Why The Huge & Easy To Move Igloo Cooler With Wheels Is The Best

If you are looking for the best cooler with wheels and want a cooler that is a decent size then you will love the Igloo cooler with wheels because it is a huge cooler yet is still easy to move around because of the wheels and extension handle…

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Introducing The Igloo Glide Pro 110 Roller – A HUGE Cooler That Is Still Easy To Move… Ideal For Camping, Parties, Festivals, Tailgates, Fishing, And Sporting Teams!


Igloo Glide Pro 110 Roller (EA)


Igloo Glide Pro 110 Roller (EA)
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Igloo Cooler With Wheels…


This Is An Excellent Cooler… The Wheels Roll Smoothly And The Handle Is Very Secure And Make It Easy To Move, Even When It’s Fully Loaded!


You can move a lot of stuff in this cooler without breaking your back. The handle extends far enough that it works as a good lever. You do not hit the back of your legs when pulling 150lbs of ice and fish


Igloo Glide Pro 110 Roller (EA)
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  • Great cooler, easy to move around. 
  • The wheels make the coolers easy to move, even up and down steps.
  • I bought two of these for our office. When we have events they are filled to the bring with drinks. When that happens coolers get very heavy. With the wheels, they are easily moved.
  • With the extension handles, you don’t have to worry about your ankles getting run over.
  • I am 5’4″ and can easily pull a fully-loaded cooler with drinks and ice.
  • The Extendable handle makes it easy to move the cooler around when it is full of food and ice.
  • This is the only cooler you’ll ever need! So much room and so easy to move around with its expanding handle!
  • This cooler is huge and rugged. The handle feels well made. The wheels make it easy to move.
  • Even in the sand or smooth service the best!
  • The handle is extremely helpful in moving this big cooler around.
  • I loved it. It’s very Spacious and the wheels make it easy to move, from one side to another.
  • The pull-out handle is great for moving it around, and the way it’s installed helps with leverage and it’s very secure so you can move it even when it’s very heavy.
  • It holds temperature for hours, and the wheels and handles make it extremely easy to move around.
  • The handle is perfect. Big size cooler. Easy to move around even when full.
  • With the cooler packed full of cold stuff, the handle and wheels have no problem moving it from the car to the house.
  • The wheels and extending handle make this cooler a breeze at moving it across rough terrain.

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Plenty Of Cooler Space And The Ice Lasted Just As Long As That Other Well Known, Much More Expensive Cooler, That Has Half The Interior Space. Oh Yeah, And This One Has Wheels!


When I saw this cooler the QUALITY, FEATURES & Low Price stood out. For the price of a good 16 quart cooler I can get a big, tough cooler like this. So I did! 


Igloo Glide Pro 110 Roller (EA)
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  • This cooler is amazing! Holds tons and tons of stuff and really keeps cold.
  • Make no doubt about it, this thing is huge. I was upgrading from a 65 Quart cooler for my growing family and when it arrived I thought I might have to have two more kids to justify such a size.
  • Just make sure you pay attention to the dimensions… this cooler is ginormous.
  • This sucker is massive. We bought it to hold a large number of bottles and cans (on ice) for an engagement party we were hosting.
  • If you are looking for a big cooler this is an excellent choice.
  • A large awesome cooler that fits enough water and snacks for a little league team.
  • This cooler is big, really big.
  • Finally – a cooler that is big enough and has wheels and a handle that is strong enough for it when it’s full!
  • The handle and size are the main reason we wanted this and it lived up to our expectations 100%.
  • This cooler is huge and rugged. 
  • We can pack lunch for 30 kids in this cooler including drinks and still have room for ice.
  • This thing is a beast. It holds a ton of stuff and keeps it cold for hours and hours. I’m sure it could keep things cold for days.
  • Great deal! A huge cooler is exactly what I needed for my fishing trip.

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This Igloo Cooler Is Awesome… I Go Camping For 3-4 Days At A Time Several Times A Year And This Cooler Has Been Great!


Big Cooler and perfect for those longer camp trips. Keeps the food nice and cold and the ice does not melt like my other coolers.


  • We just took it on a camping trip and one 7lb bag of ice stayed halfway frozen over two days and everything inside was colder than my fridge.
  • Excellent product. In elk camp, this cooler kept ice for 10 days!
  • I was pleasantly surprised by how well this actually worked during our camping trip this weekend. It’s HUGE (expected, but still).
  • We left it in the car all weekend (Friday night through Sunday). There was still ice in it Monday when we unloaded it. We only used 2 bags of ice (we also had a frozen gallon jug of water).
  • Kept our items cold for over 4 days, didn’t have to go back to town to buy more ice at all during our camping trip!
  • I bought this for a family camping trip and it worked out just like we wanted it to. Kept the ice for days and held tons of food.
  • Great size for camping and family gatherings.
  • We took this cooler camping for a week and it kept the ice all throughout our trip.
  • Great for parties or camping when you want to keep things cold for several DAYS at a time.
  • This is hands down the best cooler I have ever owned. Hats off to Igloo on the form and function of this brilliant cooler. I primarily use it for car camping and festivals.

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All My Past Ice Chests Have Never Been Anywhere Near This Good… So It Was Definitely Worth The Money!


Had it for a month now, a great addition to the back of my pickup. I do my food shopping at lunch and get home earlier. Fill it up with food for the weekend and wheel it away. Great quality for the money.


  • At this price for this quality & USA made… it’s the deal of the year in my book.
  • Super well-made product great price.
  • Solid, quality American made – can’t beat it for the price.
  • The best cooler ever… I’ve bought a few but this by far is the best well made and great price.
  • The best value in the new crazy priced cooler market.
  • Save your money and buy this one!
  • Money well spent. Survived a full week at a festival.
  • Great cooler for the money.
  • This item is a great quality cooler.
  • Bought this as a gift based on reviews and specifications. I was not disappointed. Very sturdily made. Also, Igloo is a quality manufacturer.
  • We use this for our catering business. Great quality.
  • This thing is darn awesome. It will keep items cool for a couple of days. It’s quality from top to bottom.
  • High quality and great design.

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In summary, this Igloo Glide Pro 110 Roller (EA) is the cooler for you if you need a big cooler on wheels…

This Igloo Glide PRO is a horizontal telescoping handle cooler that requires 50% less lifting effort. It features a 6-inch drain for easy clean-up.

Side latches allow the lid to be opened all the way. The soft-ride wheels make it easy to transport and the smooth ride makes it comfortable to pull behind you. Two handles allow for easy gripping of either side of the cooler.

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Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Igloo Cooler With Wheels!


  1. The Igloo cooler is easy to move because it comes on wheels and also has a well-designed handle that pulls out as a lever.
  2. This cooler is HUGE. The Igloo cooler has plenty of space and can hold a ton of stuff.
  3. The Igloo cooler with wheels is ideal for camping trips, festivals, sporting teams, fishing trips, and more.
  4. This cooler is top quality, tough, durable, and well worth the money.

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