Is Citizen A Good Watch Brand (Discover The Best Citizen Watches)

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What Is The Citizen Brand Known For?

It is often said, Never watch the clock, keep your eyes on what it does. Keep Going! This article is all about the unstoppable watch industry giant’s “Citizen” and its tough watches! Let’s delve and find out what the secret of citizen success is?

Citizen, the brand which speaks of creativity, latest technology, and excellence only! Nothing but high quality, aesthetic designs, technical masterpieces manufacturing, modern technology, built resilience, and trustworthiness makes Citizen watches worthy of classical men’s tastes.

The uncanny legacy and pioneering secrets lay behind the Citizen watch brand for 85 years after it first launched onto the world scene.

Below I have provided some examples of the best Citizen watches with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are Citizen Dive Watches Good?

The Citizen dive watch is not only popular but also very highly rated and appreciated by those who own one. You will never have to change batteries with this clever watch because continuously charges in any light…

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch for Men


Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Diver Watch for Men, BN0150-28E

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Example of comments from Citizen Dive Watch:


It is a “must have” for anyone with an interest in true diving watches or those just desiring a stylish, simple and rugged adventure watch that you will find entering your watch rotation and crowding out lesser types.


  • This is a nice-looking watch and keeps a great time. Really, you can’t go wrong in purchasing Citizen Brand Eco Drive. The price was of great value!
  • The product is fantastic. Citizen makes very good watches. Durable and Great looking.
  • First, this is a GREAT dive watch.
  • But second, it could be argued that this is the only dive watch you really need.
  • Look, I love watches. I enjoy the design, how they work, their specifications. And this one just happens to get a lot right.
  • The watch looks awesome, feels nice and I like the brand.

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Citizen Is A Good Brand For Men’s Watches

When it comes to men’s watches Citizen has many to choose from with the following watch being one of their best sellers…

Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler Field Watch for Men


Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler Field Watch for Men, BM8180-03E

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Example of comments from Citizen Men’s Watch:


I truly believe Citizen is the very best value when it comes to watches under $500.00. One can argue Seiko and Orient. I own all three brands, and feel like my three Citizens are made a bit better. Citizen is well respected among watch enthusiasts, and is a FANTASTIC brand for someone looking to purchase their first timepiece


  • It’s a Citizen Eco-Drive. One of the best watch brands out there.
  • Very accurate watch. Citizen is a great brand if you want a nice looking accurate watch with a reasonable price range..
  • It’s smaller than most men’s watches. For someone with skinny wrists who’s sick of huge wristwatches, this is the watch for you.
  • Great value for the money for a grade A brand of a watch.
  • Not sure why anyone would own another brand. Great job Citizen!

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Citizen Is A Good Brand For Women’s Watches

If you are looking for a gorgeous ladies’ watch you will be doing well to find one as highly-rated by consumers as this Citizen watch…

Citizen Watches EW1544-53A Eco-Drive Silhouette Sport Two-Tone Watch


Citizen Eco-Drive Silver- and Gold-Toned Watch for Women, EW1544-53A

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Example of comments from Citizen Women’s Watch:


I fell in love with this Citizen the moment I spotted it online because of the style and the fact that this watch could be both gorgeous and readable, and the best part, the “Eco-Drive” would keep this watch running for years.


  • Love this new watch! It combines silver/gold styling so that it coordinates with whatever jewelry I decide to wear.
  • It’s extremely comfortable on the wrist.
  • The white face and clear numbering make it easy to read.
  • And, I’ll never have to replace a battery...since there is none!
  • I love this watch! It’s lightweight, small enough to ignore until I want to look at it, easy to read, and looks good on my arm.

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Are Citizen Promaster Watches Good?

When it comes to highly-rated products you will struggle to find any product to match the huge customer satisfaction that the Promaster Citizen watch has…

Citizen Watches Men’s BN0151-09L Promaster Professional Diver


Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch With Date, BN0151-09L

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Example of comments from Citizen Promaster:


This may be Citizen’s least expensive dive watch, but in my opinion it is also their best. Simply because it delivers what it promises, nothing more, and at a price point that is hard to beat.


