Is Bulova A Good Brand? (Pioneer For Graceful And Classy Watches)

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What Is The Bulova Brand Known For?

Given how old this brand is, Bulova has a lot of reasons for it to be good, and a lot of milestones to its name. For those that may be wondering what makes it so good, this article will act as your guide…

With intelligent engineering, superior design, and a commitment to quality, Bulova is a recognized leader in timekeeping technology. You will find it as one of the finest and pioneering watch brands in the market.

Is Bulova a good watch brand?

Bulova was founded in New York in 1875, by Joseph Bulova. As a young man, Joseph was an apprentice in the watchmaking industry when he decided to open up his own watch shop.

One of his first goals was to develop a high-quality, affordable watch for the general public. While many of his competitors were using movements imported from Europe, Joseph wanted to create his own in the United States.

He quickly became a watch industry leader, and by the late 20th century was considered one of the world’s leading watchmakers.  Over time, a lot of progress took place, and now this brand is owned by Citizen Watch Co.

Below I have provided some examples of the most popular Bulova watches with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are Bulova Watches Worth The Money?

Bulova is one of the most popular modern watch brands that makes a great product. All Bulova watches are very durable, and they have a high resale value.

Bulova makes great watches. The prices are affordable and the quality is high. There’s a huge selection of styles available, as well as something for every budget.

Bulova makes good watches from tough materials that is a simple design and elegant in appearance. Bulova has plenty of watches to choose from but let’s take a look at some of their most popular collections…

Types of Bulova Watches: What Is It?

Oceanographer Collection

  • Bulova’s Oceanographer Collection is designed for people who appreciate strength, clarity, and style.
  • This rugged timepiece features a classic design with a modern aesthetic.
  • Bulova has an impressive history of making watches for the military, including the new Bulova Oceanographer.
  • With this new watch, they’re returning to their roots with a utilitarian dive watch that is water-resistant up to 1,000 feet and features a date display and unidirectional rotating bezel.
  • The case is crafted from a lightweight titanium alloy, and the watch is powered by an automatic movement.
Men’s Classic Collection
  • Keep on time with the Bulova Classic Collection of men’s watches.
  • With a variety of fashionable styles to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your taste.
  • From sporty to classic, Bulova has an option to suit your needs and to keep you looking sharp no matter what the occasion.
  • Whether it is a day at the office, or a night out with friends, this watch will effortlessly pair with whatever ensemble you choose.
Women’s Classic Collection
  • Whether you’re looking for a stunning watch to wear for special occasions, a must-have accessory for your everyday style or a beautifully crafted gift, the new Bulova Women’s Classic Collection has something for everyone.
  • The Women’s Classic collection consists of three models, each with very distinct features.
  • The Diamonds collection, for example, has a stainless steel case and band, with a rich brown dial that displays a diamond in each hour marker.
  • The Gold and Steel collection has a gold-plated case and bracelet, and a white dial that features Roman numerals.
  • While the Gold and Leather collection is made with a stainless steel case and bracelet, with a brown leather strap.
  • What makes these watches so great is the fact that they are both beautiful and affordable.
Men’s Marine Star Collection
  • This is the perfect watch for the man that is looking for a chronograph watch with a sporty yet classic look.
  • A multitude of timepieces in the Marine Star Collection is outfitted with a water-resistance rating of 100 meters.
  • Each is powered by Japanese-quartz movements, and many boasts unique dials and customizable straps to suit your personal style.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, textures, and materials, browse this collection to find the perfect timepiece for your active, adventurous pursuits.
Women’s Marine Star Collection
  • Bulova combines the legendary craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking with premium performance to bring you a timepiece with timeless style.
  • The Marine Star Collection features stainless steel cases, rosegold-tone hands, indexes, and bezel, a blue leather strap with extender and gold-tone eyelets, and water resistance to 330 feet (100 meters).
  • Plus, the smooth sweep second-hand movement is powered by precision quartz to ensure accuracy.
  • The Marine Star is a stylish and versatile timepiece that will look great with not only your jeans but also the most fashionable evening dresses.

The Historic Bulova Moonwatch

Bulova sports watches are popular and of great quality. These versatile watches look great as well and the following Moonwatch has a great history behind it and is a replica of the watch worn on the moon.

