Is Ariat A Good Brand? (Amazing Comfortable Cowboy & Work Boots)

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What Is The Ariat Brand Known For?

Ariat is among the leading providers of clothing and footwear in the market today. In fact, their western boots and work boots are some of the most highly rated products you will find…

Ariat is focused on establishing a different breed of company that can reflect their values. As a trusted brand for innovative products, they continue developing solutions to enhance their products and service quality.

Is Ariat a good boot brand?

Well known for their innovative approach to footwear, Ariat is driven to consistently deliver high-quality footwear that lives up to their lifetime warranty. Not only do Ariat boots and shoes carry the best warranties in the industry, but they include unique comfort features and durability as well.

Ariat shoes are known to be some of the most comfortable and durable out there. From work boots to cowboy boots, they offer something for everyone and you can be sure that these shoes will last you for years to come when you choose Ariat as your shoe brand.

Are Ariat Boots Good?

If you are looking for high quality, good durability, and fine craftsmanship, then Ariat boots are the best choice.

Ariat has been setting the standard for quality in footwear since its formation in the 1970s. Ariat boots are handcrafted to meet the highest standards and the 100% durability guarantee backs up their promise to you.

Ariat makes a variety of different boots, including casual, dress, and even some lace-up women’s boots, and protective work boots. These boots are designed to offer maximum protection and durability while remaining comfortable enough to wear all day on the job.

The Classic Western Boot is the most popular boot style. It offers a classic polished look that is both elegant and durable. The handcrafted Ariat leathers will wear beautifully over time and develop a rich patina.

Just like your good ol’ cowboy hat, they only get better with age…

Best Ariat Men’s Boots:

Types of Ariat Boot: What Is It?

Rambler Work Boot

  • The Rambler Work Steel Toe Work Boot is an American-Made work boot that combines the comfort and safety of a steel toe boot with the traditional styling of the Rambler Work Boot.
  • It is made with a leather upper and a sturdy rubber sole, which provides the comfort and long-lasting durability you would expect from a high-quality work boot.
  • The easy-care features of the Ariat Rambler Workboot make this boot perfect for the guy on the go.
Rambler Western Boot
  • Rambler Western Boots are widely recommended by fashion experts.
  • One of the top-rated boots in the country, Rambler Western Boots is loved for its superb quality, comfort, and style.
  • When it comes to comfort and quality, the Rambler Western Boot has no equal.
  • These boots are made with 100% genuine leather uppers, fully lined with a cushioned footbed and cushioned insole, providing the utmost comfort.
  • These boots can be worn for both casual wear or for rugged outdoor activities.
Outdoor Boots
  • The Terrain is a great boot for outdoor adventures. Whether it is trudging through snow, exploring a new trail, or going for a day hike, these work well.
  • They are waterproof and have a grippy sole.
  • The boots are not too heavy, which is nice for long treks.
  • They are also not too hot, which is convenient for hiking when the weather is warm.
  • This boot is designed for outdoor wear, with TPU toe protection that gives it maximum durability in extreme conditions.
Lifestyle Boots
  • Two24 is high-quality, modern lifestyle footwear for the fashion community.
  • They are rugged enough to handle all your outdoor adventures and stylish enough to make you stand out in the crowd.
  • These boots are made with highly durable leather that will last a lifetime.
  • A slim, understated design with just enough hint of a heel to keep you standing comfortably, and riding in comfort.
  • The flexible sole is designed to flex and bend with you—think of it as your ticket to staying comfortable all day long.
Casual Boots
  • Whether you’re running errands around the neighborhood or enjoying a late-night stroll through the city, the Ariat Spitfire casual boots are comfortable, stylish, and designed to keep your feet in comfort.
  • Spitfire is about lightening your load. It is about speed and comfort with everyday wear and tear.
  • It is the shape that makes Spitfire special.
  • Caved in tight at the arch while roundly flared at the toe box, this “nut” of a boot provides individualized comfort.
  • This revolutionary approach to fitting your foot, along with our ultimate comfort footbed, allows you to enjoy all-day adventures with less pain than ever before.

