Is Farberware A Good Brand? (Popular Affordable Brand & Quality)

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What Is The Farberware Brand Known For?

Farberware is a popular affordable brand for a wide range of cookware sets, pots, pans, saute and frying pans, skillets, casserole dishes, jumbo cookers, bakeware, percolators, dish racks, microwaves, and more. Farberware is a very good brand that supplies high-quality products that far exceed customer expectations for the cheap price you pay for them.

Farberware is a quality brand name for cookware at cheap prices

Something of note: After reading hundreds of reviews for Farberware the major thing that struck me was how pleased customers were about the price they paid.

Farberware is ideal for families or children moving out of the home to have all the cookware and appliances they need without breaking the bank.

Now get this… customers are HAPPY about the prices – now that’s unheard of across such a large range of products and shows the quality of Farberware far exceeds what you pay for.

Below we have listed some of the more popular products provided by Farberware with important questions answered…

Are Farberware Nonstick Cookware Sets Good?

The Farberware nonstick pots and pans set are very good and ticks all of the boxes. This massive 17-piece is dishwasher safe, has oven-safe pans, is top quality, and best of all very affordable…


Farberware High-Performance Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set Dishwasher Safe, 17 Piece, Copper

Farberware High Performance Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set Dishwasher Safe, 17 Piece, Copper

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Example of comments from Farberware reviews:


Farberware Is A Good Brand

Faberware has won many customers over for life. Once people have experienced the outstanding quality and customer service for such an amazingly low price they stick with Faberware…


I am a Farberware fan from years back. This set of pans are fantastic! Durable and easy to clean up !! Excellent quality for the money spent! I’ve had other brands, including Cuisenart (which this set replaced). Will continue to use and purchase Farberware!


  • I love the Farberware brand as it’s an affordable price and has good quality.
  • Absolutely Love this brand.
  • Housewarming gift for a friend- she loved it! Farberware has always been a reliable brand with good value, so I felt safe getting this set for her and was not disappointed.
  • You get a lot for your money. I have used Faberware since my parent’s purchased me a set for my new apartment over 30 years ago. I still have that set of pots and pans and use them yet today.
  • Love this set. I like Faberware and I thought the price was excellent.


Is Farberware Good Quality?

Faberware is of good quality! People were actually concerned buying such a cheap cookware set would be a sacrifice for quality however they were all pleasantly surprised to discover that wasn’t the case at all…


Just moved into a new apartment and needed new pots and pans. I was nervous about how the quality of these would be considering the price, however I was pleasantly surprised. They are truly non-stick, work very well, and look very nice. I’m amazed at how much you get for the price.


  • The quality really is impressive, typically you would imagine a, “you get what you pay for” type of quality, but Farberware really went above and beyond for their customers with this Cookware set!
  • Pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price! 100% recommend!
  • The quality is awesome and they are super easy to clean.
  • They are of good quality. Easy to clean. Love the value for the price.
  • Got these for starting out as I got my first apartment and didn’t care enough to get anything nice and fancy. And I’m glad I didn’t because this is high-quality for what I paid. And cleaning is a breeze!
  • Amazing quality. I didn’t expect them to be so nice… The utensils are the best (flimsy) but the pots and pans are perfect!
  • Love the pots & pans! The color was perfect for me and the quality is great!
  • These are definitely good quality pots and pans.
  • Quality non-stick surfaces and I love the utensils as well…not only affordable, but everything is of good quality in my opinion.
  • Bought for my son’s new apartment and he loves them. Came with so many pieces including the utensils. Great quality as expected!

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Is Farberware Stainless Steel?

Not all Farberware cookware is stainless steel however their Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Set has to be one of the best stainless cookware sets you can find. These things last forever. So much so they have a lifetime warranty…


Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 15-Piece

Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 15-Piece,50049,Silver

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Example of comments from Farberware reviews:


Is Farberware A Good Stainless Steel Cookware Brand?

Faberware has been around for years with many customers growing up with this brand and still having parents using the classic Feberware stainless cookware sets showing how long these pots and pans last…


Faberware classic! I admit I am biased – I grew up on Farberware and love this brand. My Mom got this same set (minus the non-stick frying pans, back then it was all stainless steel) and 35 years later she is still using the same pots and pans.


  • I will never buy any other brand again. An excellent purchase, at an excellent price!!!
  • There is no need to buy those heavy and way too expensive brands. These work great every time.
  • I have purchased other name brand cookware and none have lasted in my home as long as Farberware products.
  • Wonderful brand. It lasts for years
  • I thought they did not make this brand anymore. I love the Farberware classic.
  • We received a set of Farberware pans as a wedding gift 37 years ago and still use them today. I had to purchase another because our family has grown and we simply would not settle for any other brand.
  • I purchased this set for my niece’s housewarming gift and they absolutely loved them. Farberware is an excellent brand for cookware.
  • Farberware cookware, we still believe that this is one of the best cookware sets around, stainless steel cookware it looks great cleans easy, a name brand that has been around for years, our old set is still working for us.
  • I grew up with my Mom having this brand and it still does not disappoint!!! Awesome!! I recommend this and it’s a great price.
  • Farberware is my go-to brand and they cook like a dream.
  • I love Farberware Classic Stainless steel pots and pans!
  • Have used this brand for years and I love Faberware!
  • I got them as an engagement present 41 years ago. I’ve tried other brands and even other Farberware pots but none of them have ever come close to this set.


