What Are The Best Happy Lamps? (Perfect Mood Lights – Better Sleep)

Best Happy Lights

Discover the best happy lamps for seasonal depression, better sleep, and renewed energy. Also known as SAD Therapy Lamps and mood lights these products really help…

Happy Lamps are the perfect mood light for your bedroom. It’s an aesthetic upgrade to your bedside table or desk and helps you get better sleep. The Happy Lamp produces a restful light that changes mood and atmosphere with just a touch, creating the perfect setting for any room in your house.

These bedside lamps also offer so much more than just mood lighting – it’s actually designed to help you have better sleep!

The Happy Light lamp uses energy that emulates sunlight to produce happy, healthy moods. It takes much less energy to produce light than it does to heat or cool your home (75% less).

It’s designed for people who have symptoms of winter blues, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and negative feelings related to the lack of sunlight in colder months.

The unique combination of specific wavelengths of cool blue light helps the brain to naturally produce melatonin; a hormone that regulates the body clock. Melatonin is used by the body to control biological rhythms such as sleep patterns, and body temperature. It also helps control appetite

The Happy Lamp blends a sleek design with effective therapy using the latest advances in LED technology. It shines a soft white light that mimics natural outdoor daylight and creates an uplifting, energizing environment for better sleep and relaxation.

Get Your Happy Back With The Best Happy Lamp For Seasonal Depression And Insomnia

The Day-Light Classic is the first and only full-spectrum light therapy lamp to provide broad-spectrum UVA, UVB, and natural blue/violet light needed for effective treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Seasonal Pattern Affective Disorder (SPAD), most depressive disorders, and other mood disorders.

Day-Light Classic Bright Light Therapy Lamp is the ORIGINAL bright light therapy lamp that mimics the action of sunlight on your skin. This clinically proven, non-invasive alternative to UV light is designed for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as well as those who wish to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails by increasing vitamin D and serotonin levels.

Available in a variety of sizes, it’s the ideal tool for anyone afflicted with SAD or any person who is feeling a little under the weather…


Day-Light Classic Bright Light Therapy Lamp – Sun Lamp Mood Light


Day-Light Classic Bright Light Therapy Lamp - Sun Lamp Mood Light - 10,000 LUX Daylight Lamp
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What Consumers Said About This Happy Lamp For Seasonal Depression:


This SAD Lamp Will Help You Get Your Happy Back

This Day-Light Classic device is a large, full-spectrum light therapy lamp with “classic” styling and a built-in timer for better use and less eye strain. The integrated timer (5, 10, 20 minute maximum settings) turns the Day-Light on automatically at the beginning of your sessions. Not only will your light therapy sessions be more productive, they’ll also be easier to schedule (no more sitting in front of the bright light for as long as you can spare!).

  • This light made a believer out of me.
  • I joke around and call it my happy lamp.
  • The difference is unbelievable.
  • I turn it on every day first thing in the morning and I’m good to go.
  • It made me happy for sure.
  • The effect that this simple little device has had on me has been tremendous.
  • After one use, we felt better; after one day, we felt normal; and after one week, we felt great. Actually happy again, the way we are in the summer.
  • Thank you to all of the people who took the time to write on this product. It helped me take the plunge and now I’m SAD-free! Happy Day-Lighting everyone.
  • SADS light makes me happy.
  • This light really helped our daughter who lives in Vermont. She is now a happy person and uses it daily.
  • I have been using my DL930 Day-light SAD lamp for about a month and I am extremely happy about how good I feel.
  • For the first time, I can actually say I am happy in the winter.
  • I was doubtful but after just a few sessions I was feeling so much better.
  • If you have trouble feeling happy and energized on gloomy days and need your sunshine, this is the light for you.

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My Seasonal Depression is 99% Gone Using This Happy Light

The Day-Light Classic is the lamp widely prescribed by doctors for SAD and recommended by leading integrative health authorities like the Chopra Center, Whole Foods, and Prevention Magazine.

