Is iBUYPOWER A Good Brand? (10 Reasons Why iBUYPOWER Is a Good Brand)

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What Is The iBUYPOWER Brand Known For?

iBUYPOWER is an online retailer of custom-built desktops and gaming laptops. Their online store and forums have earned a reputation for being a go-to place for builders who want to make a powerful computer on a budget.

iBUYPOWER has been a favorite of gamers for over 10 years. Whether you’re building, upgrading or maintaining your system you can count on ibuypower to deliver innovative ideas that make PC gaming better for gamers the world over.

iBUYPOWER (Available at Amazon) also has a range of pre-configured desktops for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time choosing their components.

iBUYPOWER PCs are designed for gamers who enjoy the best gaming experience possible. Whether you’re into first-person shooter games like Call of Duty or strategy games like Age of Empires, iBUYPOWER has the right rig to help you experience the world of PC gaming like never before.

10 Reasons Why iBUYPOWER Is a Good Brand

iBUYPOWER (Available at Amazon) offers customized gaming PCs to fit all of your needs. Whether you’re a casual gamer or competitive, iBUYPOWER has you covered.

Their desktop computers are meticulously engineered with only top-notch components to provide a powerful gaming platform that’s also highly overclockable, depending on your budget.

Here are ten reasons why iBUYPOWER is a good brand.

1. Gaming Gear

iBUYPOWER offers a wide variety of gaming gear and accessories for all of your gaming needs. From computer mice and keyboards to headsets and controllers, iBUYPOWER has everything you need to game efficiently.

2. Performance

iBUYPOWER’s computers are designed with the best parts in order to maximize performance at affordable prices. iBUYPOWER carries the latest technology so that you can easily upgrade to the newest parts at any time.

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC, Intel i5-10400F 2.9GHz, GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB, 8GB DDR4, 500GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi Ready & Windows 10 Home (GXiVR8060A10)

3. Warranty

iBUYPOWER offers a one-year warranty on parts, labor, and shipping for all of its systems and peripherals. If something goes wrong before your warranty expires, iBUYPOWER will repair or replace it for free!

4. Virtual Reality Ready

iBUYPOWER computers are VR ready so you can easily enjoy virtual reality games as soon as your system arrives on your doorstep! You can pick from configurations such as the Intel Core i3 6100 dual-core processor, NVIDIA Geforce GTX

5. Customization

iBUYPOWER offers a lot of customization options so you can make your system look as unique and vibrant as you want. You can choose from different colors and graphics or upload your own image. There are also several ways to customize your rig, including through the brand’s website, phone, or email.

6. Pre-Built Systems

There are several pre-built systems available if you don’t want to go through the hassle of building your own. These pre-built gaming PCs feature top-notch components for performance, reliability, and stability. They are also available at an affordable price point; some even have free shipping with no minimum purchase required!

iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop TraceMR 224i (Intel Core i9-11900KF 3.5 GHz, GeForce RTX 3090 24 GB, 32GB DDR4, 1 TB SSD + 2 TB HDD, WiFi Ready, Windows 11 Home)

7. Top-of-the-Line Components

iBUYPOWER uses high-quality components in order to ensure that its products perform well under all circumstances. Each component has been tested extensively before being added into production, so customers can rest assured knowing they will get their money’s worth when investing in this brand’s equipment!

8. Affordable Gaming Computers

iBUYPOWER makes a very affordable gaming computer that is not only powerful but also affordable. Their prices are comparable to other companies, and they also offer a guarantee if anything goes wrong with your computer.

9. Variety of Products

iBUYPOWER offers a variety of different types of computers for all types of players. They make desktops, laptops, tablets, and notebooks for gamers who want to play games on the go. All their computers come with an LCD screen so that you can see everything on-screen while you play your favorite games.

10. Always Reliable

The company has been around for more than twenty years, and they have continued to grow over time. They have always been known for being reliable and making sure they give their customers

Let’s take a look at some of the best-selling iBUYPOWER products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

iBUYPOWER Value Gaming Series

The following Hoover product has an excellent 72% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Thanks to its 5th generation Intel Core processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT 745 graphics card, the Element Mini 9300 delivers desktop-grade performance in a surprisingly compact form for breathtaking gaming and HD entertainment.

The Elevate series features support for premium high-bandwidth memory which allows you to experience increased frame rates when compared to traditional DDR3 or DDR4 memory.

