14 Ways to Make Earbuds More Comfortable

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How to Make Earbuds More Comfortable?

You’ve probably had the experience of putting on a pair of new earbuds, only to find that they’re uncomfortable. The best earbuds should be comfortable as well as sound great, so we’ll offer some tips for making buds more comfortable, along with some recommendations for comfortable earbuds.

What Makes Earbuds Comfortable? There are a few reasons why earbuds might not be comfortable for you. One is the shape and size of your ears. Some people’s ears can be narrower or wider than a manufacturer’s default design.

Another is how the earbud’s ear tips fit into your ears; if the tips are too large, they can make the buds painful after wearing them for hours. If they’re too small, they can fall out while you’re listening to music or watching TV.

If you’ve ever had trouble wearing your earbuds because they were too uncomfortable, here’s how to make them more comfortable.

14 Ways to Make Earbuds More Comfortable

Earbuds may be the best way to listen to music on the go, but they aren’t always the most comfortable. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make them more comfortable to wear, from changing the way you insert them into your ears to using small pieces of cotton wool as earplugs inside the buds themselves in order to cut down on ambient noise and increase comfort levels at the same time.

You can always take them out once you’ve tuned in to your own music, but using them during the transition period will definitely help you get into it more quickly.

1. Invest in better tips

Most earbuds come with basic silicone tips that create a seal between your ear canal and the bud’s speaker. They do a decent job of keeping sound in and blocking out external noise, but they aren’t necessarily comfortable for everyone.

If you find regular tips uncomfortable or difficult to keep in your ear, try upgrading to foam or double flange tips. While they cost more than standard ones and may not last as long, they provide better noise isolation while being more secure and generally more comfortable than silicone tips.

Comply Foam Tips

These foam tips replace the stock silicone or plastic tips that come with most headphones and are designed to create a better seal against your ears than standard tips can provide. They’re very comfortable and will help keep your buds from falling out. Comply offers foam tips for various headphone models, as well as generic tips for other types of headphones (including wireless ones).

Replace the factory tips with something else

When you buy earbuds, they come with a set of tips that allow them to fit comfortably in most people’s ears. But everyone’s ears are different, so you might need a different size or shape to keep them from constantly falling out or feeling uncomfortably jammed into your head.

Try out different tip shapes (some have rubber stoppers for extra grip) until you find something that actually feels like it fits your ears properly and doesn’t slip out at the slightest movement of your head.

2. Check the Fit

Earbud fit is a subjective thing. Some people find that the default ear tips that come with their earphones work just fine, while others prefer to buy aftermarket accessories to help keep their earphones in place. There are also a number of accessories available that will help improve the fit of any pair of earbuds.

Since everyone’s ears are shaped differently, it’s important that you find the right type of accessory for keeping your earbuds in place.


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3. Try different sizes

Many earbud manufacturers provide multiple sizes of earpieces for their products. If you’re having trouble finding a comfortable fit, try using a different size. When possible, test out the different sizes before buying the product to ensure you get the best fit from the start.

Use the right size bud cover for your ears – Most people have different-sized ears, so one bud will always fit better than the other one. Match up the sizes using the provided covers — this will make them fit much better in each ear and stop them from slipping out so easily.

4. Put them on correctly

Earbuds are designed to sit in your outer ear, not your inner ear canal. To get them on correctly, angle them in toward your face and gently push them into place until they’re snug but not uncomfortable. You should be able to hear well enough without needing to jam them into your head.

5. Wear the cord behind your head rather than under your chin or over your shoulder

If you have long hair, this may not be an option, but if you can make it work, you’ll find that it’s much less likely to get caught on things and pull out one of the buds.


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6. Use hooks or wings

Use small pieces of cotton wool as earplugs inside the buds themselves in order to cut down on ambient noise and increase comfort levels at the same time. You can always take them out once you’ve tuned in to your own music, but using them during the transition period will definitely help with this process.

7. Make sure your buds are not too far inside your ears

They should just sit over your ear canal when they’re in place — they shouldn’t go too far into your head or they’ll be uncomfortable and start to hurt after

8. Convert over-the-ear headphones into in-ear ones

This is a relatively simple adjustment that can be done with little more than a pair of scissors and a sewing machine.


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9. Remove the wings

Many earbuds come with removable plastic wings that clip onto the stem to keep them in place better during activity. If your buds don’t come with wings, you can buy them separately (like these from Earhoox). But if you’re not wearing your headphones while moving around a lot, they might not be necessary — and they may make your ears feel sore if they’re digging into them at all.

10. Cushion them

Sometimes ear tips are just not soft enough for your ears. In that case, get some ear cushions from an electronics store. They’re usually made of a soft foam material that’s more comfortable than plastic.

11. Don’t share them

Ear wax is gross and can be harmful to your ears if you’re not careful about what goes in there. That’s why it’s important not to share your earbuds with anyone — even if they look clean on the outside, there could still be bacteria on them that could make you sick over time. Don’t lend them to anyone, no matter how much you like them or how trustworthy they seem!


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12. Wash your ears before using earbuds

When you put something in your ear, it’s a good idea to clean it first. The same is true for when you put something in your ear — like an earbud. Your ears produce wax and oil, so clean them before putting in an earbud so it doesn’t get coated with gunk.

Ear wax can build up on the surface of your earbuds, and it can also get stuck inside the earbud itself. To clean your earbuds properly, remove any removable parts (like foam covers) and use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the surface thoroughly.

To clean the actual buds themselves, use an orange stick or similar tool to gently scrape away any excess wax. You can also use the same orange stick to clean out the holes in your headphones.

13. Wash your earbuds (but don’t overdo it)

Earwax and oil can build up on your earbuds as well as in your ears. That’s why it’s a good idea to wash them occasionally. You can use soap and water or alcohol wipes to clean them thoroughly when they’re dirty or just give them a quick wipe with a paper towel after each use to remove excess oils from your skin.


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14. Replace old foam covers

Foam covers are great at keeping earbuds in place and dampening outside noise, but they don’t last forever. If your foam covers are looking worn and tattered, it’s probably time to replace them with fresh ones — especially if you’ve had them for months or years and have been using them every day. You don’t have to buy new foam covers from Apple; plenty of third-party options are available that work just as well.

In summary, Earbuds are great for listening to music and podcasts, but they can be a pain to wear. While in-ear headphones fit nicely into the ear canal, earbuds tend to slide around and fall out. They can also be uncomfortable due to their bulk or weight.

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