Exerting energy that is similar to bright sunlight but which does not cause harmful UV rays, our Daylight Classic offers an effective solution for SAD sufferers and can be used to alleviate depression, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, and jet lag…

Seriously as someone who has had severe seasonal depression my whole life, I can’t describe what a great product this is…

  • So I’m saying, yes, if you have seasonal depression and you’re looking to avoid going on meds, take a chance and first try this.
  • Give it a good 2 weeks though. It’s not a miracle but that heavy cloud of depression won’t be there anymore.
  • I highly recommend this for anyone who is dealing with depression, whether or not it has anything to do with the seasons of the year!
  • I have severe Seasonal Affective Disorder. If it’s cloudy and not raining, I get almost suicidally depressed. But this lamp simulates sunshine so well and has a light that fills my whole room, that cloudy days are no longer a problem for me. I just switch it on and the room is filled with joy.
  • From the first day of using this light, after 30 minutes the feeling of morning fuzziness is completely and consistently taken away.
  • This light really works. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. My psychiatrist suggested I get a therapy light rather than take meds.
  • Finally, this fall I bought the “daylight” and it rocked my world!
  • I purchased this for my 16 yr old daughter who has anxiety & depression and was recently diagnosed with SAD.
  • I noticed an improvement the very week she began using it. Her spirits were most definitely lifted. This is her best winter yet!
  • I’m talking about measurable improvements, like better school attendance and better ability to focus on homework.
  • It started working almost immediately! In three to four days, I started feeling better – and with consistent use, within a week, I was absolutely symptom-free!
  • I’ve had this product for about four years now and have had no problems whatsoever.
  • I’ve pushed this product on my friends that suffer from SAD and they all rant and rave as much as I do.

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The Best Light Therapy Lamp You Can Buy

The Day-Light Classic is a well-designed light therapy box proven to alleviate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as well as improve your overall mood and energy level.

The full spectrum light emitted by this device has been clinically proven to increase serotonin and melatonin levels, two chemicals that help wake you up and get you smiling. As a natural solution for eliminating all types of seasonal depression, this light therapist is a great gift idea!

A friend of mine worked with a group of practitioners who specialize in light therapy, and this is the model they recommended to him…

  • Bought to use for light therapy for depression. I use it every morning and have seen great improvement in my mood.
  • I URGE anyone suffering from SAD to give light therapy a try. You have nothing to lose, only to gain.
  • Within 3 days of starting my light therapy, I was back to walking…even in 30-degree temps and snow.
  • My mood is extremely happier and more positive, I have started painting and sewing again.
  • I would recommend it to anyone suffering from SAD.
  • This lamp is amazing I do 30 mins of therapy a day and it is like taking a pill.
  • Bright-Light Therapy works!
  • I’ve been spreading the news to family and friends garnering additional believers along the way. It seems too simple to be true, but it’s probably the most effective SAD treatment I’ve come across
  • The great news about light therapy devices is that they work for a majority of people with Seasonal Affective Disorder and there is some evidence that they work in general for depression.
  • Bright-Light Therapy has been a total game-changer in my life. I wish I’d realized this earlier.
  • My doctor suggested light therapy. This is awesome, it helps very quickly.

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This Happy Lamp Can Help Restore Your Energy

The Daylight Classic provides 10,000 LUX of bright white light, proven to effectively treat SAD. Turn it on in the morning to help you wake up and feel more alert; use it to fade the symptoms of jet lag before an overnight flight; wrap your eyes with it at night for a peaceful sleep and more.

With its clean lines and rounded edges, this compact device is perfect for home or office. It also features interchangeable collars that fit most standard lamps worldwide, so you can mix its look with your home’s decor.

I’m finally starting to live the life I’ve wanted, instead of the life I felt stuck in, and its all because this lamp helped me find the energy and thus the motivation and mood to do so. Great product…

  • I attribute this to the overall improvement in my mood and energy level that the lightbox has given me – mornings aren’t so bad anymore!
  • This has been a pretty bleak winter overall, and I feel way better and have more energy than prior to using this light.
  • It has given me much more energy already and has helped me fall asleep better at night.
  • I’ve noticed a positive difference in my energy, motivation and overall health.
  • This would be good if you use it while working at a desk.
  • Since I’ve been using it (every day) my energy level has improved and it helps with my moods as well.
  • I don’t know if this has anything to do with the product but I have had 10 times more energy about the same time I started using it.
  • While I realize these lamps don’t work for everyone, they certainly have worked for me in terms of mood, energy level, and appropriate sleep patterns.
  • It really affects your energy level and gives you a lift, I really think it is great.
  • I have much more energy, less fatigue, and depression. I also began to sleep better and not wake up groggy.
  • It gives me a boost of energy, makes me feel awake and ready to go, and I think it helps me sleep better at night.
  • He uses it at work, reports it has increased his energy level and seems to be combating the “blues”.
  • I use this light every morning for 30 minutes while I read and it has helped my mood and energy tremendously.

