Insulated Outdoor Cat House (Easy, Warm, Dry, Predator Safe)

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What Is An Insulated Outdoor Cat House?

This Insulated Outdoor Cat House is a cozy little home for your cat to keep it warm and cozy out in the freezing cold weather…. You will be surprised by how quickly your cat gets warmed up to its new outdoor home.

The Kitty Tube The Outdoor Insulated Cat House is a very cleverly constructed cat house that will keep your cats warm in winter and cool in summer…. The design will keep them safe from the elements and from predators as well.

Whether you want to protect your kitty from wind, rain, or other inclement weather, this pet house is constructed for the defense of the elements.

This cat house provides you with peace of mind knowing the cats are protected, sheltered, warm, dry, and the best part of all is the cats love it too…

Discover Why Cats And Cat Owners Love The Kitty Tube Outdoor Insulated Cat House!

Kitty Tube The Outdoor Insulated Cat House

Kitty Tube The Outdoor Insulated Cat House w/Pet Pillow

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Here Is What Consumers Said About The Kitty Tube The Outdoor Insulated Cat House :


I Like That This Is Insulated, Will Keep Kitty Cool In Warm Weather And Warm In Colder Weather!


I love this kitty house but more importantly kitty seems to love it too…. She seems less anxious than she was just being outside and forced to deal with the elements on her own, understandably…. Not only does it protect from the environment, but from predators if need be. I love this kitty house, but more so, kitty loves this kitty house…. I thank the company for this awesome product!


  • We have a 13-year-old outdoor cat that refuses to live inside. This insulated cat tube was the perfect answer for her.
  • Insulation is thick and located everywhere…. This is a really well thought out product that is very well made with all the “creature” comforts you could want.
  • This thing is actually quality, you can tell by the thick foam insulation…. It seems pricey, but to me, this is the Air Stream of cat houses, a little teardrop trailer he can stay in and seems to have a preference for.
  • The insulation is amazing and very smooth…. We have been using ours for several years now and have had no damage from claws. The construction of the shell is solid and perfect.
  • It’s insulated very well, and the insulation is replaceable.
  • The insulation is extremely high quality, very dense, I am sure it will keep them very warm in the winter and safe from the elements in the summer.
  • Very high quality and my (4) outside cats absolutely LOVE IT! The insulated part is what makes it such a GREAT thing for outside cats.
  • This is a wonderful outdoor kitty house that is well insulated and the awning attachment keeps it dry even in driving rains.
  • It is insulated and I have it outside up against the house…. I faced the entrance of the Kitty Tube on the south since winter is soon approaching…. This will be a lifesaver for mamma and her kitties.

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The New And Improved Kitty Tube – Fully Insulated Outdoor Cat House – AN ANSWER TO A PRAYER!


We suddenly, one day found a mother cat and 3 kittens in our yard…. I found the Kitty Tube fully insulated outdoor cat house on…. What an answer to a prayer! It is truly Awesome…. This outside cat house continues to be a real winner and is withstanding our brutal winter. Mama cat and her three, now grown, cats are still all living in this! This works perfectly and this house is a WINNER!


  • The Kitty Tube was the perfect answer! It is insulated from top to bottom and in its circular form…. They are well protected from the elements and cozy snuggling together.
  • The insulation is really thick and because of the round shape, the wind goes around them but doesn’t move them.
  • I added a heating pad to the inside that is already soft with a pillow and well insulated…. We live in the mountains of Western North Carolina and it gets cold in the winter. We had a few negative days here and it still worked well.
  • The insulated liner really makes this a first-class purchase for outdoor pets. Kudos for having a product like this…. Now I never have to worry if my cats have a safe, warm place to sleep during the winter months.
  • I also LOVED the plush cushion inside the tube and it has a zipper so you can just wash and put right back in! Plenty of insulation on top, sides, and bottom too!
  • The Kitty Tube is as described…. It is thoughtfully designed and meets the need for an outdoor cat shelter admirably. It is nicely insulated all-around and constructed of weather-resistant materials.
  • I have also been searching for an outdoor cat house for nearly two years, but couldn’t find one that I can feel safe for the cats to be in until I came across ” the kitty tube – insulated outdoor cat house”.
  • It is so well insulated great in the hot summer heat and in the coldest of winter. 2-3 cats can easily fit and the opening is small so dogs cannot reach them.
  • The Kitty Tube is supremely well insulated, nearly indestructible, and watertight. This product will last a lifetime.
  • I looked at many, many cat houses and decided on this one…. Why? Because it is lightweight, non-obtrusive, easy to clean, and well insulated…. All in all, this “kitty tube” is a brilliant idea!!

