Is DKNY A Good Brand? (Great Watches & Apparel, Amazing Perfumes)

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What Is The DKNY Brand Known For?

DKNY is short for Donna Karan New York. The company is well-known for creating apparel and accessories for busy women especially those who experience the hustle and bustle of the New Your lifestyle…

DKNY specializes in creating dynamic wardrobes that will take the modern woman wherever her day may take her from traveling to and from work, being at work, shopping, right through to the evening with comfort and style.

Is DKNY a good brand?

You don’t have to live in New York to enjoy DKNY products because the company now has a global reach and they also sell products for men and children as well.

Donna Karan has also become immensely popular for fragrances producing some of the most sought-after perfumes on the market…

In fact, I would rate the Donna Karan perfumer as amazing, the watches excellent, and the apparel varies per item to be somewhere between good and amazing.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular DKNY products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are DKNY Watches Any Good?

DKNY has a large variety of excellent watches to choose from and they are all highly regarded as demonstrated by the following watch available in 12 different colors that has an incredible 79% of reviewers rating it 5 out 5 stars…

The luxurious Soho collection from DKNY is the ideal combination of New York chic and feminine refinement. Designed to fit a woman’s active lifestyle, this timepiece features a handsome stainless steel push-button bracelet.

 Featuring a simple stainless steel finish, slim profile and mother of pearl dial with black baton hour markers, this watch is both stylish and easy to wear.

This sleekly designed watch from DKNY is the perfect blend of exquisite beauty and lasting style. The polished finish and light metal mesh band of this women’s watch lends a perfect feminine finish to your outfit…


DKNY Women’s Soho Stainless Steel Dress Quartz Watch


DKNY Women's Soho Quartz Stainless Steel Three-Hand Watch, Color: Silver (Model: NY2342)

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Example of comments from DKNY reviews:


  • I LOVE this watch! I was looking for something contemporary and somewhat dressy and this was just perfect!
  • Bold yet classic for women to wear.
  • The watch band is comfortable and durable.
  • I have a small wrist and it’s a great fit. Love the watch.
  • This watch and band have a clean sporty look and, although the dial is somewhat large, it is sleek and not clunky looking.
  • The face of this watch is larger than others my wife owns BUT still looks feminine and doesn’t look huge on her, thin, writs.
  • The color is fantastic. It works with a range of outfits.
  • This is the first DKNY watch I’ve ordered and it is incredible!
  • It goes with a lot of dressed up or down outfits.
  • This is a great watch for a young professional as it has the logo emblazoned across the face; I think it would look great with casual and business office wear.
  • One of the more beautiful watches that I’ve ever ordered.
  • Oh my goodness! What a beauty!!

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Are DKNY Bras Any Good?

DKNY has a large variety of bras to choose from and many of them rate every highly. However, there are some that do not rate well at all. The following bra is an example of one that has excellent ratings with 71% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Our DKNY Modern Lace Unlined Demi Bra gives you the smooth, invisible look of a seamless bra. Flattering modern lace gives you an everyday look that doesn’t require frills. Perfect underneath almost everything, its thin straps and underwire offer support and gentle lift.

Designed for women who want a little more coverage and a lot more comfort, the Modern Lace Demi offers light support and a barely-there look. From DKNY’s Modern Lace collection, this bra features a lace upper cup and stretch satin for a beautiful and comfortable fit…


DKNY Modern Lace Unlined Demi Bra


DKNY Women's Modern Lace Unlined Demi Bra, Poplin White, 32A

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Example of comments from DKNY reviews:


  • DKNY unlined bras are my new favorite bras, hands down.
  • I simply love DKNY sheer underwire bras and buy them anytime I see them for a good price on Amazon.
  • I own the Signature, Modern, and Classic models in 36C and they all are wonderful.
  • If you like a very sheer and pretty underwire, these are the bras for you.
  • They make you feel sexy and pretty while providing ample support through the underwire.
  • I love this bra. It’s completely without padding, and super comfortable.
  • I don’t find the underwires digging in at the end of the day.
  • These provide plenty of shape/support and are much prettier.
  • The cup materials are stretchy on Signature, Modern, and Monogram . . . while the Classic is a more open lace.
  • Honestly the only bra I can wear comfortably…I don’t like pushups because of the pressure, they wash well…and I have one in almost every color.
  • I love this bra! It gives so much shape and support… while also being unlined which is what I prefer.
  • They’re so nice that I’ve gone back to get several in different colors.

