Best Indoor Dog Crate That Looks Like Furniture (Ideal End Table)

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If you are looking for the most attractive dog crate that looks like furniture and can be used as a functional side table then we have narrowed the selection down to the top 5 indoor furniture dog crates…

Gorgeous indoor dog crates

If you are in a hurry:

Our best overall is the Casual Home End Table

The best side table crate is the ecoFlex Pet Crate/End Table

Best dog crate and gate combo is the Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate n Crate

Each of the furniture dog crates below offers something unique. They are all attractive furniture pieces that can double as side tables.

However, one has a door that slides inward so there is no unattractive door left open, another can convert into a dog gate, and so on.

So… while the Casual Home gets our overall top rating some of the others might have something that appeals to you.

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

The Casual Home indoor furniture dog crate has by far the most 5-Star er comments about how this crate looks like a beautiful piece of furniture. It can also function as an end table in your living room or bedroom and your guests will never know it is actually a dog crate…


Casual Home End Table, 24-Inch Pet Crate, 20″ W x 27.5″ D x H, Espresso

Casual Home End Table, 24-Inch Pet Crate, 20" W x 27.5" D x H, Espresso

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What Happy Customers Said About The Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate (Source):


OMG… I Can’t Believe It’s Not Furniture!


Blends in with the furniture… doggie loves it… it’s spacious enough to add a small bed…she stays in it all day while we are at work and doesn’t even cry for us to let her out when we get home, although we do as soon as we put our bags down… sometimes when we are home she’ll just go in by herself and take a nap and we leave the door open so it’s her choice to nap there even though there’s a bed near the fireplace for her cuddle upon.


This Is A Great Piece, Dresses Up Any Room

  • Easy to assemble (yes, it is)… Looks great in any room… Your dog will love it… Your dog won’t be able to get out of it… Best for dogs who are already crate trained.


When The Door Is Closed You Can’t Even Tell You Have A Kennel There

  • Great quality and very nice looking! There’s a lot of room for my dog to move around in. The espresso color matches all the other espresso colored furniture in my home.


Functional Furniture

  • He loves it and now he treats it like his little house. When he’s sick of us or just wants to be in his blanket, he goes in and sleeps. I highly recommend this crate because it looks like real furniture and it’s functional!


A Beautiful Piece Of Furniture

  • Could not be more beautiful-the the sturdiness of the table and design…the finish of the Espresso is very pretty. We have two 12 pound dogs and they love it-first time.


It Looks Like A Piece Of Furniture, So Makes A Nice Addition To Our House

  • It’s amazing! Nicely built and spacious for my Maltese! It looks like another piece of furniture in my Rec Room! I will recommend this pet crate to anyone!


No More Ugly Wire Cage

  • I love these crates and now I have 4 and they look like a nice built-in piece of furniture that I had custom made… my babies already respected the crate. They love their cozy dens.


It’s A Beautiful Piece Of Furniture, The Wood Is Gorgeous And Pleasant To Touch

  • This is a beautiful crate for dogs who enjoy being crated or at least have good crate manners. Love this item it’s well made and a beautiful piece of furniture. Worth every penny.


I Received Many Compliments From Friends And Family

  • These are awesome, they look like a good piece of wood furniture. The dogs love them. [Ibought 2 of them]. The crate looks great and goes well with my living room furniture.

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The Crate Looks Much More Like A Piece Of Furniture Than A Dog Crate!


Casual Home End Table, 24-Inch Pet Crate, 20" W x 27.5" D x H, Espresso

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Use this to move our second dog into our bedroom at night. The crate looks much more like a piece of furniture than a dog crate. More attractive than shown. A beautiful addition to our bedroom that allows the little fella to be in the room with us!!! LOVE THIS!


Beautiful and Practical

  • This is perfect for our Pom. We have her bed and her food bowl in it with enough room for her to stand in front of her bowl. She has a safe place (we have a baby) to be comfortable and near us. It is so much more convenient in our limited space. It’s easy to clean, durable, and it looks great in our living room. It matches our other furniture perfectly.


What I Love About These Crates Is That They Look Like Nice Furniture And Not Dog Houses

  • We receive many compliments and our dogs love them. One, however, does love to chew on the slats. If you have a power chewer, this might not be the best choice.