Is Farberware Oven Safe?

With old-style Phenolic handles the Faberwarestainless steel cookware set is oven safe to 350°F. So yes, Faberware is safe to put in the oven however do not go over that temperature…


I tried Cuisinart classic cookware and stone and beam cookware, but always came back to the farberware classic, they cook evenly, and can go in the oven, they also have a lifetime warranty on them.


  • Stainless steel is amazing and looks durable in pots and pans.
  • I love it, I can cook any type of food in them and it is safe to use them in the oven at 350’F!!
  • The handles of the pots I can hold them at any time without fear of suffering any burn!


Is Farberware Dishwasher Safe?

Yes … Farberware products are dishwasher safe however many customers still to prefer to wash them by hand for better longevity and they are very easy to clean by hand anyway…


I have had my original set of Farberware pots and pans for over 40 YEARS and you can’t tell them from the new ones. My son recently bought a house and I gave him a set for him to use for 40 years. Dishwasher safe, handles don’t get yucky, very good set of pots.


  • I recommend Farberware pots and pans. I’ve been using mine for over 37 years. I babied them at first, washing them by hand, but after 4 years they started going into the dishwasher. Save yourself money and time. They still look great after all these years. Buy these pans!
  • Everything I’ve cooked in them has turned out well. They clean up easily either by hand or by dishwasher.
  • I’ve had the set for about a month and they’ve been washed in the dishwasher several times and come out like new.
  • All the pots and lids can go into the dishwasher (although I usually wash the pots and always the skillets by hand).

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Are Farberware Knives Good?

Once again the overwhelming feedback from customers was about how good this stainless steel knife set is considering it is being sold at such a great price. It’s not the flashiest knife set going around however it looks good, has a large variety of knives and a pair of scissors, and gets the job done…


Farberware Stamped 15-Piece High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set, Steak Knives


Farberware Stamped 15-Piece High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set, Steak Knives

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Example of comments from Farberware reviews:


I decided to go ahead and get this set to match. Farberware is a great brand. There is something for every budget. No matter your budget, you’re getting a good thing if you go with Farberware. That being said. This set has been wonderful


  • Has many pieces to choose from. Look good on the counter. Well made, easy to grip, and feels good in your hand.
  • A very good well-made product for the money. All knives are nice and sharp! Looks great on the kitchen counter.
  • My mother in law loved this as a gift for mothers day. She loves cooking and she always wanted to have a good knife set. This comes as a perfect fit as it has all sorts of knives along with a knife sharpener.
  • Really good knife set. The quality is really good and the knife is super sharp.
  • These are very nice. Good quality, very elegant, sharp, they worked perfectly.
  • I love my stainless steel Farberware 15 piece knife set. It’s so beautiful & comes with a nice holder. I would definitely buy it as a gift.

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Are Farberware Microwaves Good?

You will be hard-pressed to find a better Microwave under $100 than the Farberware microwave. This unit cleans very easily, operates quieter, looks great with any decor, has large letters and numbers, simple one-touch operation, and despite the low price, many are saying it is the best microwave they have ever owned…


Farberware 1.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Oven With 6 Cooking Programs


Farberware 1.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Oven With 6 Cooking Programs, LED Lighting, 1000 Watts

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Example of comments from Farberware reviews:


Best microwave ever. We were so tired of the white interior of microwaves and how easily they stain! No matter how much you clean and scrub!! This microwave is functional and beautiful! As a mom, I love that this microwave never looks dirty inside it!!! No ugly stains!!!


  • Love this Microwave. High quality and easy to use. Better brand, price, and quality than what I found at Walmart and Target.
  • I trusted this brand because they make my favorite cookware, especially my 11″ covered skillet, but I didn’t know they made ovens.
  • Easiest microwave to clean ever, not sure what the inside is coated with but wipes clean very easily. Cooks quickly and is of excellent quality.
  • Love the brand! The microwave works well and I love how spacious it is! Great buy!!
  • Its modern-sleek design looks amazing in my kitchen.. not too big, yet plenty of room inside to accommodate my large dinner plates.
  • Easy to use and larger letters and numbers than others. The best microwave I have ever owned. Easy to clean too.
  • This is the best microwave! Really quiet, simple interface, and easy “add 30 seconds” button. It also looks very sleek.
  • Under $100, spacious, all the normal control features, and it looks and feels expensive, with high-quality construction. Best of all, it runs incredibly quietly! 
  • Best microwave ever. Large, easy to use and best yet – easy to clean. I love the one-touch approach and simplicity.
  • It is beautiful and best of all when it runs it is so quiet that I was afraid something was wrong with it.

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Is Farberware A Good Brand For Saute Pans?