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Are DKNY Men’s Jackets Any Good?

DKNY has a good selection of menswear as demonstrated by the following jacket that has an amazing 85% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. However, that is from a small sampling of reviews…

The DKNY Men’s Faux Leather Bomber Jacket is the ideal fashion statement piece to keep you warm and stylish. This bomber jacket features a padded collar, zip pockets and zipper front closure.

When it comes to outerwear, DKNY knows a thing or two. Their collection of men’s leather jackets, raincoats, and quilted jackets are crafted from the highest quality materials and innovative designs for a flawless fit that will keep you looking your best. Whatever the season, makes sure you’re looking stylish…


DKNY Men’s Faux Leather Bomber Jacket


DKNY Men's Leather Bomber Jacket, Black - Rugged Lamb Faux PU, Medium

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Example of comments from DKNY reviews:


  • Very nice jacket, great fit, and style!
  • Oh my god!!!!! Light and perfect styling jacket can’t wait to wear it outdoors thanks Amazon.
  • Great fit and color!! Received a compliment each time I wore it.
  • Nice jacket. Looks just like the pic. I’m buying another color for sure.

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Donna Karan Perfume Is Amazing

Be Delicious by Donna Karan is very popular and has over 6,309 reviews with an amazing 88% of them rating this 5 out of 5 stars. A recurring comment goes along the lines of… “Best perfume!! Love the smell and I get so many compliments when wearing it!

Be Delicious, Donna Karan’s first fragrance was created in 1992 and met with extraordinary success. It opened a new chapter of her career, and the house of Donna Karan herself. The scent is crisp and pure, like the modern woman it represents. Notes of orange and lime capture the playfulness of youth while the lily of the valley flowers, ambery woods, soft musk, and sandalwood radiate a warm sensuality.

Meet the new DKNY Be Delicious. A soft, floral, and fruity scent that embodies the fun, youthful spirit of Donna Karan New York, and makes a statement wherever you go…


Be Delicious by Donna Karan for Women, 3.3 Fl Oz


Be Delicious by Donna Karan for Women, 3.3 Fl Oz

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Example of comments from Donna Karan reviews:


  • My favorite perfume of all time. Have been buying since I’ve been 16! Don’t think I will ever change.
  • This is one of my favorite perfumes I get countless compliments whenever I wear it… very fruity and lasts all day.
  • Lasts all day beautiful scent.
  • I could not find this anywhere, and I am so glad I found it on Amazon! My favorite scent ever!!
  • This would make a great gift. It has a nice fresh scent. I’ve been wearing this for years.
  • The product arrived in perfect condition and smells FANTASTIC!
  • Love the fact that the scent stays with me pretty much all day.
  • My FAVORITE perfume!!! Everyone always asks what I’m wearing.
  • My favorite go-to scent for sure! I’m addicted to this one. MS. Karan, you knocked it out of the park again!!
  • The smell does last literally all day.
  • It is a smell that will actually grasp someone’s attention!
  • Love the scent!! Long-lasting mild smell!!!
  • The bottle size is perfect!! Can take it anywhere!!

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Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Is Amazing Too

Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan is another very popular perfume that has amazing ratings with 83% of reviewers giving it 5 out of 5 stars. You will find lots of similar comments like this one… “I am constantly asked what scent I am wearing- no matter where I go!!

Cashmere Mist is classified as a luxurious softly seductive fragrance to fall in love with. This feminine scent possesses a blend of sunflower petals, jasmine, amber, and vanilla. It is recommended for romantic wear.

The scent embodies the essence of the Donna Karan woman: both confident and sophisticated, yet mysteriously alluring, seductive, and feminine…


Cashmere Mist By Donna Karan For Women


Cashmere Mist By Donna Karan For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4-Ounces

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Example of comments from Donna Karan reviews:


  • I own a lot of perfume and this is by far one of the most beautiful scents I have ever smelled.
  • This is “My Signature Scent ”. I have worn this fragrance for many, many years now!
  • I will NEVER find another that lasts as long from the first application till last!
  • Also comes in a convenient roll-up for travel, so there is no excuse for being without it!
  • I get compliments from men and women whenever I wear this.
  • Absolutely one of my favorite perfumes. Light fragrance, pretty, receive many compliments
  • I love this! It smells so good. The scent is not overpowering. It’s subtle and sexy.
  • Wonderful light scent! Beautiful bottle if you are giving it as a gift.
  • I love everything about this scent. I receive many compliments every time I wear it.
  • It is particularly suitable for the summer months because it is light and floral.
  • The scent easily lasts throughout the day.