  • Citizen is quickly becoming my favorite brand. The several that I own, all land on the tick marks with the second hand. It looks and feels like a quality watch!
  • This is a terrific watch. I am far-sighted and can read the time without my glasses–a bonus! this is my 2nd citizen eco drive and I would not buy another brand.
  • Great style name-brand watch, waterproof 8 hrs a day in the pool.
  • I’ve owned many brands in the past, but Citizen has always been reliable (6yr Citizen Eco-Drive still ticks and keeps perfect time after sitting months on the dresser. Won’t buy any other watch.
  • This is my fifth Citizen, and I am always proud to wear the brand. Bought it for swimming and diving.

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Are Citizen Titanium Watches Good?

Titanium citizen watches are very good and tough. Ideal for the working man yet still classy enough to wear on more formal occasions. The titanium watch is much lighter than other watches and Citizen sells them for an excellent price…

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Titanium Watch, BM6560-54H


Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Tintanium Watch, BM6560-54H



Example of comments from Citizen Promaster:


This is my second titanium Citizen watch. The first one is 22 years old and is still working. This watch can be used as an everyday or as a dress watch and it looks great. It’s very light and not too big compared to today’s watches.


  • It is very lite weight and a fashionable upgrade from my everyday watch.
  • Great size, my husband doesn’t like bulky watches this one is nice and sleek. Love citizen, he’s got a physical job and these watches last longer than most.
  • It was worth it to spend the extra money on this watch because it is so much lighter than a similar watch in stainless steel.
  • The watch has classic styling and will not go out of style.
  • Have had this watch for 7-8 years and love Citizen Eco-Drive watches; this one is a stand out given the price and Titanium materials in the watch case and the band.

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Background of Citizen Brand

Let’s have a brief look into what the brand has to offer, making it an unparallel master of the watch industry for ages:

Since 1930, Citizen brand, the watch industry’s pioneers, ensure delivering high-quality, power-packed best-quality pocket watches throughout the world. The Japanese conglomerate’s brand started its journey with headquarters in Tokyo. The brand was launched with the company name Shokosha Watch Research Institute back in 1918. From then on, the journey of the watch revolution became timeless.

One after another watch model’s massive hits, the company launched its flagship name “Citizen” in 1930. Since then, it counts as one of the most revenue-grossing brands worldwide, with gross revenue of 2.72 billion dollars annually, making them the most prominent tycoon in the watchmaking industry.

So, the question here is, what’s in these citizen watches that set them apart from the world? Does the quality of citizen watch brand worth it that it has become the US’s official timer keeper with tons of awards under its craftsmanship belt?

Why Is Citizen A Good Watch Brand?

Well, with Citizen watches in the market, classical men with the taste for classical watch opt for quality complimenting with affordability when it comes to timeliness. When it comes to timeliness and robust build quality, nothing beats the finest watchmaker’s “citizen” in the world.  Find it yourself!

Characteristics of Citizen Watches


  • Tough Built: The brand Citizen runs in the entire world because of its matchless and resilient manufacturing. The Japanese brand has engrossed the world with its technology and manufacturing assurance because of all parts built-in and assembled in-house Japanese production units. Not compromising quality, even the machines to manufacture Citizen Watch Co, makes citizen watches.


  • Quality OF Watches: Speaking of classics, Citizen has its unbeatable class. The brand deals with a high-quality body built with strong metals like titanium and stainless steel to ensure timeless validity. Also, mineral or sapphire crystals complement it looks and bands with a wide range of leather, fabric, rubber, and stainless steel to suits your need.


  • Eco-Friendly: The brand has significant importance for eco-friendly products, which now constitute or are employed in about 80 percent of the total watches produced in the world. The Japanese brand launched eco-friendly technology, which helped the Earth be ridden off more than 10 million watch batteries only in North America.


  • Brand of Convenience: Citizen offers powerful and ahead of time atomic and solar cell technology, which elongates the watch’s shell life by ten years. With the disposal limit of 10 years, the Japanese brand speaks of reliability and trustworthiness with unnecessary battery replacement or time correction faults.

Where To Buy Citizen Watches?

You can view all of the current Citizen watches available from their website or at their online Amazon store.

Citizen has always been ahead of time with its in-house, high-quality and innovative timepieces ensuring the best consumer experiences! It marks a bold chapter in golden words when watching industry history with its solar-powered or atomic-timekeeping technology.

For the question, are Citizen watches worth buying? Well! We would say definitely yes, because the quality and built of citizen watches makes our answer a solid-rocked affirmative!

Citizen also has a variety of limited edition watches including star wars, marvel, and Disney watches. You can see them at their Amazon store.

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