Farberware saute pans have a reputation for lasting for years despite being the best pan for everyday use. As one customer pointed out no other brand hold up as well as Farberware…


Farberware Classic Saute Pan / Frying Pan / Fry Pan with Lid and Helper Handle – 4.5 Quart

Farberware Classic Saute Pan / Frying Pan / Fry Pan with Lid and Helper Handle - 4.5 Quart, Silver

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Example of comments from Farberware reviews:


I LOVE THIS PAN!!! From now on, I will only buy Faberware. They are the best! Lightweight, easy to clean. Can go in the dishwasher. Don’t have to worry about only using plastic utensils. Have bought other brands in the past and bottons got scatched, handles came off. Faberware has a great reputation and they have earned it.


  • Classic! I have tried many other brands and I always come back to Farberware.
  • I would not trade this pan for the pricier brands around, which are more cumbersome and heavy, this one is more fun to cook in for me.
  • Farberware classics are just that. A simple, classic style pan and cover that not only looks good but holds up to years of use and abuse.
  • I’ve tried other brands of cookware but they don’t hold up as Farberware does.
  • All of our pans are Farberware which have done well for us, so I wouldn’t purchase any other brand.
  • I have had this brand of cookware for about 30 years. All my other Farberware pans have held up very well to the amount of use. I’ve since ordered more of the classic line of Farberware. Excellent cookware!
  • The quality is awesome and the prices are very reasonable. I won’t use anything else, I’ve learned my lesson! When you have the best, don’t shop around!
  • The Best Frypan for Everyday Use.
  • Still the best! Farberware pots and pans cook great, last forever, and clean up easy. And the company backs its reduces with a no-hassle, no-cost guarantee against any and all defects.

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Why Every Household Needs A Farberware Jumbo Cooker

If I had to choose one Farberware product this would be it. What a magnificent deep-pan ideal for large family dinners and gatherings. It is nonstick, easy to clean, has the Farberware quality and price, and is great for cooking one-pot meals…


Farberware 21909 Dishwasher Safe Nonstick Jumbo Cooker/Saute Pan with Helper Handle – 6 Quart

Farberware 21909 Dishwasher Safe Nonstick Jumbo Cooker/Saute Pan with Helper Handle - 6 Quart, Silver

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Example of comments from Farberware reviews:


I dont normally get excited by kitchenware. However, my first few times using this pan my son looked at me like I was crazy because I was so happy & excited. This pan makes my life so much easier.


  • The nonstick surface works so well so clean up is really easy & convenient as well. No more scrubbing for 30 min to get it clean.
  • My new favorite pan. This thing is a BEAST…but a pretty one.
  • It’s huge and deep and perfect for making large dishes to feed large families.
  • The nonstick bottom and sides make it a breeze to clean up afterward and the color is gorgeous.
  • Great quality!! I love how deep and large the pan is, prevents splattering! Super easy to clean. Great to use to the one-pan recipes!!!
  • The heating is pretty uniform across the surface, and cooking in a large container is such a pleasure, not having to care about nudging things around gently.
  • The pan is large enough for big meals. The non-stick works very well. Good, even heating. Very easy to clean.
  • This is a GREAT item! Lightweight and nice and deep and Farberware quality for the price!
  • I love this pan. It is my new favorite. It’s non-stick and works wonders! It definitely is very easy to clean and cooks food wonderfully.
  • Farberware is always a good brand for the kitchen. This pan does not disappoint. I love that they’ve added color to their products!
  • Great to feed a crowd and easy to clean. It’s the right weight, not too heavy but not too light.
  • I was surprised by how huge this Farberware Everything Pan is but it’s great for cooking one-pan meals.

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What Is The Farberware Coffee Percolator Like?

Now you can make the best-tasting coffee you have ever had with this Farberware Percolator that customers absolutely adore…


Farberware 47053 Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 12-Cup Coffee Percolator, 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Farberware 47053 Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 12-Cup Coffee Percolator, 12 Cup Coffee Maker, Silver

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Example of comments from Farberware reviews:


So far this is the best percolator I have found! I wanted a bigger one other than my older 7 cup aluminun one for camping trips and for home use also!


  • The design of this percolator is perfect or close to it at least.
  • It sits perfectly flat, the basket design is awesome and the lid is secure on top anchoring the coffee basket inside so it does not move one bit while pouring(like the Cabels one).
  • Oh my gosh, I am so happy I have it! Easy to clean and on the 12 cups the knob is glass, not plastic.
  • There are cup markings on the outside and inside as well when filling.
  • My friend was over visiting and I made us coffee in this and all she could say was how good the coffee was.
  • It makes the best coffee ever. It’s what coffee should taste like.
  • I love this stovetop percolator! It makes the best coffee!

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In summary, you might say this has been a very long-winded way of demonstrating the fact that Farberware is an extremely good brand however the evidence is plainly there for you to see.

Over and over again customers raved about the quality of Farberware products and how long they last. The company itself offers lifetime guarantees so that is surely backing your quality to the max.

Along with the statements of quality were the overwhelming amount of comments about how affordable Farberware products are as well.

All in all, these guys have completely won me over and for such great prices why not go with Farberware?

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