10 Cool Products That Will Keep Your Drinks Cold

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Keep Drinks Cold

If you love to entertain, you probably also love to entertain outside. Whether you’ve got a deck or a patio, a porch or a balcony, you might have even made the investment in outdoor furniture and grill equipment so that you can host the occasional party or barbecue on your own turf.

But no matter how comfortable your seating is, or how great the grill smells, nothing kills an outdoor party vibe faster than warm drinks.

You know what I’m talking about: that first sip of what was once cold beer or wine (or even soda, for that matter) that’s now lukewarm and disappointing. Sure, it’s better than no drink at all, but it’s just not quite as satisfying after a while.

And while there are plenty of ways to keep things cool when your guests are seated inside, it gets a bit more complicated when you’re sitting out of doors.

So let’s investigate…

10 Ways To Keep Your Drinks Cold Outside

In the summer, we all want to be outside enjoying the warm weather. But when trying to keep drinks cold outside, it can be a challenge. And no one wants a warm beer. We’ve got you covered with these 10 ways to keep your drinks cold outside.

  1. Freeze your bottles and cans before going outside.
  2. Keep your cooler in the shade, and cover it with a blanket if possible.
  3. Put ice cubes in ziplock bags and lay them on top of your cans or bottles for insulation that won’t dilute your drink as it melts.
  4. Use frozen water balloons instead of ice cubes — they’re easier to work with, and they won’t melt as quickly in the heat!
  5. Fill a bucket with ice and submerge your bottles or cans in it (with lids or tops off). This will help keep them cold while also keeping them dry — which can prevent rust or other damage to the cans or bottles themselves.
  6. Keep a separate cooler for drinks and a separate cooler for food to avoid cross-contaminating them if anything spills in either one; this is especially important if anyone has food allergies!
  7. Wrap your beer in wet towels before putting them in the cooler.
  8. Fill up a cooler with ice-cold water before adding your drinks to it.
  9. Put frozen metal plates in the cooler to keep it extra cold all day long.
  10. Use a plastic container to freeze water, or use something even more creative like a juice box. If you’re using a plastic container, try to use different shapes to provide variety. You can freeze water in muffin tins, paper cups, or even just pour ice cubes into Ziploc bags. Plastic containers are also good for freezing broth or juice as well as water if you want something more flavorful.

Below you will find products to keep your individual drinks cold or even a full workday supply such as insulated can holders, travel mugs, the half-gallon jug, mug cooler, and tumblers. As well as products for party occasions such as cooler bags, can coolers, party buckets, beverage tubs, and drink dispensers.

Without further ado let’s dive in and take a look at these 10 fab ideas for keeping your drinks cold…

Keep Drinks Cold With A Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler

Whether you’re tailgating, at a concert, or enjoying a picnic in the park, the Hopsulator can coolers keep your canned beverage ice cold without the messy condensation that comes from any ordinary neoprene can cooler.

This is an incredible product! If you are looking to keep your drink cold at the pool or the beach, this is it! I have let my drink sit in direct sunlight at the pool for 20-30 minutes at a time and it was still cold when I took a drink. I have since purchased more for family and for friends as gifts. Again, can’t recommend this product enough. You won’t be disappointed.

Each Hopsulator is double-walled stainless steel with an extra copper layer that keeps your drinks 20x colder than a standard neoprene can cooler so that your last sip has the same refreshing kick as the first.


BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Double-Walled Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler


BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Double-walled Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler for 12 Oz Slim Cans (Glitter Violet)
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Here Is What Consumers Said About How This Cool Product Kept Drinks Cold :


It Keeps Can Drinks Cold For Hours

Read the people. At the time of this , it’s at 93% five star. That’s almost unheard of on a product that has that many sales! I’d been waiting forever for someone to make one just for slim cans, and was so tired of makeshift workaround solutions. Keeps your slim can drinks cold 1.5-2hrs, no exaggeration.

