Is Casio A Good Brand For Watches, Calculators, Musical Keyboards

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What Is The Casio Brand Known For?

Casio is a famous watch brand that sells a wide range of watches however Casio also sells the most advanced scientific, graph, and business calculators as well as musical instruments such as pianos and keyboards, plus they have some pretty impressive cash registers too…

While Casio is considered a very classy brand for watches they are also held in the same high regard for pianos, keyboards, and their wide variety of calculators. Casio features as one of the highest rating companies for every product they sell which speaks volumes about their reputation.

In fact, Casio started out with calculators. The Casio company started in 1946 in Japan by Kashio which initially began with manufacturing scientific calculators soon took the market by storm with their excellent calculators.

It wasn’t until 1974 that Casio introduced their first watch and it was a digital quartz watch that made a major impact in the watch industry.

From then till now, they have been leading the market with their unquestionable quality and features. Even if you have never used a Casio product, you must have heard of their name in association with excellence.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Casio products and see what customers think of the Casio brand…

Is Casio G Shock A Good Watch?

When it comes to popular watch brands the G Shock name is almost as well known as the Casio brand itself. That shows you what an impact the G Shock watch has had on the market and this series of watches lives up to the hype with consumers rating it very highly.

The good news is that they are not expensive and everyone can afford a Casio G Shock watch. In fact, the price of these watches are so affordable it has prompted many to ask the question… why is Casio so cheap?

You know we have been conditioned so much by marketing that we associate expensive with quality and that is true to some extent. But many people think there must be something wrong with a product that is so affordable.

This is just not the case. Read the and see the ratings and they all regard Casio as a top-quality watch so why be turned off by a cheap price?

As far as I’m concerned it’s great to see a company not ripping people off with exorbitant prices while still providing the best watch.

I have listed the most popular Casio G Shock watch below, it is very affordable and a massive seller…


Casio Men’s G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 20 (Model: DW5600E-1V)

Casio Men's G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 20 (Model: DW5600E-1V)

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Why Is This Casio Watch So Popular With Consumers?


A Casio G shock, the same model the I saw many others in my platoon use. It survived thousands of push-ups on pavement, dirt, rocks. It survived low crawling hundreds of meters through thick Georgia brush. It survived all the mud, sweat and moisture and bangs the army could throw at it. Now it’s in Afghanistan with me. It’s comfortable to keep under the cuff of my OCP uniform. You will forget it’s even there.


  • I knew all about the toughness of the G-Shock brand, but I think what surprised me the most about this watch was just how damn good it looks on my wrist.
  • This watch is pretty good to wear. It is comfortable and you never feel it when you wear that.
  • I have purchased four of these G-SHOCK watches in over 40 years in the military. I wouldn’t buy any other brand!
  • It is pretty cool since I like the black color and this brand.
  • I really enjoy the look and function of this watch, it has a classic, understated look that is a lot sleeker than many of the other Gshock styles, yet it has the same reputation of toughness that is expected from the G-Shock brand.
  • This thing survived weeks and weeks of Air Force Officer training and has been dragged through the dirt and come out looking brand new.
  • I have always liked the Casio brand of watches.
  • Inexpensive, rock-solid wristwatch.
  • My husband needed a good watch for work and LOVES this one! We will stay committed to the G-Shock brand for sure.
  • I have worn this brand of the watch (Casio G-shock) for over 30 years. I have replaced batteries and a few watch bands but have never had a watch fail. It has been exposed to all ordinary hazards of weather, water, and mechanical shock. No problems. Does everything I have ever needed.

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Is Casio A Good Watch?

Casio is a very good watch brand with many proclaiming them as the best and will never buy any other brand.

We have already seen how good the G Shock watch is, however, Casio also sells many other outstanding watches for both men and women including the Edifice watches, Protrek watches, BABY-G watches, Casio sports watches and Casio ladies watches.

There are many watches in each series and I will list the most popular Casio watch for each category below…

Casio Edifice Watches Are Very Good For The Price


Casio EF106D-2AV Casio 100M Water Res. Watch

Casio EF106D-2AV Casio 100M Water Res. Watch

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Why Is This Casio Watch So Popular With Consumers?


I bought this watch for my husband’s birthday because he’s a fan of Casio watches and wanted a silver watch with a blue face. This watch looks and feels great! The design is very simple, yet classy. He never wants to take it off! Great value. You could spend just as much buying an off brand at a discount store, and not get the Casio quality.