Before we look at women’s boots let’s look at what customers are saying about some of the men’s boots…

Are Ariat Men’s Western Boots Good?

Quick answer: Yes. In fact, the Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boots may very well be the best pair of cowboy boots you’ll ever own. They’re comfortable, they’re stylish, and they’re incredibly durable.

The Rambler X-Factor boots are made from full-grain waterproof leather, so they’ll be able to stand up to years of wear and tear without wearing out.

The outsole is made from a proprietary compression-molded rubber that’s designed to provide traction and grip on a variety of surfaces, so you’ll be able to go wherever you need to go without slipping or sliding.

Ariat Men’s Western Boots are simply awesome. They have a large variety to choose from and every single one of them has amazingly high ratings from reviewers.

I have chosen one of their most popular sellers below to demonstrate how highly regarded they are for comfort, style, riding, walking, craftmanship, and to show how much people love the Ariat cowboy boots…


ARIAT Ariat Men’s Rambler Wide Square Western Toe Cowboy Boot


Ariat Men's Rambler Western Boot, Antiqued Grey, 8 D US

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Example of comments from Ariat Western Boot reviews:


Tan square toed boots had been catching my eye for a few years. Every time I’d asked someone what kind of boots they were wearing, they were Ariats. Everyone I talked to who’d had experience with Ariats loved them. My cousin moved here to Oklahama from Arkansas last year and recently purchased a pair. I was compelled to compliment him every time he wore them, and he continued to rave about them each time I did.


  • Love these boots. Worn Justin’s and Ariat’s for years now and I can’t say I’ve worn a more comfortable boot right out the box.
  • This is a great cowboy boot. Easy to wear while riding because it has a nice soft upper that is flexible and supportive.
  • They are one of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn and I have worn about every boot on the market as I have worn boots almost every day of my life.
  • Most comfortable pair of western boots I’ve ever tried… Never have I owned a pair of western boots that felt great right out of the box until I tried these Ariat men’s Ramblers.
  • I guess they’re not supposed to be waterproof, but I wore them through 4 days of heavy thunderstorms, walking several miles in the rain each day, and my feet were kept perfectly dry.
  • Ariat is a great brand and I couldn’t be happier with the product.
  • Best boots I’ve ever owned. They are expensive but you are paying for a real quality product from a great name brand.
  • Ariat is a phenomenal brand. My husband said they are comfortable, fit great, big enough width-wise.
  • They are very comfortable and have the craftsmanship associated with the Ariat brand.
  • Ariat has become my favorite brand of square-toed boots. They look great; they fit just right. They make my inner cowboy happy.

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Are Ariat Men’s Work Boots Good?

Ariat boots are the best boots for work. First and foremost, they are the most comfortable you will ever wear. The softest interior is like walking on air.

Ariat men’s work boots are made for those who want the most out of their boots. Having boots for work just got easier, as you don’t have to be a cowboy to wear these leather kickers.

The integrated technology in these boots will give you comfort and quality that is hard to find in the market today. Whether you’re out on the job site or working around the house, these men’s work boots are up to the task.


Ariat Men’s Workhog Wide Square Toe Work Boot


Ariat Men's Workhog Work Boot, Dark Earth, 7 D(M) US

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Example of comments from Ariat Work Boot reviews:


These are the 2nd pair of square toe work hogs I’ve had and by the far best boots I’ve ever owned. I’m a chimney sweep, so I’m on all sorts of surfaces between the pavement to the chimney tops. These bad boys cling to darn near every thing, and they don’t wear your feet out while standing on a ladder for multiple hours a day. They’re pretty light weight and really feel like slippers once they’ve been broken in, which has taken about 5 days of working in them for both pairs.