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This Therapy Lamp Has Even Cured My Insomnia

With a gorgeous design and lots of convenient features, the Day-Light Classic is the ultimate way to treat the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and non-seasonal depression or other sleep disorders.

So many people have reported that this lightbox has aided them in sleeping better and helped with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) due to the bright light it generates. It’s a great value!

This light has cured my lifelong insomnia! Now I sleep through the entire night every night. To me, this is an absolute life-saving miracle…

  • It helped to regulate my circadian rhythm and break the cycle of insomnia.
  • It really worked for my insomnia!
  • I’m also able to maintain a normal sleep schedule leaving insomnia-riddled nights behind and actually being able to wake up in the morning to start my day.
  • After my first session, I slept like a rock, and within 48 hours the rest of my symptoms disappeared.
  • My girlfriend has major sleep problems. She has struggled with sleep for years. She has been chronically tired. A specialist up in Albuquerque told her to begin light therapy.
  • Her sleep patterns changed pretty dramatically, and she actually started getting up in the mornings!!
  • It has regulated my sleeping pattern, and I feel much better.
  • This product was specifically recommended by my doctors for sleep issues.

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The Best Happy Lamp For The Money

The Day-Light Classic Bright is the original full-spectrum daylight lamp. Exposure to natural sunlight is the best way to maintain a normal circadian rhythm.

The Day-Light Classic does not replace sunlight but rather improves sleep patterns and daytime alertness by filtering out harmful blue wavelengths of light emitted from computer screens and other artificial sources to provide more balanced daytime light levels.

If you work at night or would like to be able to read a book or newspaper in the late evenings, this will be the best investment you make all year. Just plug it in and indulge yourself in its warm, glare-free glow.

Some people say money can’t but happiness, but I spend money for  this ugly light box and I became so happy.

  • This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.
  • I am so so happy I bought this and I would recommend it to anyone. For what we paid for it, it is more than worth it.
  • We would highly recommend the lamp to anyone who suffers from SAD. It works! Well worth the money.
  • I would recommend this to anyone who has the winter blahs or who suffers from depression or similar disorders. Money well spent!!!
  • Love the lamp, it has been very helpful with the seasonal affective disorder and the whole family is enjoying it. Money well spent.
  • It definitely works and is worth the money!
  • WELL worth the money to lift me out of feeling horrible.
  • This light is great and well worth the money.
  • It was cheaper than anti-depressants and had no side effects.

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Other Excellent Happy Lamps To Consider:


Carex Day-Light Sky Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Bright Light Therapy Lamp To Combat Winter Blues
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Customers said:


If you have trouble with sleep habits, I encourage you to buy it. Even if you’re simply looking for a great way to get out of bed, this is it. Spend the extra money on this one; it is relatively well built and can hover over your bed so you don’t have to get out of bed to use it.


  • I have a collection of other SAD lamps as well, but this is by far, the best of the bunch.
  • If you have a sleep disorder or suffer from SAD or if you just don’t get enough sunlight in your life I highly recommend this light.
  • I have noticed a dramatic reduction in my SAD – almost complete remission. I am extraordinarily satisfied with this product.
  • I live in a cloudy, overcast area and this light definitely helps stave off SAD.
  • You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by trying this SAD lamp.
  • I am now able to begin weaning off medication to help me sleep…just because of a little light!
  • This lamp is easy to use, great for everything, and surprisingly has REALLY REALLY helped me with my SAD!

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Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp


Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp - 10,000 LUX At 12 Inches - LED Sun Lamp Mood Light
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Customers said:


I would HIGHLY recommend this for Seasonal Affective Disorder/Major Depression. This literally saved my life and marriage, and I’m finding life up north bearable now, versus dreading it every Fall.