  • The best of all is that people often look at this watch and since it is so well made and stylish think that it was worth way more than it is.
  • The dial is well crafted and makes the watch seem much more expensive.
  • I love this brand, and the design is great too. Great buy.
  • The price is also pretty affordable.
  • I have owned it for close to 10 years and it far exceeded my expectations.
  • I am amazed at the durability and reliability of this watch.
  • During this time I have dropped it, abused it, gone to the beach several times, and used it while diving and swimming. I use it every day for all activities.
  • Never did it fail, and the battery still has not been replaced.
  • The crystal glass is hardly scratched and is very resistant. It looks classy and appropriate for all occasions.
  • The Edifice branding is very reassuring, as is the 100m water resistance.
  • The 10-year battery guarantees that this watch will stay on my wrist for a long time.

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Are Casio Protrek Watches Good?


Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch

Casio Men's PRO TREK Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, (Model: PAG-240-1CR)

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Why Is This Casio Watch So Popular With Consumers?


The feature that I love the most is the barometric graph with it you can tell when weather is going to change, until now 10 of 10 when the graph drops I have seen rain, snow or hail on the next 12 to 24 hours and when the graph goes up sun goes up too.


  • This watch comes with a ton of features that you would have to pay a lot more to get in other brands.
  • I think this is a GREAT tool for the backcountry, and the seller had great customer service.
  • Great durable watch for my husband. We have been buying this reliable brand for years!
  • Using it for the past 3 yrs now. Still loving it. Still looks brand new. Looks great.
  • The bottom line, it is a value that cannot be beaten by any other brand out there right now.
  • My wife and daughter bought this for me for Father’s Day… I love this watch!!!
  • I have predicted multiple storms with the barometer when my phone says 0% chance for rain.
  • He loves the sleep mode and all the functions, but most of all, the spot on accurate temperature – a must for his working conditions – which was why I bought it.
  • The watch is 100m water-resistant. The settings are relatively easy to come to grips with and I love that it runs on Solar power and is solar rechargeable.
  • As expected from a Casio it is well built well finished and unexpectedly light.

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Are Casio BABY G Watches Good?


Casio Women’s Baby G Quartz 100M WR Shock Resistant Resin Color: White with Multi-Color Face

Casio Women's Baby G Quartz 100M WR Shock Resistant Resin Color: White with Multi Color Face (Model BA-112-7ACR)

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Why Is This Casio Watch So Popular With Consumers?


Love this watch, I wear a lot of these colors so it goes well with my wardrobe! Never had any issues with any of my Baby G watches!


  • I love being able to look at my watch and see the day and the date. It is such a little thing, but I don’t have to take out my phone for those simple things and then get distracted because, well, phone!
  • This watch is beautiful, functional, and keeps me productive.
  • I love my watch! Was easier to set than I expected, comfortable to wear. I get lots of compliments on it.
  • My favorite watch I wear every day. It’s beautiful and I love seeing the date and digital time
  • I absolutely love this watch, all the details it has in it, the colors of it, how lightweight it is. I forget it’s on my wrist most of the time.
  • A beautiful watch! I especially loved that when I set the digital time the analog automatically set itself!
  • I have gotten so many compliments on this watch! 
  • I absolutely LOVE this watch. It’s perfect for me because I wanted an everyday watch for work and whatnot.
  • Definitely, the best of the white Baby G-Shocks I tried. I can actually read the time.
  • It’s nice because the white band goes with almost everything and I love the inner-workings of the watch like how displays the day and date.

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Are Casio Sports Watches Good?


Casio Men’s Diver Inspired Stainless Steel Quartz Resin Strap, Black, 25.6 Casual Watch

Casio Men's Diver Inspired Stainless Steel Quartz Resin Strap, Black, 25.6 Casual Watch (Model: MDV-106B-2AVCF)

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Why Is This Casio Watch So Popular With Consumers?


I’ve always loved Casio watches! They hold their quality. I’ve had one for 6 years and never changed the battery. It’s been through absolutely EVERYTHING! I would 110% buy this watch and others over and over again! Beautiful watch!


  • At this price, you would be hardpressed to find a better looking and performing watch.
  • I love the deep blue look of the watch face and really enjoy wearing it.
  • Additionally, being a Casio adds some value as it is a reputable brand.
  • With the face and bezel both sporting the same brilliant blue enamel, the watch looks bigger than its older brother and a lot more expensive.
  • Looks great, keeps a good time like any quartz watch, and I feel like I am getting away with something by paying only $56 for it!
  • The watch itself is amazing… hard to believe it was at as low of a price as it is!?
  • This incredible dive watch is now available in stunning blue and it is quite impressive in style, toughness, and value.
  • Beautifully crafted watch – precision for such a low-cost watch – looks and feels great – I love it!
  • This watch… the photos do not do it justice. How it shines in the light is eye-catching to me.
  • It has become my new favorite watch. It is comfortable, looks stunning and I can see myself wearing it for years on different adventures.