Beautiful Piece Of Furniture That Fits The Decor Of Most Rooms

  • Takes up less space and looks like furniture instead of a cage. This crate looks great in my living room! It blends in with the rest of my furniture.


Very Nice Piece Of Furniture With Plenty Of Room For My Dogs Comfort

  • We love it in our bedroom, looks great, like a piece of furniture and very sturdy. Looks like furniture instead of a caged dog crate.


It Looks Great And Fits The Style Of My Furniture

  • Looks great in my living room, goes well with the furniture.


It’s Perfect For My Living Room

  • Doesn’t Look Like A Dog Crate But More Like Furniture… My dog loves it. His getaway from kids. Looks nice like part of the living room furniture.


Great Dual Purpose Piece Of Furniture

  • This Crate is built like a fine piece of furniture and looks like one too. Our pups love it and are always willing to use it. It is beautiful. Matches my furniture… I liked it so much that I bought the matching “cat house”.

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Best Indoor Dog Crate That Looks Like And Functions As An End Table!


Casual Home End Table, 24-Inch Pet Crate, 20" W x 27.5" D x H, Espresso

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My dog is about 16 lbs and there is room enough in there for another dog! It does not come with bedding so I did add that for my dog’s comfort. I have it by my bed and it makes a nice end table. I think my dog enjoys sleeping close by me.


It’s A Table Dog Crate… It’s Genius

  • I bought this as my Yorkie is afraid of the thunder and hides in the closet. My dog loves it and sleeps in it all the time. I love that she is right next to me and I have an end table. When it is thundering out I put a table cloth over the table so it’s more enclosed. Everyone that comes to visits loves it and wants to know where I got it.


We Use These As End Tables For Our Couch

  • I also love that it is also a functional table and looks so much better than having a traditional dog crate in my living room.


 Looks Great And Most People Think It’s Just An End Table.

  • Absolutely LOVE this end table/crate for when someone comes to the door. I can just put the dogs (Shih Tzu and Chihuahua) into the crate quickly and they are instantly out of the way. Have had MANY compliments on this as it just looks like an end table sitting in the living room. What a wonderful idea, and very reasonably priced!


A Nice End Table And A Nice, Safe Doggy House

  • Looks like an end table and most my friends don’t even realize it’s a dog crate which was the whole point of buying it!


I Love That It Doubles As An End Table

  • Although one is large enough that all three of my little chihuahua girls easily fit, I ordered three of these as end tables. They look great with my leather furniture and serve the dual purpose of a cozy sleeping place for the little (canine) girls.


For A Tiny Apartment Instead Of Having A Cage And A Table, You Can Have It In One

  • Purchased this item for a one-year-old Beagle. She has turned it into her personal den. We now have a lovely end table where her crate used to be. The item is sturdy, secure, and looks great.


I absolutely LOVE these end tables

  • I bought 2 of these because my dogs love to hibernate – especially when the grandkids are over. Not only are they practical, but they are also very attractive with my new plush furniture. My dogs love them too.

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Internet’s Best Decorative Dog Kennel

This company has cleverly called themselves Internet’s Best so every product they produce has the phrase Internet’s best in front of it. However, I have them listed as the Internet’s second-best when it comes to the number of 5-Star comments about it being a good looking furniture crate for dogs…


Internet’s Best Decorative Dog Kennel with Pet Bed – Small Dog – Double Door – Wooden Wire Dog House

Internet's Best Decorative Dog Kennel with Pet Bed - Small Dog - Double Door - Wooden Wire Dog House - Large Indoor Pet Crate Side Table - Espresso

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What Happy Customers Said About The Internet’s Best Decorative Dog Kennel (Source):


Such A Great Find… Looks Like A Piece Of Furniture And Really Comfy For My Pup!


I absolutely love this Dog crate. It goes so well with all my furniture and my puppy loves it. It was not hard at all to assemble. And the fact that it has the side door and double doors is so convenient.


This Looks Perfect In Our Living Room, And Our Dog Loves It

  • I’ve been researching these types of dog crates for some time now, and I finally settled on this one because it closely matches the furniture style we currently have, it came with a bed, and it had good.


