Is Beamnova A Good Brand? (Fabric Cutter & Kitchen Timer)

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What Is The Beamnova Brand Known For?

Beamnova specializes in manufacturing and exporting industrial landscaping tools. Established and founded in 2015, Beamnova is making a name in the industry with its quality products that are available at a fair and competitive rate…

They are advertised as being the industry leader for professional industrial and landscaping tools for clients from different niches, making them the go-to and sought-after brand in the field despite the fierce competition.

Beamnova product ratings vary from average right through to amazing. I have listed some of the better ones below that if taken in isolation the brand would be rated excellent however overall I am just going to leave them as a good brand.

They do have individual products that rate extremely high and I have listed some below that are very good to outstanding. However, overall based on a wide range of product ratings I can only rate this brand as fair…

Beamnova Is An Amazing Brand For Commercial Kitchen Timers

The Beamnova digital kitchen timer is in the amazing range with 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. It sells for a great price, is ideal for restaurants, and the timers are loud enough to hear over the kitchen noise…


BEAMNOVA 8 Channel Digital Kitchen Timer Clock Reminder Cooking Commercial


BEAMNOVA 8 Channel Digital Kitchen Timer Clock Reminder Cooking Commercial Loud Ring Alarm Stainless Steel Timers Calculagraph

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Example of comments from Beamnova:


Great option to avoid paying hundreds on other name brand timers. Easy programming and easy install. Highly recommended for all restaurant applications


  • Great timer for restaurants cooking multiple entrees at different times.
  • It is very bright and the sound is loud so it is making sure that my team doesn’t miss the timer when it is going off
  • Great product and standing up to high usage.
  • A must-have for any kitchen. We love it.
  • Great product! Good for restaurants.
  • Can hear it above all kitchen equipment noises.
  • I just had a BBQ party and cooked 7 different foods and used 7 channels to watch the time on each one.
  • The product worked perfectly and all of our guests were amazed by it.
  • Fantastic timer! Works well in my commercial kitchen, no issues, and a great value.
  • Excellent for the price! Does just about as much as the $500+ commercial kitchen timers. 

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Beamnova Is An Excellent Brand For Fabric Cutters

The Beamnova fabric cutter has a very impressive 73% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. This machine is a great time-saver, will save your hands, can cut through multiple layers, and is better quality than all of the more expensive cutters…


BEAMNOVA Electric Fabric Cutter Cloth Cutting Machine


BEAMNOVA Electric Fabric Cutter Cloth Cutting Machine with 4 Inch Rotary Blade Hand Held Fabric Slitting Machine for Multi-Layer Clothing, Textiles, Paper, Blanket, Hat, etc

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Example of comments from Beamnova:


This machine is a BEAST…in the best ways! I was commissioned to make 350 masks for a first response group, and hunted everywhere for a template cutting option that would speed up cutting and not eat my profit margin. That’s when I discovered electric cutting machines. Changed. My. Life!


  • I’ve done 36 layers of quilting cotton fabric at a time with EASE, and 16 layers of sport knit at a time without a problem.
  • I then purchased this one and it is a FAR BETTER QUALITY for less than half the price of the “Reliable” one.
  • So, if you are considering one of these cutters, go with this one!! It’s the best quality!
  • I am a bulk sewer and handle sewing the same styles over and over again. This cutting machine has defiantly helped my hands and time!
  • The cutter cuts through at least 20-40 layers of think jersey.
  • I crochet rags and other fabrics into dolls – cutting the strips to do so has been the hardest and most un-fun of the entire process – taking days per doll – and a toll on my poor hands. This thing does it in less than 5 min!
  • Now I can use that same time and effort in creating several dolls, and having a lot more fun doing it!
  • Wish I had known about this years ago!!
  • This one seems more stable, quieter, cuts beautifully, and has better safety protection around the blade area.
  • Plus it’s the least expensive – when does that ever happen?
  • I bought this for our manufacturing company to mass cut more garments quicker.
  • It works perfect, easy to use, quiet! It can cut a stack of fabrics over an inch high or more!

