Is Bearpaw A Good Brand? (9 Reasons Why Bearpaw Is A Good)

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What Is The Bearpaw Brand Known For?

Bearpaw is an excellent boot brand for women, children, and men. They also sell wonderful slippers as well! The Bearpaw brand is an iconic Canadian company that has grown to become a leader and trusted source for the best in comfort, fit, design, and quality.

Bearpaw boots are an affordable choice for those who appreciate quality, comfort, fit and style at a budget price. The brand draws inspiration exclusively from nature, creating something beyond the ordinary through passion and imagination.

Bearpaw footwear receives amazing ratings from consumers and is a fabulous more affordable alternative to Uggs!

In fact, most customers believe that the quality and durability of Bearpaw boots are even superior to the more expensive Ugg brand. One thing is for sure, all of the Bearpaw products rate extremely well!

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9 Reasons Why Bearpaw Is A Good Brand

Bearpaw has taken the world by storm, and why wouldn’t they? They have a range of the most comfortable boots you will ever put on your feet. They are made with premium materials and feature luxuriously soft wool inside. They’ll keep your feet warm even in the coldest weather.

1….  You can get them in tons of colors like black, blue, brown, grey, pink, purple, red, and tan! There are tons of different styles and colors to fit everyone’s needs! You’ll be able to find a Bearpaw boot that perfectly fits your style!

2… They’re incredibly comfortable. If you want boots that feel like slippers while still looking fashionable, a pair of Bearpaw boots are perfect for you. You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds!

3… They’re durable. Your Bearpaw boots will last season after season because they are made with high-quality materials to be strong and sturdy. You won’t have to worry about them wearing out too soon!

4… They offer tons of support including arch support & ankle support so your feet won’t hurt during long walks or hikes through nature without sacrificing comfortability!

5… They’re fashionable! The best part about owning a pair of Bearpaws is how cute you’ll look in them! They come in many different styles from short to tall, and can be worn with anything from jeans or leggings on cold winter days when all you want is something to keep those toes cozy while looking good on your way out the door even if it’s snowing outside – they’ll never let down style-wise.

6… They’re affordable – they don’t cost much more than other brands out there but provide much higher value due to their durability factor which makes them worth every penny spent on them as an investment into foot health over time.

7… The soles on these shoes/boots are meant for heavy-duty wear and tear when you’re outside walking around doing chores or hunting animals like bears (hence the name!)

8… These boots are lightweight but still warm, making them perfect for those who live in colder climates and need something that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

9… If you’re worried about slipping on ice or snow then fear no longer because these shoes come with treads underneath that will help keep traction while walking outside without having to worry about falling down if you step wrong.

Below I have listed some of the best-selling Bearpaw products with a focus on customer thoughts based on what they think of this brand…

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Bearpaw Women’s Short Snow Boot

The following Bearpaw Women’s Boot is a very popular seller with over 9,641 and has an AMAZING 80% of those consumers rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Pair up with a cute top or dress them up with your favorite jeans. Whatever you decide, the Emma Short is the perfect boot for even the chilliest days…

Bearpaw Women’s Emma Short Snow Boot

BEARPAW Women's Emma Short Boot Hickory 6

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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

Bearpaw is my favorite brand. They’re super cute, comfy and warm, and they look like UGGs without the over expensiveness.

  • This is an awesome brand and well worth every penny. I will stay loyal with no hesitation.
  • I could talk about these boots all day. The quality is SUPERIOR to other brands.
  • They’re super soft and you can’t really tell the difference between these and the expensive brands.
  • I absolutely love the BEARPAW brand and there is NO difference between these and Uggs, I repeat NO difference.
  • OK- I wanted Uggs but just couldn’t justify the money- so I bought Bearpaw. This is my first purchase of this brand and I will now be a dedicated customer!
  • I settled on the BearPaw brand based on previous and affordability. Glad I didn’t blow the money on the Ugg brand!
  • Don’t spend double or triple the price just for a bigger name-brand boot, you can still get the style and protection with this affordable boot.
  • I’ve received so many compliments. They are similar to the ugg brand and for the price I was amazed.
  • The Bearpaw brand is of serious comfort and lasting quality.
  • I love these!!! I have owned identical boots in the Ugg brand and these are a fraction of the cost, fit the same and look exactly the same.
  • Very happy with this purchase, I love this brand.
  • They always have great customer service.
  • It’s a really great quality brand with a lower price point than its competitor.
  • Amazing shoe brand with top-notch quality.
  • Great pricing and a great selection of designs for all tastes and styles.
  • Can’t go wrong with Bearpaw.

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Bearpaw Women’s Tall Fashion Boot

The following Bearpaw Women’s Boot is also popular with over 5,844 and has an AMAZING 83% of those consumers rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Versatile and comfy, these furry tall boots are a go-to for kicking around town with ease.

