Best Air Purifier Heater Combo (8 Reasons Why Dyson Is Top Pick)

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The Dyson Pure Hot is an air purifier, space heater, and oscillating fan combo that cleans your air just like any other air purifier while heating or cooling it at the very same time.

Now you don’t have to buy a cooling fan, space heater, and air purifier separately as this device has them all!

Watch The Short Video Introduction of The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

With this machine, you can have year-round air purification while staying warm in winter and cool in summer. A remote control, a very easy-to-use phone app, temperature control, auto mode, and super quiet – this air purifier has it all…

8 Reasons Why The Dyson Pure Hot Is The Ideal All-In-One Device For Air Purification, Heating, And Cooling!

The product is amazing…. simply the best, and quietly efficient! I live in the Arizona Desert and deal with the fine dust of Scottsdale… Since I’ve set up this Dyson Tower fan with Hepa filter, I literally can’t feel the dust in my lungs, and can not see it accumulating on the wood floor. Amazing… I’m sorry I didn’t buy this earlier.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater + Fan – HEPA Air Filter, Space Heater

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater + Fan - HEPA Air Filter, Space Heater and Certified Asthma + Allergy Friendly, WiFi-Enabled – HP04

Here Is What Consumers Said About The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier:

  • This is by far the best air-moving air purifier I have ever purchased.
  • I purchased the extra filter(s), but I likely won’t need them for months, but was well worth it as this is the best fan I have ever purchased!
  • This fan was the best purchase ever and in my opinion WAYYY better than the Dyson tower fan! It blows the airway better and filters everything that may have a smell (perfumes/sprays) effectively. Worth every single penny!
  • It has been one of the best purchases I have ever made and has allowed me to get off allergy medications. I currently own 3 different Dyson purifiers and my friends and family have joined Dyson as well.
  • Best purchase ever!!! I’ve been eyeing this guy for a while and finally got it! I’m so glad I did!! It was worth the price.
  • Do yourself a favor and forget the price and just buy it. It’s the best on the market and your health is worth it.
  • Best fan/air purifier I have ever had!
  • Probably the best item I have ever purchased. Immediately improved my ability to breathe.
  • This is the best air purifier– for all it purifies, and the air quality information it provides.
  •  Best purifier I’ve ever bought!
  • It’s a good buy… the best investment for children’s health.
  • This purifier is THE purifier and worth every cent.

I Love This Heat And Cool Dyson… It Helps To Clean The Air And Keeps Me And My Pet Warm In The Freezing Winter!

We bought it as a temporary heating source for our four-season room until our mini split is installed. Our room is 12’ x 16’ and this heater keeps the room toasty and warm. I always say you get what you pay for. I’m not sorry I bought this heater.

  • The heat feature is amazing and does take the chill out of the room without it being so overwhelming.
  • OMG WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! So quiet and effective. I absolutely love it. It heats up a room in the basement.
  • It heats the room quickly, and I expect it will do the same with cooling the room in the summer.
  •  The heater also keeps the room at a comfortable temperature without making it too hot. Auto mode negates having to turn the heat on and off.
  • It has a choice of blowing purified air with or without heating, which is nice in the morning when it is chilly. 
  • Very quiet and it’s very good at heating a big room too.
  • I only use the unit intermittently presently to warm up a room at night when I’ve been gone all day at work.
  • The heat setting is nice too. Heats up quickly and cools down quickly.
  • It heats up my living room quickly, and satisfyingly.
  • The heating feature works great! A ton of nice warm airflow, with great Volume to balance even a large room to perfection.
  • In the winter we keep the heat set to our desired temp to keep the room warm enough at night.
  • I have mostly used this as a heater, and it works great for that function. It heats the whole room to the temperature that I set it to, and is very consistent.

Helps To Clean The Air And Keeps Me Cool!

Keeps my apartment nice and cool, will see how long I can have it without using my air conditioner. Had it on 5 during the 80+ degree weather the other day and it was nice and cool.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater + Fan - HEPA Air Filter, Space Heater and Certified Asthma + Allergy Friendly, WiFi-Enabled – HP04

