Is Echo A Good Brand? (Leaf Blowers, Trimmers, Chainsaws, & More)

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What Is The Echo Brand Known For?

The Echo brand is known for reliability, affordability, innovation, and problem-solving. With their consumer line of garden, lawn, and landscape products they have been among the leaders in the industry for innovation and design.

ECHO is one of the leading manufacturers in the market. They are popular and trusted when it comes to incorporating professional outdoor equipment…

Their tools are designed with the homeowner in mind and many feature exclusive patented technologies. There is a tool made specifically for all your yard, garden, outdoor jobs so even if you are a new homeowner or veteran homeowner you can find something that can help out in the yard.

For over 40 years, Echo has built a growing company that dominates North America. As of this year, they have 700 corporate employees and over 6,600 independent dealers. The company is popular in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Echo was first known as Kioritz Corporation of America in 1972. In 1978 it was then established under its present name. Throughout the years, they have provided technological developments and solid innovations. They pioneered many promising products through in-depth research.

The reliability of their innovations is popular in the timber industry. It is one of the most popular brands when it comes to powered yard tools.

It markets gasoline and electric products that residential and commercial users swear by. Their innovative tools’ main goal is to make the user’s life easier. ECHO’s tools are on par with the highest professional standards.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Echo products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are Echo Blowers Any Good?

Echo leaf blowers are very highly rated and they have a very good Back Pack Blower as well as the following gas engine leaf blower featuring plenty of power for how lightweight it is, starts easily also, and is easy on the gas…


Echo PB-2520 170 MPH 453 CFM 25.4 cc Gas Engine Heavy Duty Durable Handheld Light Weight Leaf Blower


Echo PB-2520 170 MPH 453 CFM 25.4 cc Gas Engine Heavy Duty Durable Handheld Light Weight Leaf Blower

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Example of comments from Echo Blower:


I have past experience with Echo blowers and weed eaters as I was a commercial landscaper. Echo never failed to do its job. This is a top of the line leaf blower.


  • It is shielded on the sides so your clothes do not get sucked into the fan inlet. Very powerful also.
  • Fairly lightweight, good one-pull starting, very strong air moving power. Really, really happy with it.
  • A real step up from electric blowers…well worth the money.
  • Hands down the best blower out there. Just a well-made product and easy to start.
  • I would highly recommend buying the Echo. No questions asked. My brother was in the barn today and said oh you have an Echo they’re really good ones. Yes, they are. Keep up the good work Echo.

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Are Echo Chainsaws Good?

Echo chainsaws are highly regarded and have excellent with a very impressive 82% of customers rating the following chainsaw 5 out of 5-stars. The key features spoken most often about is how lightweight it is yet still powerful, rugged, reliable, and the ideal chainsaw for around the house and your yard…


Echo CS-400 18″ Gas Chainsaw


Echo CS-400 18" Gas Chainsaw

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Example of comments from Echo Chainsaw:


This saw was extremely easy to start the first time and each time since. It also has enough power to cut through hardwoods without difficulty.


  • No Problem cutting wood with this beast.
  • It is lightweight so easy to carry. Does great on branches.
  • Can’t beat the reliability and ruggedness of an Echo saw.
  • I run several commercial saws and this is my go-to limbing saw.
  • This saw is perfect for any job around the house and yard.
  • Plenty of power, super easy start, lightweight, easy to hold, and feels good in your hands.
  • I will probably never need to replace this saw and it’s built to last.
  • Lightweight but powerful enough for around the farm.
  • I really love the quality Echo puts into their products. It’s economical to operate too.
  • Although it is very lightweight it is powerful and can tackle big jobs, I use it to cut all the wood for heating two households.
  • One of the nicer features is quick access to the air filter which can be cleaned repeatedly without destroying it.
  • I’ve cut all my wood for years and this is the best chainsaw yet.

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Are Echo Weed Eaters Good?

Echo has an outstanding reputation for producing great weed eaters and the following gas trimmer is a prime example of a lightweight and easy to use trimmer that once people experience them they heartily recommend to their friends and family members or even just buy them one seeing how it is at a great price…


Echo GT-225 2 Cycle 21.2cc Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer


Echo GT-225 2 Cycle 21.2cc Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

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Example of comments from Echo Weed Eater:


After using my last Echo for the past 6 years thought it was time to upgrade. This thing is soo lightweight and powerful its unreal. The curved shaft makes back pain from slunching over irrelevant. Echo carburetors are far superior to that of Stihl, and are always easy and fast to cold start. I felt like I stole such a great product at such a low price point.