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Great Solution for Outdoor Cats!


Picky outdoor cat loves his Kitty Tube… Our cat is an outdoor cat who HATES to come inside, even when it’s cold…. He LOVES his kitty tube! Even in 20-30 degree weather, you can stick your hand in the tube and it’s warm if he’s in there.


  • If I had planned to build a house for an outdoor cat I could not have done anything better. 
  • Thanks again, Kitty Tube LLC for making Mom’s birthday, and creating a quality shelter for outdoor cats!
  • Fantastic home for the outdoor cat that adopted us…. I set the house upon the covered stoop and subsequently ordered the heater…. We are in the midst of a blizzard and the cat was toasty and cozy this morning.
  • Best of Class Outdoor Cat Shelter… I was looking for a shelter for our outdoor cat that would be attractive on our deck and safely shelter our cat from the rain, snow, wind, and cold…. As an engineer, I was attracted to the design of the Kitty Tube.
  • A solid investment for my outdoor working cats… I (and my cats) are very happy with that decision! The cats’ body heat keeps it warm enough on our regular cool mountain nights.
  • Would highly recommend it to anyone with outdoor cats…… You cannot and will not find a better built and more luxurious and safe shelter for them than the Kitty Tube, and the company could not be better to deal with.
  • Stray cat at my brother’s home in NJ is using the Kitty Tube daily…. She has made it her home.
  • Highly recommend it for those who want protection for their outdoor cats from rain, sun, and cold…. It’s very roomy.
  • Hands Down – the BEST outdoor kitty shelter out there… I have many friends and community members ask about an outdoor house for cats…. I ALWAYS recommend the Kitty Tube and tell them it is worth the price, they will be happy the got it.
  • Finally, an outdoor kitty house that really does what it is supposed to do. Hooray!!!

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Keep Outdoor Cats Warm In Winter!


Our little feral cat loves this house…. He is safe and warm and best of all I can rest easy knowing he has a dry place to sleep…. He is in it always!!


  • It snowed May 1, just a day after the new kittens were born and everyone is staying warm and dry….
  • She is now in the tube during cold or rainy weather and I couldn’t be happier…. Now, I am so relieved she will be warm and safe this winter.
  • You can be confident that it will provide a safe, dry, and warm shelter for your cat.
  • I like that the vents are adjustable so that this works as a cool-down spot in the summer, but is warm and toasty in the winter.
  • Worth every penny…. As much as I regret being “adopted” by outdoor cats (as all cats should be indoors), it is the best thing I could have done for them. They love it, and I love the fact they have a safe, warm, waterproof home they can call their own.
  • I placed it in a corner of the house & deck beside the lilac bushes so it’s somewhat concealed…. It stays dry in the rain and warm in the winter.
  • All three kittens sleep in it every night with the kitten pad and their blanket…. I can easily move it when needed, they remain safe, warm, and dry.
  • “The Pod” is a godsend for all of us – for the kitties, because it is truly warm inside even without the optional heater (we have no outside outlets), and for the peace of mind we have in knowing that they are dry and safe inside.
  • Currently, there are two cats being bunkmates in this lovely tube house and it keeps them warm and sheltered.
  • It makes me feel so much better knowing he is warm, safe, and secure, even on very cold and stormy nights.

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Keep Outdoor Cats Cool & Protected In Summer!


I just placed it on my patio a short while ago for one of the sweet semi-feral kitties I feed and he has made it his own…. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for something that will not only keep the cold out in winter, but also, keep temperately cool in the summer, for their feral cats.


  • For summer you can remove the top insulation and rotate the lid to open some air vents for cooling.
  • The vents double as handles making it much easier to move around when necessary.
  • It stays cool in the summer because it is insulated, and very well, I might add!
  • My cats love this…. It stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter…. They double up in it…. Even in the day time.
  • In the summer it is in the shade so that it stays cool and offers a quiet place to sleep.
  • I like that the vents are adjustable so that this works as a cool-down spot in the summer, but is warm and toasty in the winter.
  • Keeps them very warm in the winter, and safe from the elements in the summer
  • When it gets hot this summer we can take out the insulation & open the vents.
  • A great “perk” is that the Kitty Tube also offers protection in our extremely hot summers with good ventilation and insulation against the heat.
  • In the summer you just rotate the top slightly and vents open near the top to let warm air rise out, close them off when it’s cold to keep the warmer air in…. I wish I had such a nice place to lay down outside.

