10 Reasons Why The Hamilton Beach Food Processor Is Worth Buying

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The Hamilton Beach Food Processor is very popular and has an excellent reputation and I must say after reading the reviews I can see why…

It is quite amazing to see how highly customers speak of the Hamilton Beach Food Processor with standout comments including…

Nut butter food processor

It makes amazing nut butter, it can handle everything I throw at it, it is a real workhorse, it is so powerful, it saves a mountain of time food prepping, it slices, it shreds, it chops, it purees as you have never experienced purees before, and you can even make homemade ice cream with it!

The Hamilton Beach Food Processor Is The Time-Saving Appliance That Should Be In Every Kitchen!

Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and Puree


Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and puree, 450 Watts, Black (70740)
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Hamilton Beach Chopper…


This Food Processor Has Literally Decimated The Amount Of Time I Spend In The Kitchen Chopping Scallions, Potatoes, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Garlic, Onions, Cilantro, And Much More!


I am a vegetarian and cutting and chopping veggies is time consuming and tedious. With the food processor, I am done in seconds now – it’s amazing.


  • I do not like to waste time chopping and grating meals for my family but I do not like buying prepackaged overly processed food. I love to make homemade cooked meals for my kids and this is what was missing in our lives. 
  • It’s one of those things that you get and then wonder how on earth you made it this far in life without it. I always hand-shredded and diced everything, and the amount of time it took was always frustrating (not to mention the risk to one’s fingers).
  • I am pleased to say it was the best money I’ve spent in a while and it cut my prep time in half!
  • This is a great little workhorse that saves time and hand energy in the kitchen.
  • I purchased this because I got sick of spending a ton of time chopping veggies for meals.
  • The best and most time-saving tool in my kitchen.
  • This little food processor does the job of slicing, dicing, chopping, and paring in 1…..millionth of the time it takes me to dice onions, peppers, nuts, cabbage, apples, mushrooms, zucchini, …the list goes on.
  • I use it every weekend now and it cuts my food prep time immensely. I love it!
  • It saves me so much time which is a must for me. I only wish I would have gotten it sooner!
  • This food processor has cut down on prep time immensely and works great!
  • It chopped parsley, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers to perfection. I am thrilled by how much time this saved.
  • Love how this appliance saves me so much prep time when cooking and so easy to clean… Dishwasher safe!

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This Hamilton Beach Food Processor Is Very Powerful And Saves So Much Work!


Words can not express how much I LOVE THIS THING! It is so FAST, ridiculously powerful (slices potatoes in seconds) and makes cooking so much easier that we can not believe it.


Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and puree, 450 Watts, Black (70740)
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  • Surprisingly powerful – excellent performance for this price level.
  • There are two levels of power. The first level is powerful enough to anything in the kitchen including making perfect homemade Mayo.
  • It is very powerful. Two pulses seem to chop just about anything and the pieces are reasonably uniform.
  • What a beautiful, sleek powerful machine! 
  • The power of the machine made it a fast process to whip everything together and I am so happy I have a new kitchen gadget that I will use.
  • It has a couple of suction cups on the bottom of the base to hold it to the table or counter… with this much power, I can see why!!
  • Awesome !! It’s big and powerful and zips through everything with ease.
  • It holds a lot and is very powerful
  • This Processor is powerful and does a great job.
  • The motor is mighty powerful and 2 settings plus a pulse are a perfect combination.
  • This food processor is amazing. I have never had such a powerful one before.
  • It is super powerful and seems to blend almost everything.
  • I couldn’t afford the “food processor of my dreams”, but this one seems to have plenty of power and really takes care of my needs.
  • This food processor is amazing. It is very powerful, you don’t have to pop the lid off and move things around to get it to blend well.
  • I was surprised at the power of this machine, as it is as powerful as commercial food processors I have used in the past.

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I Could Just Kick Myself For Waiting To Buy One Of These Processors To Assist Me In The Kitchen. Wow, Who Knew These Contraptions Could Make Your Prep So Much Easier?


My weekly vegetable prep took about an hour instead of the afternoon. Love this thing, can’t believe I’ve never had one. Healthy eating is a breeze.



Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and puree, 450 Watts, Black (70740)
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  • I’ve used this for one week of food prep and as far as I’m concerned it’s already paid for itself.
  • This thing is amazing. I use it just because it’s so much fun it makes prepping so much easier. 
  • Cooking is so much easier now.
  • This thing’s no joke. It cuts, slices, and shreds vegetables, cheese, and more with no problems whatsoever. It’s made dinner prep a breeze.
  • Makes cooking and prepping so much easier.
  • I use it daily and it is about 5 times faster to prep food now. 
  • It takes the stress out of prep work, makes delicious salads, versatile and cheap but well-constructed.
  • Well thought out design, and produces neatly prepped veggies that make cooking much easier when it’s time to use them.
  • The perfect machine for shredding and slicing my veggies. Makes weekly veggie prep easy.
  • I have been using this amazing contraption to take care of all of my chopping needs, saving a lot of time that would typically have used on prep work. 
  • Easy cleanup and a nice tool in the kitchen to speed up the process of cooking and meal prep.
  • Meal prep is so much easier now with the food processor.

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I Have Yet To Find Something To Put In This Food Processor That It Can’t Handle!


I put this processor to the test. Shortly after I purchased it I assisted in prepping and cooking a banquet for over 100 people. This little guy is a workhorse!


Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and puree, 450 Watts, Black (70740)
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  • Using the slicing blade, it easily and evenly sliced over 3 lbs of Parmesan and Romano cheese then grated over 2 lbs of carrots.
  • The previous evening it ground 2 lbs of almonds and made bread crumbs of 5 loaves of bread. Clean up is a breeze. I love my Hamilton Beach food processor and I think you will too!
  • Holy Guacamole! What a workhorse! It has more than exceeded my expectations but – even more amazing – it cleans up easier and faster than my old food processor.
  • This processor has been a workhorse for me, and I can’t believe I got it at such a great price.
  • The blade seems sharp and the motor has handled everything I’ve thrown at it so far – mostly ice and frozen fruit for smoothies.
  • We make peanut butter bars with this. It’s a very difficult job for any machine to handle, but this plows right through it.
  • For a little guy, this food processor handles a lot.
  • I was a little afraid that it wouldn’t handle the load I was used to placing in my old food pro, but this guy did a better job.
  • We made a pistachio pesto the other day – handled both the nuts and the basil like a dream. 
  • It even handled a rather thick cookie dough.
  • Handles one favorite recipe in one batch that was previously taking three batches due to motor overload.
  • It handles everything I throw at it, including making nut butter and date bars.
  • I chop a lot of vegetables and this food processor has been taking everything I throw at it and handling it like a champ.

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When Using The Pulse Feature, Two To Three Pulses To Chop Carrots, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Mix Cake Dough, Etc– Is All It Takes!


So far I have chopped onions, cilantro, cucumbers, tomatoes, made hummus, alfredo sauce, pureed soups, and I can’t wait to make more yummies with it!


  • It also does a great job of chopping vegetables into VERY small pieces which I need for a few specific dishes.
  • I’ve had this processor, for three years. Is it worth the money? Hell yeah!!! I have shredded cheese potatoes, chopped onions, herbs, carrots, etc, I have even chopped bones for my dog.
  • Super fast, extremely sharp blades, very large to chop a big amount of veggies.
  • This little processor makes everything so easy in the kitchen. So far, I’ve chopped onions, garlic, cheese, and even made a quick batch of peanut butter – all in just a matter of seconds!
  • I used it very quickly on the pulse to chop walnuts with great results.
  • The shred, slice, and chop options all work beautifully, and only a tiny amount of food, if any, is missed by the blades.
  • I use it to chop and shred veggies for a daily supper salad and it does a great job.
  • This beautiful machine prepares salads like this in seconds and the contents were all evenly chopped. Makes great hummus and nut butter too. For the price, this is absolutely a special find. Thanks, Hamilton Beach.
  • It chopped parsley, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers to perfection.
  • So far I’m blown away with the hamilton beach food processor.
  • I’m using it for everything, chopping veggies, herbs, smoothies, nuts.
  • It makes the presentation of veggies in your salad much more appetizing.

