Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster Vintage Malt Mixer And Milkshake Maker

The Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster Classic Drink Mixer makes the most amazing milkshakes and malts just like you used to get in the old-fashioned soda shops…

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The Drinkmaster can mix a variety of other drinks and cocktails as well however one key feature is if you like bulletproof coffee this machine is the ideal mixer for the job!

Whether you’re mixing up a thick, soothing milkshake or a chocolate malted milk, this retro-style drink mixer will do the job quickly and easily…

The Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster Classic Drink Mixer Is The Perfect Mixer For Milkshake, Malt, Cocktail, And Bullet-Proof Coffee Lovers!

Hamilton Beach 730C DrinkMaster Classic Drink Mixer With 28 oz Mixing Cup


Hamilton Beach 730C DrinkMaster Classic Drink Mixer, 28 oz Mixing Cup, Chrome
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster…


Great Milkshake Maker… I Love To Make Milkshakes With This Drinkmaster… It Is Extremely Easy To Clean And Makes A Great Milkshake!


This milkshake mixer was perfect for my 50’s themed wedding, we turned the bar area into an old fashion soda shop, and had a soda jerk making milkshakes instead of alcohol. The quality was exceptional.


  • Easy, fast, and delicious milkshakes in a minute.
  • I’ve never made milkshakes before, but this machine made it a breeze.
  • A must-have for any milkshake-aholic.
  • With the DrinkMaster, we make milkshakes like the old drugstore milkshakes when we were kids back in the ’50s and ’60s. So much better than you can get today. My grandkids are so happy!!!
  • I love this product. It makes great milkshakes and is just fun to use.
  • Great and easy to use. We just love making milkshakes in the Hamilton Beach Mixer.
  • I will never go back to a blender for my milkshakes.
  • We make milkshakes almost daily with this!
  • My husband loves that he can make a milkshake whenever he wants now!
  • Makes perfect restaurant-style milkshakes every time.
  • I had been frustrated trying to make milkshakes with a blender or with a mixer. Never worked. This product has been the perfect solution!
  • Now I can have a milkshake whenever I want as long as I have milk and ice cream. I definitely recommend the DrinkMaster.
  • We love it. Make perfect ice-cold milkshakes.
  • My new Hamilton Beach 730C Classic Drinkmaster is making me many malted and milkshakes.
  • I was then on a mission to find him a Hamilton Beach Milkshake maker like the old ones I remember. He says the milkshakes are “totally awesome” maybe even better than the ones he loved back home.
  • My husband loves milkshakes and this little machine makes them perfectly. 
  • I always thought a milkshake was a milkshake, but one made with this machine is so much better than one made with a hand shaker or in a blender. 

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Love The Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster Mixer… Finally Able To Make Bulletproof Coffee Without Hot Coffee Breaking Another Blender


Love this DrinkMaster. We shake every drink here… My husband loves to put the fruit juice there. I love my latte shaked with this thing too. It is really nice and easy to handle. I totally recommend it.


Hamilton Beach 730C DrinkMaster Classic Drink Mixer, 28 oz Mixing Cup, Chrome
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  • I bought this mixer to make tiki drinks.
  • For protein shakes or with soft ice crème and flavors – this is great.
  • Perfect for mixing protein shakes after fitness training.
  • It does a great job of mixing the juices and thicker syrups used in tiki drinks.
  • This mixer is also amazing for any cocktails that call for egg whites.
  • Perfect mixer for healthy drinks.
  • I use it mainly to mix protein shakes but have also used it to blend eggs for omelets. Sweet!!
  • It is similar to the shake mixer at the local malt shop from years gone by.
  • This is a very good home mixer. We’ve used it to mix all kinds of ice cream frappes.
  • Excellent product, we needed this for preparing cold coffee drink the greek style, stirring power is great to make nice thick foam, also looks cool in the kitchen.
  • This is a great item for making Frappes. 
  • No more going to drive-ins to get the fluffy shake with the whipped cream and cherry on top. I have it right here any time I want it. Thank you for introducing me to the drink mixer.
  • My husband uses it every day for mixing power drinks for weightlifting, and he loves it.
  • It’s just like the old soda fountain mixers.
  • My husband loves this mixer and even does egg omelets in it.
  • We have tried numerous things in it including fruit smoothies. It great little machine.
  • It is great for margaritas and peanut butter milkshakes.
  • A smaller version of a soda shop mixer but just the right size for my kitchen. Quality product for the price!
  • This is a great mixer particularly for those who enjoy a Greek Frappe.

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The Grandkids Love When I Make Them Malted And That Is The First Thing They Ask For When They Visit!