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If You Are Looking For An Easy To Clean And Maintain, Sturdy Cat House, Consider Buying This One!


The top removes for easy cleaning and the round shape lets you squeeze it into all types of hiding places…. The pillow is plush and thick …. The TUBES quality is good, this company ROCKS for even trying to supply this product to a small but much needed market.


  • American made, easy to clean, and it’s “green” as it’s made from 100% post-consumer plastic.
  • The top is easy to turn to vent the house in the summer.
  • Easy to access, as the lid can come off.
  • It is also very easy to access for those who are caring for cats with whom they do not necessarily want direct contact (ferals), just lift the lid, put the food in, or lift the lid to change the straw or bedding, very easy, “Hands-free” way of caring for ferals or strays.
  • Easy to ventilate by giving the lid a turn.
  • The quality is GREAT; tough and strong but very easy to assemble.
  • Weatherproof, easy access to clean or check inside, and easy to hose out if necessary.
  • The nice part is that it is easy to clean.
  • Cat Shelter the EASY Way! The little cat house was SO simple to use…. Pull out of the box, put the lid on (it already had a round piece of insulation in the lid) and it’s ready to go.
  • Took the chance, it arrived within a week and was easy to set up on our deck. The cat immediately entered it, and when not roaming, this is where she is now likely to be found.

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Insulated Outdoor Cat House With Awning!


This is the best cat house of all…. It is affordable, well designed, insulated, waterproof , has ventilation and heating options…. You may use straw or pillows…. The awning keeps out rain or snow. 


  • The new models of kitty tubes also have a removable awning over the door…. This is a much-needed addition.
  • Love the new awning….keeps the rain and wind out.
  • The door awning keeps the inside dry should it rain and I can move the tube easily based on the season.
  • It is the smartest thing on the market for keeping cats or small dogs warm and cozy outside.
  • The awning worked and prevented rain and snow from getting inside the tube. We have had a snowy, rainy, and cold winter and the kitty tube came in time for sheltering.
  • The Kitty Tube with the awning attachment will not be disappointed.
  • It has an awning that came with it – so the rain doesn’t blow in on him.
  • The design is sturdy (I love that you can completely seal it off just by rotating the top lid) and the awning on the entrance will protect the kitties even from the worst torrential rain.
  • The new awning that came with the Tube pushes rain around and under the door, so it has stayed dry inside.
  • The insulation and awning were the selling points for me – plus it boasts there is room for three cats – which I have.

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Predator Safe!


The door keeps the snow & rain out along with Predators. We have possums along with other cats but the door is a Deterrent b/c of the way they must enter…. And the insulation along with the heating pad keeps the cats warm…. I have just ordered another Kitty Tube for this coming winter…. This is a fantastic product and customer service is second to none!


  • A small round door provides plenty of room for a big cat to get in yet prevents predators from sneaking up on domestic cats.
  • This product is designed to be safe from predators and is very well insulated to keep kitty warm and secure.
  • It’s also reassuring that the small well-designed opening allows the cats in without admitting coyotes, coons, and other potentially dangerous predators.
  • This was perfect! Don’t waste your money on anything else, if you live in a snowy cold climate. And no predator can fit their heads in the front entry hole, either!
  • We call it the Kitty Condo, so much room, I was really impressed with the size, much bigger than I thought, it keeps the rain out, we just turned the entrance towards the house, insulated and I don’t worry about predators like dogs getting to her.
  • I’m still hoping to coax my feline friend to move indoors, but until he does I feel better knowing that I’ve given him a warm, safe haven to shelter him from bad weather and predators.
  • Perfect for two feral cats that showed up on our property…. Keeps them safe from predators.
  • I have an outside cat and she loves this house…. It is sturdy and keeps predators away. She had several litters and kept them all in this house…. She has plenty of room inside and it keeps her from the elements.
  • The opening in the Kitty Tube is just the right size, not too big so that no other animals (predators) could get in there. I highly recommend this product.
  • It is well insulated and the entrance is just big enough for him to get in and keep potential predators out of his new home.

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In summary, the Kitty Tube The Outdoor Insulated Cat House is by far the most cleverly designed outdoor insulated house for your cats who don’t like to come inside or for ferals.

From the insulation to the awning this design has every feature needed to keep your cats dry, safe, and warm.

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