Best Heavy-Duty Cooler For The Money With Built-In Bottle Opener

Discover why Coleman is the best heavy-duty cooler for the money. It is very tough, has great capacity, outperforms other coolers, keeps ice, drinks, and food cold for days at a time, is ideal for camping, parties, picnics, and BBQs…

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The Coleman cooler also has an in-built bottle opener, a drain plug so you don’t have to tip the cooler up to drain the water (and have all the contents go everywhere), is the best beer cooler, has a latch on the lid to stop spillages and critters from getting your supplies!

…and is one of the best gifts you can give someone including yourself!

10 Reasons Why The Coleman Is The Best Heavy-Duty Cooler For Your Money!


Coleman Cooler | Steel-Belted Cooler Keeps Ice Up to 4 Days | 54-Quart Cooler for Camping, BBQs, Tailgating & Outdoor Activities

Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler with Bottle Opener

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Coleman 54-Quart Cooler for Camping…


Dollar For Dollar… Pound For Pound… One Of The Best Camping Products On The Market!


Wonderful product, Coleman really has the market cornered with their line of coolers. This is hands down the vest value for the money, the plastic ones are nearly as much, not nearly as rugged, or attractive, or insulated.

  • Best performing cooler I have ever used!
  • This is the best cooler/ esky I have ever used.
  • Best cooler ever made, I can remember having the green Coleman cooler growing up as a kid and it seemed like the cooler was with the family for a long time!
  • This is probably the best cooler I have ever owned. We had borrowed one from a friend and were so impressed we decided to buy one for ourselves.
  • The best cooler for the money.
  • We’ve owned lots of coolers in our lifetime being an avid camper but this one by far is the best cooler we have ever had.
  • This classic Coleman cooler is the best cooler ever. I recently took it on a road trip vacation, and this bad boy held almost all of its ice for over 7 days. Unreal!!
  • Hands down this is the best cooler I have ever owned.
  • Great Cooler! Looks nice and holds cold very well. This is probably one of the best coolers I have ever owned.
  • The best cooler made. I have every brand there are and I prefer this one over them all.
  • It’s been nice for the 3-day trips, holds ice, and looks good. This cooler is best for car camping.
  • Absolutely the best cooler we’ve had in recent memory.
  • We love this cooler! It is the best cooler I have ever owned!
  • Best cooler yet. No more plastic for me.
  • By far and away the best cooler that I have owned.
  • This is by far the best cooler on the market. It costs more, but you can’t do any better.
  • I highly recommend this product. Especially for you avid campers. It really is the best I’ve found.
  • These are some of the best coolers you can buy they lock down good and look great.
  • Coleman is the best brand cooler ever made!
  • This is by far the best cooler on the market today.
  • It is the best steel-belted cooler on the market and my husband was VERY pleasantly surprised.

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It Has Outlived And Outperformed A Dozen Or So Other Coolers!


Trust me, folks, I’ve beaten this thing up to heck and back on my camp trips and it has performed admirably. It can take a hit and keep on going.


  • This cooler outperformed 4 other brands on a 5-day camping trip in hot weather!
  • Love the vintage look & love its performance!
  • Best performing cooler I have ever used!
  • Timeless classic that performs great and is built to last.
  • We go on short and sometimes extended camping trips. Last year this cooler consistently outperformed our other plastic cooler.
  • Just a great cooler, solid buy, I love its looks and it performs!
  • Amazing durability, solid looks, and good performance.
  • The quality and performance of this cooler was EXACTLY as I hope for
  • And its performance was beyond our expectations!
  • I have had the identical cooler in the stainless finish for 17 years and it is still performing as new.

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It Definitely Keeps Food And Ice Cold Considerably Longer Than Any Other Cooler I Have Ever Used!


This cooler spent 5300 miles strapped to the front of my pop up campers storage tray. Exposed to the southwests 100 plus degree days. It was 114 degrees in Zion that year. This cooler kept ice better exposed to the elements than coolers I had inside my van during the trip. I left Yellowstone and didn’t add ice untill camping in Zion. Two days of traveling.


  • Two packs of block ice lasted for 7 days until it was completely gone. Drained the cooler once per day. A mix of being in the car and outside in temps from 50-70. Fantastic cooler.
  • We put a SINGLE bag of ice and some cooling blocks in this beast for a 4-day camping adventure and it still had ice in it at the end!!
  • Took this camping with temps in the upper 90s and “feels like” temps in the 100s and it held ice for several days!
  • We left it outside for 4 days and used it, opening and closing the entire time. It still had ice and was still cold.
  • I started the weekend camping trip on Friday morning getting home Monday morning and the cooler is still almost half full of ice. That’s incredible. 
  • It kept our ice from melting for almost three days in 100+ degree heat during a recent trip – that was impressive.
  • The first time camping with it, it held ice for around three days, with being opened about 20+ times a day.
  • Held ice for nearly 2 days at a time while strapped to a trailer exposed to the sun and heat on a cross-country summer trip.
  • After 4 days the original ice I put in it was still there when I came home. Yes, a lot of it was melted, but a lot of ice still remained, and all the rest of my food and drinks were still cold.
  • I bought this and took it camping over a five-day weekend in Florida, in July. It still had plenty of ice left in it when I got home!
  • Was not disappointed…… filled with 5 ice packs, food, and cube ice …… 48 hours later the food was colder than when I first put it in and 75% of the ice was still frozen.