  • This Hopsulator has kept my beer cold while I was outside today washing my vehicles for 2 hours while taking a sip here and there.
  • If it can keep it ice cold while it’s 75 outside I can’t wait to see what it’s going to do at the beach this summer!
  • Keep your drinks ice cold while looking stylish.
  • Does it work? You freaking bet it does.
  • Want to take an hour to finish your drink in the middle of July? Your last sip will still be as cold as your first one.
  • I get compliments on it every single time I use it and if I put my drink down, I know exactly which one is mine.

Like to keep your beer cold? Get this. Slow drinker but don’t want to let your friends on to how slow you’re drinking? Get this. Want your White Claw/Truly to stay as cold as it was when you took it out of your fridge? Get this. I kid you not this thing keeps drinks cold like that’s its job (because it is). Once I got mine and saw how effective it was, I decided all of my cold beverage loving friends and family will be getting one also.

  • Not only do they keep your drink very cold, but they also keep them cold for hours.
  • I’m sold! This container is simply amazing, it keeps my skinny cans COLD.
  • I’m talking 90 degrees in the sun outer part your hand is holding is warm to the touch and yet your drink inside is still COLD!
  • I didn’t need to drink fast to enjoy a cold beverage.
  • It really keeps your drink cold to the point of not even being sure that you are at the very end of your drink.
  • I have taken it out in the sun & the drink still stays cold a lot longer than without it.

Tired of endless searching for something to keep slim can drinks (Michelob Ultra, White Claw, Truly) ice cold? Search no more! The Brumate Hopsulator Slim is your answer! I own 3 of them in a variety of colors. It keeps my drinks icy cold for hours. Do yourself a favor and get one or two! Would make a perfect Christmas gift for someone. The color selection is amazing too.

  • It’s literally so awesome and so handy.
  • Cans are always cold to the last drop, and I’ve started to use mine as just a regular cup too.
  • It’s so pretty, sleek, and easy to handle.
  • I love them both so much I ended up buying one of each for two of my friends so they too can experience the awesomeness of cold beer no matter how long it takes you to drink just one.
  • It’s worth the money folks, worth the money.
  • I instantly took the Brumate Slim out of the box and have had a can in it for 3.5 hours currently and it is JUST AS COLD as when I took it out of the fridge!!
  • Keeps beverages cold for hours and hours.
  • This insulated can cooler has been great for many white claws and also terrific at keeping them ice cold!

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Keep Drinks Cold With The Half Gallon Jug:

The Rtic Jug is perfect for any occasion. From picnics to hanging out with friends, to hunting, camping, or just lounging around the house! This double-wall vacuum insulated water jug keeps ice for up to 24 hours, so you can always have cold beverages at your fingertips.

The Jug is lightweight, portable, and has a sleek design, making it the perfect bottle for the office, going to class or going on a hike.

No more mildewy water. Rtic Chill bottles are leakproof, condensation-free, odorless, stain-resistant, lightweight, and shatterproof.


Jug Half Gallon, Black

Jug Half Gallon, Black
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The RTIC Jug is the perfect size for any size thirst. With a half-gallon capacity, you can keep more beverages on hand and stay refreshed all day long. Its included handle is perfect for easy carrying and the leak-proof lid lets you transport it without spills or dribbles.

My husband was shocked when he opened this! He had no idea they made them this size. He’s been using it every day since he got it and really likes it. It keeps the water cold and it’s got a big enough opening at the top where he can refill it from our refrigerator. He says it’s easy to carry with the handle at the top and hasn’t had any issues with drinking from it.


  • I need to drink at least a gallon of water and this helps me do just that. Stays cold ALL day!
  • The design of this jug is perfect for easy travel, not too bulky.
  • I work for FedEx and needed something to hold a lot of water and keep it cold all day.
  • My husband loves to take this jug to work to keep his ice water cold all day long on the construction site.
  • The wide mouth is great for putting ice and fluids into the jug, for easy use.
  • Actually, put soda in mine & it stays fizzy and cold.
  • I used this for cold water and it was a relief to have working outside all day and to have ice-cold water.
  • This gallon jug stays ice cold all day, and then some.
  • I would even leave it in my car overnight and the water was still cold the next day

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Keep Drinks Cold With The 24-Can Cooler Bag:

The Bison SoftPak is the choice when long-lasting cold is a must. With nearly an inch of insulation, this beverage cooler keeps your drinks frosty cold for up to 24 hours in 120-degree heat! Perfect for picnics, beaches, parties, boating & wineries. Perfect for keeping food & drinks cool at sporting events.