  • These work boots are almost too nice for work but, they will get a workout for sure. I’d recommend these boots to anyone who needs a rugged/good-looking work boot.
  • I got a pair for working in the yard and my woodshop and liked them so much I got a pair to keep clean and wear to outside functions.
  • This is my son’s “go-to” work boot. He wears them every day. Comfortable and hold up well.
  • He especially likes the sole when on solid surfaces and when working in the dirt… the best of both working types without changing footwear. They truly are a WorkHog.
  • Only boots my husband will get for work. The sole holds up much better than other brands.
  • Ariat Workhog wide square toe boots are the gold standard for work boots.
  • Love the Ariat Work Boot! Great fit and comfortable even after 12 hours on my feet all day.

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Best Ariat Women’s Boots:

Types of Ariat Boot: What Is It?

Tracey Work Boot

  • Tracey boots are designed for women who are on their feet all day.
    The composite toe work boot is a great option for those who work in the construction industry.
  • Made out of leather and other high-quality materials, this boot will keep you comfortable through long days on the job.
  • The main selling point is that this is a fashion item as well.
Dixon Western Boot
  • The Dixon Western Boot is the definition of class.
  • The leather upper and sole, and the distinct stitching are sure to turn heads, as well as the back heel counter that adds character to the overall look.
  • The double layer of the sole that includes a cushioned insole is the most notable feature, as it enhances the overall comfort of these boots.
  • The perfect choice for any occasion.
Outdoor Boots
  • The Women’s Terrain Waterproof boot is a great choice for hiking, forest walking, and cold-weather camping.
  • Comfort, durability, and waterproofing are all hallmarks of these boots, and their grippy tread helps you maintain your footing in snowy conditions.
  • The Women’s Terrain Waterproof boot is built to be lightweight, comfortable, durable, and waterproof.
Lifestyle Boots
  • The Savannah is a stylish boot that is perfect for your everyday life.
  • It is 100% waterproof and features a rubber outer sole and lining.
  • The leather upper has a stylish stitch detail that is unique to this boot and it is nice and soft on the inside.
  • The boots are very comfortable and fit well so you can wear them all day long.
Casual Shoes
  • The casual Ryder shoe from Ariat is a good fit for any casual occasion.
  • It is extremely comfortable as it is designed with full-grain leather and the Ariat classic comfort footbed insole.
  • The casual Ryder shoe is also easy on the eyes, it comes in different colors and different styles which makes it a good fit for any wardrobe.
  • It is easy to pair it up with a pair of pants or jeans and be ready for your day.

Before we look at kid’s boots let’s look at what customers are saying about some of the women’s boots…

Are Ariat Women’s Western Boots Good?

There is no doubt that Ariat is one of the top quality brands when it comes to cowgirl style boots. The company was formed in 1973 by John and Jackie Daniels, two people that wanted to bring cowgirl style footwear to the footwear market.

However, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that the company really took off, with a large number of women wearing the boots and enjoying them.

Similar to what I said about the men’s boots the Ariat women’s Western Boots also has extremely high customer ratings.

When you consider all of the different foot sizes, widths, and individual tastes it is an amazing effort to have such consistently high ratings across their entire range of boots…


ARIAT Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot


Ariat Women's Fatbaby Collection Western Cowboy Boot, Russet Rebel, 5.5 B US

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Example of comments from Ariat Western Boot reviews:


I don’t know where to even start with this review. These boots are simply AMAZING. They fit perfect, and look so awesome! They are very true to their size and are even better looking in person. The craftmans ship that went into making this boot is something to be proud of. They are beyond comfortable.