  • I ordered this light on the advice of one of my doctors, to help with seasonal depression.
  • What I truly think the “magic” of this lamp did for me was help snowball my life back into the opposite direction – back to my baseline level of happiness and wakefulness that I have during the spring and summer months.
  • I purchased it for my son who has a tendency to experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter months. He’s been using it for 2 seasons and reports that it definitely helps.
  • Best happy light I’ve used.
  • I suffer from clinical depression, and also SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during the darker fall and winter months.
  • After I started using this therapy lamp about a month ago I noticed an immediate improvement in my mood and an increase in my energy levels.
  • I’m back to being happy and having more energy.

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Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock


Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, White
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Customers said:


While I manage my SAD and depression very well, I had heard of these types of lamps and got this one as it was recommended by a friend. I’m not kidding – I have felt better every morning when I wake up because of it.


  • This fantastically designed sphere of happiness gives you 5 peaceful alarm options to choose from as well.
  • I highly recommend this light–not just for those who are suffering from any sleep issues or SAD…but just to feel good!
  • One more thing of note–I am a sufferer of SAD, and this thing has helped me immensely.
  • This is a must-have purchase for anyone who is diagnosed with SAD or who feels the fall and winter blues.

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Alaska Northern Lights – Aurora Lightpad


Alaska Northern Lights - Aurora Lightpad - 10,000 LUX Bright Light Lamp
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Customers said:


I’ve tried a few SAD lamps before with little difference but this one really works. I’ve had it for about a year now and I’m ready to tackle this upcoming winter with this baby at my side. Has changed my entire outlook of the long winter months.


  • I have been diagnosed with bipolar1, deep depression (including SAD) and adjustment disorder with anxiety. My light arrived three days ago and have had two therapy sessions with it and see a difference already.
  • Greatly Benefits Those Suffering from SAD.
  • My depression has improved. I am telling all my friends about this little jewel as we have quite a long winter here too for those with SAD.
  • This little light has helped me so much with SAD.
  • I only wish I would have discovered this sooner after years and years of seasonal depression.
  • Easy to use and very helpful for seasonal affective disorder.
  • Great light for Seasonal effect of Depression.

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Philips GoLite BLU Energy Light Therapy Lamp


Philips GoLite BLU Energy Light Therapy Lamp, (HF3422/60)
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Customers said:


Once I started using the blue-light I suddenly had energy and was in a much better mood than I had been. It took me a few days but eventually I realized it was the blue light. After that I used it religiously and was much happier for it generally.


  • I’ve used it for around 6 weeks now and I’m happy as a camper.
  • Now that I’ve started using this light, it’s easier to get out of bed and I have much more energy throughout the day.
  • I LOVE my blue happy light!
  • So far, my energy feels just as or better than my last SAD-light, and I like the low profile.
  • I have already (after using it for around 3 weeks) noticed a difference in my mood over the Winter.
  • My MD suggested that I get one, have SAD, what a difference it makes.
  • I suffered from SAD for years and this does the trick.

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Flamingo 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Floor Lamp


Flamingo 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Floor Lamp, Black
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Customers said:


Let there be light, and this floor lamp is certainly one of the best most productive sources of daylight I’ve ever used for reading purposes.


  • Not many SAD floor lamps out there so I purchased this one for my office with no desk space.
  • From the very first day, my mood seems to have been better.
  • I absolutely love my floor lamp! I have suffered from SAD for many years and this lamp really does help!
  • My wife and I jokingly call it my happy lamp.
  • Awesome light… Not many like this…most are desk/table style but this is floor lamp style.

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Northern Light Technologies Boxelite 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy


Northern Light Technologies Boxelite 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Light Box, Black
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Customers said:


My mood is better, more even and just happier. My pain level is also lower – there are Fibro studies that show links to serotonin and other neurochemicals. I can’t speak for anyone else definitively, but anyone who has rainy day/winter blues or Fibro really needs to at least give this a try. Really.


  • This works awesome for SAD. I’ve been using it for about 4 days and have already noticed a significant difference in how I feel!
  • It has cleared up my “sadness” during the gray days of January and is much lighter and easier to carry than my old light machine.
  • After 3 weeks of use that this is cheering me up and increasing my energy.

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In summary, while the entire list above contains quality therapy lamps we can’t go past the Day-Light Classic Bright Light Therapy Lamp as our top pick for being the best happy lamp for seasonal depression.

If you want a therapy lamp that doubles as an alarm clock then the Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock is the choice and if you are looking for a hard-to-find floor standing therapy lamp then the Flamingo 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Floor Lamp picks itself!

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