Is Amana A Good Brand? (Attractive, Easy-To-Use Appliances)

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What Is The Amana Brand Known For?

Amana is one of the leading global home appliance manufacturers, operating in virtually every country around the world…

Established in 1934, the brand is well-known as an industry leader in offering quality, easy-to-use, and priced-right products.

Are Amana appliances good?

Amana is an award-winning brand known for its energy-saving appliances, which include refrigerators, freezers, ranges, dishwashers, microwaves, room air conditioners, and more.

Homes and businesses across America trust Amana brand high-efficiency, high-quality appliances to make their daily lives more convenient and comfortable. These trusted products — ranging from refrigerators, freezers, room air conditioners, compactors, and more.

Below I have provided some examples of the best Amana products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are Amana Refrigerators Good?



Amana AMAR31TS1E 3.1 cu. Ft. Two Door Compact Refrigerator, Stainless Steel


Amana AMAR31TS1E 3.1 cu. Ft. Two Door Compact Refrigerator, Stainless Steel

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Example of comments from Amana Refrigerator reviews:


Bought this for my daughters dorm room. It was bigger than we expected and it was perfect for what she needed it for. Would buy again if we ever need another one.


  • Good quality, great value, nice-sized freezer for a small fridge.
  • If our big fridge goes on the fritz, my wife and I can comfortably use this one for a while while we shop around.
  • Have this in my workshop… it is the perfect size to keep my beer cold and with the separate freezer, it keeps the frozen hot pockets and stuff frozen.
  • Bought it to use in my off-grid cabin and my solar system has no problem running it.
  • I’ve had the mini-refrigerator for about a month now, and I’m so glad I went with this one. Let me tell you it holds a lot of groceries. 

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Are Amana Air Conditioners Good?



Amana 15,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Remote Control


Amana 15,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Remote Control, White

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Example of comments from Amana A/C reviews:


For a small AC unit this puts out some serious cool. My central air went out and the part I needed had to be ordered, This unit kept my bedroom and a couple surrounding rooms quite comfortable. Good bang for the buck.


  • The Amana brand has been around for a while, I grew up around their appliances and I know for a fact that has well-made products.
  • I really love the eco button, it makes it work like your central are unit, cuts off and comes back on to keep the temp at the correct setting.
  • Great features include an adjustable vent, bracket mounts, and foam liner for the window frame.
  • Very good in every way. It’s compact, powerful, uses little energy, and has many settings and features.
  • Bought this for my garage and on 90 degree days, I can make it 68 degrees in no time. My garage is 900 sq ft.

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What Makes Amana a Good Brand?

Following are some key factors that make Amana a good brand:

Amana History

The story of Amana began in 1934 when George C. Foerstner founded Amana Refrigeration, Inc. based on the name of its city of origin Amana, Iowa.

The brand manufactured many industry firsts, e.g. the side-by-side refrigerator, the bottom-freezer refrigerator, and the countertop microwave oven in 1949, 1957, and 1949 respectively.

These innovative products were a huge success in the appliance market and solidified Amana’s position as a symbol of quality.

In 1965, Raytheon Manufacturing Company acquired Amana. Later in 1997, the brand was bought by Goodman Manufacturing. In 2001, the major appliance brand was sold to Maytag Corporation.

In 2006, Whirlpool Corporation purchased Maytag and Amana was part of that acquisition. Despite its ownership, the brand’s quality and recognition remained true throughout the years.

Today, Amana products are made for people who want to find simple solutions at reasonable pricing – people who want attractive, easy-to-use appliances, but don’t want to spend extra money on unnecessary features.

To meet these needs, Amana brand appliances look great in-home and offer uncomplicated assistance with everyday household tasks.

Commitment to Quality

Amana uses world-class manufacturing processes and innovative engineering to meet its uncompromising standard.

Its commitment to quality ensures that all of its products live up to the brand’s reputation for offering reliable products that deliver premium performance.


Massive Product Line

Amana started as a refrigerator and microwave oven manufacturer but over the years its product line has expanded into a wide range of appliances, including (but not limited to) clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, countertop ranges, ovens, and furnaces.


Reliable, Long-Lasting Product Performance

Reliable, long-lasting product performance is the brand’s top priority. It achieves this goal through innovative craftsmanship, rigorous quality assurance analysis, and a world-class manufacturing process.


Energy Efficiency

Not only do Amana appliances deliver excellent performance, but they are also very energy efficient. The brand’s investment in the American worker allows it to create some of the best energy-efficient appliances in the industry.


Outstanding Warranty Coverage

The craftsmanship that goes into each Amana product is reflected in the excellent warranty coverage. Some of the appliances offered by this brand feature the most comprehensive limited warranty.

The Bottom Line

Amana has decades of experience in the home appliance industry, and today they are one of the most dependable manufacturers of reliable, quality household appliances.

Although their products might come with a bit higher price tag, Amana puts home comfort, quality, and environmental concerns above everything else.

The brand is committed to offering products that get the job done right so that the consumers have more time to do the things they enjoy.

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