  • This is a lightweight, easy to use the trimmer. We bought a reel of trim line to go with it and cut it all to measure. It was a great time saver.
  • We bought this as a gift for my brother. He absolutely loves it! I’ve been telling him for years to get an Echo. Now he’s hooked. Thanks for a great price as well!
  • I’ve had a number of trimmers over the last 35 years, and I think this is the best bang for the buck.
  • This is so lightweight and easy to start. My husband says his back and arms do not hurt at all.
  • My son has one and recommended it. Glad I listened to him. Great buy!!
  • The quick-change string head makes this very easy to put a new cutting string in.
  • Easy start, functional yard tool that lives up to its top ratings.
  • Our gardener chose this brand and seems to be very happy with it.
  • I also ed the various weed cutters available, and this got a very high rating.
  • The price through Amazon is also excellent and I love the free shipping.
  • Echos also have a lot of power for their given CC displacement compared to other brands, it makes quick work of all weeds and even brush, especially with thicker triangular shapes line.
  • Very happy with this product! Recommended by a friend and I have absolutely no regrets! Great product!
  • What a great weed eater. Echo makes the best.
  • Love this trimmer. Started with the first pull. Easy to change string! Works perfect and cuts close. Glad I decided on this machine.
  • Echo makes some of the best grass trimmers and this one is no exception.

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Reasons to Choose ECHO

  • The company offers a full line of professional and homeowner chainsaws. It has innovative designs perfected over decades.
  • They have the rear handle and top handle chainsaws. The top handle chainsaws have more control and perfect for cutting low branches in trees, whereas, rear handle chainsaws are for general use.
  • ECHO’s products are easy to use, even for beginners. They have lightweight models that are very easy to use.
  • They offer handheld blowers and backpack blowers. If you have a small yard, you can opt to have a quiet handheld blower. You can also choose a backpack blower with either hip-mounted or tube-mounted throttle.
  • ECHO’s hedge trimmers are available in single-sided and double-sided configurations. It has intelligent features such as throttle lock-out. This feature prevents accidental blade engagement. It also has padded handles for the user’s comfort.
  • ECHO equipment comes with a five-year warranty for domestic use. It has a two-year warranty for professional use.
  • They have ECHO’s X series can keep up with professionals. It has special features like low weight, low noise, and low vibration. It also has increased power and longer run time.
  • All their products offer long-term durability that you can rely on for several years.
  • They also provide the right fuel for your equipment. ECHO PowerFuel is ready to use, and it contains 93 octane gas and oil. This is the best fuel for 2-stroke engines. With the right fuel, you can extend the life of your equipment.

Safety Tips When Using ECHO Equipment

These are some of the safety tips that you have to remember when using the ECHO’s equipment. These tips are essential so make sure to follow them.

When Using a Chainsaw

  • Go at least 10 feet away from the fueling area when you start the chainsaw.
  • It is more convenient to use a funnel or flexible hose when you pour fuel into the chainsaw. Take note that you should never fuel a hot or running saw.
  • There can be nails or other metals that can get stuck with the saw. Clear the chainsaw’s path before starting it.

When Using a Leaf Blower

  • Keep the blower away from bystanders, open doors or windows.
  • Wear protective glasses or safety glasses and earplugs when you are using a leaf blower.
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothes because the fabric may get stuck to the blower.
  • When you start the blower, point the nozzle close to the ground first.

When Using a Trimmer

  • Before you start trimming, make sure to check for any debris that could become a projectile. Remove glass, limbs, rocks, or trash.
  • Always keep the shield in place. Check the string length and keep it at an optimal length.

Where To Buy Echo?

You can see all of the Echo products currently available on their website and purchase them online at Amazon.

Alternatively, you can find a store near you from the Echo Dealer Locator page.

Without the right tools, outdoor activities can be troublesome. Using the right equipment is best for cutting firewood and logging.

Choosing reliable and practical equipment is your best choice. There are a lot of brands to choose from, but if you are looking for powered yard tools, then ECHO is the first on the list.

They offer top quality products for an affordable price. Consumers are always satisfied with the all-around performance of every tool.

They have a variety of models to choose from as well. Its power output and functionality are the best to get the job done.

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