Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? (Dress & Sports Watches)

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What Is The Armitron Brand Known For?

Armitron is a recognized watch brand that deals with innovative and spiritual timepieces for individual uses…

Are Armitron watches good?

A brand that is known to give you an exceptional value, Armitron was created to be more than just another watch brand name. It’s a word that captures the style, precision, and quality that have made it famous for almost 50 years. For the latest in cutting-edge and trendsetting wristwatches, take a look at Armitron.

Established in 1956, the mission of the brand still goes on. Armitron offers accessible and stylish watches at attractive prices.

The Armitron watch brand has been a leader in quality timepieces. Since its inception, Armitron has focused on creating quality timepieces that are innovative and unique.

From the fashionably slim watches of the 1970s and ’80s to the cutting-edge digital selection of today, Armitron is synonymous with innovation and accuracy.

Its name is synonymous with quality and innovation, offering products across diverse categories such as jewelry, watches, apparel and much more, and is one of the most recognized brands in the world.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Armitron watches with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Armitron Is A Good Brand For Women’s Dress Watches


Armitron Women’s Swarovski Crystal-Accented Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set


Armitron Dress Watch (Model: 75/5381MPGPST)


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Example of comments from Armitron watch:


This is an impressive set. The silver finish is perfectly smooth and the stones are clear and perfect. Both pieces are substantial and there is nothing cheap about them. This could take a lot of wear and still look good. She’ll think you spent a fortune! You could literally wear this with almost any outfit and it wouldn’t look out of place.


  • Beautiful dress watch. It’s not an everyday watch but will dress up any outfit when your outing calls for something more formal or fancy.
  • Very nice watch and bracelet set that gives your wrist a bit of an elegant look. The crystals really stand out.
  • It’s an eloquent set. It looks beautiful on.
  • Great value for the money, got this for my girlfriend and she loved it, it was really nice, especially the bracelet.
  • It is so pretty, my daughter will love it to wear out, when she is dressed up, very feminine.
  • Absolutely stunning!!!! I brought this set to wear for my daughter’s wedding, they complimented the dress that I wore.
  • I love this watch it is gorgeous! I love wearing it and the compliments that come with it. Excellent buy!!!

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Armitron Is A Good Brand For Men’s Dress Watches


Armitron Men’s Swarovski Crystal-Accented Stainless Steel Watch


Armitron Men's 204507DBSV Stainless Steel Dress Watch with Swarovski Crystals

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Example of comments from Armitron watch:


I am a watch enthusiast, meaning I obtain watches every chance I can, This Armitron 204507DBSV is “stunning” to say the least. Elegant & simple makes this an absolute must have for any guy that is looking for a watch to dress up or dress down. This watch could be worn with any “ensom” from black tie, to the office or as an everyday wearer.


  • Very beautiful craftsmanship and the crystals add a little something extra.
  • Armitron is one of my favorite brands for good quality to price ratio.
  • Bought this for my grandson for this Xmas gift, it has a very expensive look, very elegant and stylish. Very good looking dress watch.
  • Made in the USA in New York this watch this comfortable, attractive, affordable.
  • Simply put… I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a classier looking watch in this price range. Love it.

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Armitron Is A Good Brand For Women’s Sports Watches


Armitron Sport Women’s Digital Chronograph Watch


Armitron Sport Women's Quartz Sport Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 12 (Model: 45/7012SPL)

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Example of comments from Armitron watch:


This watch is everything I was looking for. Affordable, chicness, simplicity, right size and just plain cute! Lol I’m a nursing student and this goes into military time and has many other features.


  • This watch was great. Wore it while snorkeling, horseback riding, and jet skiing. Still looks new.
  • Very comfortable band.
  • I receive compliments when I wear it.
  • It has a backlight that is great when you are in the dark.
  • Four buttons for various features including an alarm clock.
  • I’d recommend it to anyone interested in a waterproof watch.

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Armitron Is A Good Brand For Men’s Sports Watches


Armitron Sport Men’s Digital Chronograph Watch


Armitron Sport Men's Quartz Sport Watch with Resin Strap, Blue, 22 (Model: 40/8284BNV)

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Example of comments from Armitron watch:


This is a great watch, especially at this price point. I bought this to wear around the house doing yard work and for when we go on bike rides. I wanted something inexpensive, lightweight, digital, with a 24-hour clock, and backlit. This watch fit the bill perfectly.


  • Great watch for the money. Good looking, lots of compliments, and if you like large faced watches you will love this watch.
  • So far this has been an amazing buy. For the price, you really can’t beat Armitron watches for everyday use.
  • Have been using these for years and I use them because they are so easy to read.
  • Because it is waterproof I wear it all the time even in the shower.
  • This Armitron has all the cool features of the other brand and the price was really great.
  • It’s the perfect watch for a person who plays rough and wants a watch that’s got great looks and functions.

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Armitron was founded in 1956 by Eugen Gluck. The brand is manufactured by E. Gluck Corporation. When it was established, E. Gluck Corporation was a subsidiary of Armin Corporation.

Specializing in five-function, LED-powered digital watches, Armitron is a brand name that is a combination of two words “Armin” and “electronics”.

In the late 1970s, Armin Corporation and E. Gluck Trading Company severed ties. E-Gluck Corporation retained the Armitron brand when it became a privately held company.

Armitron watches evolved with time. Initially, they used LED displays. But later, the brand integrated LCD technology with Japanese quartz movements to create the most durable and accurate watches. Soon, advanced functionality, e.g. chronographs and alarms were also implemented.

Through the 1980s, Armitron was recognized for its connection with professional athletes and sports teams. As of 1999, the brand has the fifth largest share of all watch buyers, by brand, in the USA.

Today, Armitron continues to manufacture high-quality timepieces for both men and women.

What Makes Armitron a Good Watch Brand?

As you have seen Armitron has a pretty impressive history and its watches are very highly regarded so now let’s look at some other key factors that make Armitron a good watch brand:


Wide Range of Timepiece Collections

Armitron offers a wide range of timepieces that should appeal to everyone. It has a collection for Night Out, Sports, Casual, Travel, and Dress watches.

Furthermore, the brand also offers watches by types, e.g. Solar, Analog, Sports, and Graffiti. The graffiti collection is especially interesting as it features a youthful street design.


Budget-Friendly Watches

Armitron targets the lower-end market. The majority of products from this brand are available in the $20-$100 price range and there are only a few models that are sold for over $100.

So, if you are looking for a decent watch that won’t break the bank, Armitron is a recommended choice.


Lively Designs

Manty Armitron watches feature attractive designs, particularly from the Graffiti collection where the designs are colorful and vibrant.

No matter your aesthetic preference, it is likely that you will find a watch suitable for you.


Robust Timekeeping Tools

Armitron timepieces are quite reliable. When it comes to accuracy, there’s nothing to complain about. Most of these watches are quartz and digital, so accuracy isn’t really a problem.

Some of the models come with added features, particularly the digital chronograph watches. Durability is also very good for the price.

Where To Buy Armitron Watches?

You can see all of the Armitron watches currently available and purchase them online at their Amazon Store.

Alternatively, you can find a store near you from Armitron’s store locator page.

There are many unknown watch brands out there and each of them is competing for your attention.

Many brands attract you with their beautiful and unique designs while others do that with their affordable pricing.

Armitron seems to be in the middle of these spectrums as it offers decent designs at a reasonable price tag.

Not to mention it offers a wide range of options, which means you can easily find an Armitron watch that fits your tastes.

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