In the 1971 Apollo 15 mission, Colonel Dave Scott wore a Bulova brand chronograph to replace his NASA-issued Omega Speedmaster. The Hesalite crystal on the flight approved Speedmaster popped off so Scott replaced the Omega with his personal backup prototype Bulova watch.

Scott’s Bulova went secretly into a safety deposit box where it remained largely unmentioned for over 40 years. The watch was extracted from the safety deposit box and on Oct 22, 2015, put to auction. It sold for a record $1.625 million.


Bulova Men’s Moonwatch


Bulova Men's Lunar Pilot Chronograph Watch 96B251

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Example of comments from Bulova sports watch reviews:


As a budget watch collector, I have been eyeing this watch for some time. The history behind this is amazing.


  • This watch has some historical significance, as a replica of the only other watch known to be worn on the Moon besides the Omega Speedmaster.
  • The watch uses Bulova’s UHF quartz movement, in which the crystal vibrates 8 times faster than conventional quartz watches.
  • This watch is unique, comfortable, accurate, and historically significant, and a LOT of watch for the money.
  • The readability on this watch is just phenomenal and it never gets old to see the sweeping 262khz quartz seconds and Chrono needles.
  • It is a great watch for everyday wear. Comfortable on the wrist, easy to read, and keeps a great time.
  • You can’t go wrong here. I love the design and the build quality is top-notch, comparable to watches many times more expensive.

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Are Bulova Men’s Watches Good?

All of the Bulova men’s watches are very highly-regarded. You have a wide range of styles and price points to choose from and the following dress watch is one of the more affordable.

It is a beautiful classic design, lightweight, and is the perfect elegant and sophisticated watch for when you want to dress up…


Bulova Men’s 98H51 Stainless Steel Dress Watch With Croco Leather Band


Bulova Men's 98H51 Stainless Steel Dress Watch With Croco Leather Band

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Example of comments from Bulova watch reviews:


I ordered this watch for times I want to be a little more dressed up. It is a very slim watch and looks good when you wear it. I have slim wrists so the watch fits me perfectly.


  • I’m a big fan of this watch. The design is classic, elegant, and it looks many times more expensive than what it is priced at.
  • Excellent Value for a Bulova branded dress watch.
  • What a beautiful, clean, classy watch, very thin.
  • This watch’s body is thin, its face width is appropriate, and it’s stylish but subtle. I get compliments on it all the time.
  • I think it looks great! Simple, sophisticated, dressy. The band was super soft and has a texture that adds to the look-either formal or business.
  • The watch looks amazing. Bulova quality as expected. By the way, Bulova is the “Toyota” of Tag Heuer (Lexus)…so they’re very good watches.
  • I cannot count how many times I’ve been complimented about my watch.
  • This baby is lightweight, beautiful, and dependable. Just a great timepiece for the price.

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Are Bulova Women’s Watches Good?

Bulova women’s watches are also very highly-regarded with the very name Bulova being associated with quality and the most talked-about item was how beautiful they look…


Bulova Women’s 96L116 Swarovski Crystal Stainless Steel Watch


Bulova Women's 96L116 Swarovski Crystal Stainless Steel Watch

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Example of comments from Bulova watch reviews:


I received this watch as a gift from my husband. It is versatle, it can be worn dressed up or down. This watch is the perfect size. I love this watch and the quality of Bulova brand.


  • I’ve gotten many compliments since I’ve been wearing it. Bulova is my brand of choice from here on out.
  • What a beautiful watch. So classy, so beautiful.
  • This is an amazing-looking watch. It just sparkles and as with all Bulova’s, it is a great quality piece.
  • I bought this for my wife and she wears it more than her other more expensive watches.
  • She gets compliments all the time when she wears it to work.
  • It is a good size and is easy to read.
  • I get compliments on my watch all the time. I am a blingy type of girl, so this watch looks great without doing too much.

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Bulova Also Has Some Very Interesting Clocks

The Bulova Company, a longtime supplier of precision timepieces to enjoy around your home or office, expands its collection with this striking table clock.

Designed in the style of the renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this clock features a lacquered wood-grain finish, gold-tone accents, and Roman numerals.