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DKNY By Donna Karan Also Gets Amazing Reviews

I’m running out of superlatives for this companies perfume products with yet another one with an amazing 84% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. Once again similar comments about getting lots of compliments were a recurring theme in the customer feedback…

The success of Donna Karan’s DKNY is a tale of two cities. It’s clean and cool, like New York at dawn. Vibrant green apple notes provide the first step into this urban oasis, while fruits and flowers blend to reveal a lush garden hidden in the midst of the concrete jungle.

Dkny presents an energetic, modern, and seductive fusion of the senses: it’s one woman’s scent that reflects her energy and attitude- and inspires us to create our own unforgettable moments…


Dkny By Donna Karan For Women.Energizing Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 Oz


Dkny By Donna Karan For Women.Energizing Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 Oz

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Example of comments from Donna Karan reviews:


  • Fresh fragrance!! People always ask what perfume I’m wearing and they praise the only good smell this perfume has!
  • Citrusy and energizing, definitely the original!
  • Excellent price for this perfume! And it’s the genuine stuff.
  • My all-time favorite. I use it since 1999 and can only buy it online. If you like Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue or I love by Moschino, then you will love DKNY.
  • This smells amazing and is long-lasting. I would recommend it to anyone who loves the smell of oranges with a hint of vanilla.
  • It’s not overpowering and I always get compliments when I wear it.
  • I love this scent, have for years. It is a clean smell without too much floral.
  • This is such a clean smell! I always get compliments.
  • I find it’s appropriate for any time & I have received many compliments on it.

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Donna Karan Is A Good Brand For Deodorant

This brand has done again with this one with an amazing 83% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. The cashmere works really well with many who have problems saying this is the only deodorant they have found that has stopped their sweating and odor…

The DKNY Cashmere Mist Deodorant Stick from Donna Karan is sensuously scented of the designer’s seductive new fragrance, a fabulous blend of modern elegance and feminine sophistication. It offers an elegant scent that lasts all day and works well to keep you feeling fresh while giving you a hint of feminine charm.

Cashmere Mist is the original, unforgettable scent of Donna Karan Cosmetics. This deodorant stick blends soft cashmere and fresh green notes for a light, perfectly balanced fragrance that will leave you feeling fresh all day long…


Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Antiperspirant/Deodorant Stick For Women,1.7-Ounce


Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Anti-perspirant/Deodorant Stick For Women,1.7-Ounce

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Example of comments from Donna Karan reviews:


  • I’ve been using this for years – it’s absolutely the best.
  • It doesn’t matter how hot it is, playing tennis, hiking – it WORKS.
  • It smells great, too. I’ve tried other brands – nope, just nope – never again. Worth the extra money.
  • This is an AMAZING cashmere deodorant. Any other brand is inferior!
  • A bit more than I’d like to spend, but this stuff is AMAZING. I am a believer.
  • I plan on buy these for stocking stuffers for Christmas for the women in my family!
  • Best. Deodorant. Ever. Seriously – I don’t even wear this fragrance as a perfume but the deodorant is perfect.
  • It’s worth every cent. I’ve ordered from this seller no less than 5 times and always got what was described and in perfect condition.
  • By FAR the best deodorant I have EVER EVER tried!! The smell is heavenly!
  • This is the only deodorant that has stopped my sweating and odor.

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Where To Buy DKNY?

You can see all of the DKNY products available and purchase them online from their website or at their Amazon Store.

In summary, the DKNY company has most certainly impressed me especially their Donna Karan perfume range as the ratings and consumer feedback is quite something.

Their watches are quite nice and also have excellent ratings and finally, their clothing is probably what they are best known for so it is obvious they do well there as well.

DKNY makes it easy for you to contact them with a contact form, live chat, and customer service pages all available on their website.

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