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Great For Camping, Picnics, Or Events!


These days, we’re mostly car camping to get our toddler acclimated to the outdoor and sleeping in a tent. And this is a perfect car camping cooler. It holds what we need and keeps everything cool – while also doubling as a nice prep area for mealtime.


  • We still use the 1st one but it’s on my husband’s work truck and this one we got for camping and nice events.
  • It will keep ice in the original form for days if you don’t bother it. When camping we keep it in the shade under the camper awning and it will keep our drinks cold for days. 
  • We just took it camping for 4 days and never had to replenish ice, even though we were in about 95-105 degree heat, with VERY little shade. We were camping with about 15 other people and everyone else kept having to run back into town in order to keep their food cold!
  • Retro-style cooler that’s great for camping.
  • We use it for camping trips. It’s been great, hold the items cold and ice does not melt for a long time.
  • Bought this for Jeep camping and for the price, there is nothing more durable and capable on the market.
  • Like all other Coleman products I use regularly, this one meets all expectations for camping and fishing. The ice lasts for days.
  • This cooler is best for car camping.
  • Super cool cooler. I get compliments on it every time I camp. And can hold ice decent.
  • I just got back from a week-long camping trip. Used this cooler for meat, worked great. Froze a milk jug of water after seven days in cooler it was still partially frozen.
  • Invest in quality & you will be rewarded with ice-cold drinks/food! Bought this to store food in for camping.
  • Opened it at least a dozen times in 12 hours & the next morning meats were still frozen & ice intact, hardly melted.

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Fabulously Retro Cooler And Yet, Amazingly Tough!


If you want a sturdy cooler built with premium components that keeps your food and drink cold for more than a couple of days, this vintage-styled Coleman is worth checking out.


  • This is one tough cooler. I can sit on it without the fear of the lid bending.
  • However, it is built like a tank with tough metal components and hard shell, and it does keep things iced for at least 3 days (dependent on usage).
  • It is tough enough to handle use and abuse during road trips and is a welcome addition to my hurricane season preparedness equipment.
  • These Coleman coolers are tough and last. Keeps my camping food colder longer and I like the nostalgic look of them.
  • The Coleman steel cooler is an excellent choice if you wanttough reliable cooler. 
  • It’s is lightweight, durable, and very roomy. Such a great purchase.
  • Very durable. Took it on a backcountry road trip over tough terrain.
  • Amazing durability, solid looks, and good performance.
  • Everything about this cooler is quality. Old school and functional! Durable for the outdoorsman!
  • This particular cooler is in the Coleman durable tradition.
  • Takes a beating and is built to last, seems just as solid as my dad’s old one from the 1970’s that he still uses today.
  • I would definitely recommend this to you if you want a cooler that can take a bit of a beating, not like one of those plastic or Styrofoam-type coolers that you’ll just have to replace eventually anyway.

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The Coleman Is A Great Beer Cooler!


I deemed the 54 quart to be of substantial size based on the “85 can capacity” that is listed in the description. I love that Coleman knows their customers and knows we will want to know how many beer…I mean soda cans, that the cooler can fit.


  • Great! Fits a lot of food/beer (think +48pack beer + a full compliment of hotdogs for 12 people and condiments) + ice
  • It got the job done, and my beer also stayed ice-cold until the 4th day. 
  • Room to spare after storing food and beer needs for a family of four for three days. Everything was still really cold at the end.
  • A little piece of nostalgia sitting on my front porch, a la Walt Kowalski. Holds plenty of beer, keeps it cold using one half-block of ice which lasts 4 days in the Oregon high desert this time of year.
  • Did a good job of keeping 1 1/2 cases of bottled beer cold during Labor Day weekend.
  • This here keeps my silver bullets cold as the Rockys for days on end. An outdoor beer enthusiast’s best friend.
  • It fits nicely in the back of my Ford Escape and has more than enough storage space for meats, cheese, bread, yogurt, fruit, beer, and ice. I can stock it with enough food for a 3-5 day trip easily.
  • We used it as our beer cooler and it did great. Kept everything very cold, there was always lots of ice in it every time we checked it, and it fits a ton of beer.

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It Keeps All Of Your Food Cold For Days!


Sturdy enough keep in the middle of the van for extra shelf or sitting space while eating and big enough to hold multiple days worth of food for the family trip.