Matches My Book Cases And Looks Like A Piece Of Furniture In The Living Room

  • This is such a nice kennel. I have one for each of my 13-pound dogs and it’s like a little bedroom for them.


Super Pretty For A Kennel And Looks Like Furniture

  • Just what I was hoping for! It’s a beautiful furniture piece and crate all at once! I get comments from guests all the time.


Awesome Dog Crate

  • We love this crate. We looked at many different opinions, including custom made, and finally settled on this one. It was exactly as described and definitely looks like a piece of furniture. Very well made and came with a nice pad. Fits our two Chinese Cresteds perfectly!


Solid Furniture Dog Crate

  • This crate looks great in our living room. Solid furniture and ample space for our chihuahua. She loved it from the first day. The double door opening and the additional single door opening are great features.


It Looks Like A Piece Of Furniture

  • Seeing is believing on how this dog crate can truly be a complimentary piece of furniture. A very close match in color to the rest of the woodwork in my new house.


Looks Like A Great Piece Of Furniture In Our Home

  • Durability and looks, blends into my living room furniture and use it as a side table. My two shorties love it as well and I get many compliments on it.


My Husband Wanted A Kennel For His Dog And I Got A New Piece Of Decor Furniture For My Living Room

  • Looks great, guests always comment on what a neat piece of furniture this is because they don’t realize that it’s a dog crate first.

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ecoFlex Pet Crate/End Table

The ecoFlex Pet Crate is another excellent furniture dog crate and in fact, while it is rated third-highest for furniture if this page was about the best-rated end table dog crate this one would take first place. Many customers are happily using this as a side table and as you can see from the photo when the door is shut you would be hard-pressed identifying it as a dog crate...


ecoFlex Pet Crate/End Table From New Age Pet


ecoFLEX Pet Crate/End Table

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What Happy Customers Said About The ecoFlex Pet Crate (Source):


We Wanted Something More Furniture-Like Versus The Standard Green Crate, And This Is The Perfect Solution!


Beautiful crate for a calm dog! I’ve had this crate for my 80lb dog for almost 3 years. We LOVE it. It looks nice in our living room and makes a great end table. Its sturdy enough to handle my toddler tornado crawling on top of it.


Best Thing Is It’s A Beautiful Piece Of Furniture And Adds To Our Home

  • Great product for the right furbabies!! I have two dogs both large breeds. My 9yr old Catahoula (107lbs) & 8yr old Blk lab who is very muscular (119lbs) we bought the Lrg and also the XL wooden kennels.


Looks Really Good And Blends In With The Bedroom Furniture

  • We bought the size Large for a mini Aussie and an English bulldog, and they each will grow into their crates and have enough room. Overall great product.


It Looks Like A Piece Of Furniture (End Table)

  • This crate is so cute!! It looks like another furniture piece in your home, it is surprisingly light once assembled which makes it easier to move around if needed. Plenty of room for two small chihuahuas.


My Dog LOVES Her New Crate

  • I plan to put mine beside a sofa as an end-table like a piece of furniture. My puppy is a rescue dog who loves her crate as a resting place. She comes and goes from it as she wants to. I was worried she wouldn’t like a new one, but she loves it. Great Crate!


I Got This Cause It Disguises Well As Furniture

  • This was such a great purchase! I have two tiny dogs and they fit perfectly in the cage. I used to have a giant wire cage which was an eyesore and always in the way. We use this as a coffee table and it matches our furniture.


It Looks Beautiful In My Living Room

  • I like it because it is a piece of furniture, not a kennel!!!! When the door is locked, you can not tell that it is a dog kennel. A great buy!


Happy Puppies

  • This is such a nice piece of furniture you can add to any room. My dog loves it so much she will go in it throughout the day to nap or to chew on her toys.


It Looks Great In Your House Because It Looks Like A Piece Of Furniture

  • Our dog loves his new kennel. Easy to put together. Very nice looking. Looks like regular living room furniture. We have to tell people it is also a kennel.