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Using The Slicing Blade, It Easily And Evenly Sliced Over 3 Lbs Of Parmesan And Romano Cheese Then Grated Over 2 Lbs Of Carrots!


I use this thing to slice chicken breasts and shred carrots and grean beans for when Im making home made dog food for my pets and it kicks butt it has reduced the time it takes me to make it by 2/3 I absolutely love this machine!


Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and puree, 450 Watts, Black (70740)
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  • I used it to slice leeks, which it did beautifully.
  • The slicing disc works well too, I’ve used it to slice potatoes and then make potato chips, yum!
  • I also used the slicer side and sliced two red onions–in nothing flat. 
  • Slicing mushrooms is faster than I ever imagined in my wildest expectations.
  • It comes with a slicing attachment too that we have used for carrots and zucchini squash.
  • I have been making nut butter with this and slicing butternut squash for gratin. These are heavy-duty jobs and this gets it done.
  • This thing rocks! We make homemade potato chips and it slices them thin & FAST! We didn’t realize how bad our old processor was until I got this one from Amazon.
  • Slices potatoes in just a minute.
  • I ran two pounds of potatoes through the slicer for Scalloped potatoes and then came out far better than I could have done by hand, and it saved me 15 minutes.
  • Good slicing for potato casseroles. 
  • I love this thing. I make potato and carrot chips every day with this bad guy, and I also use it to mince onions and puree all kinds of things for my 5-month-old daughter.

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When You Need A Puree It Totally Purees Whatever Ingredient You Are Using… In Seconds!


We use it to puree baby food, chop veggies, shred cheese. It works great and gets the baby food nice and smooth. We pureed carrots (after steaming them, of course) and there were no chunks.


  • I use it to pureed my sons’ food… better than the baby food processors that they have.
  • Great for all-purpose use, the high power setting is very strong and will completely puree things.
  • Because I make all of my own baby food for my daughter, I needed something other than a blender to do the pureeing and mixing. This is the perfect size to make good-sized batches of baby food. 
  • For those looking for a way to do baby puree’s – sweet potatoes, meat (chicken, lamb, beef), broccoli, spinach, rice, etc, it works wonderfully and I would highly suggest skipping the baby bullet and using a regular food processor.
  • Bought this inexpensive processor to puree the food. It’s perfect! Why get anything else??
  • Purees my fruit for my Jamaican Rum cake with ease.
  • I use this mostly for pureeing liver and shredding cauliflower. Works great.
  • Just used it today to puree homemade applesauce and banana bread batter.
  • I can puree a big head of cauliflower in two batches. So fast and easy to use, clean, etc.
  • It seriously took a minute to puree 12 bananas!
  • I got this to hide veggies in my kid’s food. WOWZA this thing can puree. I’ve got spinach, zucchini, carrots, and loads of other “yuck” food smashed together into meatballs. The kids ate them like crazy and begged for more.

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My Favorite Part Is The Shredder I Buy A Brick Of Cheese And I Turn It Into Shredded Cheese!


I am not quite sure I have waited this long to buy a food processor. It makes things so easy! I can crush cookies to make a pie crust, shred cheese or chop vegetable. I also plan to use this once our baby arrives to make pureed baby food. Makes life so easy!


Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and puree, 450 Watts, Black (70740)
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  • Shreds cheese in a lovely way, love how it does chicken salad too.
  • If I only use this for shredding cabbage & carrots for my coleslaw once or twice a month for the rest of my life, to me it would be worth the price.
  • I use the Hamilton Beach Food Processor nearly every day to shred veggies or chop onions, garlic, jalapenos.
  • Shredding potatoes for hash browns– done in nothing flat.
  • I was able to shred a bag full of carrots at one time – plenty big enough for me.
  • Potatoes, carrots, and other “hard” foods shred up like they were Jello.
  • shredded potatoes to make hash brown and it worked great.
  • She’s been making hash browns and shredding her own cheese with enthusiasm.
  • I love this for shredding cheese with ease (you like that rhyme?), chopping up nuts, dried fruit, shredding chicken, pork, and I’m sure tons of other things I’ve yet to discover!
  • It’s the best for shredding cheese. I will never again buy bagged shredded cheese.
  • I love shredding potatoes in it super quick! 
  • The round shredding disk deals well with carrots, apples, and many other veggies.
  • It’s so easy to use, easy to wash, and even my 11-year-old likes to help mom “shred stuff”!!

