Is eSprit A Good Brand? (Still Around & Producing Quality Shoes)

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What Is The eSprit Brand Known For?

Esprit is a renowned fashion brand that represents quality and style since 1963. The foundation story of this brand is romantic and sweet.

Esprit is one of the most popular brands that have an enormous influence on the way many people dress nowadays. Like many brands in the fashion industry, Esprit came from humble beginnings.

Is eSprit a good shoe brand?

Founded in the late sixties by Susie and Doug Tompkins, the fashion icon was not originally destined for the unexpected heights that it has reached today, but some key factors helped propel it toward them.

Two people, Susie Russel and Doug Tompkins met on the road. Susie picked Doug up on the highway where he was hitchhiking. They got married about three months later, and after a couple of years, they founded the fashion brand Esprit de Corp.

Initially, the brand was known by that name but soon it was simplified to just Esprit as Susie found it easier for everyone to remember. As the Esprit headquarters developed in Asia (Hong Kong) and Europe (Düsseldorf) in the 70s, Esprit USA, the founder company, gradually became an entirely self-sufficient company.

Throughout the 90s, the brand remained popular but was slowly overshadowed by other, new fashion brands, but it never completely faded.

Today, the iconic brand has made a comeback thanks to the collaboration collection with various luxury fashion brands. It has over 400 retail stores worldwide.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Esprit products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are eSprit Shoes Good?

eSprit has a huge variety of shoes and footwear products that are rated well including the following fashion boot. They are very comfortable, can dress up or dress down in them, and you will receive plenty of compliments when wearing them…


Esprit Women’s Tiffany Fashion Boot



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Example of comments from eSprit reviews:


This pair is my goto boots in cold weather. Walked around long distance and felt so comfy, no ballisters at all. Soft and cushion insert making me feel I’m walking on rubber mats.


  • These boots are amazing! I was worried that the cheap price would be reflected in the comfort and style, but no! These are just as comfortable as my other boots and I get so many compliments.
  • Worth your money and attention!! Very walkable footbed. It really beats other high-end Chelsea boots.
  • Very stylish! True to size! I have had my last pair for 2-3 years! They’ve held up well!
  • They are my favorite booties ever! You can dress up or down.
  • I LOVE THESE BOOTS. I wear them at least 3 times a week and they are amazing. The heel is perfect and everything.
  • Very comfortable boot with good toe room.
  • These boots are so comfortable that I bought a second pair in black.
  • Nice, quality boots, especially for the price!
  • These booties are perfect for work or for wearing out. I’ve gotten several compliments on them.
  • Super comfy. Walked for miles in Paris with these shoes. Cute and fit perfectly.
  • Loves these so comfortable, can wear with dresses and also jeans.
  • Great boots very nice, I can use with formal clothes and informal and looks great. Also are comfortable.

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eSprit Is A Good Brand For Flip Flops

A very popular product produced by eSprit is their cheap flip flops that get rave reviews…


Esprit Women’s Party Flip-Flop



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Example of comments from eSprit reviews:


They fit true to size, good quality and they are comfortable.


  • These sandals are so chic. I love them. Would buy again.
  • My favorite flip flops!
  • I wasn’t sure about the print but love that it works with a variety of outfits.
  • Love these flip flops! Have four pairs in different colors.
  • These are lightweight and comfortable.

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What Makes Esprit a Good Brand?

The following are some other key factors that make Esprit a good brand:


Global Reach

Esprit is a globally-recognized brand that reaches a massive audience, across 5 continents. Over the years, the brand has attracted a large following.

It has an online membership club that offers special services and promotions and rewards repeated purchases, has a large audience across the world.


Excellent Product Line

Esprit wants to make you look good and feel good when you are wearing their clothing and accessories.

Towards that end, the brand offers a wide range of products from casual men and women clothing to sophisticated streetwear, as well as clothing and accessories in the sportswear category.


High-Quality, Fashion-Forward Apparel

Esprit clothing is ideal for free-spirited, modern men and women around the globe and proves that Esprit is not an age, but an attitude. The innovative team of Esprit designers creates high-quality, fashion-forward apparel that attracts a large audience.


Great Value for Money

Esprit is known for offering affordable, smart luxury and style, and newness to life. The brand is committed to offering high-quality products at affordable pricing.

To achieve that, they have strict standards that are carefully followed and maintained in the manufacturing process.

Where To Buy eSprit?

You can see all of the eSprit products currently available and purchase them online from their website or at Amazon.

Esprit has come a long way. Doug and Susie Tompkins sold Esprit clothing out of their station wagon in 1968.

Today, the brand has proven itself with international success and it continues to live up to its fashion icon status.

Esprit attracts and retains customers by providing everything from reliability, seriousness, good reputation, with a little touch of playfulness, credibility, honesty, and trustworthiness.

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