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Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate n Crate

The Merry Pet can be converted into a dog gate or dog crate and is another beautiful dog crate that looks like furniture. If you have a smaller dog that is crate trained this crate will look lovely in your home…


Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate n Crate

Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate, Medium

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What Happy Customers Said About The ecoFlex Pet Crate (Source):


 It’s Great To Use As A Table Top For Drinks While Also Being A Den For Your Furry Friends!


I get compliments for guest on this crate all the time since it looks like a table. Its practical and space saving. Our dog isnt scared of it, he often napps in the crate. Its easy to lock and unlock.


We Use It As A Kennel/End Table

  • Sure makes my den look a lot nicer! My dog is happy with her new spot.


The Table Top Looks Nice Between Sofas And Comes In Handy To Set Drinks On

  • Looks very nice in our living room. Looks like a table but dogs can go in there if we want to eat in the living room and not be bothered. My three little dogs love to curl up inside the medium-sized one in our bedroom at night.


It’s Definitely A Conversation Piece

  • Love love love this kennel, it was really good for me because I needed an end table between my two chairs and it is definitely a conversation piece and my puppy loves it, he’s always inside it when he’s resting, easy to assemble, and it is the perfect size for my Shihpoo.


It Looks Like Its A Coffee Table

  • I need to crate my dogs daily and this crate doubles as an end table, reducing the need to ‘clutter the room’.


Looks Much Better Than Traditional Dog Crate

  • The kennel has been a great addition, we were able to get rid of the big wire kennel and we use this as an end table.


Our Dog Loves Sleeping There And It Looks So Much Better Than A Traditional Crate

  • We get so many compliments on the crate…people usually do not know my dog is in there. They think it’s just the end table but. Nice quality and nice wood color.


This Crate Doubles As A Lamp Table In The Sitting Room

  • I’m pleasantly surprised at how good it looks and how well it works as a table/crate/gate.


I LOVE This Crate For My Dog

  • It blends in with my furnishings and functions as an end table in my living room. Many friends didn’t even realize it was a dog crate at first glance. I have a 20 lb corgi/spaniel mix who loves the crate as much as I do, going to it as his safe personal space.

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zoovilla Medium Slide Aside Crate

The zoovilla is another very attractive furniture dog crate for indoors with many raving about the sliding door feature that makes this dog crate a little more unique than the others…


zoovilla Medium Slide Aside Crate and End Table

zoovilla Medium Slide Aside Crate and End Table

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What Happy Customers Said About The ecoFlex Pet Crate (Source):


These Are Really Solid Kennels/Pieces Of Furniture!


I bought 2 to use as end tables. We crate our 2 dogs when we are away from the house and these look great in place of the ugly wire crates. They are well made and the door retracts into the side so they can disappear while not in use and leave open for the dogs to get in their “dens”.


Very Nice Looking, So I’m Okay With Using It As End Tables

  • I absolutely LOVE the side sliding door. I wanted to be able to leave the crate open during the day without the door in the way or getting pushed closed. This is the PERFECT answer!


Retractable “Pocket” Door Is The Best. Never In The Way

  • This is awesome. We no longer have a huge cage in our den. AND I got to get rid of an ugly end table!


This Crate/End-Table Is Quite Attractive And Roomy

  • My mini schnauzer loves this kennel. I like the sliding door so it can be left open but not in the way. Looks nice in the living room as an end table.


Much More Furniture Like Than Dog Kennel

  • The sliding doors are really handy if you have them somewhere in your living space, as most people who bought this type of product would. They slide back in easily keeping them out of the way when not locked up.

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In summary, all of the indoor dog gates mentioned above all offer something just a little bit different from each other.

The Casual Home End Table gets the top pick for the sheer number of customers delighted with the way it looks like furniture and for being a dog crate side table.

The ecoFlex would be close to top rank if based on the number of happy customers using it as a side table. The Merry Pet 2-in-1 can be converted into a cage or a gate and the Zoovilla has a unique sliding door that disappears back into the cage when open.

So as you can see they all have little features that could make a difference to your choice depending on preference.

It also should be noted that these are all wooden crates – that is why they look like furniture – and therefore are best suited for dogs that do not chew or try to escape – therefore your dog needs to be already crate trained or placid.

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