The Bison SoftPak cooler is an innovative soft-sided beverage cooler, perfect for outdoor use wherever you plan to take your mind off the heat. With nearly an inch of insulation, this BPA-free cooler keeps your drinks frosty cold.

The variety of colors lets you match your favorite college team, favorite baseball team, favorite football team, favorite All-Star player, or just about any color scheme. The SoftPak has a YKK zipper that keeps cool air in and hot air out.


BISON COOLERS 24 Can Insulated Ice Chest Bag for Beer, Soda, Water or Lunch


BISON COOLERS 24 Can Insulated Ice Chest Bag for Beer, Soda, Water or Lunch | Tear Proof with 24 Hour Ice Retention | Includes 2 Year Warranty | Made in The USA
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The SoftPak is nearly an inch thick, which really helps it keep ice for up to 24 hours, whether you’re tailgating or fishing from the river’s edge. Each SoftPak fits a six-pack perfectly and keeps them frosty cold. With a tough rubber grip handle and a convenient shoulder strap, it’s easy to carry or hang from a boat or roof rack.

This is the real deal!! My husband owns a pool maintenance company in Dallas. Temps are in the high 90s and 100s. He needs A LOT of cold water. This bag is perfect. He packs water with ice at 5:30 am. It is 6:30 pm now, and water is still ice cold. Can’t recommend it enough!! Well worth the money, especially for daily use.

  • Just a few hand fulls of ice kept my sodas cold all day.
  • I was a little Leary about paying $99 for a cooler to take my lunch to work in but let me tell you it’s the BEST decision ever and by far the BEST cooker EVER!
  • It’s really cool because you can carry it cooler style or open it up for even more space and carry it tote bag style.
  • I only use one ice pack and my food and drinks stay cold my entire 12-16 hr shift!
  • There was even some ice left, and it had been on the beach from 1-5 the day before.
  • I filled a cooler at noon with a 7lb bag of ice, a 2.5-pound ice pack, and the contents were still cold after 20 hours.
  • It’s really a great cooler.
  • Definitely worth the money if you want drinks to remain cold with a minimal amount of ice.
  • It keeps everything cold for whatever event you’re going to use it for.
  • This bag keeps my beer cold and ice intact for the full 18 even after many openings and refills.

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Keep Drinks Cold With The Wireless Fast Charger Mug Cooler:

Keep your drink cool and ready with Nomodo’s Trio Fast Wireless Charger. They’ve designed this fast wireless charging pad with a smart cooling feature that keeps drinks cooler longer by removing excess heat from the charging pad. No more watered-down drinks at the end of the day.

Keep your drinks chilled with the built-in cooling pad while you charge your devices. All of that at the same time!

Keep your drinks colder, longer with Nomodo’s Trio. It boosts charging performance by up to 45% and is made of premium materials and craftsmanship, so you know it’s good. Drink your cold drink and charge your phone at the same time with Nomodo’s Trio – a true multi-tasker.


Wireless Qi-Certified Fast Charger with Mug Warmer/Drink Cooler


Wireless Qi-Certified Fast Charger with Mug Warmer/Drink Cooler | Nomodo
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The Nomodo Triple Gang is an extremely useful product, as it is a mobile phone desk and mobile device charging base. The product will initially fit most devices and fit devices over time with the ability to change the charging technology with a simple turn of a screw.

It is equipped with a cooling or heating option for beverages which will help maintain their temperature and since the product charges 3 devices, you are able to keep your devices powered throughout your trip.

The cooling function gets so cold you can actually see a layer of frost form on the cooling plate. Needless to say your drink stays ice cold when the device is used this way. I’ve actually stared bringing a large container of water into my office and pouring it from a double-walled container into this device’s cup to keep my drinks cold w/o having to go get ice from the kitchen.

