Is A Mendini Violin Good? (Best Value For Student Violinists)

The Mendini Violin is an ideal musical instrument for beginners both young and old. However, it stands out as one of the most appreciated gifts you can give to your child or grandchild who is interested in learning to play the violin…

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The Mendini Violin has a lot of things going for it including the quality of the workmanship, the quality of the sound, how beautiful it looks, plus it comes with every accessory a beginner will ever need such as a case, tuner, shoulder rest, bow, rosin, bridge, and strings.

Below I have listed the best-rated Mendini Violin with a focus on customer comments about various aspects of this violin such as:

Do they think it’s the best? Is it worth the money? Is it best for beginners? What do they love about it? Does it look good? Is it good quality? and is there anything they think is amazing about this violin?

Is The Mendini The Best Violin?

As mentioned here… Is Mendini A Good Brand? (Affordable For Beginner Musicians) Mendini has a variety of violins to choose from including the following violin that has over 1,143 reviews and an excellent 71% of those reviewers rate it 5 out of 5 stars.


Mendini MV500+92D Flamed 1-Piece Back Solid Wood Violin with Case, Tuner, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, Bridge, and Strings


Mendini MV500+92D Flamed 1-Piece Back Solid Wood Violin with Case, Tuner, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, Bridge and Strings (Size: 4/4 (Full Size))

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Example of comments from Mendini Violin reviews:


This is one of the best gifts I ever bought for my daughter. Not only is it well finished but also, it delivers a great sound and is easy to play.


  • This is the absolute best starter violin kit I’ve ever encountered (and I’ve bought many as gifts over the years).
  • The best instrument I’ve ever bought! The case is also very durable.
  • Best bang for the buck. Tonal quality is bright, powerful, but totally exceptional for the price.
  • A beautiful instrument for what was paid. You get a lot for the money. I wouldn’t recommend a pro. Best for a student.
  • Yesterday she had her first presentation using this one and the sound was by far the best on stage.
  • Absolutely one of the best purchases! Sounds expensive, great quality.
  • I am in love with this violin and being a violin player for 8 years I am very impressed with the sound quality and it’s presentation…..this is the best violin I purchased by far.
  • Beginner’s best friend… Looks amazing, sounds amazing, everything about this buy is exceptional for a beginning violinist.
  • The best violin I have set eyes on. The sound quality is great. Everything is included.
  • Best violin I have played through 10 years.
  • The sound was leagues better than my Cremona.
  • My violin teacher is constantly amazed by it. My playing got better because when you like the sound, you practice more.
  • For the complete novice like me who wants to pick up something affordable to start learning, I could think of nothing better, definitely a fantastic buy!
  • Much better in quality than the cheaper ones, not saying anything bad about them but it is better.
  • My instructor was still quite impressed with mine, sounded better for the lower end of violins.
  • Better than my other violin.
  • Very happy with this violin. It looks amazing and sounds great for a better student violin.

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Are Mendini Violins Worth The Money?


Example of comments from Mendini Violin reviews:


I’ve played violins that cost over $2000.00, and , considering both cost, sound, and feeling comfortable to play, I like this one more.


  • The violin in itself is worth the money, but all the extras that are included make this one fine deal indeed.
  • I thought I would take a chance because it sounded like a deal. It’s very much worth it for the price and the package. 
  • So worth the price!! Thank you for providing this amazing deal for us budget conscience folk.
  • I don’t write a lot of reviews but I have to say this is well worth the time to talk about.
  • Well worth the price. Better than spending $4,000 for a professional one.
  • You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this violin.
  • And for the price, I received all the extras too, not just the violin. Well worth the price.
  • This thing is worth every penny I paid for it.
  • It performs as well as instruments worth many times the price.
  • Well worth the price, and I would classify it above a beginner instrument in workmanship and sound.

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The Mendini Violin Is Perfect For Beginners


Example of comments from Mendini Violin reviews:


Anyone who wants to learn the violin this is the violin to own. Never rent when you can own. Take it from a former music teacher with many years experience, renting is a rip off. This is the violin to buy. 


  • The sound is beautiful. Great violin to learn with. A beautiful piece for the value and priced well.
  • If you aren’t super-rich and you want to learn the violin, this is for you.
  • Very good quality especially for a student just learning.
  • For the complete novice like me who wants to pick up something affordable to start learning, I could think of nothing better, definitely a fantastic buy!
  • I would recommend anyone that is learning and in the second year of practice, to try this out I think you will be well pleased!!!
  • Great for a beginner to learn on (I’m a beginner!)
  • I’m not sure how it compares to more professional instruments, but it’s been great to learn on!
  • Wonderful product. The daughter loves it and it is being utilized as the first violin for my daughter who is just learning how to play.
  • This was a gift for our granddaughter who is learning violin at school. She loves it and has obtained top scores at a regional competition.
  • You want to start learning, this is a good first violin for you.
  • ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Everything is there to start learning highly recommend this set for any and all beginners.
  • For someone learning violin, and who started off with a cheap violin, this is a great investment for someone unsure if they are interested and learning to play.
  • Would definitely recommend this to someone learning to play the violin.

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Kids & Adults Alike Love The Mendini Violin


Example of comments from Mendini Violin reviews:


We use it for our church youth orchestra and they have used it every week for almost 2 years and saved them a LOT compared to renting and love it.