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Are Casio Ladies Watches Any Good?


Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch


Casio Women's LRW200H-7BVCF Watch

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Why Is This Casio Watch So Popular With Consumers?


If you are a nurse, get one. No fancy bells and whistles, no backlighting to eat the battery within a few months, and no tritium glowing at you (because it’s radioactive in lighted areas). It’s a basic watch with sweep second hand that can survive scrubbing up or just the dozens of hand-washings each time you greet and then depart from a patient or resident. It can be decontaminated easier than you can. I usually replace with this same brand every 5-8 years, depending on wear.


  • This brand and model watch has been a trusty friend of mine for more than 35 years now and has never disappointed me.
  • The one watch I can trust!
  • Man, this is a super cute watch!! I bought it for my daughter for nursing school. She needed a watch with a minute hand for clinical that would be easy to clean.
  • Great gift for a nursing student.
  • It takes a ton of abuse and continues to look good. Great value buy for a kiddo that needs a watch for camping yet wants an element of style!
  • Love this Casio watch. Matches everything. Good value for the money.
  • I have bought many Casio watches over the years. It’s the only brand that I can always depend on to last and be accurate.
  • My wife loves this watch. She has been looking for a simple watch to run, work, and do life with. She is very satisfied.
  • I have small wrists and was pleased with how many holes there are to tighten the watch.
  • The band is rubber so I can sanitize it easily and even wash it in the sink. I love it! It’s also colorful and comfortable. Can’t beat it for the price!

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Casio Is A Good Brand For Portable Keyboards


Casio CTK-2550 61-Key Portable Keyboard with App Integration/Dance Music Mode

Casio CTK-2550 61-Key Portable Keyboard with App Integration/Dance Music Mode,Black

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Why Is This Casio Keyboard So Popular With Consumers?


After 3 unsuccessful purchases of cheap pianos, I decide to give this Casio piano a try being that it is a popular brand. From out the box I like the design of the piano face, as it is not overwhelming. It is a simple plug and play keyboard. The real magic began when I started playing, the sound quality was very clear, crisp, and realistic. The touch sensitivity is very close to a real piano.


  • I am a beginner player. I’m 37 years and I was told by other artists to get a Casio first then upgrade when you get your skills down. So I bought this keyboard with the lessons.
  • I am so happy the sound is so great and the lessons are easy to understand and easy to learn from.
  • Very quick delivery, competitive price, and CASIO brand all are excellent.
  • My little girl is starting piano lessons and we wanted to get her a beginner keyboard to start. I researched beginner keyboards and the Casio brand came up a bunch as a great brand and way to start.
  • The keyboard showed up and was perfect. She’s been having a great time exploring the dance music features etc.
  • Best Keyboard in its range.
  • Ideal for new piano learners as it offers buttons touch sensitivity, reverbs, and other important features of a piano.
  • Even better than other brands in terms of quality, features as well as in cost.
  • What a wonderful brand Casio … I love this.
  • If you are looking for a keyboard to learn how to play, this is the one!
  • I bought this to have a piano to take on gigs or while traveling and love it.

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Casio Mini Keyboards Are Top Rated As Well


Casio SA-77 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard


Casio SA-77 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard

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Why Is This Casio Mini Keyboard So Popular With Consumers?


At age 65, I am presently a retired Professor Emeritus of Music, and have just purchased this Casio SA-77 keyboard, not for piano practice, but for working out the harmonic (and even contrapuntal) details of new compositions that I seem to be writing more frequently now that I am retired. This keyboard will definitely make it easier for me to do so. The keys are big enough for me, and it has a helpful array of sounds and good volume control.


  • The keys are small and more suitable for kids, but you can’t beat the price. Casio is a good and trusted brand.
  • My 6-year-old niece really wanted a keyboard, and I did a lot of research before deciding on this one because I know Casio is a reliable brand.
  • The kids love it! Sounds great! Go with the name brand Casio! You won’t be disappointed!
  • Easy to use. My daughter loves it and she is learning new songs.
  • The compact size is perfect.
  • Purchased for my young granddaughter who absolutely loves it! She wants to play for the family all the time!
  • She is teaching herself to play songs and is doing a fantastic job!
  • Great, great sound, and lots of added instrumental sounds to compliment the keyboard melodious notes!
  • I love this! I use it to accompany my piano students. I can sit next to them and we don’t have to share a keyboard.
  • Family of six: 16 yo, 4 yo, and twin 2 up’s. We all are loving learning to play on this keyboard. Easy to use, lots of preprogrammed music – so much fun!

