Is Aukey A Good Brand? (Earbuds, Keyboards, Power Banks, Dash Cams)

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Aukey is a well-known brand for electronics and is especially popular for its power banks and chargers. They also have very highly rated earbuds, keyboards, and dash cams…

AUKEY started its operations in Germany over a decade ago. However, in order to improve their manufacturing and service, they relocated all their factories to mainland China. Their company now has a well-established headquarters and can be found in Shenzen, Guangdong.

AUKEY is now a top-ranked global Amazon seller and has distribution partners in over 50 countries throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, North and Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

Infographic - Aukey is a good brand

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Aukey products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

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Aukey Is A Good Brand For Earbuds

The Aukey earbuds are very popular. So much so that they have reached Amazon Choice status. For an affordable price, these earbuds perform as well as some of the more expensive brand names and they fit very comfortably in your ears…

AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5 Headphones in Ear with Charging Case

AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5 Headphones in Ear with Charging Case, Hands-Free Headset with Noise Cancellation Mic, Touch Control, 35 Hours Playback for iPhone and Android

Example of comments about Aukey Earbuds:

So thrilled with these wireless Bluetooth earbuds, the sound is amazing, the amount of hours usable is fantastic and the ease of them charging in a case while not in use is such an awesome idea because it not only charges them. Better than the BIG NAME brands!

  • I have tested the earbuds with some podcasts on Spotify. I found this is the category where AUKEY Earbuds surpass similar products from other brands.
  • The vocal from the earbuds is so clear without any noticeable distortion. Hence, this product is also suitable for online meetings.
  • I thought these would be cheap budget earbuds given the low price, but I was wrong and completely blown away by the quality of the earbuds.
  • Aukey is the brand I trust.
  • I normally use it to watch movies on my phone in bed, the sound is amazing.
  • Not only does the sound quality on par with the more expensive brands, but they are also extremely comfortable and have a premium feel.
  • These are the best, most affordable, and most stylish wireless earbuds I’ve tried out yet.
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Aukey Is A Good Brand For Keyboards

This is another Aukey product that has reached Amazon Choice status and this keyboard has a very impressive 73% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. As many customers stated the affordable Aukey keyboard is just as good or better than the expensive keyboards…

AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches, 104 Keys 100% Anti-ghosting


AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches, 104 Keys 100% Anti-ghosting with Metal Top Panel and Water-Resistant Design for PC and Laptop Gamers, Black

Example of comments about Aukey keyboards:

It registers keystrokes perfectly and is spill proof. The illumination is very cool and does different patterns. This is one of the best keyboards I ever owned for game or everyday typing. Is mechanical as well. I mainly wanted one I could see in a dark room but got more. The Aukey brand is well made.

  • I own a number of Aukey-branded products and am becoming more reliant on them to produce quality goods.
  • The keyboard is great! I really like the sound when I type. And the color is so cool.
  • This keyboard was amazing and very cheap. No need to pay hundreds for a name brand.
  • Cheap but works well. Good for anyone looking for a mechanical keyboard.
  • The customer service of this company is awesome. I’m not easy to impress, but they’ve definitely impressed me.
  • A durable, fun, and good-value mechanical keyboard.
  • The clickety sound is awesome and the feel is equally good.
  • After years of searching, I finally found the one. Love this keyboard. This is exactly what I was looking for.
  • I’m using this Aukey keyboard for work in the office. The style is perfect. Just a simple design.
  • What I like most about this keyboard is the solid build quality. This thing is built like a tank.
  • I like this because I know my keyboard is not going to slide around on my desk. This is one of the heaviest keyboards I’ve owned.
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Aukey Is A Good Brand For Power Banks

Aukey has a variety of power bank options to select from and they are all very highly rated as demonstrated by the following power bank that has also reached Amazon Choice status with an impressive 78% of consumers rating this portable power bank 5 out of 5 stars…

AUKEY USB C Power Bank, 20000mAh Portable Charger


AUKEY USB C Power Bank, 20000mAh Portable Charger USB C, Slimline Type C Battery Pack with 3 Input & 4 Output Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/XS Max/8, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy Note8, Pixel


Example of comments about Aukey Power Banks:

As far as features go in a powerbank, with USB C power in/out, lightning in, and microusb in, the best thing about this charger is that no matter where you go or who you travel with, their method of power will be compatible. You can consolidate to whatever you want, and not have to worry about bringing a spare cable solely for the bank charging.