The luminous hands ensure easy readability while the quartz movement keeps perfect time. This clock from Bulova will complete the look of your decor.


Bulova B7756 Willits Frank Lloyd Wright Table Clock, Light Cherry Finish


Bulova B7756 Willits Frank Lloyd Wright Table Clock, Light Cherry Finish

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Example of comments from Bulova clock reviews:


This clock is SOOO lovely !! Very simple and elegant in its lines. One cannot go wrong with a Frank Lloyd Wright design…. and it keeps perfect time! You won’t be sorry!


  • I have this in my professional office. Every client has admired it. I get so many compliments. It’s beautiful.
  • It’s the right size for my mantelpiece and made of quality materials. A Frank Lloyd Wright classic.
  • Was a gift for my Mother who loves Frank Lloyd Wright but is also very discriminating regarding quality. She is very happy with this clock.
  • I love anything to do with Frank Lloyd Wright. I needed a clock for my study that would fit with our mission furniture decor.
  • It is a great piece, works well like all Bulova products, and is very unique and stylish.
  • A great clock to remind us of our trip to Arizona and visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s facility just outside Scottsdale.
  • If you like the Frank Lloyd Wright style of furnishings, this clock is a gem. Beautifully designed and finished–elegant, subtly eye-catching.
  • Beautiful clock. The craftsmanship is excellent.

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Can Bulova Watches Get Wet?

Bulova watches can definitely get wet however don’t push the boundaries with timepieces that are water-resistant and never wear one while swimming or diving. All Bulova watches are water resistant – but not waterproof – so you can wear them in the rain or wash your hands without worrying about damaging your watch.

However, in order to ensure the continued and long-lasting pleasure of wearing and using any Bulova watch, it is important that you do not expose any Bulova watch marked “water-resistant” to prolonged contact with water, such as swimming, bathing or showering, or subject it to high-velocity activities such as diving or waterskiing.

Can Bulova Watches Be Engraved?

Some of the Bulova watches can be engraved as well as their clocks. It’s an ideal way to make a Bulova timepiece extra special.

Bulova Has A Swiss-Made Line Accu.Swiss

Along with the default Bulova watches, they also have a Swiss line called Accu. Swiss. This contributes to making this brand a good one because its productions come in various dimensions of watches. So, while most Bulova watches can be purchased for reasonable prices they have a stand-alone brand that will attract watch collectors.

Experienced Manufacturers In Work For Decades

This company has been in place for more than a century. Considering this, the manufacturing domain of this company consists of professionals that are highly trained and experienced. Potentially, there could be people with decades of experience in watchmaking.

Moreover, they are also trained by people who were the pioneers of this job. This much is enough to attest to the credibility of this company.

Contributions Go Just Beyond Making Watches

While they excel in making watches, their field of work has allowed them to help other organizations with massive projects that have things to do with time and its calculation.

  • One of the examples is their massive contributions to various NASA space missions.
  • The fact that an organization like NASA (and many others) collaborated with Bulova is proof that it is a well-reputed and highly trusted company, so much so that various organizations and people are willing to work with them.

Manufactures Both Classic & Luxury Watches

Economic diversity within this company is worth noting.

  • You will find watches that are extremely extravagant and lavish, coated with diamonds and a gold body, and at the same time, you will find watches that are extremely cheap and affordable even for us not-so-wealthy people.
  • This essentially makes the brand good because it is not seen via a classist assumption.
  • Anyone can have their products, regardless of their class background, and this enhances the feeling of equality and goodwill to a greater extent.

Where To Buy Bulova Watches?

You can see all of the Bulova watches currently available from their online Amazon store.

Or you can search for retailers from the following store locator at the Bulova website.

In summary, you have to be impressed with the Bulova brand for its consistency of quality throughout every watch they produce.

Thousands of customers can verify that Bulova is a legit company that you can purchase from with confidence.

While most watch manufacturing companies are focused on consumerist ideals: making more fancy and lavish watches, Bulova is focused on keeping its tradition, with all its graceful and classy watches both for men and women.

Bulova is always looking to improve its services. They believe in consistent quality products. In fact, many of their arrivals also have quite an innovative touch to them.

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