  • I tried out the cooling element by placing a can of coke on it and I couldn’t believe how cold it kept even a full can.
  • This is the coolest thing I’ve ever bought.
  • I’m still baffled by how the cooling pad is able to get so cold that it develops frost on it – and it actually charges my phone faster than I expected it would.
  • I like this product. I use it mostly for cold beverages.
  • It keeps my drinks cold and takes them from a warm temp to cold in a matter of minutes.
  • I keep it by my bedside because I wake up in the middle of the night thirsty and it’s already cold and waiting for me.
  • Keeps my beers nice and cold during a long gaming session where I might not be able to drink anything for a bit.

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Keep Drinks Cold With The Insulated Party Bucket:

Now you can enjoy your party anywhere with Igloo’s new Party Bucket Cooler. This roomy cooler is specifically designed for in-home entertaining, game room, backyard parties, poolside, tailgating, and more.

It’s perfect for BBQs and more, thanks to the extra-wide mouth that allows you to reach inside easily. It will keep your beverages and snacks cold for up to 4 days – it will not “sweat” like unlined tubs.

With features like the fold-down tap dispenser with a bottle opener and sturdy carry handles, this roomy cooler is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.


Igloo 20 quart Insulated Party Bucket


Igloo Insulated Party Bucket, Black/Silver, 20 Quart
Click image to view on Amazon

Keep beverages cold for up to 6 hours with the Igloo Party Bucket Cooler. Ideal for in-home entertaining, game room, backyard parties, poolside, tailgating, and more. The snap-tight plastic liner is removable so you can wash it when needed. The durable foam insulation will not sweat like unlined insulated tubs. It’s the perfect ice bucket for your next party

This Party bucket holds ice for hours on end it seems like and it keeps the beer ice cold! Easy access to beer and easy to drain! No complaints here, as a matter of fact, we have 3 between our friends and us!!!!!

  • Deck party in 86 degree heat – ice barely melted.
  • Drinks/ice stayed cold for over 6 hours.
  • Thickly insulated keeping beverages icy cold, great size, beautiful color on the patio, can be used indoors if necessary.
  • It kept everything cold well overnight and ice still in there in the morning.
  • We used the same ice for two days as it stayed cold for more than 24 hours.
  • Works great and ice keeps water or drinks cold all day.
  • Really nice quality cooler bucket.
  • Keeps drinks cold and doesn’t drip condensation.

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Keep Drinks Cold With The Beverage Tub:

Built to last, the BirdRock Home Double Wall Beverage Tub will be a welcome addition to any home or entertaining space. It features a double-wall design that keeps your favorite drinks icy cold without leaving rings on your table or surface area.

The stainless steel beverage tub uses superior insulation and is finished with an attractive clear coat for added protection. With the BirdRock Home Double Wall Beverage Tub, you will always have a reliable ice bucket when you need it most.

Take your cocktail to the next level with the BirdRock Home Beverage Tub, a favorite among party hosts and guests alike. With a double-walled design, this serving tub is great for keeping drinks cold without having to worry about condensation dripping all over your tabletop. Boasting a heavy-duty handle and a classic shape, it’s a fun addition for any patio set.


BirdRock Home Double Wall Round Beverage Tub


BirdRock Home Double Wall Round Beverage Tub - Stainless Steel - Ice Bucket - Metal Drink Cooler - House Party - Handles Small Container - Small
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The BirdRock Home Double Wall Round Beverage Tub is an excellent addition to any bar, home, or party. It will keep your favorite beverage ice cold without sweating on the surface. This attractive outdoor beverage tub is constructed of high-quality 304 stainless steel and can hold up to 44 bottles of beer. The BirdRock Home Double Wall Round Beverage Tub will always be ready for use.

FANTASTIC!! Large enough to hold 6+ bottles of champagne and keep all if them cold for 3 days. What more do you want? Looks? Well, even though looks isn’t everything, this tub definitely has great looking, stylish looks that will fit in with any type of celebration albeit a wedding or the 4th of July. And the double walled construction absolutely prevents any outside condensation.