  • Although these don’t actually cool the air (not an AC or Swamp cooler), they do circulate the air effectively and it keeps the temperature down in the rooms they’re used in
  • I can turn on the machine and get the room warmed up or cooled down depending on the season.
  • Purchased specifically for air filtering and to help cool a room without ac. So far I really like it and it’s held up well.
  • I put it right in front of our ac vent and this thing helps circulate the air enough that it actually cools down the room.
  • A very good machine I love it the cool air actually cools down my room.
  • I use it to cool my living room which has cathedral ceilings and a loft and my kitchen I’d say it’s about 800-1000 sf. Having been living and working and existing in my home this whole time I think it’s wonderful.
  • Fantastic air purifier! The fan doesn’t cool much, but it does blow air at a decent rate so it does provide a cooling effect.
  • I like the dual directions it has. It also keeps my place pretty cool and at full speed, it’s still very quiet.
  • It is simple to use and puts out a cool breeze (when not in a heat setting). That is perfect for me.
  • I bought this fan/air purifier (overseas in South Korea) to help cool a room and clean allergens (pollen) from the space. 
  • In warm weather, it blows purified air to cool you down. Note that this is not an air conditioner so it doesn’t physically cool the air, but it is able to move a lot of air around a room to get a great flow of (clean) air.

I Can Literally See A Graph Of My Air Quality Which Keeps Me Constantly Updated On How Things Are Going!

I’ve been so knowledgeable about my air quality since I got this air purifier. It lets me know the quality of my air immediately.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater + Fan - HEPA Air Filter, Space Heater and Certified Asthma + Allergy Friendly, WiFi-Enabled – HP04

  • The air quality for me to breathe in the room has increased tremendously. I cannot express the relief I have had.
  • We love that it has an app we can see the air quality and temperature. 
  • I like the design and information panel that shows air quality. The iOS app is great. I can control all functions from the app.
  • It also connects to the Dyson app, which is useful for seeing graphs of the air quality in the room.
  • The price is pretty high, but overall the improved air quality is worth the investment.
  • In the past 24 hours of use, it has made an incredible difference in my apartment’s air quality.
  •  The data that the app provides is fascinating – and being able to graph air quality, temp, and humidity in my bedroom is interesting to me.
  • I love the auto air purifier option with all those bells and whistles on the app monitoring air quality and all. 
  • It gives you real-time reports on indoor and outdoor air quality, as well as temperature, humidity, and filter life. Pretty intelligent!
  • This fan is excellent. It filters the air as it is working. It gives you a readout on the screen of the air quality in your home. 
  • The immediate feedback on air quality is very reassuring.

The “Auto Mode” Is Great Because The Purifier Will Go Up And Down Based On The Air Quality – And You Can Watch It On Your Phone!

I really love that it auto-detects toxins in the air. It can be a bit sensitive to things like super glue, but overall I like knowing that my sleeping and work space is staying allergen free, especially as I decatify my apartment.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater + Fan - HEPA Air Filter, Space Heater and Certified Asthma + Allergy Friendly, WiFi-Enabled – HP04

  • I usually just keep it running on “Auto” mode.
  • We keep this on the auto setting and it is very sensitive and cleans the air nicely.
  • Have had this fan running on auto for months now. Appreciate the app to control the fan and check on the filters.
  • We keep it on auto and the fan will adjust speed based on air quality.
  • The machine then automatically monitors air quality and temperature and shows humidity levels switching off and on adjusting the airspeed and purifying until good air quality levels and the set temperature are maintained.
  • I have preferred to leave my unit on auto, and just set the temp where I like it.

It’s Easy To Use And Does A Fantastic Job Providing Temperature Control!

This is a really nice offering from Dyson, and it has come in handy. It is incredibly easy to assemble, the filters pop into place and the covers go over them with a click. The fan stands about two feet tall and has a footprint similar to a can of paint. From there, it’s as easy as turning the unit on and setting your comfort level.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater + Fan - HEPA Air Filter, Space Heater and Certified Asthma + Allergy Friendly, WiFi-Enabled – HP04

  • You can feel the difference in the air and it’s easy to control the settings from your phone, controls everything setting except the heat setting which is safe!
  • Works as advertised, easy setup, a nice fan feature, and the app makes the scheduling of run
    times ultra-easy.
  • Excellent product and easy to use. The app could use a few additional features. GREAT integration into Alexa Routines.
  • Easy to use and set up… quiet and great design. The filters feel really solid and well-built too.
  • The unit is very easy to use and I like the internet connectivity to control and monitor the status.
  • Awesome! Super easy to use, warms up bedroom quickly.
  • We are very happy with this air purifier heater combo. Easy to control with remote, Alexa, and app. Cooling fan, heater, and air purifier.
  • The app on the phone makes it easy to understand what percentage of life is left in the filters.
  • I set this up with Alexa and it was very easy to set up, and works with Alexa great!

A Great Fan At Night Keeps The Air Circulating Without Noise And Really Helps Me Sleep Better!

