Improve Indoor Air Quality In Your Home With A Vremi Air Purifier

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The air purifier operates quietly and efficiently to eliminate 99% of airborne pollutants such as dust, dander, and mold spores.

The Vremi air purifier does an amazing job of cleaning your air by removing unwanted pollutants and nasty smells leaving you with beautiful fresh air in your home.

It can also reduce annoying household odors like cigarette smoke and cooking smells. Enjoy fresh and healthy air again with Vremi!

Discover How Well The Vremi Air Purifier Cleans Your Air!

Vremi Premium Large Room Air Purifier with True HEPA H13 Filter



Vremi Premium Large Room Air Purifier with True HEPA H13 Filter - Purifies Air in Spaces up to 217.5 Square Feet

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Here Is What Consumers Said About The Vremi Large Room Home Air Purifier For Air Quality:


 I Actually Sat And Watched It Eat All The Dust And Flying Pet Hair Out Of My Living Room’s Air!


I love how the purifier (on automatic mode) the sensor immediately senses when there is something in the air it needs to filter and goes into overdrive for a short period of time until the air is clean. 


So It Sensed The Dust In The Air And Worked Harder To Filter It Out…


  • I purchased this air cleaner for my pottery studio to try and help cut down on the clay dust that is always present. It’s been running now for two days with the sensor on “Auto Sense” and I am very happy with it.


It Completely Eats The Smoke And Cleans The Air In The Room…


  • I have a home oratory in which I have to burn incense for ritual work. Old-school incense, in a thurible, lit by charcoal. As my oratory is just under 200 sq. ft., the resulting smoke would fill the room to the point where you couldn’t see from one side to the other. Then, it would creep out into the rest of my house, where it caused nothing but problems for the rest of my family. Enter the Vremi air purifier. This has been a lifesaver!! 


My Allergist Suggested That I Get An Air Filter To See If It Helps…


  • After ing several models and see if anyone had similar issues and if the air purifier worked for them. I decided to get this one to see if it helped. Well, I’ve used it for three days now and my nose isn’t runny anymore in my office and the mildew smell is now nonexistent.


I No Longer Have To Worry That My House Smells Like A Litter Box…


  • We have an older cat who does not always use her litter box. I have tried moving the box to countless spots and there has to be one in our formal dining room or else she goes on the carpet. It’s disgusting, but short of getting rid of the cat, I have tried everything. Enter the Vremi air purifier.


It’s Reassuring To Think Our Air Quality Is Better…


  • This is a wonderfully useful appliance that helps clean the high ppm pollution, bringing it down to a breathable, non-carcinogenic level. Breathing smoke is terrible. I usually place this near the kitchen when someone cooks, and transportation there is easy.


Very Cool Gadget That Indicates Unsafe Air Quality Accurately…


  • I’ve never had an air purifier. Never knew that was a thing until my doctor recommended I get one for my allergies. This purifier is a blessing! No more allergy pills for me!


This Is A Great Value For A True Hepa Air Purifier…


  • This one has a ton of features such as sleep, timer, auto (which I love), and air quality monitor. The monitor basically changes the LED’s color based on air quality. Red – bad and green – good.


We Went With The Vremi Large Room Home Air Purifier And Are So Glad We Did For A Ton Of Reasons…


  • The “Air Quality” setting and corresponding indicator lights are pretty badass. It kicks into a faster fan speed when it detects air particles in order to clear them quickly.


Vremi Premium Large Room Air Purifier with True HEPA H13 Filter - Purifies Air in Spaces up to 217.5 Square Feet

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I Would Recommend This To Anyone Looking For A Solution To Poor Air Quality Indoors!


This purifier has kept my home from smelling like dog and I’m so thankful. Any time I cook, it’s receptive to the air quality and changes color accordingly. I can’t speak highly enough, I’ll buy another of these. Had it for over a month now and it’s become a staple in my home, no issues.