  • I just used this at a home party and it was filled with glass wine bottles, plastic containers of tea and lemonade, and water bottles for 6+ hours.
  • It kept the beverages ice cold with not a drop of condensation on the outside of the tub.
  • The beverage tub is one of the largest I’ve seen, which holds a whole lot of canned or bottled drinks and it will keep them cold for hours.
  • If you have large parties, this is a must-have.
  • This is a fantastic product and well worth the price!
  • The tub does not sweat or leak and keeps ice for many hours allowing drinks to stay cold.
  • Looks as beautiful as it works!
  • This is very classy ice or beverage container and perfect for large parties.
  • I kept it on our bar for a full day and the ice stayed just as cold as the ice in the closed cooler outside.
  • No watermarks on the granite countertops either.
  • I’m set for our next party.

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Keep Drinks Cold With The Travel Tumbler:

These stainless steel tumblers are a great gift for cyclists. The double-wall vacuum insulation prevents drinks from spilling, sweating or condensation is a problem as well as extreme temperatures. Insulating air between two layers makes it shatterproof and ensures drinks will not sweat with condensation outside.

Meway Double Wall Tumbler can keep beverages hot or cold for a dizzying amount of time. In the winter, it’s as good as a normal cup of coffee as far as being adequate to keep your employees warm enough. And in the summer, if you have ice cubes in your tumblers, ice would still be there after a few hours.

And the ergonomic handle design is very comfortable. Its stainless steel solid construction is durable to use with no worry for rust or chipping with daily washing.


MEWAY 20oz Tumbler 8 Pack Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug


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Stay cool all day with our MEWAY 20oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle. This bottle is double-walled, vacuum insulated to keep contents hot or cold, as well as non-spill thanks to the tightly locking stainless steel lid.

Keep on enjoying your favorite soda or water from morning until bedtime without worrying about extra calories from drinks that have been sitting out for a while.

The cup is light and easy to carry, good insulation and cold protection effect, ice water in the car for 4 hours still have ice, is an essential product for travel, exercise and fitness.

  • It is a nice Tumbler.
  • I really liked this mug. I got it for my wife and she simply loves the color.
  • The quality is pretty good and the double-wall vacuum insulation really keeps the beverage hot or cold.
  • I own an expensive YETI mug and I feel this is comparable to it quality-wise.
  • It keeps my drink cold for hours.
  • This has perfect dimensions to carry my favorite drink hot or cold.

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Keep Drinks Cold With The Drink Dispenser:

For parties and gatherings, the removable ice cone keeps drinks cold without watering them down. The embossed measurements on the side of the reservoir will help you mix your favorite beverage recipes.

Cold, refreshing drinks are now as easy as filling and placing an ice cone – thanks to our 2 Pack Cold Beverage Drink Dispenser. The unbreakable polypropylene construction is durable and BPA-free, and its narrow design won’t take up much room in your refrigerator or freezer.

The glass reservoir has embossed measurements on the side in liters and gallons to help you mix your favorite party drinks. The ice cone/straw is designed to fit through the opening in the lid which allows you to keep your beverages cold without diluting them.


2 Pack Cold Beverage Drink Dispenser Unbreakable 3.5 Gallon


2 Pack Cold Beverage Drink Dispenser Unbreakable 3.5 Gallon BPA Free with Ice Cone, Parties, Weddings, Catering, Events
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Simply add your favorite ingredients to the reservoir and serve in classic style with this embossed drink dispenser. Keeps drinks colder, longer thanks to a removable ice cone, and is BPA free. Ideal for outdoor entertaining or everyday use.

Bought these around June to use them for my brother’s party and they are HUGEEEE and fit so much. I highly recommend getting them if you are hosting a party and want to serve alcoholic beverages. The ice cone is a PLUS since it prevents your drinks from getting watered down when the ice is melting, but still keeps the drinks cold! I always get asked to bring them to parties since they hold so much liquid. I really like the clear part at the bottom because you add some decorations.