Somehow my bedroom always has the wrong temperature at night. Too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer. I’ve relied on an array of appliances to stay comfortable: an air purifier, a fan, and a space heater. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, and Heater + Fan have replaced all of them.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater + Fan - HEPA Air Filter, Space Heater and Certified Asthma + Allergy Friendly, WiFi-Enabled – HP04

  • With pollen being so terrible right now, this has been amazing to sit in the living room during the day and in the kids’ bedroom at night. I am really happy with this fan.
  • It’s also dramatically quieter than my other fans, given its performance, and it has 10 levels of fan speed.
  • This lets it step down enough at night so that you can sleep in a very light breeze and not wake up feeling like you’ve been sanded down.
  • It’s so quiet in night mode that I sometimes think it’s turned off.
  • I put this baby into the greenhouse in early May. It kept the temp at exactly 50 degrees all night long, even when it dropped down to the ’20s outside. 
  • As it’s automatic I didn’t have to worry about it overheating during the sunny daylight hours. After a month of effortless greenhouse temperature control, it has finally moved back into my office.
  • Night mode is useful if used in a bedroom because it will continually monitor the air quality but the fan speed will not go higher than 4 to avoid disturbing the human’s sleep. But even on the highest fan speed of 10, the unit is still quite quiet.
  • At night or in sleep mode it is super quiet. You also get built-in air monitoring and a filter life percentage to boot.

It Can Oscillate And Blow Backward And Forward!

The remote is nice, the app is easy to use and the oscillating features are awesome. I usually leave the speed at 4 out of 7 or even 5 out of 7.

Once you hit 6 or 7 speed it turns into a normal fan in that you can hear it pretty loudly (but no more so than any other fan). And of course, what is amazing is that it also acts as a HEATER. I love this feature, just one less device I need in the house.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater + Fan - HEPA Air Filter, Space Heater and Certified Asthma + Allergy Friendly, WiFi-Enabled – HP04

  • Sure it is also a heater, has reverse flowability, oscillates, and has smart features. I like all of these features but for me, it is an Air Purifier at its core. It does this very well.
  • The ability to project air out and around a room to create air flows that bring air contaminants to the filter is a great concept that I haven’t seen in any other air filter.
  • Dyson purifying fans and heaters have Air Multiplier™ technology and 350° oscillation, to project air around the whole room.
  • This is an oscillating fan–the loop rotates up to 350 degrees, and the fan generates over 77 gallons per second of airflow in rooms up to about 290 square feet in size.
  • The Dyson app makes it so easy to control the oscillation, fan speed, air direction, etc, and informs air temp, humidity, and air quality in the room.
  • I do like the multiple-degree choices for selecting the spread of the oscillation feature. Just scroll thru the Off, 45, 90, 180, and 350-degree options.
  • The fan oscillates 45, 90, 180, or 350 degrees. And, air can be directed out the back, if desired.
  • This oscillating fan contains an air purifier, air quality sensors, remote control, LCD display, WiFi, and an interface to smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa.
  • The extra features of stylish design, air purification, oscillation, remote control, air quality monitoring, and Amazon Alexa control make this machine more of an essential element of any room. It’s really a fan of the modern age.

Quick Overview Of Facts

  1. A best air purifier heater combo is a device that combines an air purifier and a heater into one unit.
  2. It is designed to provide both air purification and heating in one compact device.
  3. The air purifier component of the device uses a filter to remove dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne contaminants from the air.
  4. The heater component of the device uses a fan to blow warm air into the room.
  5. The best air purifier heater combo units are typically more energy efficient than separate air purifier and heater units.
  6. They are also more cost-effective, as they require fewer components and less maintenance.
  7. The best air purifier heater combo units are typically easy to install and use.
  8. They are also often equipped with features such as timers and adjustable settings to customize the air purification and heating performance.

How does the Best Air Purifier Heater Combo work?

The Air Purifier Heater Combo is a combination air purifier and heater that works to clean the air in your home while providing a comfortable temperature. The air purifier works by drawing in air from the room and passing it through a series of filters. The filters remove dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne particles from the air. The air is then heated or cooled depending on the thermostat setting.

In summary, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater + Fan is a very clever all-in-one oscillating fan, space heater, and air purifier. It gets very positive reviews and ticks all of the important boxes such as being a portable, air purifier for assistance with allergies, asthma, smoke, pets, mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, germs, fumes, pollutants, and chemical odors.

The ability to provide heating while at the same time removing all of the allergens from the air and to also act as an oscillating fan while also cleaning your air is amazing.

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