The Mini 9300 is the newest addition to the Element family, keeping our customers in mind by offering an affordable gaming PC that still packs a serious punch. The Mini 9300 delivers amazing performance in a small and attractive case that fits anywhere you need it to.

It features AMD’s next-generation APU technology, and an integrated Radeon graphics processor–capable of bringing the latest entertainment right to your living room. In addition, the case comes complete with 2 USB 3.0 ports for lightning-fast transfers and plenty of room for future upgrades.

Games look better than ever when played on the Mini 9300 using the popular DX11 API or even the newer DX12 API that is receiving so much attention in current game titles…


iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Element Mini 9300


iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Element Mini 9300 (AMD Ryzen 3 3100 3.6GHz, AMD Radeon RX 550 2GB, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 240GB SSD, Wi-Fi Ready, Windows 10 Home)

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The iBUYPOWER Element Mini 9300 features an AMD Ryzen 3 3100 quad-core processor which provides great value for money. This system also comes with a graphics card which is perfect for running most games at great frame rates. It is a fantastic system for anyone looking to game, or use it for work and browsing the internet!

  • The mini 9300 is a pint-sized gaming PC, ideal for desktop gamers looking to play on a powerful rig without the extra bulk of a full tower case.
  • This gaming computer features an Intel Core i3 Kaby Lake processor, AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card, 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 1TB hard drive.
  • The tower also includes Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity, which enable smooth online gaming and speedy file transfers while the headset port and front audio jacks provide convenient access to audio accessories.
  • These machines are ready to deliver high-performance, low latency gaming for not much more than the cost of a console.
  • The mini 9300 may be compact but it’s a small powerhouse that’s as at home playing games as it is producing them!
  • This gaming PC computer in a console-sized chassis is all about power at a fraction of the cost.
  • With AMD’s Ryzen 3 3100 as a processing backbone, you are going to be able to run any game currently on the market at great frame rates without having to spend big money for top-of-the-line hardware.
  • This system is capable of playing your favorite games, as well as doing pretty much anything else you throw at it.

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iBUYPOWER Entry Gaming Series

The following Hoover product has a good 68% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The iBUYPOWER Trace 4 9310 gaming computer desktop is built on a completely clean, liquid-cooled, and extremely quiet gaming PC platform. The interior case features a high-end CPU with an unlocked frequency multiplier, an advanced gaming motherboard with USB 3.0 support, dual graphics cards, over 15 GB DDR2 of system memory for blistering fast game performance along with 10,000 RPM Hard Drives to save all your favorite gameplay videos.

The Trace Series marks a major leap forward in gaming desktops. The new series ushers in the new age of superior performance, build quality and sleek aesthetics that all gamers and enthusiasts demand. Game on your terms with the powerful AMD FX-8120 octa-core processor, durability and killer looks of this high-end power gaming desktop.

The new line of Trace 9310 computers combines a stylish design, powerful performance, and great looks all into one incredibly affordable package. Designed with the gamer in mind, iBUYPOWER’s new Trace series combines everything you need for gaming in one machine…

iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Trace 4 9310


iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Trace 4 9310 (AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz, AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT 4GB, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 240GB SSD, Wi-Fi Ready, Windows 10 Home)

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The iBUYPOWER Trace 9310 is a mid-range gaming PC for all forms of gaming and multimedia applications. It is ideal for the gamer looking to get started at a budget price point.

  • The iBUYPOWER Gaming Computer Desktop Trace 4 9310 offers users an affordable gaming computer at an entry-level price.
  • It utilizes AMD’s combination of graphics and processing power to play the most demanding games, movies, and applications in amazing detail.
  • The Trace 4 desktop provides a solid gaming experience that’s ready to go straight out of the box!
  • Featuring the latest Intel Haswell 4th generation technology, this iBUYPOWER Gaming computer desktop is able to handle all of your gaming and multimedia needs.
  • The Trace 4 9310 is prebuilt and ready for the avid gamer or power user to get online, stream movies, edit documents, and more.
  • Designed for seamless multitasking with 8GB of RAM, roomy 1TB hard drive, and efficient video card that is able to run many games at 1680 x 1050 resolution at a high frame rate, and dual low noise fans.
  • With the iBUYPOWER Gaming Desktop Trace Series, you can play your favorite games with up to a 170% performance boost.
  • They feature high-end graphics options like Intel HD graphics with technologies such as Turbo Boost 2.0 and Intel Gigabit Ethernet, which will give you the tools to play the latest games in their full glory.
  • The Trace 9310 Series Gaming PCs put gaming and performance where it matters most: in the game.
  • The performance embedded in each iBUYPOWER system provides gamers with the necessary fire power to conquer any adversary or environment, whether you are a first-person shooter, real-time strategy, or massively multiplayer.
  • It is time to experience your game as it was meant to be experienced – with the clear advantage of iBUYPOWER.

