Is Impressions Vanity A Good Brand? (Makeup Mirrors)

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What Is the Impressions Vanity Brand Known For?

The Impressions Vanity brand is known for its Hollywood-style mirrors, vanity tables, and countertop mirrors…. When you purchase an Impressions vanity, it is like having your very own make-up artist by your side….  Their mirrors allow you to see yourself from all angles and in different lighting conditions…. The make-up application will be more precise when you use an Impressions vanity.

The reputation of the Impressions Vanity brand is mainly associated with selling foldable makeup mirrors…. The range of foldable mirrors includes handheld, double-sided, tri-fold, and many other choices which are made to suit any needs…. Models are not only designed with aesthetic preferences in mind but are also used for specific purposes

From a traditional full-length mirror to a high-quality magnification cosmetic mirror, you’ll have the best view possible…. Whether you’re setting up a vanity in your room or on location, Impressions Vanity mirrors are great for taking selfies and checking your look as you apply makeup.

The company’s unique designs have steadily captured the imaginations of women everywhere since the outset…. These designers carefully infuse old-world glamour with modern advancements to create distinctively elegant products for today’s generation of fast-paced women.

Below I have listed some of Impressions Vanity’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Impressions Vanity Is A Good Brand For Hollywood Mirrors

The following Impressions Vanity product has an AMAZING 85% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

There aren’t many mirrors as versatile as the Hollywood Glow…. With a detachable wooden base, you can either rest it on a dresser or hang it on the wall, and with a hidden wire-reinforced shelf underneath to hold your makeup brushes and lipstick upright.

This lighted makeup mirror is perfect for both home and travel use…. The Hollywood Glow lighted vanity mirror is ideal for women who need extra lighting around their face. This lightweight, portable LED lighted vanity mirror is perfect for on-the-go touchups.

The 10 LED lights create the perfect lighting for any occasion, while the dimmer allows you to control the brightness…. The mirror features a fold-flat design for easy storage and travel, and the battery-operated design allows you to use it anywhere…


Impressions Hollywood Glow Lite Vanity Mirror with 10 LED Lights and Dimmer Switch


Impressions Hollywood Glow Lite Vanity Mirror with 10 LED Lights and Dimmer Switch, Tabletop or Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Power Outlets (White)

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Whether you want to use it as a magnifying mirror or a cosmetic mirror, this Hollywood Glow is the perfect complement to any surface thanks to its 10 LED lights and dimmer switch…. From the desk setup, the Hollywood Glow led makeup mirror is great for applying your daily makeup while effortlessly viewing yourself in true color.

  • Impressions have created a truly one-of-a-kind lighted vanity mirror.
  • This masterpiece is designed to produce the highest quality lighting, using 10 high-definition LED lights, producing more light than most other lighted vanity mirrors.
  • The Hollywood Glow lighted mirror will blow you away with its silky smooth brighter lighting that makes your skin look flawless!
  • Hollywood Glow offers an extremely bright 10 LED light kit that is dimmable with a simple twist of the knob.
  • It can be adjusted to choose between lighting for highlighting, to natural lighting for everyday use.
  • This is one of the best-lighted makeup mirrors out there.
  • The front of the mirror is packed with 10 LED lights.
  • And a knob at the bottom of the mirror allows for easy adjustment between that fluorescent strip club setting and a nice, warm mood lighting.

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Impressions Vanity Is A Good Brand For Makeup Mirrors

The following Impressions Vanity product has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

This sleek and slim touch-activated mirror features 10 tiny LED lights around the rim, which allow you to illuminate your face for better makeup application or to assist you in applying facial treatments…. The lighted, touch-activated mirror rotates 360 degrees, so you can swivel it to your preferred viewing angle while adjusting the dimmer switch to reveal your face in the perfect light.

The Impression’s Touch Ultra makeup mirror features a portable design that makes it easy to travel with and folds compactly…. It has a powerful LED brightness system and touch controls for easy seamless operation and is powered by four AAA batteries which are included and recessed and protected by a magnetic cover.

