly parts.
  • These don’t have tags that can be bothersome.
  • I recommend these boxer briefs to anyone who doesn’t want to overpay for a quality product that’s usually worn under shorts or pants and is nobody else’s business.

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