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Casio An Oustanding Brand For Graphing Calculators


Casio fx-9750GII, Graphing Calculator, Pink


Casio fx-9750GII, Graphing Calculator, Pink

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Why Is This Casio Graphing Calculator So Popular With Consumers?


Casio is the most fair on their pricing! I loved the fx-115Esplus too. That has been my hands-down go-to scientific calculator, it even evaluates integrals! So when I decided to get a more sophisticated calculator I went for Casio again, best price for this type of technology!


  • This is by far the best for the price and the screen even offers a zoom in/out feature for graphing. You can zoom out to see the overall look of the graph. It also calculates slope-intercept and more.
  • Great value for college students taking Probability and Statistics.
  • Your Casio calculator could be your best friend all semester long for your Probability and Statistics class.
  • This calculator is very good for doing large matrix operations.
  • You can program your formulas and expressions to get the result faster.
  • Wish I found this sooner. Finally free from the Texas Instruments monopoly.
  • Casio is simply the best. My first Casio is still working after 20yrs!!!!! I bought this for the extended capability. And it works just fine.
  • The best calculator I’ve ever used…better than the Ti-83/84 (in my opinion).
  • This calculator does the same thing as a TI-84 in half the keystrokes for half the price.
  • I looked at several other graphic calculators, but this unit was by far the best value. It’s got a great screen and I love the feel of the keys. Whether you’re on a budget or price is no object, this Casio won’t disappoint you.

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Casio A Great Brand For Scientific Calculators


FX-115ESPLUS Casio FX115ESPLUS Scientific Calculator


FX-115ESPLUS Casio FX115ESPLUS Scientific Calculator Black 1-Pack 1

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Why Is This Casio Scientific Calculator So Popular With Consumers?


I have used Casio products for over 15 years. Using this calculator literally looks and feels as though you’re using a high-end programmable calculator with tons of applications: calculus, statistics, matrices, and so much more. What tops it off is that its operation is very intuitive and user-friendly. Once you buy this calculator, there’s no going back to any other brand.


  • Casio is such a reliable brand!
  • I had an fx-570MS for over 15 years, still working great, no issue at all. Now buying a 115ES, just because it is allowed to take into the exam that I am going to take soon. This natural display calculator is certainly even better than 115ES.
  • Casio is the best calculator brand on the market.
  • Love the update. I have been using Casio calculators or over 7 years and I can’t see myself using another brand.
  • For the price and the functionalities, this is a steal comparing to other big brand name calculators.
  • Amazing calculator! Casio is a great brand for non-graphic calculators. I love their textbook display the best.
  • I like CASIO calculators. They are way useful and easy to use compared to other brands.

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Are Casio Business Desktop Calculators Good?


Casio DJ-120D Business Desktop Calculator with Check & Correct


Casio DJ-120D Business Desktop Calculator with Check & Correct

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Why Is This Casio Business Desktop Calculator So Popular With Consumers?


One of the best and simple calculator for all types of business. The main advantage of this is the “000” button.. which is unique new very helpful. It is a MUST calculator for all medium scale businesses


  • It is very convenient to use. Larger buttons. For commerce students, those who want to use Calculator in their exams Casio DJ-120D is the best Option they can make.
  • Great business calculator.
  • Works great for my purposes. I’m an accountant, so I use this calculator pretty hard and I’ve had no issues over the past 7 months. 
  • Bought it for work. It was exactly what I needed (solar powered) and easy to use and see.
  • Use this at work every day where I deal with large numbers for project estimates. It works great and very easy to read and use.
  • Best for commercial work and commerce students.
  • Has 4 different modes for displaying commas, decimal points, and/or apostrophes as separators and the ability to toggle between two of them. Love the 00 and 000 buttons as well.

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Casio Is A Good Brand For Printing Calculators


Casio HR-170RC Plus Mini-Desktop Printing Calculator


Casio HR-170RC Plus Mini-Desktop Printing Calculator

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Why Is This Casio Printing Calculator So Popular With Consumers?


I was in need of a calculator with printing capabilities. This machine does everything I needed plus a number of features that were new to me, i.e. printing date and time on each tape.