  • The thing I like best about this Power Bank is that I can charge it from my USB-C plug, Micro-USB plug, or my Lightning plug.
  • If you travel, or frequently are around mixed households with different charging methods, this is a no-brainer for peace of mind.
  • This company is outstanding and is by far the best when it comes to a power bank, Aukey goes above and beyond to try and meet your needs.
  • The product is of high quality and carries ample juice to charge my iPad and iPhone. 
  • One of the best power banks I’ve used. It holds its charge for weeks and works just right when you plug in a device.
  • The best part is I can charge the power bank with any cable; I don’t have to take a separate cable.
  • It is super fast and chargers multiple devices without a problem. This is a must-buy
  • I’ve had other portable chargers but this one is by far the best. I have a Samsung Note 9 and I can fully charge my phone at least 3 times and still have juice left.
  • This power bank is phenomenal. I cannot recommend this enough. It charges my iPhone X in no time
  • The best thing about the battery is its form factor. For its capacity, it’s extremely thin and very easy to pack in suitcases or backpacks.
  • This is by far the best battery pack we own. The USBC cable charges so much faster and this thing holds a ton of juice. Get it.
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Aukey Is A Good Brand For Dash Cams

The Aukey dash cam is also a popular seller and has impressed with a very good 70% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. When you consider another 16% have given it 4 stars you can see it is very popular with 86% of consumers leaving positive comments…

AUKEY Dash Cam FHD 1080p Car Camera

AUKEY Dash Cam FHD 1080p Car Camera Supercapacitor 170 Degree 6-Lane Wide Angle Lens Dashboard Camera Recorder with G-Sensor, WDR and Motion Dection

Example of comments from Aukey Dash Cams:

Extremely good product. Aukey has been one of my favorite manufacturers so far. They built very good products at a very low cost and this camera is no different. The device is small in size and well built. Feels as it is a good quality product which is easy to use. The power cable is in the back of the camera which makes mounting easy and if you are placing the unit as I have – it just keeps all the wire mess out of the way.

  • For the price, this is the best dashcam that is equipped with a supercapacitor rather than a battery.
  • A perfect dash cam for both a company vehicle and a personal car. I bought 2 of these for myself. I spend more time on the road in my company truck than I do in my personal car and for that, I thought it would benefit me to have one of these especially due to the insane drivers out here.
  • This dash-cam is absolutely the best in all aspects. For the money, it has sound 1080p video and picture quality, loop recording, and an awesome night camera.
  • Great simple dashcam. I loved the first I bought so much that I now have one in every vehicle – 3 in all.
  • It’s even saved me from a ticket. A cop tried to claim I didn’t use my turn signal. You could hear it clicking on the dashcam recording long before and while I changed lanes. After that, I bought one for everyone in my household!
  • I love the picture quality, its ability to adjust to very bright or dark conditions, and the sense of security it gives me, I have already recommended it to 2 of my friends.
  • Wonderful product, way to go Aukey!!!
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Why Is Aukey A Good Brand?

As you have already seen, if you are looking for electronics and mobile products, Aukey brands are some of the best that you can get. In fact, they are considered one of the most popular brands on Amazon…

In addition to this, Aukey has a workforce of four hundred staff to tend to all the consumers’ requests and needs.

These are well-trained people who researched and created products that will satisfy their clients and answer their everyday electronics-related dilemmas. They also ensure quality certifications as well as a working pro-environment.

Their Products and Accessories Are Consumer-Friendly

One of the best reasons why Aukey has been chosen by many is because its mobile products and accessories are consumer-friendly.

They make sure that all of their creations respond to what a consumer needs. For example, they researched the everyday hassle of every individual with charging their several gadgets, and as a result, they manufactured the 12 watts dual-port mini wall charger with plugs that can be easily folded.

They have also catered to the needs of their consumer in terms of the ever-increasing charging capacity of gadgets. That’s why they have designed a mini portable charge which contains a 7000mAh capacity. This can charge your smartphones to their full power about 1.5 times.

What’s more, their product categories not only include portable wall chargers and power banks but also include hubs, cables, speakers, wireless power banks, and auto and audio electronic gadgets.

Their products have been very effective in that their top online selling platforms usually hover from 4.1 to 4.3 stars.

Aukey’s Products are Affordable yet Durable

Aukey has also adjusted its product cost to its consumers’ budget. This is how they are focused on assisting their clients.

Moreover, although their products are affordable, their durability and their quality are quite remarkable too. Aukey’s products will never let you down in long-term use and therefore their products are one of the most practical things to buy.

Also, because of their products’ effectiveness and durability, they have been recognized not only by their clients but by many distribution partners.

They have built a strong and trustworthy presence in electronic commerce selling, which ultimately resulted in acquiring loyal customers and partners in their base of operations and worldwide.

They have now reached over sixty countries throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, North and Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

They also have clients who have chosen them as their main supplier in countries, including Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and the United States.

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