BEARPAW Women’s Emma Tall Fashion Boot

BEARPAW Women's Emma Tall Fashion Boot Hickory 8

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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

I’m so glad that I found Bearpaw! They are amazing quality boots, very warm and seem to hold their form–no flopping to the side like some other brands.

  • These boots are amazing. Super cute with winter skirts, while providing enough warmth.
  • I love how durable, comfortable & stylish they are.
  • These are the best boots I’ve ever bought very well insulated and keep my feet warm.
  • A popular brand name doesn’t mean much to me anymore but value for dollar means a lot. Bearpaws delivers!
  • They are sooo soft and comfortable.
  • So warm and cozy.
  • The wool on the inside is amazing!
  • These boots are of good quality.
  • They are of amazing quality and last a long time as I have the same pair and have had them for 2 years and they are still as good as new.
  • I love this company and these boots, and will definitely be buying a few more pairs.
  • These are my favorite boots to wear after a long day of skiing or just running errands.
  • They definitely feel amazing with some thermal leggings during these cold days!
  • Bearpaw is an amazing company and their shoes are outstanding.
  • They are warm, well made, and feel amazing on my feet. I totally love them!
  • Omg best boots so far. I wear them every day the fur inside these boots is amazing.
  • They just like uggs but at a cheaper price.
  • They are comfortable, durable, and NEVER EVER even in the brutal Michigan winters have my feet been cold!

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Bearpaw Women’s Boetis Ii Boot

The following Bearpaw Women’s Boot has an AMAZING 85% of consumers rate it 5 out of 5 stars. This boot will certainly make you stand out among the crowd – edgy and playful all at once.

BEARPAW Women’s Boetis Ii Boot

BEARPAW Boetis Black

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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on these boots EVERY day I wear them!! I even got my FIRST Wolf whistle in over 35 years!!! Men open doors for me and say, *Those boots are awesome!*

  • I’m 54, so this boot has really given me a lot of smiles from the compliments!!
  • HIGHLY RECOMMEND this boot! So gorgeous and BAM! Turns all heads!!
  • If you’re uncomfortable with alot of attention or a barrage of compliments from total strangers, you might want to pass on getting these. They are the bomb!
  • They are well worth every penny if you live in cooler weather areas and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them too.
  • I always receive compliments when I wear them, whether I dress them up or down. A really great purchase!
  • These are absolutely beautiful authentic bear paw boots.
  • I love them and they are full and beautiful! A true must-have boot!
  • These are the most beautiful pair of boots I’ve ever worn.
  • They are very warm and I get many many compliments on them. Worth every penny.
  • GET THEM you won’t be disappointed really comfy, toasty, and a compliment magnet which made me a bit shy at first.
  • They are beyond warm…and I cannot go anywhere with someone commenting and complimenting me on them.
  • I get multiple compliments on them every time I wear them!
  • They are super funky adorable and of course warm.
  • These boots are so beautiful and comfortable!
  • I wore these before and after skiing and I was the center of attention and was even called a “snow bunny”!
  • They are warm and stylish and cute.
  • I’m constantly getting compliments when I wear them.
  • Love them!! Compliments everywhere I go!! I’m such a Bearpaw fan.
  • These boots are EVERYTHING! Be ready for the attention and compliments you will receive.

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Bearpaw Women’s Ankle Boot

The following Bearpaw Women’s Boot is yet another of their products that has an AMAZING 82% of consumers rate it 5 out of 5 stars. The soft, wool-blend upper makes these boots the best choice for keeping feet dry in cold weather.

BEARPAW Women’s Alyssa Ankle Boot


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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

I love how easy these are to just slip on and go, and they’re super stylish too! I’ve worn BearPaw boots for many years now, and I’ve always loved the quality that you get, and the reasonable price you pay for them.

  • These are my first Bearpaws and I’m never going back!
  • So comfy! And will look cute with all my fall outfits!
  • Love Bearpaws….great quality and value for the money
  • They are so warm and comfortable I forget I have them on.
  • Great quality, as expected.
  • Bearpaw brand is the absolute best.
  • I prefer Bearpaw over any other brand.
  • These ankle ones are comfortable and warm and they last a very long time.
  • Bearpaw shoes are stylish and comfortable!
  • I prefer Bearpaw to Ugg. Fit better, last longer, thicker sole. Much warmer.
  • Extremely warm and comfy. Excellent quality. Look great.
  • Mother’s day gift. Fitted perfectly, always a good brand with excellent quality and longevity.
  • Can’t go wrong with BearPaw.