The mirror also comes with a removable soft-grip handle that can be set to your desired height for optimal viewing…


Impressions Touch Ultra Makeup Mirror with Dimmable LED Lights


Impressions Touch Ultra Makeup Mirror with Dimmable LED Lights, Vanity Standing Dressing Mirror with Touch Sensor and Double Power System (White Marble)

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The 360 degree rotation and 90 degree tilt can be adjusted so you can see your reflection at any angle, and the LED lights create a soothing, natural glow to ensure perfect lighting for applying makeup.

  • Makeup application is effortless with the Touch Ultra makeup mirror’s bright, glare-free lighting and intuitive touchscreen panel.
  • The included USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows the mirror to be used anywhere for fast touch-ups on the go.
  • Add style and functionality to your home with the Impressions Touch Ultra makeup mirror.
  • This well-designed mirror features touch sensors to control both the On/Off feature and dimmer function for brightness levels.
  • The mirror’s neutral tone, sleek design, elegant frame, and clear glass will complement any room decor.
  • The array of gorgeous light settings including 7 LED color temperatures makes it easy to achieve the perfect look.
  • With Intelligent Touch, this touch-control mirror comes to life–but only when you want it to.
  • Its motion sensor automatically powers down after 30 seconds of inactivity, conserving battery life.
  • Let your mirror keep you looking your best with eight levels of brightness control and an ultra-bright LED light source that can be dimmed or turned off completely–so you can adjust the lighting to your liking.
  • The swivel arm rotates 360 degrees and tilts up to 90 degrees to offer you endless versatility–and the built-in hanger adds convenience for storing your Touch anywhere around your house.

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Impressions Vanity Hello Kitty Makeup Mirror

The following Impressions Vanity product has an AMAZING 84% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Transform any room into your own luxurious makeup station…. This vanity mirror with Hello Kitty design is made with the Cute Hello Kitty shape in mind…. Take it anywhere in your home or office with its detachable power cord that plugs into an outlet…. This mirror has an adjustable light sensor that allows you to go from bright to dim when you need it.

This vanity mirror is designed with the Cute Hello Kitty shape and this LED light mirror is the perfect and elegant piece for your everyday use…. It comes with a dimmer light sensor…. The lights will automatically turn on in a dark room and turn off when the room is brighter.

The vanity mirror is a versatile product for your daily makeup application regimen…. It has an adjustable dimmer switch for the bright LED lights, which allows the perfect amount of brightness to see your makeup…


Impressions Hello Kitty LED Makeup Mirror with Adjustable Dimmer Light Sensor


Impressions Hello Kitty LED Makeup Mirror with Adjustable Dimmer Light Sensor, Girls Lighted Makeup Mirror with USB Port in 360 Degree Rotation

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The Impression’s Hello Kitty LED Makeup Mirror…. It is suitable for traveling, home use, bedroom, for students for daily or travel makeup.

  • The dimmer switch will also help you create the perfect amount of lighting for your makeup application.
  • This mirror is powered by the latest 360degrees rotating motor.
  • The built-in sensor will auto on/off when you turn it on/off.
  • The round shape of Hello Kitty gives more big space for makeup, so do more makeup on the mirror so you can enjoy them easier.
  • With a tiltable design, this tabletop mirror is ideal for applying makeup, trying new hairstyles, or touching up your outfit before a night out.
  • The Hello Kitty LED Makeup Mirror with Sensor Light is the perfect vanity mirror for everyday use.

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In summary, the Impressions Vanity brand, featuring exclusive celebrity designs from Hollywood’s best, is the premier provider of vanity mirrors, tables, and countertop mirrors…. Our products don’t fit a standard mold, which draws attention to themselves wherever they go.

With their sleek chic look, these Mirrors and Vanity Tables are known for their Hollywood style…. The mirrors are made with premium glass to provide an overall sophisticated appeal.

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