  • I am amazed at how light and comfortable they are. I am so in love that I actually bought a second pair!
  • I live on a ranch and these boots are on from Sunrise to late in the evening and they’ve been put to many vigorous tests. Mucking stalls, cleaning chicken coops, planting, handling all facets of ranch life.
  • I ride my horses in them and they are cute enough to go to town in.
  • Soles barely show any wear, stitching is all where it should be, no fraying, insoles still perfect.
  • I love the sole, the most, because there’s absolutely no way I’m slipping in these, on the wet NW grass.
  • They were true to size and width, very comfortable and no breaking in like I’ve had to do in the past with Justin’s and other brands.
  • Literally the best barn boot I’ve come across.
  • The bonus is they are really cute with jeans or shorts. This cowgirl is impressed!
  • I love Fatbaby boots by Ariat. They are beautiful, nicely crafted, and they feel amazing on your feet from the first time you slip them on.
  • These are hands down my favorite boots, and I wear them basically always. The foot part breaks in fast, and they’re delightfully comfortable.
  • I ordered a pair of Ariats after hearing a recommendation for the brand. I was told they were comfortable and worth their price tag. They really ARE comfortable and worth the price!
  • The thing that makes them superior is that the tops are soft.
  • I’ve been in the shoe business for some 35 years…I have a huge shoe/boot collection. I can honestly say that these boots are a great fit and COMFORTABLE!
  • They have a comfort system insole and they are very soft leather.
  • Snug through the instep, heel cup is perfect and the ball of the foot is in the proper place. If I’m casual, these boots are on my feet!

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Are Ariat Women’s Work Boots Good?

The Ariat Women’s Workboots are also very highly rated as demonstrated by the following example and reviewer comment…

“These boots have been through everything this past year, as I wore them at my own barn and worked at a youth summer camp. They withstood a wet sand arena for hours each day, miles of walking, and hours upon hours of riding. They have held up well.”


Ariat Women’s Delilah Round Toe Work Boot


Ariat Women's Delilah Round Toe Work Boot, Distressed Brown, 9.5 B US

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Example of comments from Ariat Work Boot reviews:


They have molded to my feet with time. I wear them daily for my outside work with our animals and my day job at school. These are very comfortable with a kick of style. I wear them with my jeans, leggings, and even dresses for a rustic chic look.


  • Love these boots. The leather is the perfect thickness to be flexible and comfortable, yet still rugged.
  • I am so happy with these boots! Not only are they really cute, but they’re also so comfortable and functional.
  • I transferred to a position where I can now wear skirts/dresses and I wanted something a little dressier but practical. And a country girl can’t go wrong with boots. I love these and they support my feet while standing all day on concrete floors.
  • They are stylish and comfy and hold up to mucking stalls, and fieldwork.
  • I will never buy another boot. These do NOT need to be broken they are ready to wear for hours.
  • I have a bunion and it’s always painful. I can wear these boots all day without pain. Thanks, Ariat for making this cowgirl happy!
  • I am very loyal to Ariat products. They are always true to fit and well worth the money.
  • Riding and caring for quarter horses you can imagine what the boots endure. My original pair is 8 yrs old and still in great shape.
  • Ariat will always be my go-to for boots! I always find them to be true to size and breaking in takes no time at all.
  • I wear these boots for +8 hours a day and my feet still feel fine by the end of the day.

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Are Ariat Kid’s Western Boots Good?

It should be no surprise that Ariat kid’s boots are also very highly rated and in fact, the following western boots for children has 90% of customers rating it 5 out of 5-stars because it is such an amazing product.

Ariat Youth Western Boots are an excellent choice when you need boots for children who move around a lot or who will be playing hard outside.

The Ariat Children’s Western Boot comes in various styles and colors, each with its own unique features that make it attractive and appropriate for use with different garments.

Kid’s Ariat Boots, genuine leather cowboy boots for children, are a great boot for the money.


ARIAT Kid’s Fatbaby Collection Western Boot


Kids' Fatbaby Cowgirl Western Boot (Little Kid/Big Kid), Powder Brown/Western Brown, 8 M US Big Kid

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Example of comments from Ariat Western Boot reviews:


We’ve had a number of pairs of shoes like this from Ariat and they have all been great. The pink on this pair is especially pretty and vibrant (the pictures don’t capture it). The shoes are extremely sturdy and well made and my kid loves them and wears them several times a week. They have held up to all her rough and tumble play and still look great even after months and months of regular wear in all kinds of weather. I will continue to buy this shoe each time my kid grows out of it.