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Bearpaw Women’s Knit Winter Boot

The following Bearpaw Women’s Boot also rates well with an excellent 77% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. These are the epitome of winter fashion; you can wear these boots tall or fold them down for a more fashionable look.

BEARPAW Women’s Knit Tall Winter Boot

BEARPAW Women's Knit Tall Grey

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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

These are seriously so cute! They’re so comfortable! I’ve started wearing them around the house because it’s not cold enough outside!

  • They look really cute pulled up or folded over, I wore them both ways with black leggings.
  • I absolutely love these boots – the most comfortable pair I have ever had.
  • These boots are amazing! Super comfortable, fits just right, looks great with skinny leg jeans, just love them!
  • They keep my feet nice and warm, and look adorable!
  • I love Bearpaw, a cheaper but still great quality alternative to UGG and they do it right!
  • Love the cash savings over the more expensive brand and I believe these are better quality shoes as well.
  • I was in the market for boots like these and didn’t want to spend to money on the UGG brand. These are just as good.
  • The cheaper imitation brands can’t even compare. Don’t waste your money on any other brand.
  • Great product and just like the Ugg brand only way cheaper! Quality is just as good as well!
  • I love these beautiful boots and their versatility.

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Bearpaw Women’s Slide Slipper

Bearpaw is equally as impressive with its Women’s Slippers which also have an AMAZING 84% of consumers rate it 5 out of 5 stars. These slides are a treat for your feet! They feature genuine sheepskin, suede upper with a sheepskin collar that is easy to maintain.

BEARPAW Women’s Loki II Slide Slipper


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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

These were an absolute dream to put on! They were warm and cozy- just what I love with my slippers. In my opinion these fit better than the Uggs and they seem warmer as well.

  • Perfect fit! I don’t take them off when I’m home.
  • I also tend to wear my slippers even during the summer. So I need year-round warm slippers and these definitely seem to work so far!
  • My Bearpaw slippers feel so great on my feet.
  • Awesome slippers. Suede upper, thick shearling liner and footbed, really comfortable.
  • I like the rubber sole so I can step outside to take the trash out or get the mail without changing shoes or ruining my slippers.
  • These are my FAVORITE slippers in the whole wide world!
  • No other slipper measured up to these… They are worth the money.
  • These Bearpaws are the best slippers of this type I’ve found.
  • The price is right and the sheepskin lasts a long time.
  • Love! These are my go-to slippers.
  • I work retail and am on my feet all day. I dream of coming home and slipping these bad boys on!
  • What I love about these slippers is that my feet stay at a comfortable temperature.
  • The slippers are made of soft, genuine suede and the shearling is very plush and comfortable.
  • The most comfortable slippers I ever owned.
  • A good alternative to Ugg slippers!
  • I love these slippers. They are perfect to wear all day long.

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Bearpaw Men’s Slippers

The Bearpaw Men’s Slippers also has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rate it 5 out of 5 stars. The perfect slipper for men who want their footwear to be as functional as it is stylish.

BEARPAW Men’s Moc II Slipper


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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

These are NOT slippers you’ll replace every few years. You can get the mail, walk the dog, or run to get bread & milk. REAL leather. REAL sheep lining. (No sweating) Wonderful, durable, slip resistant soles. Year round comfort.

  • I  can finally say I have found a pair that stand up to daily wear, walking outside on the porch in the winter, and DON’T FALL APART.
  • Slippers that wear like a good shoes.
  • The fit is perfect for a slipper that, with the rubber sole on the bottom, can even be worn for quick trips outside.
  • I haven’t found a better pair than the Bear Paw brand.
  • Finally found slippers good for diabetic feet.
  • I’ve tried a lot of moccasin slippers, and these are definitely the best.
  • The lining is warm and makes them comfortable to wear in my cold basement.
  • They’re incredibly comfortable, keep your feet warm, and can be worn for hours on end.
  • Easily the best slippers available on Amazon, and I’ve tried each of the top-rated ones available.
  • They’re durable enough to use outside of the house.
  • The sole on the slipper covers the bottom fully and allows me to step outside and stay dry on wet surfaces.
  • If you don’t want to end up with stinky slippers, buy these!

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Bearpaw Men’s Snow Boots

The Bearpaw Men’s Snow Boots are impressive with an excellent 73% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. This style is popular for all ages and lifestyles and will keep you clomping around in comfort.

BEARPAW Men’s Patriot Snow Boot

BEARPAW Men's Patriot Winter Boot, Black, 9 M US

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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

I highly recommend Bearpaw boots. After owning a previous pair for 10 years, I’ve learned that you get a lot of quality for your money compared with other similar sheepskin boots.

