PetSafe Wireless System Is Better Than An Invisible Dog Fence

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What could be better than an invisible dog fence? The PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System – that’s what! And it is actually made by the same guys who came up with the invisible fence…

Protect your dogs

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Introducing A Better Alternative To An Invisible Dog Fence With A Completely Invisible Wireless Barrier That Requires No Digging Trenches Or Wires!


PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System – from the Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand – Above Ground Electric Pet Fence


PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System – from the Parent Company of Invisible Fence Brand – Above Ground Electric Pet Fence

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence System…


Excellent Product… This Is A Life Saver For My Dogs… I Will Not Again Go Without An Invisible Fence For My Dogs!

It is such a relief to let our puppy outside and know he won’t run off. Now, when he sees a rabbit or creature he wants to chase he will run but stop on his own short of the invisible line that is drawn.

  • It only takes once for a dog to know that there is an invisible barrier and he will be shocked if crossed.
  • Even when the battery runs low they KNOW the barrier and will not cross it.
  • These were a lifesaver and have allowed us to keep our dogs otherwise we would not have been able to keep them safely in the yard.
  • I have a beagle that likes to chase cars, dogs, rabbits, you name it. He used to escape and run through the woods to a really busy street. We installed this invisible fence and now he understands that when it beeps he better run home.
  • I like that this has saved his life because of how many times he likes to run.
  • Best invention ever. I take it to my vacation home and don’t need to have two invisible fences. My dog is a car and squirrel chaser… I never thought this would work, but it does.
  • Dog invisible fence system works great to keep our dog in her own yard.
  • After accidentally cutting the wire for the 3rd time of my old buried line invisible fence I purchased this system and it is a great improvement.
  • My dog is pretty timid so she only needed to hear the beeps once or twice to not cross the line.
  • I bought the PetSafe PIF-300 Invisible Fence System several years ago and find it a very reliable and effective means to manage my three pups without issue. Highly recommended especially over in-ground wired systems.
  • It took them each only a couple of zots on collar setting 3 (out of 6) to decide they didn’t want to cross that invisible border anymore. Now they know exactly where they can and can’t go and sit waiting for me if I go outside of their border.

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Finally No More Running Wire!! Our Dog Hasn’t Left The Yard Since We Started Using The Petsafe Wireless System!

We spend a lot of time in our backyard, outside in the summer. It seemed like all I did was yell at my dog to come back in the yard! There was just no relaxation going on. With the wireless unit, we can be outside and our dog stays right with us! It is such a relief to not be worrying about her!


PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System – from the Parent Company of Invisible Fence Brand – Above Ground Electric Pet Fence

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  • We set the wireless system up, mapped out the boundary with the flags, walked the dog around, and have had no problems. The total setup took about an hour.
  • Much better than the kind with wire, we have moles and other ground critters that can chew through the wire and disrupt the power to the rest of the fence, so I will always go for the wireless model.
  • I made the mistake of buying a wireless fence from a competitor first, it worked so poorly I almost gave up hope of a wireless fence system. I took a chance and ordered the Petsafe wireless system and what a dramatic difference!
  • So grateful for this wireless fence. It was so easy to train her on and keeps her from running to my neighbor’s yards across the street.
  • The wireless system is excellent. Our dog never wanders out of the yard with the collar on. It’s gotten to the point that we can put the collar on him without the battery and he still won’t leave the yard.
  • I would definitely recommend PetSafe wireless fences to anyone that needs it.
  • The fence system works great – can’t beat wireless that you can take with you almost anywhere. We have just under 2 acres and our dog seems to have plenty of room to run around our house/yard.
  • Our wireless system works exactly how it’s supposed to; no burying wires or worrying about what happens if/when we move to a new house. 
  • This wireless fence is the greatest! Very easy installation! Great step by step instructions! Takes no time at all to train your dogs!
  • A must-have! The cost is a small fraction of a fence and works great!
  • I am very impressed with the pet safe wireless system. I have placed his collar on and left the box power off and he will stay inside the boundary.
  • The boundary also goes into my dense wooded areas with NO DEAD SPOTS! I highly recommend the PetSafe wireless fence system.

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We Have Loved Our Wireless Containment System… Our Dog Knows Whenever The Collar Beeps That He Better Run Back Into The Boundary Range!


It only took once of it shocking our dog for him to learn that the beeping meant he was getting too close to the boundary. We can literally leave our dog outside for an hour and he doesn’t leave the yard, even when there are other dogs or people walking by.


PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System – from the Parent Company of Invisible Fence Brand – Above Ground Electric Pet Fence

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  • For our Australian Shepherd puppy, we had to increase the intensity to nearly full in order for it to work through his fur, but once he hit the boundary a couple of times, he learned quickly not to approach the boundary.
  • Didn’t really train him on it I just walked him out to the boundary and let him get shocked once. Now when he hears the beep he definitely knows not to keep going.
  • I like that it comes with flags to mark the area to help your pet learn his new boundaries.
  • Once set up and very first try he challenged the boundary. One time corrected, and we have not had even one more issue. Worked great.
  • This product is amazing!! My dog has the ability to run in the yard and I’m not nervous about her going out of her boundaries bc she saw a bunny.
  • She hears the beep that she is getting close to getting shocked and she backs off immediately.
  • With the PetSafe fence, Tye knows his boundaries and never strays.
  • The system beeps when he gets close to his boundary and then gives a mild shock if he doesn’t retreat.
  • Since he is a genius among dogs he seldom ever gets to the beep, much less the shock.
  • My new puppy picked up on this right away. He loves to be outside on his hill in the backyard and now I don’t have to worry about him leaving the yard exploring.
  • He never even goes to the edge of the boundaries, he stays right around the house!!