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Beamnova Is An Excellent Brand For Floor Ashtrays

The Beamnova floor ashtray is another product with excellent ratings. In fact, 72% of consumers have rated it 5 out of 5 stars. This would be the ideal gift idea for anyone who is a smoker. It is just the right height to go next to chairs and has a cool retro look to it as well…


BEAMNOVA Floor Ashtray For Cigarettes Outdoor Indoor Hinged Lid Cigar Ashtray Stand Self-Cleaning


BEAMNOVA Floor Ashtray For Cigarettes Outdoor Indoor Hinged Lid Cigar Ashtray Stand Self-Cleaning Red

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Example of comments from Beamnova:


Looks awesome, stands tall. I love these! Light weight yet sturdy enough to withstand Nevada winds. Bought for my son in law for Xmas. They love retro style. I bought the red. Looks awesome.


  • It’s adorable and very practical for cigarettes.
  • Just as advertised. Perfect height for next to a chair.

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What Makes Beamnova Different From Other Brands? 

There are plenty of companies that have expertise in industrial and landscaping technology. But Beamnova is gaining massive popularity from all corners of the globe. Here are a few reasons that set Beamnova apart from the rest:


Surrounded by the Best People 

Beamnova has a dedicated, certified, and capable team. Each has an in-depth background in manufacturing industrial technology without compromising consumer safety, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

More than the expertise, the team at Beamnova treats every customer as a family. Every staff is professional, friendly, and accommodating. Their utmost goal or priority is to build good and long-term rapport with valued clients.


Cost-Effective and High-End Products 

It is tempting to invest in the cheapest industrial tool to save some cash. But its quality or flexibility may start to decline, leading to unnecessary and constant replacement.

Nothing can beat top-grade products that are available at a competitive price. At Beamnova, everyone can enjoy and purchase options while acquiring bigger savings.

Whether you are on a tight budget or are searching for feature-packed products, your long wait is finally over with Beamnova.


A Wide Selection of Options

It is time-consuming, inconvenient, and exhausting to purchase a variety of industrial tools from different companies. Beamnova, a one-stop expert, is here to assist and serve everyone.

They have a wide collection of items for home & kitchen, lawn & garden, arts & crafts, tools, personal care, and automotive.

If you’re searching for any tool for your home, Beamnova has them all. If you are still undecided on what product to invest in, they have a team that can help. Please feel free to give them a call for further details.

Seamless and Convenient Selection Process

Who wants a complicated buying process? No one likes that! It would be a waste of time, especially when a customer has a busy schedule. Beamnova streamlines the buying experience of its consumers.

There’s no long form to fill out. As long as you are sure about what to buy, everything will turn out easy and fun as well. They also have an online store on Amazon that you can visit and explore whenever you want.


Trusted By Millions of People

Since 2015, Beamnova has been trusted by a growing number of satisfied customers across the continents. With their unmatched commitment to excellence and innovation, they have been a part of many people’s lives.


Fantastic Customer Support 

You have a stressful day in the office, so you don’t deserve an unfriendly customer representative during your online shopping. Beamnova is proud to have a team of friendly professionals.

Whether you have something to ask or verify, there’s an accommodating and skilled staff to count on, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. If you are a bit overwhelmed with the options or don’t know what to select, they are ready to give you a hand.

Where To Buy Beamnova?

Beamnova sells exclusively through Amazon and you can see all of the products currently available and purchase them online from their Amazon Store.

Serving the local, national, and international markets around the world, Beamnova strives for innovation and excellence. They believe that the client’s demands always change, so they offer cutting-edge, top-grade, and advanced solutions for everyone, ensuring a good return on investment.

Beamnova adheres to the standards and performs the best practices. Their products are designed and developed with consumer’s satisfaction in mind.

They never take shortcuts in manufacturing their industrial or landscaping equipment. They create their products meticulously, increasing longevity, and functionality.

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