  • I am confident even til the 5th day, there would have been enough ice to keep food fresh and cold (especially as the food stash dwindles down over the days).
  • Kept the food really cold on my 8 days of camping.
  • I’m a full-time Vanning traveling the western US and keeping my food cold for a few days is totally necessary. 
  • It stood up to my son jumping on it, kept the food cold just as long, great product!
  • I would highly recommend this cooler to anyone looking for something that will actually keep their food and drinks cold for days.
  • Deep enough if you are like me to put containers that hold fresh foods without contaminating with melting water.
  • This cooler with ice added every other day kept food really cold on a 6-day drive. Really well insulated and solid.
  • We love this cooler. Ice stays frozen longer and food stays cooler longer. We take it on long trips. You can put so much in it.
  • After borrowing one of these last summer for a camping trip, we were astonished at how many days it kept our food chilled compared to our regular cooler.
  • Space inside easily holds wine and soda bottles and many layers of Tupperware. All food remained at a great temperature. 

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A Cooler With A Latch To Secure The Lid!


I like the way the lid latches, it holds firmly and I do not worry about it spilling open in a car, or having small critters get into it at night while camping.


  • Hinges are metal and it has a latch installed on the lid to assure it closes well and not comes open while in the back of a truck or a boat.
  • Bonus point for the locking latch. You’ll appreciate that when you drop the cooler and it rolls off the trail and down the hill but all of your chow stays locked inside.
  • The metal latch is a major plus, as this cooler will do most of its duty for me riding in the back of a side-by-side.
  • Love that there is a lock/latch on it. Keeps animals out while camping.
  • First-rate construction, a latch that actually secures the lid and it really keeps things cold!
  • The best thing is the latch. The new coolers without a latch are so difficult to open. This is the perfect solution.
  • Handles are very strong. I like the latch too just the ones we had on my family camping trips a long time ago!
  • Brings back old memories, good quality, has metal hinges and latch.
  • Also, love the latching lid, makes it much easier to keep the ice from melting.

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This Cooler Has A Drain At The Bottom – Empty Water Easily Without Tilting The Cooler!


The spout at the bottom is amazing for draining it. No need to tip it over to drain.


  • This cooler also comes with a drain at the bottom, which is great when you want to empty out the water without having to tip over all the stuff you have inside.
  • A channel inside that allows water to drain without tilting.
  • Very easy clean up, thanks to a drain on the bottom.
  • There’s even a recessed channel in the bottom to allow the water to drain out without needing to tilt the cooler.
  • Love the drain has a bit of a gully in the bottom of the cooler to help direct the water out.
  • The container itself easily drains and wipes out.
  • I like that you can drain the cooler without tilting one end.
  • The handles and latch all seem very sturdy and it has a drain plug, which is nice.
  • I love the steel on the outside, convenient drain plug, and matches all your Coleman things.
  • Thick insulation and convenient plug for water to drain

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Great Gift Idea For Weddings, Christmas, Birthdays, Fathers Day, Housewarmings, Graduations, Or Any Outdoorsy Person!


This is the second cooler that I have given as a shower gift to new couples. The first one was given several years ago, and every time those two hold a party, I see this cooler put to good use. And it still looks brand new. The size is perfect. It holds so much stuff, and it looks attractive, no matter where you set it up.


  • gift to bring a smile to my wife. She keeps it in the back of her station wagon.
  • I received this as a Father’s Day gift and couldn’t be happier!
  • Bought a few as gifts. Great pricing
  • A high school graduation gift for my son for his 5-day road trip up the California coast.
  • I got this as a gift for my boyfriend before a backyard bbq party and loved it.
  • Bought it for my husband got our tenth anniversary (tin gift).
  • This was a gift for my hubby. I had to hide it for a month! It was SO hard but so worth it to see the SMILE on his face! He says he is gonna keep it till he dies!
  • Oh my goodness this was a good gift, got lots of praise over this one!
  • I ordered one as a wedding gift and one for me! It’s a throwback to the Coleman cooler my parents have had since the 1960s. They still use it!
  • Got this as a gift for my sister and her husband.
  • It was a gift for a newlywed outdoorsy couple. They loved it.
  • My son LOVED his Birthday gift.
  • I decided to buy it for my parents as a gift. It has lasted over 14 years and still works fantastic!
  • Son-in-law loved it, was his Christmas gift.
  • I wanted a gift that would last the lifetime of a marriage. It will be there for parties and campouts, always making memories of the years.
  • We just gave it to a young couple for a wedding gift, I know they will enjoy using it also!

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In summary, the Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler for Camping, BBQs, Tailgating & Outdoor Activities is built to last and you don’t have to handle it with kid gloves.

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It performs better than most other coolers in all areas such as keeping your food and drinks cold for long periods of time and has great capacity.

The latch on the lid is perfect for the traveler. No more worrying about spillages if it rolls over or if you drop it and because the lid locks no curious critters can break into it at night either.

The Coleman cooler has a beautiful retro look and is the best heavy-duty cooler for the money!

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