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The Petsafe Wireless Containment System Is A Great Alternative If You Don’t Want To Hassle With Burying Wire!

Who wants to dig the yard up and place wire in it?? Not me… did that long ago and it was a hassle not to mention it seemed the wire would get cut from landscapers, cable people, etc. My sister had this set up and said that she really liked it. She has a huge yard but mine is just normal size and works great for both

  • If only I had bout this 2 years ago could have saved my self a lot of hassle!
  • He now has the freedom to come in and out with us, and the hassle and stress we were feeling with the possibility of him running into the street or into neighbors’ yards have gone.
  • The set up is extremely easy: just place a few flags around the boundaries. No wires, no digging, definitely not a hassle at all.
  • The flags can be removed after about a month, dogs are really smart and will remember the boundary area.
  • I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to contain their dog without the hassle of trenching.
  • It’s a great system when you are renting a house (like I am) so you can take it with you when you leave, or if you just don’t want to go through the hassle of installing a wire around the yard.
  • I thought I’d try this vs. the hassle of getting an in-ground fence installed (visit, appointment, upsell, etc).
  • The device works really well. Easy to set up. Has a “beep” only training mode which was all our pet needs. He recognizes that sound and backs away from flags immediately.
  • Keeps your dog safe and where you put them without any hassle.
  • We wasted so much time with the stupid invisible underground wire. This is a much better option and way less hassle and headache.

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Huge Kudos To Petsafe For Making The Collars Individually Adjustable… This Makes All The Difference In The World!

The collars are great, you can adjust the collar to fit any size neck, and you can adjust the shock on the collar to what your dog needs. Level one has no shock just the noise. Level two to six has both noise and shock. When dog approaches boundary it will beep. If dog does not move back into containment area they will be shocked.

  • The unit was very easy to set up and adjust, and vegetation doesn’t seem to affect the range.
  • It has settings to adjust how much range is available. If your dog already knows the warning beep, this is a piece of cake for them. As soon as they hear the beep, they turn & head back.
  • Has different settings and adjustments to suit your need.
  • The machine is portable, light, and easy to adjust the perimeter settings.
  • It works properly and is extremely easy to adjust the range.
  • The strength of shock can be adjusted according to the size of your dogs and also has an adjustable radius for different size yards! 
  • It is nice that you can adjust the levels of the static sting. It didn’t hurt her, but it was enough to make her aware to stay behind the flags.
  • Another great feature is that you can adjust the fence range to fit your yard.
  • The fact that the zone is adjustable is fantastic.
  • It works amazingly well! It takes a bit to get the intensity adjusted to the size and activeness of the dog but great product overall!
  • Because the dogs are such different sizes, (one being well over 40lbs and the other only about 10lbs) it’s so nice we can adjust the control on each collar.
  • The area and the shock are adjustable

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We Love How It’s PortableWe Take It Camping With Us… The Dogs Explore Till They Hear A Beep!

Why would anyone spend money on the electric fences for their dog? This is way cheaper and works like a charm and portable.

  • It’s super easy to set up and it’s portable. If you go on vacation, you can take it with you.
  • Nice when I am going away and want to take my dogs. Very portable.
  • The radius is bigger than you think. Plus it’s portable so if you got to move it works perfectly.
  • The great thing about this is its portability.
  • We can take it to our relative’s house when we are visiting and let our dog out in their yards without worry.
  • Loved not having to bury any wires & its portability makes it great when camping.
  • I also love the fact that it is portable, so wherever I want to take it, it works!
  • The thing I love the most about it is it’s portable, I take it with me when I go visit my family out of state
  • We also use it at my in-laws’ house – I love that it’s portable.
  • This product is better than the in-ground expensive products and it is portable and movable.
  • The PetSafe system meets our needs really well – being portable is great for taking our dog to relatives/friends and camping.
  • It’s wonderful that it is portable as these are working dogs and we can take the system with us when we are on the road. Great product!

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This System Has Protected Our Dog Countless Times… I Recommend It To Anyone With A Dog!

This product has protected our dog from running in the street, prevented her from going into our neighbors lawns and trained her to stay around our house. She has never escaped. And she does occasionally test the boundaries. It is a great training tool and it has changed our lives! We don’t have to worry about her getting out.

  • A wonderful way to protect animals – especially if you live close to a highway.
  • For their own protection, this system beats fencing, chaining- it virtually allows them the freedom they need with the safety required for them to live a long satisfying life.
  • This is an excellent product if you want to protect your pet.
  • As an owner, I am ever thankful such a product exists that protects my friends/dogs.
  • PetSafe keeps our Weimaraner and now German shorthair from venturing too close to the road and protects some of our other farm animals from them.
  • I wanted to allow my dogs free run of the yard with the protection of a fence without actually having to purchase and install one and this system allows me to do that.
  • This was the best thing I could have done for the money to protect my dog.
  • A good investment to protect your pet.

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In summary, the PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System is the ideal alternative to underground wired invisible fences…

Is PetSafe A Good Brand? Pet Owners Agree PetSafe Is A Good Brand For Dog and Cat Products


Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Best Invisible Dog Fence System!


  1. A perfect invisible containment system for your dogs.
  2. The Petsafe Wireless Dog Containment System will stop your dog straying from the yard.
  3. Your dog will know its boundaries with a beeping noise and flags to train it initially and then it won’t go near them.
  4. It is a great hassle-free alternative that will save you the time and expense of digging trenches and laying wires.
  5. The collar shock is adjustable to suit different sized dogs and the barrier radius is also adjustable.
  6. It is a portable wireless dog system that you can take with you on vacations, visiting friends and family, camping, or RVing.
  7. The PetSafe really is pet safe… a great way to protect your dog from running on the road, or to protect your neighbor or other animals from the dog.

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