Are Auna Products Any Good? (Kids Love Their Portable Boombox)

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What Is The Auna Brand Known For?

Auna is one of the top providers of quality products to make your music experience more fun and exciting…

In the world of consumer electronics, Auna is consistently credited with producing high-quality audio, video, and telecommunication equipment. Their ability to build excellent products has given them a reputation for delivering quality innovation and excellence in their products to customers throughout the world.

The brand offers its customers wide options of audio technology for more musical enjoyment. Their products are inspired by Berlin’s urban atmosphere with a combination of excellent German design.

Auna is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of active audio products and its product lines represent the pinnacle of research, development, and production. The Auna brand means outstanding product quality, superior sound, and supreme design.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Auna products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are Auna Surround Sound Systems Any Good?

The Auna sound system only rates fairly overall with consumers with about 55% of customers loving it, 19% of people hating it, and the rest somewhere in between. The big thing going with this system is the affordable price and the ratings seem to suffer from those who struggled with setting it up.

It’s definitely not top of the range in audio equipment however neither is the price…


Auna Areal Active 525, 5.1 Surround Sound System, Home Cinema System, Bass Reflex, 5 Satellite Speakers, Bluetooth, USB Port, SD, AUX, Piano black


auna Areal Active 525, 5.1 Surround Sound System, Home Cinema System, Bass Reflex, 5 Satellite Speakers, Bluetooth, USB Port, SD, AUX, Pianoblack

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Example of comments from Auna Speaker:


Are you kidding me, this may best deal I have ever seen? This, 5.1 surround sound system, home cinema system, bass reflex, 5 satellite speakers that supports Bluetooth, and is a total surround sound system letting you experiencing films like you are in a theater.


  • This is a very versatile sound system, can be connected via Bluetooth, using a USB.
  • My son loves this for his video games making it more intensely than you ever have heard before it is actually really cool.
  • It is very powerful and loud and makes our living room amazing.
  • The central point is the active subwoofer which powers the five satellite speakers and makes the room super amazing like a theater.
  • Extremely clear sound and I absolutely love it and the price point is even better!
  • Save yourself from buying a super overpriced system and get this one!
  • Hands down an amazing value for the money. Clear, crisp sound quality with serious bass. Definitely worth the buy!
  • This system made my living room convert into a movie room without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.
  • It was pretty easy to set it up with my TV and the quality of the sound is great. Such a different experience watching movies now!
  • Wasn’t sure what I was going to get with this surround sound system as the price seemed too good to be true, but this System in particular was the perfect addition to my man cave.
  • Has options to hook up to multiple different devices at the same time such as DVD/VHS/TV/etc which makes it easy to not have to keep switching plugs every time you want to watch something from a different device.
  • Comes with a remote so you don’t have to do anything up close.

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Are Auna Boomboxes Any Good?

The Auna boombox for kids is one of their highest rated products with both parents and children loving it especially the color lights that change to the beat of the music. Perfect for any age, lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to operate. Auna boombox is an excellent gift idea…


Auna Roadie • Kids Portable Boombox with CD Player and Radio


auna Roadie • Kids Portable Boombox with CD Player and Radio • LED Light • AM/FM Radio • Bluetooth • MP3/CD Player • Aux-Input • Headphone Jack • Black

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Example of comments from Auna Boombox:


This is a awesome boom box with a CD player. It is simple to use. It has a USB port, and in the back the connectors to use to connect to a MP3 player or Bluetooth. Of course the am/fm radio is available and even has the good old antenna. The sound is great for its size and suitable for any pre-teen. A perfect gift, not only to be used but to bring up conversations of family fun times.


  • This product does really good for playing my favorite stations and portable music.
  • The sound is really good and lights up.
  • Perfect for my tween’s room. She loves the color-changing lights too. We can also connect my phone and use it at the dance studio.
  • This is awesome for any age. Really easy to set up Bluetooth. I will be ordering more for the other grandkids for Christmas.
  • My daughter absolutely loves this stereo. The light-up feature makes it extra fun.
  • Little one loves music and now she can play her own music. So easy to use for her and carry. Lightweight.
  • Loves the color draws her attention! Perfect size. So many functions as well.
  • I bought this for my 6-year old daughter to use in her room to listen to CDs. She loves it, and it’s been perfect for her to listen to music in her bedroom.
  • The color-changing lights are really neat, and I like how they change to the beat of the music.

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Are Auna Record Players Good?