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iBUYPOWER Premium Gaming Series

The following Hoover product has an excellent 74% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Element MR9320 Gaming PC by iBUYPOWER, a brand of Systemax, brings you a premium gaming-grade component that will be sure to take your gaming to the next level. The iBUYPOWER Element MR9320 has been meticulously put together by our experts to offer you a stunning graphics card, and the power that you need.

The iBUYPOWER Element gaming desktop computer delivers the power of a fully configured extreme gaming computer with all the perks in one affordable package.

The iBUYPOWER Element MR9320 is more than capable enough to handle some of today’s demanding games, along with having room for future upgrades so that you may never have to compromise on any quality features when you purchase this computer…


iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer


iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Element MR 9320 (Intel i7-10700F 2.9GHz, NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti 6GB, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Wi-Fi Ready, Windows 10 Home)

Click image to view on Amazon


The MR9320 is affordable, and made to go head-to-head with even the most costly competitors. Inside this incredible PC you’ll find a new CPU from Intel, graphics card from NVIDIA, and motherboard from MSI to power the latest games without breaking a sweat. These power-packed components work together with your Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 PC to give you performance unlike any other desktop around.

  • The iBUYPOWER Element MR9320 Gaming PC is built to be totally upgradable.
  • Every critical component, from the CPU and motherboard to the memory and graphics card, has been handpicked for a specific reason – to deliver unbelievable power in a small package.
  • The MR9320 features an Infinity M.2 Cooling Module that gives you an extra boost in power on top of its dual 120mm Red LED fans already included on the chassis.
  • The Element MR 9320 iBUYPOWER Gaming PC is a high-performance gaming system for hardcore gamers.
  • With this much power, you will be able to play the latest games for years to come.
  • The iBUYPOWER Element MR9320 is, by far, one of the most powerful gaming computers on the market.
  • This system is equipped with AMD’s fastest CPU… You will experience graphics and video playback like never before, especially when you use applications that support 4095 MB of video memory.
  • You will have a smooth gaming experience even if you run resource-demanding games or multiple applications simultaneously.

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Are iBUYPOWER Prebuilts Good?

Gamers love the above-prebuilt machine saying it is built with name-brand components and is cheaper than building your own.

iBUYPOWER pre-builts are amazing. When they say that the prebuilts are “plug and play”, they really mean it. All you have to do is plug in a monitor and turn on the PC and you have access to your desktop with all of your files and programs already there for you.

This brand delivers leading-edge technology in all their line of prebuilt gaming computers. They deliver the most power for your money and budget-friendly prices.

Every prebuilt computer we build is hand-assembled with the finest components to perform as soon as you unbox it.

Their very own technicians customize your gaming desktop or upgrade to exceed your expectations of what a gaming computer should be.

They come in different sizes depending on the configuration. It is possible to upgrade the computer if you have the skill.

iBUYPOWER gaming PCs are one of the best values on the market today. Their prebuilt PC experts spend countless hours researching, testing, and evaluating technology to bring you a system that’s just right for gaming.

iBUYPOWER won’t be beaten on quality or price!

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In summary, iBUYPOWER computers are a great choice for users who are looking for a machine that’s cheap, easy to use, and performs well.

The iBUYPOWER systems are hands down, the easiest way to get into the world of PC gaming. Whether you want to play, stream, or build your next amazing creation, their computers get you there for less.

Whether you modify them with a wide variety of easily interchangeable parts and accessories or just want to use the included components such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor; these machines were designed to give you the best experience possible without making it feel like a chore. Make life simpler with iBUYPOWER!

With Intel processors and AMD graphics, these desktops are able to handle all types of computing tasks, from gaming to photo editing.

iBUYPOWER desktop computers are often praised for their reliability, as many users report that their computers have lasted for more than 5 years, with little to no technical issues.

iBUYPOWER desktops have also been praised for their customization options since each model can be customized with different types and amounts of RAM, hard drives, CPUs, and operating systems.

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