  • The ice tube really worked slick, keeping beverages cold without watering them down.
  • Great drink dispenser for parties.
  • I made a large quantity of Margarita after that everyone helped themselves.
  • They look great too!
  • These are the drink dispensers I have been looking for for years! They hold a large amount of liquid, are easy to assemble and clean, and don’t leak!!??

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Keep Drinks Cold With The Beverage Server:

The Carlisle LD250N03 Cateraide beverage server holds up to 250 ounces of your favorite hot and cold beverages. The double-insulated molded body of this Cateraide Beverage Server contains reinforced commercial-grade polyurethane insulation and an exterior jacket for superior temperature retention and extended hold times.

This beverage server includes a convenient condenser coil that automatically goes into defrost mode when the door is opened, keeping drinks hot or cold for hours.

Even more, the electronics used in this unit are designed for customer convenience and dependability, even under challenging conditions.


Carlisle LD250N03 Cateraide Insulated Beverage Server/Dispenser


Carlisle LD250N03 Cateraide Insulated Beverage Server/Dispenser, 2.5 Gallon, Black
Click image to view on Amazon

AMAZING! We use it at our tailgates when the weather is cold. It keeps the beverage piping hot all day, it’s seriously awesome. And practically indestructible!

  • Keeps my cold brew cold.
  • I loved how it kept my water and lemonade cold for hours!
  • Don’t look any further.. I bought it for a coffee business.
  • They’ve kept our beverages HOT for 4+ hours.
  • No problems with leaks like others have commented.
  • Seals are tight and removable for cleaning.
  • It LOOKS very professional.
  • The containers keep hot beverages hot for 5-6 hours with no problem.

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Keep Drinks Cold With The Ice Cooler Table:

The Vingli 4 Foot Party Ice Cooler Table is a portable yet sturdy table. Users can easily fold it down and carry it to the next party, BBQ, or another event. The Vingli 4 Foot Party Ice Cooler Table has a deep 3.5″ bin for ice that keeps items longer cooled and fresh.

Featuring a large ice bin, this table can help to keep food and drink colder for longer periods of time, preventing waste and ensuring that everything remains fresh.

The foldable design makes it easy to transport, carry and clean up. It features a unique ice-cooling system that utilizes the ice to keep products cool for longer periods of time.

VINGLI 4 Foot Party Ice Cooler Folding Table


VINGLI 4 Foot Party Ice Cooler Folding Table, Portable Tailgate Camp Fishing Cleaning Table, Plastic with Matching Skirt WhiteClick here to view on Amazon

The VINGLI ice cooler table is perfect for outdoors and large gatherings. It offers a very handsome design in a convenient size making it great for indoor and outdoor use including patios, picnics, lake houses, pool parties, barbecues, camping, or catered events. Perfect to use with but not limited to: soft drinks, water bottles, beer, sandwiches, etc.

My family loved everything about this purchase…the size was perfect (not too big/not too small); stores nicely away; easy to Serb up and also drain. We used this for our son’s high school graduation party and for a friend’s going away party. It’s been a conversation piece also…many want to purchase one for themselves!

  • It kept everything nice and cold and everyone thought it was really neat.
  • The table skirt was nicer than I thought it would be, it’s like a satiny material.
  • If you have any parties ever, you need this table!
  • It served the purpose and is a convenient way to keep items cold.
  • Easy assembly and keeps food or beverages cold for a long time and it looks nice!

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In summary, there are plenty of ways to keep your drinks cold this summer with the BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Double-Walled Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler probably being the most impressive as far as customer feedback is concerned if you are looking for an individual cooler with the Jug Half Gallon being an excellent choice for keeping your drinks cold at work.

For parties, the Igloo 20 quart Insulated Party Bucket would be our top pick depending on the type of party. The VINGLI 4 Foot Party Ice Cooler Folding Table would also be an excellent choice for parties also.

We also recommend the best… Portable Patio Cooler That Keeps Ice Cold and the best… Affordable Outdoor Cooler Tables