  • These are DEFINITELY great quality! The name Ariat has built itself over the years and still stands true to making great boots!
  • Great boots but then Ariat always is. They’re the only boots I trust buying online because you know what you are going to get in terms of fit and quality.
  • These Ariat boots are by far the best and most comfortable pair of western boots I have bought for my granddaughter.
  • Love these boots! They fit perfectly and with Ariat’s design, she has room to grow in them.
  • These boots have always been a family choice. Ariats are durable, long-lasting, come in great designs for kids, and as our family owns farms and lots of horses they take a good beating and they still hold up super well.
  • These boots are the best on the market. Comfortable and no break-in needed. They are adorable.
  • Tough as nails. My kids could break an anvil. All 3 of them wear Ariat boots and we get quite a long life out of each pair.
  • Ariats are a great quality boot that we continue to buy for us and our kids.

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Ariat History

The Ariat brand was founded as “The New Breed of Boot.” The company’s name is taken from the term Secretariat which is the legendary racehorse and Triple Crown winner in 1973.

The company’s co-founder and CEO is Beth Cross, who grew up in Pennsylvania. She spent her childhood with different animals such as sheep, horses, chickens, pigs, cats, and dogs. She had a fond memory of watching television in 1973 when she witnessed Secretariat’s Triple Crown and setting records.

According to Beth Cross, it was the competitive spirit and big heart of Secretariat that inspired the name of their company.

They are the first-ever brand that integrated into equestrian athletes’ boots with athletic footwear technology. Their products are made with great quality to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Ariat products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

What makes Ariat a reputable brand?

We have already seen how fantastic their products are and the following are more qualities of Ariat that make them a good brand…


Wide product options

Ariat has wide product options so that you can choose the right product for your specific needs, offering clothing and footwear for men, women, and kids.

The company also provides vests and jackets, tops and t-shirts, denim, pants and shorts, skirts and dresses, hoodies and sweatshirts, and more.

Additionally, they have a wide variety of footwear for casual, outdoor, lifestyle, work, Western, English, and more. They also offer accessories.


Core values

Ariat is focused on establishing a new kind of company. They are committed to quality, innovation, teamwork, integrity, and respect.

They established the brand as among the top Outdoor, Equestrian, as well as Work brands worldwide with their core values.


Advanced technology

Since technology continues to evolve in today’s digital generation, Ariat uses advanced technology to deliver excellent quality products for its customers.

They use a more innovative approach to make the best of their services. Thus, their team wants to leave a good impression on their clients about their products and service.

Reliable partnerships

As a brand with a good reputation, Ariat has reliable partnerships to enhance its products’ quality. They joined forces with first-class bio-mechanical research organizations and labs to enhance product comfort, performance, and durability.

By working with global providers, they create lighter, more durable, and cooler new materials. Additionally, they also field-test their products for more style and functionality that can meet your needs.


Excellent quality

Ariat has a culture of craftsmanship to ensure that each product is available with great quality that can impress you. Their products are designed with quality materials.

Their footwear team applies a thorough process to ensure that every detail of shoes and boots come with excellent durability and finish. Most of their boots undergo 150 steps upon the construction to ensure their topnotch performance.

On the other hand, their clothing products are made with more innovative materials, function, and fit. So, you can have clothing that is comfortable to wear.


Reliable customer support

Aside from offering quality products, you can also be satisfied by their reliable customer support. They will not leave you until you get the quality product you deserve. You can contact them about your concerns and inquiries regarding their products.


Science of innovation

They use the science of innovation to level up the functionality of their products. They work with biomechanical research groups and testing labs to produce excellent product results.


Trustworthy company

Ariat is a trustworthy company. You have the assurance that purchasing their products is a good investment for your budget and time. They are an insured brand, so you can only get the genuine and quality products that you need. Scam, fraud, and other forgeries will not go in your way as you chose Ariat.

Where To Buy Ariat Products?

You can see all of the Ariat products currently available and purchase them online from their website or from their Amazon Store.

Ariat has a beautiful and inspiring starting story. The brand is dedicated to serving people with world-class clothing, footwear, and accessories that can meet their needs.

They have good customer support, a friendly team, quality products, and advanced technology to produce world-class products.

If you want to get stylish clothing and footwear with great quality, Ariat can be your one-stop-shop.

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