The Auna record player is another ideal gift idea that those who still have vinyl records will love. It is lightweight, portable, has built-in speakers, is very affordable, and you can convert your vinyl records to MP3…


auna Jerry Lee, Record Player, Portable Suitcase, Phonograph, Vintage Turntable, Built-in Stereo Speakers, USB, Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording


auna Jerry Lee, Record Player, Portable Suitcase, Phonograph, Vintage Turntable, Built-in Stereo Speakers, USB, Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording, 3 Speeds, Belt Drive, Black and White

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Example of comments from Auna Record Player:


I’ve always wanted a record player since I was a little kid, but never got around to getting one. Now that I have one, I absolutely love it!!! The allure of old technology into new in this auna Jerry Lee record player is amazing! I love the sound quality and the speaker is plenty loud (you can also connect an external speaker as well). Also, there is a USB outlet so you can record the record and put it on your mobile device for playback, which is a nifty feature. Best of all, this record player was about half the price of the leading name brand one, but plays just as well!


  • My son was looking for a record player that can be easily stored & transported.
  • The retro/suitcase look is perfect for him!
  • The sound is pretty good and it worked great right out of the box.
  • It was nice to have built-in speakers so the record player just needs to be plugged in and you are on your way to listening to your vinyl.
  • Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a basic record player.
  • I bought this as a Christmas gift for my father and it’s perfect. I love the Bluetooth capabilities on it.
  • It’s small and portable that’s easy to use no bells or whistles like today’s computer age stereos for someone of my age.
  • All I had to do was plug it up, add my record, lower the arm, and start reliving memories.
  • This is such a cool and interesting player! The flexibility of record sizes makes it capable of all sorts of things.
  • I cannot wait to begin converting Mom’s old records to MP3!
  • Very happy with this record player. It’s more compact than my previous player and a lot more stylish.
  • Got this for my parents on Christmas and it’s worth every penny. Probably should cost more.
  • It’s real sturdy, speakers sound good enough for such a lightweight setup, and it played Animals by Pink Floyd flawlessly.
  • My dad loves this! He still has all of his records and the sound is awesome.

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Auna History

The Auna was founded way back in 2007. The brand was born in the heart of Berlin’s creative and ambitious music scene.

They are committed to providing people with excellent quality products to make the music listening experience more enjoyable.

The team knows that their customers are demanding stylish and high-performance products. With that, they develop the best techniques to bring only top-grade products for their customers.

Why Auna is a good brand?

We have already seen some of Auna’s best products and customer and the following are some more reasons why Auna is a reputable brand.


Reliable partnership

Auna has a reliable partnership to deliver their products in the best possible way. They partnered with Berlin Brands Group, which globally operates in North America, Asia, and Europe.

This group has been designing accessible and innovative products since 2005 and because of that, Auna only offers stylish and efficient products for the musical needs of its customers.


Wide variety of music products

You can have a more customized experience since Auna provides wide options of music products that suit your needs, standards, and budget.

They offer turntable and accessories, radios, studio microphones and karaoke, sound systems, MP3 players, and more. The products come in different styles, colors, and designs that can make your music listening experience more satisfying.

You can avail of quality waterproof speakers, which are perfect for your outdoor adventures. They have microphones with high performance so that you can make your own soundscapes.

They also have vinyl players and top-quality internet radios that come with unique designs.

Impressive quality and design

Auna can be your global brand for your karaoke and dance floor needs. All of their products are available with excellent quality and stylish designs that can impress you.

They have an excellent manufacturing process to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the items they get. Each product has unconventional styling with excellent sound and technology.


Prioritizes the satisfaction of their clients

What makes Auna a reliable brand is that they prioritize the satisfaction of their customers. Their dedicated team is continuously delivering the best quality products to people for a more exciting music experience.

They value their customers’ trust and needs so that you can expect superior quality products and services from Auna. Purchasing their products is a good investment for your time and money.


Good customer support

If you want to get consistent and excellent customer support with your sound items needs, Auna can be the best brand for you.

Part of their professionalism in providing the best customer support. So, you’re free to ask questions and concerns to their team. They have a responsive and enthusiastic team that will assist you with your needs.

Innovative sound technology

Auna has innovative sound technology so that customers can enjoy music at home and anywhere they are. They consider the satisfaction of customers, so they implement the latest technology to deliver superior products for everyone.

With that, the products come in the best efficiency that customers deserve.


Professional team

As one of the top brands for music items, Auna is composed of an enthusiastic team that can work with customers in a respectful and professional way.

You can always tell your concerns and inquiries to their team since they aim to leave a good lasting impression on their customers about their work. They want their customers to experience the best customer support while dealing with them.


Competitive cost

The products of Auna are available at a competitive cost, which can satisfy you. Despite their reasonable cost, you have peace of mind that the quality and performance of their products are at their best.

They understand that budget is essential, so they only provide their top products at a competitive cost.

Where To Buy Auna?

You can see all of the Auna products currently available and purchase them online from their Amazon Store.

Auna is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to your sound technology needs. They have a dedicated team that aims to deliver the best products to enhance the music listening experience of people.

They also value the feedback of their customers because they want to improve the quality of their work.

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