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This Food Processor Is The NUT BUTTER KING!!


I bought this food processor for the sole purpose of making nut butters. Once washed and assembled, I had a jar of pecan and a jar of cashew nut butter in literally a few minutes!


  • I’m beyond IMPRESSED with this machine. Every nut butter recipe I read said that the process would take at least 15-20 minutes, so I was prepared for the wait.
  • I was also prepared to periodically take breaks to prevent the food processor from overheating since I’ve heard that many less expensive food processors don’t handle the job well.
  • I don’t know what kind of food processors those bloggers were using, but this little gem made me creamy cashew butter (using 10 oz bag of honey roasted cashews from Aldi) in less than 3 minutes and creamy pecan butter in less than 1 minute (using 8 oz bag of chopped pecans)!!
  • I didn’t even roast/heat the nuts before processing. If you’re like me and want to know if this will work for nut butters then don’t hesitate to buy this.
  • I’ve also made sunflower butter in this. Works great for that too.
  • This thing makes the best (as in creamy smooth Mediterranean restaurant style) hummus and nut butter I’ve ever made.
  • I now make my own cashew butter, which everyone loves, among other things!
  • Bought this for making nut butter from almonds, cashews, pecans, and other nuts. I’ve made a half a dozen different batches and it’s worked quite well.
  • It makes my homemade almond butter in 5 minutes!
  • I use it to make almond butter and every time it is a success.
  • My raw almond nut butter is made easily in this!
  • I’m enjoying making nut butters that are healthier and less expensive than store-bought.
  • In five minutes of blending, I’ve made artisan pecan butter and also faux Nutella.
  • I’ve used it to make peanut butter, blend fruit puree for cakes, to make coconut milk ice cream, and a bunch of other things.
  • It makes making almond butter so much easier.
  • We’re a big fan of almond butter, and it makes it perfectly! There are so many uses for this food processor, I just wish I had gotten one sooner.

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Frozen Bananas Become The World’s Healthiest Ice Cream & Omelets Are Mind-Blowingly Fluffy!


My current favorite is to make 5-ingredient GUILT-FREE ice cream out of bananas, yogurt, honey, cocoa, and vanilla. No Ice cream maker required; just mix and freeze.


  • I got this for my mom and she absolutely loves it she uses it so much especially when she craves her banana ice cream.
  • So far I have made hummus & banana ice cream and both were a huge hit with the kids!
  • I have also made homemade no-churn ice cream in the processor and it turned out awesome.
  • Love this thing so much. 3 frozen bananas, some vanilla extract and you got yourself some perfect consistency vegan ice cream. 
  • I use it to make banana ice cream and smoothies.
  • Made homemade ice cream with only using frozen fruit and it came out super smooth!
  • I use the processor to make vanilla ice cream.
  • Also great for making ice cream using frozen fruit.
  • I’ve enjoyed many banana ice creams and berry sorbets thanks to the Hamilton Beach Food Processor.
  • Well worth the price AND it makes frozen banana “Ice Cream” like a dream with no struggle!

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In summary, the Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor has really impressed me.

The amount of good things customers have to say about it is very convincing and it seems for the price you can’t go wrong with the Hamilton Beach Chopper!

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Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Hamilton Beach Chopper!

  1. The best time-saving tool you can ever have for your kitchen.
  2. The Hamilton Beach Food Processor is very powerful and fast.
  3. It makes your meal prep time so much easier.
  4. The Hamilton Beach Food Processor is a real workhorse.
  5. It chops anything you throw at it including vegetables and nuts.
  6. A fantastic slicing blade will slice all your vegetables.
  7. The Hamilton Beach Food Processor totally purees food nice and smooth.
  8. It is a fantastic shredder and shreds cheese, carrots, potatoes with ease.
  9. The Hamilton Beach Food Processor is the nut butter King!
  10. You can make amazing tasting and healthy homemade ice cream with this processor!

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