  • I love that I can plug this in or have it run on batteries! I have been searching for a product like this and I love it!
  • Works as you would expect from Casio. Customer Service was great!
  • Perfect for my work! I love all the functions!
  • Its ease of use is an important feature. I use it for general accounting and budgeting, for which I’m quite satisfied.
  • I have used Casio for years. Always good experience

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Casio Is A Good Brand For Cash Registers


Casio SE-G1SC-PK Electronic Cash Register


Casio SE-G1SC-PK Electronic Cash Register

Click image to view on Amazon


Why Is This Casio Cash Register So Popular With Consumers?


I’ve tried other cash register brands and was very disappointed. I decided to go back to what I knew would work. You can’t go wrong with Casio. The ease of use was fantastic from the moment I plugged it in. I haven’t had any problems whatsoever.


  • This is the second one I’ve purchased. It’s perfect for my business (which is a bar and gets a lot of use). This one is for our events where I need a second cash reg.
  • Best SIMPLE cash reg for the price.
  • This was exactly what I wanted. We are using it for a benefit bingo event.
  • The BEST cash registers around. I got SOOO many compliments on it.
  • Best deal for my tiny Hot Dog business.

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So Is Casio A Good Brand?

Yes, it is. What makes a brand best? There can be many answers to the question such as an excellent high-quality product, good customer service, beautiful and clever practical design, or a persistent place in the market with products that consumers love.

What if you find all these features and much more in just one brand? That brand would be Casio… which is one of those high-quality persistent brands that always delivers a happy consumer experience.

Casio Japan is popular all over the world with its digital calculators and watches to the point where most people are familiar with its products. Many features of Casio make it a suitable brand all over the world.

A Vast Range Of Product Varieties:

We all know Casio for their watches, but they are also worldwide famous for their calculators and musical instruments like Piano, and keyboards. All of these products are up to modern time requirements and best in quality.


The quality of a product is the number one standard for making or destructing any brand. You may have an excellent shop, profitable marketing campaigns, but your brand is not right in quality sooner or later, it will disappear from the face of the market.

Casio is a prominent name all over the world for more than 75 years. In all these years the quality has become better than before. Be it the new generation graph calculator or GBDH1000 health fitness watches.

Economical Choice:

One thing that makes Casio unique and different from all others is their cheaper rates. We all know how much a simple Rolex watch worth.

Hundreds of people can only wish to buy a single piece of the latest edition. On the other hand, there is a large variety of Casio which are approachable to the middle class.

Moreover, there is no compromise on quality due to the price difference.

Choice of everyone:

Being a convenient digital product, Casio has always been one of the favorite choices for all. And this all also includes Bill Gates, Justin Beiber, and Lady Gaga.

One of the reasons for its popularity is a convenient choice. It gives you the privilege to make a bold statement of style by spending economically.

Elegant Designs:

Presentation always matters whether it is a watch or some calculator or a piano, no matter how good quality will always be overshadowed by the products more stylish and little difference in quality.

Casio products are still user-friendly and elegantly designed. The smart and sleek design always makes a statement.

Vast Network:

Casio products are available worldwide name the country of Asia or America you will find hundreds of outlets everywhere.

So if you want to buy a piece of beauty and elegance, you can buy them easily in your own country. Also, visit the online stores at Amazon and other eCommerce platforms to order the item that meets your requirements in the comfort of your home.

These are the general qualities that make Casio one of the best brands. Here are some specific features of Casio watches and Calculators that make them the most popular choice all over the globe.

Casio Calculators:

Casio started as a Calculator manufacturing company in 1946. From then up till now they are always standing in the list of top 10 calculators worldwide.

  • According to Casio FX-115ES plus stands at the second position in 10 best calculators in the USA.
  • Casio calculators are available in many types, and you can choose one according to your needs. Few of the famous Casio calculators are graphing and scientific calculators.
  • Casio scientific calculators include more than 200 functions, and results are as accurate as you may have in your textbook.
  • There is no doubt that Casio calculators are one of the most economical choices for students.

Casio Watches:

  • They are inexpensive watches of high quality and the best designs.
  • It is surprising for many that a Casio watch variety starts from 10 USD only.
  • The Casio watches from the Casio G-shock series are shock resistant and resist water up to 200 meters.

Last but not least:

Technology: A key element to one’s progress is to keep upgraded with time. Casio has always upgraded their products with technology and comes with many innovative ideas.

Casio is the first company that introduced a digital watch with a compass and a wristwatch that could forecast weather.

Now the health fitness watches are also getting popular, and many new innovative products are in line.

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