  • I absolutely love my violin. It comes with a case, 2 bows, rosin, cleaning cloth, extra strings, and a tuning mechanism.
  • Wow, beautiful instrument shipped flawlessly. Playable almost immediately. Easy to tune. Kiddo loves it.
  • I ordered this for my 12-year-old niece, she’s been playing since she was 7 and she loves it!
  • The violin is beautiful. I also love the supplied carrying case.
  • A great buy for the buck and my daughter LOVES it!
  • My granddaughter loves this violin. She is going for lessons. It puts tears in my eyes to see how happy the violin makes her. Thank you.
  • I got this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it.
  • Bought this as a gift for my fiance. He absolutely loves it! Great sound and great for the price! Easy setup!
  • My 11-year-old loves this Violin and her orchestra teacher complimented her choice.
  • I love everything about this violin. It resonates beautifully and the color is so beautiful.
  • Got this violin as a starter for my 12-year-old daughter, she absolutely loves it. Her teacher has even remarked how great her violin is.
  • I’m an adult beginner and bought this violin as my first piece. I love it!!! So much comes with the kit. Everything you could possibly need to get started.
  • Loved that this came with EVERYTHING!!

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The Mendini Violin Is Amazing


Example of comments from Mendini Violin reviews:


The violin came in fully assembled. My instructor tested my violin not too long after it arrived in shipment and was impressed. He made it sound amazing.


  • This is an amazing instrument. Very nicely made. Solid. The soft case is very protective.
  • If you can’t afford a better instrument, this is an amazing violin to get.
  • This violin sounds amazing and everyone who plays it loves it.
  • My violin teacher is constantly amazed by it.
  • Everything Cecilio makes is amazing, including this.
  • I also based my purchase on the review by Allison (on Youtube) and really understand her review now that I have experienced this amazing violin.
  • Got this today so far the quality and sound are amazing, bought it for my son who is going into his third year of playing and needed the bigger size 4/4. He loves it!
  • This isn’t for a professional but is amazing for a beginner who really wants to learn.
  • I was amazed at what full sound this sent out. Amazing, it is surely motivating me to go further with the playing lessons.
  • Buy this and be amazed!!!
  • I bought another violin and was amazed at how much easier it was to play a nice one.
  • Amazing quality for the price. After sorting through many reviews I’m very pleased I chose this violin to purchase for my first.
  • This is such an amazing violin for the price and for being a starter.
  • I bought this as a gift for my wife. It’s very professional high quality looks absolutely amazing.
  • Very happy with this violin. It looks amazing and sounds great for a better student violin.
  • This is an amazing instrument for the price, could not be happier with my purchase.
  • An amazing deal I was pleasantly surprised with the violin and it made my niece’s Christmas very special.

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The Mendini Violin Is Looks Fabulous


Example of comments from Mendini Violin reviews:


This is a wonderfully crafted 4/4 sized Violin and it looks stunning. A work of Art. It looks even more beautiful in natural light. It has a lovely dark antique finish, and in my opinion, it definitely looks better than the standard orange/brown coloured violins.


  • My expectations were exceeded with this violin and I am thrilled with the sounds and the look is just fantastic!
  • The antique look is gorgeous on this violin. It gives a more luxurious appearance.
  • It looks beautiful and plays wonderfully after being set up.
  • Good sounding, good looking, well-made violin.
  • The case looks very good, and the violin cover is a great addon.
  • I personally love the look of the violin and accessories.
  • The violin looks beautiful.
  • I’ve gotten so many compliments on the looks of this violin and the tone as well.
  • Quite a beautiful look for the price of a student violin.
  • This is a beautiful instrument that won’t break the bank! Looks great, plays well.
  • The finish on this violin is spectacular.
  • It looks like a beautifully aged instrument and sounds wonderful.

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Is The Mendini Violin Good Quality?


Example of comments from Mendini Violin reviews:


My music teacher was impressed with the sound quality. I myself am thrilled; I thought I was getting a cheapie and instead got a gem.


  • The quality is really good, as are the accessories (and quality of the accessories) for the price.
  • Enter Mendini by Cecilio. I’ve so far purchased this violin and a euphonium from them and the quality of both has been nothing short of superb for the price you pay.
  • For the price, the quality and craftsmanship are great.
  • I am very impressed with the sound quality and overall craftsmanship of this violin.
  • Definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for quality without spending a ton of money.
  • I am genuinely blown away by the quality of this product.
  • The build quality of this instrument is surprisingly fantastic.
  • I am an experienced player of 23 years and have been teaching for 10 years. This is an incredible quality instrument for the price.
  • It is long-lasting with proper care and greatly priced for the quality of the product and all the extras
  • A friend of mine that has 10 years of playing experience looked over and played my violin and commented that this was a good quality violin.
  • Very impressed with the Sound and Quality of this Violin.

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In summary, the Mendini Violin is very impressive and with an excellent 71% of reviewers giving a full 5 out of 5 stars you can tell it is a quality product.

However, expectations need to be set as it is definitely designed for beginners and is ideal for students taking lessons especially in their first 2 years of classes.

Buying the Mendini is a cheaper option than renting a violin and gives you 2 years to see if your child wants to continue without spending a fortune.

There are also a lot of more mature adults wanting to learn a new musical instrument without spending a fortune to do so and this violin is also perfect for them.

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