Malts — a heavenly thing! Works perfectly, and I am extremely satisfied, especially after a homemade malt!!!


Hamilton Beach 730C DrinkMaster Classic Drink Mixer, 28 oz Mixing Cup, Chrome
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  • If you want homemade shakes and malts this is a great little gadget.
  • It does make pretty good malts.
  • This product is perfect for making malteds and smoothies.
  • Love it!!! Makes making malts easy and delicious.
  • Every kitchen should have this Hamilton Beach classic malt machine.
  • Saves money over buying out, especially since the hubby loves malts… so we can customize and enjoy more often.
  • Fantastic. I have always loved chocolate malts and have always been let down when using a blender. This works perfectly.
  • Great for making old fashion malts for the grandkids (and the Grandparents).
  • Making malts with this drink mixer is quick, convenient, and easy.
  • I have used it for making malts with ice cream, milk, malt powder, and other flavors, and it works well.
  • The DrinkMaster Drink maker worked just as I thought it would. I can now make malts for my husband and shakes for me.
  • Every afternoon, I make an ice cream malted milk dring and it tastes just like the ones I remember from the old ice cream store.
  • This little machine sits nicely on the countertop and makes great malts.
  • Just like having a malt shop at home.

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Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster Has That Classic Soda Fountain Look And Makes The Best Shakes Ever!


It’s a great looking mixer and in this chrome color could fit well in a retro or a more modern kitchen.


Hamilton Beach 730C DrinkMaster Classic Drink Mixer, 28 oz Mixing Cup, Chrome
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  • It also has a cool retro look.
  • Easy to use, Easy to Clean, and looks great on the kitchen counter.
  • It’s so easy to use and love the retro look.
  • Very sleek and doesn’t look cheaply made like some other brands I’ve seen and used.
  • Clean up is quick and easy and it looks nice sitting on the counter.
  • This unit is very clean, simple, and looks great on the countertop.
  • Plus the all chrome looks make it an eye-catcher.
  • Highly recommend it and the retro look is fab to a time long past.
  • Perfect Milkshake maker! Easy to use and clean… looks nice on the counter between yummies.
  • Attractive… looks good in my kitchen
  • It’s a very nice looking mixer.
  • I was amazed at what a difference having the right machine makes for milkshakes and it looks classic.
  • It is small, light, and has a beautiful look.

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What Do You Give The Person Who Has Everything?… A Hamilton Beach Milkshake Maker… Perfect Gift!


Got this for my 14 year-old daughter for her birthday. She has been very pleased with it and enjoys making milkshakes for the entire family.


Hamilton Beach 730C DrinkMaster Classic Drink Mixer, 28 oz Mixing Cup, Chrome
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  • This was a Christmas gift, and he loved it
  • I gave this as a gift to my son-in-law for Christmas and he absolutely loves it!
  • This item is great, it made a wonderful wedding gift.
  • I got this for my husband as a gift. He’s very happy with the milkshakes he can make. It’s easy to clean, and shiny so it made the perfect gift!
  • Great Gift or just something to treat yourself to so some of the best milkshakes.
  • I ordered this item as a gift to my great-nephew, 12, now he is making great milkshakes.
  • This was a gift for my 43-year-old son for his birthday.
  • I bought it as a gift for my nephew he loves and uses it every day.
  • Grandson’s x-mas gift that he is thrilled with.
  • I purchased this as a birthday gift for my husband.
  • gift for my husband’s basement soda shop, which we built for the grandkids.
  • My daughter wanted one of these for her birthday. Said it was the best gift EVER!
  • I decided this would be a good “family gift” and it was. 
  • Purchased this mixer as a 13th birthday gift to my granddaughter. She LOVES malts and is delighted she can now make all her soda shop creations with her very own mixer.
  • I bought this as a surprise anniversary gift for my husband.

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In summary, the DrinkMaster drink mixer is perfect for people who have difficulty swallowing or those who just love the great taste of malt milk served at soda fountains.

The Hamilton Beach 730C DrinkMaster Classic Drink Mixer is the milkshake maker to buy if you like milkshakes or other drinks mixed and tasting the old fashion way!

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Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster Classic Drink Mixer!


  1. The Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster Classic Drink Mixer makes fabulous milkshakes.
  2. It can mix a great variety of drinks including cocktails and is the best blender for bulletproof coffee.
  3. The Beach Drinkmaster makes incredible malts quickly and easily.
  4. This drink mixer looks amazing on your countertop especially if you like the retro look.
  5. The vintage Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster is an ideal gift idea for all occasions.

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