  • Really great quality. Bearpaws are better quality than all the Uggs I’ve gotten in the last 14 years.
  • Tried a few different brands, but BearPaws have proven to be the most durable and most comfortable.
  • Wow-what a difference; comfy, cozy, and above all else, WARM.
  • If you are looking for a comfortable, sturdy, stylish, and affordable boot this one is for you.
  • Excellent product!! Better looking than Uggs, and between 1/3 – 1/2 the price!

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Bearpaw Men’s Fashion Boots

The Bearpaw Men’s Fashion Boots rate AMAZINGLY with 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. 100% suede is soft and comfy, with lightweight material that makes it easy to wear all day long.

BEARPAW Men’s Brady Fashion Boot

Men's Brady Chocolate

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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

My husband loves these. As soon as he gets off work he puts them on. Said they are the warmest most comfortable boot he’s ever had, and he’s had a lot.

  • I was fortunate to come across this brand BEARPAW for its overall construction quality compared to UGG ($150) it’s a great value.
  • The sole is about a third thicker than the uggs, and the leather is stiffer, but those are plus points in my mind.
  • If you are needing a pair of “off-roaders” to lounge around in I would definitely recommend these!
  • Over 8 years this is the second Bearpaw Men’s boots because they wear so well.
  • Great price and very comparable to that more expensive brand boot.
  • This brand has superior soles compared to the popular, expensive brand.

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Bearpaw Men’s Loafers

The Bearpaw Men’s Loafers has an excellent 72% of consumers rating them 5 out of 5 stars. Your feet will thank you for choosing our Spencer loafer.

BEARPAW Men’s Spencer Loafer

Men's Spencer

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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

I bought a pair of these for a birthday gift almost a year ago for my husband and he just loves them. They are so comfortable and very warm which is needed up here in Michigan. He informed me today that if his Bearpaws go out to get him another just like them.

  • The feet are warm and they are lightweight, not heavy like some boots.
  • These are great for my teenager who outgrows everything in a heartbeat. Our whole family wears Bearpaws!
  • They are warm and water-resistant, without being heavy and clunky, Look great too.
  • Loved them, been looking for a comfy warm shoe for men that don’t look like a woman’s boot.
  • Simply put, these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had on my feet!

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Bearpaw Tall Youth Boots

The Bearpaw Tall Youth Boot has an AMAZING 83% of consumers rating them 5 out of 5 stars. The perfect gift for your stylish little girl. These beautifully crafted boots are made from smooth suede and contain a comfy lining that keeps her foot warm and dry.

BEARPAW Emma Tall Youth Boot

BEARPAW Girls' Emma Tall Youth-K, Charcoal, 5 M US Big Kid

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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

Bearpaw is so much better than UGG brand. I have narrow feet and when I use UGG products their too big and bulky, also not as well cushioned like Bearpaw!!!! It feels like I’m walking on a sheep’s wool floor!!!

  • Christmas present for my niece, she loves this brand.
  • My tween daughter continues to request this brand + style.
  • Nice boots for the price. No need to spend a fortune on the other brand.
  • These boots are a great alternative to the other brand that costs significantly more.
  • I really enjoy this brand and this particular style over the style with the side buttons.
  • These Bear Paw boots are just as nice, if not nicer than some of the more expensive name-brand boots on the market.
  • The quality is superb.
  • Best brand hands down! My daughter and I both wear them and will continue to get these boots every year.
  • They’re well-made, the last, they are so comfortable it is crazy.

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Bearpaw Unisex Fashion Boots

The Bearpaw Youth fashion Boot has an AMAZING 89% of consumers rating them 5 out of 5 stars. Your child will receive plenty of compliments on these boots. They’re very comfortable and warm.

BEARPAW Unisex-Child Boo Youth Fashion Boot

Kids' Boo

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Example of comments about Bearpaw:

I love how these boots fit and look on my daughter. Very fashionable and fun. She loves them just as much! Overall good quality and can go with just about any outfit.

  • These boots are absolutely adorable!!!! My daughter loves them, and the color is amazing.
  • Omg, they are beautiful!
  • I bought these for my granddaughter and she loves them.
  • Absolutely love these boots!! My daughter was sooo happy! They exceeded my expectations.
  • OMG!!!!! My Granddaughter looks so adorable in these boots! She loves them and I do too.
  • Fits perfect, is well made, and great price.
  • Love the boots, my daughter gets lots of compliments whenever she wears them.

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In summary, the Bearpaw brand is ultra-impressive with consistently high ratings for all of its products. They are much more affordable than other brands and are just as good!

Bearpaw is a family of fashion-forward yet incredibly warm winter boots and slippers so when your feet get cold, BEARPAW is the warmest and coziest footwear you’ll ever wear.

Bearpaw Boots are of excellent quality, are very comfortable, warm, and look great too. Especially the Women’s Boetis Ii Boot – it just attracts compliments even from complete strangers.

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