Is Beko a Good Brand? (16 Reasons Why Beko Is A Good Brand)

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What Is Beko Known For?

Beko is a global domestic appliance and consumer electronics brand that provides a wide product range to make the best use of space in your home. They offer products that are innovative, stylish, and helpful for daily life.

Beko provides products that are reliable and easy to use. The brand name is derived from the last two letters of the word ‘beko’, which means ‘white’ in Japanese. The company is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Beko appliances include washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, cookers, ovens, air conditioners, and more for the kitchen and laundry room.

It’s not a brand you’ll find as often in physical stores as its competitors like Hotpoint or Bosch, but it’s worth considering online because it offers good value for money.

16 Reasons Why Beko Is A Good Brand

If you’re in the market for a new home appliance, you want to ensure that whichever brand you choose will deliver top quality and performance. Beko is an up-and-coming home appliance brand that deserves a closer look.

You may not know this, but Beko is actually one of the top three global companies in consumer electronics and home appliances.

And, although it is part of the Arçelik Group, which has been around since 1955, it was only officially founded as Beko in 1990.

Today it is the second-largest manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances in Europe with a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide. Let’s look at the many reasons why Beko is a trusted brand…

1. Beko Produces Energy Efficient Products

Energy efficiency is a major factor when choosing a new appliance, especially as many of us are looking to reduce our carbon footprint.

Beko has a range of energy-efficient appliances, including the Beko XDC671AK which is an A+++ energy-rated dishwasher. By ensuring your dishwasher is A-rated or above, you can save water and energy, which in the long term can help to reduce your annual utility bills.

2. Design and style

Creating beautiful appliances that will enhance the look of your home is a top priority for Beko, so you can be sure any appliance from this brand will look the part. From refrigerators to cookers, and dishwashers to washing machines, the design team at Beko has worked hard to create a range of products that will suit any kitchen.

Beko has a wide range of freestanding and built-in refrigeration appliances including fridge freezers and wine coolers. Offering sleek designs and modern features such as frost-free technology, Beko’s refrigeration appliances will enhance any kitchen setting whether it be contemporary or traditional.

3. Reliability

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing home appliances, you can enjoy peace of mind that Beko has been designed with reliability in mind.

All Beko products undergo rigorous testing during production to ensure that they meet their high standards in performance and reliability before leaving the factory floor.

4. Performance

With a reputation for innovation and development, Beko offers a range of appliances that benefit from cutting-edge technology. Designed to make life easier, these appliances are designed to perform at their best through every load.

5. Innovative technology

Beko takes pride in using innovative technology in its appliances, including its range of multifunctional ovens that use SteamCrisp® technology which allows you to bake and roast food without having to add any oil or fat.

This means you can create healthier meals for yourself and your family whilst still enjoying those delicious crunchy roasted potatoes or crispy roast chicken skin!

6. Quality products

Beko provides high-quality products at affordable prices, making it a popular choice among consumers looking for great value household appliances.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Beko knows what customers want from their appliances and always delivers premium products that are made to last.

With a wide range of freestanding and integrated washing machines, dishwashers, and cookers all available, you can find the perfect appliance for your home.

7. Automatic half load function

Beko’s half load function allows you to wash a smaller load and save energy and money. This function is available on many of the brand’s washing machines and dishwashers, including the Beko WTG1041B1W 10kg Load 1400 Spin Washing Machine and the Beko DIN6830FXD Fully Integrated Dishwasher.

8. Extra cleaning functions

If you’ve had children around the house recently or you’re due to have guests over for dinner, then you may want an extra-thorough clean for your clothes or dishes.

The Beko WTG730M1W 7kg Load 1200 Spin Washing Machine features an extra rinse cycle, while the Beko DIN28R21

The Beko QDX634W Condenser Tumble Dryer has been designed with AquaWave technology which helps to protect clothes from damage during the drying process by using a gentler drum pattern.

This also means that there is less fluff left behind in the drum so it’s easier and quicker to clean out after use.

9. Features

As well as being energy efficient, you’ll find that Beko appliances are packed with great features to make your life easier. Beko washing machines have some amazing features such as a quick wash program that can wash your clothes in just 28 minutes!

This means that even if you haven’t planned ahead, you can still get those last-minute items clean and ready for the next day. Take a look at the WTG755M1W 7kg washing machine for more information on this great feature.

Other handy features include sensor dry technology in their tumble dryers which will automatically stop once it detects that the load is dry enough for ironing and one-hour wash programs for when you’re in a hurry! Some tumble dryers also

10. Warranty

Beko offers a one-year warranty for all its products as standard, but for peace of mind, you can extend this to two years if you register your appliance within 90 days of purchase (three years for fridge freezers).

This means that you can get repairs and replacements at no extra charge if anything goes wrong with your machine during this time period.

11. Safety features

When choosing an appliance for your kitchen it’s essential that you choose one that has safety features to protect both yourself and your family. With this in mind, Beko has installed child locks on their ovens and cookers so those little ones cannot open the door without permission.

12. Brand reliability

Beko has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing white goods and home appliances. The brand is well-known for its durable and reliable products, with an average life expectancy of over 10 years.

13. Reliable aftercare services

Beko offers a range of aftercare services for all of their appliances, including delivery and installation on built-in appliances and extended warranties that ensure your product is always protected against the unexpected. For more information on these services, visit the Beko website.

14. Value For Money

Beko is a budget-friendly brand, with competitive prices on all of its appliances. With a range of great value appliances available, there’s something for every budget and every home.

The Beko brand offers exceptional value for money and its products have been voted “Most Recommended Brand” by consumers on several occasions. With a reputation for innovation and development, Beko offers a range of appliances that are stylish and reliable at an affordable price point.

15. Variety

Beko provides a wide range of appliances in its extensive catalog, so you don’t need to shop around to find everything you need for your home. From fridges and freezers to dishwashers and washing machines, it covers all the bases with its state-of-the-art models that are designed with the modern home in mind.

16. Expertise

The company has invested millions of pounds into research and development over the years, resulting in a number of pioneering appliances that boast clever technology. By maintaining a focus on creating new products, Beko has become one of the most trusted brands amongst domestic shoppers.

In summary, Beko is a Turkish appliance manufacturer that has been making domestic appliances for over 30 years. It is now part of the Arçelik Group and produces white goods for the UK & Australian markets in its factories in Italy, Turkey, Russia, and Thailand.

Beko is a global household appliance brand, which offers a wide product range to make the best use of space in your home, with smart functions and innovative design.

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