Once We Got The Vremi, The Room Has Virtually No Smell At All…


  • Before getting the Vremi purifier, the room always had a certain “funk” to it. It’s all tile, no carpet, we’d keep it swept and mopped, as clean as we could, but it still always had a lingering pet smell. Now it smells like, nothing. Just clean, regular air. We have been so pleasantly surprised by this product that we plan on getting another one for our master bedroom.


It Has Cleared The Air In Our 1100 Sq Ft Apartment So Well That Our Family Is Living With Less Congestion And Better Sleep…


  • The air feels so light. It has a central location and has cleared every room. What a huge delightful surprise! Thank you Vremi! We all feel so much better and recommend this air purifier heartily.


Cleans My Office Air…


  • The important thing is, that it does clean the air. I smoke green and it removes the smoke and cleans the air.


Within In 10 Minutes Of Turning On The Air Purifier, The Whole Room Is Fresh…


  • I love this air purifier. I live next door to someone who smokes. The smokes come in where I am. It fills the whole house. Thanks to the Vremi I can’t even smell the smoke. Also, our family has been going through a detox phase. And I feel this helping move toxin out of the air. This is an awesome buy!


 Where Has This Air Purifier Been My Whole Life?


  • If you need an air purifier that has a lot of settings, this is the best! You can set a timer, choose a speed, turn off the lights and turn it to quiet mode. The lights change color to indicate the quality of the air…. so cool!


Truly Amazing and Useful Product…


  • I bought this product since we have a newborn baby and this product is helping us like anything. We are keeping this purifier in “Auto mode” and whenever there is some smoke or anything in the house it immediately starts rotating very fast and filtering out all the bad air from the room.


I Have Noticed A Big Change In Air Quality…


  • I have been using the Vremi air purifier for 2 weeks now. It is much quieter than my last unit which I paid 3x the amount for.


I’ve Been Looking For A Good, Trustworthy Air Purifier For Years…


  • Just a couple of hours and it’s already working like a charm. Odors from my cats that were once here are disappearing quickly. I absolutely love that this model has a light that tells you your air quality at that moment.


Vremi Premium Large Room Air Purifier with True HEPA H13 Filter - Purifies Air in Spaces up to 217.5 Square Feet

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We Were Looking For A Quality Air Filter And Found It!


Freshened up teenager room within a few hours. Also used in living room and freshener up the air in a day. Night mode is extremely silent. Great buy.


The Air Quality In My House Is Beyond Wonderful…


  • Excellent product, silent and efficient. A must-have for households with pets and carpets. Easy to operate. Will definitely purchase other units for the house.


Works Perfectly…


  • Make a world of difference in your home with air quality! Would be great for any family or anyone who has pets!


Much Improved Air Quality…


  • I definitely see a difference in air quality when I use it versus when I don’t use it.


Improved Air Quality Immediately…


  • It’s super sensitive. Any odor or dust will absolutely make it change color. And when my cats go to do their business, it quickly restores the air quality within 5 to 10m.


Big Difference In Air Quality At A Good Price…


  • I bought this because we were cleaning a part of the house that hasn’t been used in a few years. It was dusty and cleaning in there was uncomfortable. The Vremi cleaned up the air and kept it clean while we finished, and it did a great job. Now it’s running in the master bedroom, and I hadn’t thought of that room as dusty but the air is definitely nicer since the Vremi has been in the room.


Awesome True Hepa Air Purifier…


  • I really like the design and performance of the Vremi air purifier with the true Hepa filter. It has improved the air quality significantly in my living room and reduced the amount of dust greatly!



Vremi Premium Large Room Air Purifier with True HEPA H13 Filter - Purifies Air in Spaces up to 217.5 Square Feet

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In summary, the Vremi Premium Large Room Air Purifier performs wonders by transforming poor quality air into clean breathable air.

This little wonder has already proven to be an excellent air purifier for the bedroom as you can see here… Discover How You Can Sleep Much Better With A Vremi Air Purifier and now we get an idea about how well it performs in the rest of the home as well.

Indeed this air purifier is hugely popular and those who have it put it through its paces are more than pleased with the results this champion produces.

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