Is Gorjana A Good Brand? (Gorjana Jewelry )

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What Is The Gorjana Brand Known For?

Gorjana is a brand that is known for easy-to-wear accessories…. The pieces it creates are classic, modern, and sophisticated, paying close attention to the quality of materials and production processes.

Gorjana is one of the world’s most sought-after jewelry brands, known for their trailblazing use of unique materials, finely crafted pieces with an eclectic aesthetic, and impeccable customer service.

Known for its fun approach to fashion, Gorjana is a design-driven jewelry line that offers modern and edgy pieces at affordable prices…. With a focus on using responsibly sourced stones and artisans, the brand is one unique gift or outfit away from making any woman feel confident in the simplest of outfits.

The Gorjana brand is known for sophisticated, fashion-forward jewelry…. They draw inspiration from all corners of the world, everything from meditative stones to inspiring architecture and artwork…. They design and handcraft their collections in California using the highest quality materials.

Each Gorjana piece is thoughtfully designed, ethically sourced, and made by people you can know, trust and love…. Gorjana jewelry is meant to be placed on your body: Not on your landfills.

Below I have listed some of Gorjana’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Gorjana Fitbit

The following Gorjana product has an excellent 74% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

Are you searching for the best smartwatch for a more efficient and fashionable way of monitoring your fitness? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you are a die-hard fashionista or you prefer simple and reliable functionality, the Fitbit Luxe is the smartwatch for you…. With its technological advancements, this watch makes tracking your active time a breeze.

The Fitbit Luxe helps you track your steps, heart rate, distance and calories burned…. Whether you’re cross-training or kicking back on the couch, it automatically knows which sport you’re doing so you can take your fitness further.

Besides being highly accurate, it offers you many features that would greatly benefit you if you train at night or whenever you don’t have time for your phone to be handy…. Plus, this watch looks amazing!..


Fitbit Luxe Special Edition Fitness and Wellness Tracker


Fitbit Luxe Special Edition Fitness and Wellness Tracker, Gorjana Soft Gold Stainless Steel Parker Link Bracelet, One Size (S & L Peony Classic Bands Included)

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The Fitbit Luxe fitness and wellness tracker is inspired by jewelry…. It has a tracker that doubles as a chic accessory, and it features a vibrant color display and classic bands.

  • The Fitbit Luxe Special Edition is a beautiful tracker that doubles as a classic accessory.
  • The Fitbit app lets you see how your stats improve over time and make adjustments along the way—so you can track your activity from your dashboard, as well as get support from Fitbit experts.
  • This water-resistant tracker also features automatic sleep tracking so you can see how well you’re sleeping.
  • With a vibrant color display and jewelry-like look, it’s easy to wear on the go or around the clock.
  • Its inconspicuous design makes it perfect for wearing whether you’re at work or at play while tracking all of your stats—plus sleep and heart rate data—in one place.
  • Whether you’re a fitness pro or on your way there, we know the more you know about your daily habits, the better equipped you are to make healthier choices.
  • The ultimate accessory, Fitbit Luxe is the jewelry-inspired tracker that helps you stay fit and look stylish.
  • The Classic tracks all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes—all delivered in elegant fashion on an easy-to-read display.

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Gorjana Necklace

The following Gorjana product has an excellent 79% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Gorjana Women’s Compass Coin Pendant is a simple and elegant jewelry piece that will shine on every occasion…. It is adjustable in length and can be worn as a pendant or necklace…. This gold-plated necklace is the perfect gift for women who love fashion.

Gorjana Women’s Compass Coin Pendant Necklace is a beautiful gold-plated brass coin that reflects the sentiment of giving…. It is simple yet elegant, giving the token of your love and appreciation whether it is for your company, company culture, or just for the reminder that you are loved.

The chain is long enough to ensure that the jewelry piece stays on the train or around your neck without becoming tangled or awkward…. The design evokes the compass point which is considered good luck in most cultures…


Gorjana Women’s Compass Coin Pendant Adjustable Necklace, 18K Gold Plated Medallion


gorjana Women's Compass Coin Pendant Adjustable Necklace, 18K Gold Plated Medallion, 19 inch Chain

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Players of all ages will find this as an excellent gift for any occasion, making it an excellent motivational tool for anyone who is working toward personal goals or dreams and a wonderful addition to any style collection.

  • Give a precious gift that will change the world — a vintage brass women’s compass, finely engraved with the Selene constellation imprinted within an intricate and elaborate gold background.
  • The gift of knowing your way around the world is invaluable, but sometimes simple tokens can be more effective in conveying your timeless wisdom and artistic vision.
  • Let the women at Gorjana know that you appreciate their hard work and expansive vision through this gift of simple brilliance.
  • This compass-shaped pendant necklace has a simple and delicate aesthetic that’s perfect for layering or wearing alone.
  • Gold plated medallion necklace that is simple yet adorable.
  • The delicate aesthetic and simple and cute modern look will give you a sense of exquisiteness.
  • Wear it alone or layer it with other pieces for the perfect amount of sparkle.

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Gorjana Bracelets

The following Gorjana product has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Create a dazzling look with this Aura bracelet…. Ideal for stacking, or wearing on its own, it features genuine citrine, ruby, and green tourmaline beads and gold-plated brass clasps…. Let the gemstones add a touch of color to your day.

“Aura” is designed to stand out…. This shimmering bead bracelet is designed for a bold-yet-refined woman who is captivating and confident…. Each unique stone pendant has wonky edges that lend its natural beauty and aura of mysticism…. Made with brass beads, each gemstone is sparkling in 18kt gold plating.

Genuine real gemstones are selected to enhance the true beauty of this fine jewelry design…. The best way to wear this fashionable bracelet? Wear it every day or as a special present for someone you love…


Gorjana Women’s Beaded Power Gemstone Aura Bracelet, 18k Gold Plated


gorjana Women's Beaded Power Rose Quartz Gemstone Aura Bracelet for Love, 18k Gold Plated

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Other than being very pretty and an excellent gift item, this bracelet also has awesome historical reputation as the Gorjana tribe was known to be extremely PURE in natural resources.

  • Simply wrap this elegant bracelet around the wrist to add sophistication to any ensemble.
  • Because gold attracts gold, the stone is more serious about enhancing your appearance.
  • Its craftsmanship is exquisite, from the gemstone cut to the accented band.
  • This jewelry is the perfect gift for any woman!
  • The elegant and sophisticated Gorjana Women’s Beaded Power Gemstone Aura Bracelet is simple yet striking.
  • Paired with gold jewelry, the bracelet will definitely add a personal touch to any fashionista’s collection.
  • It has 18k gold-filled plated hardware and a matching chain for added durability and authenticity.
  • The subtle gold-tone lighting fixture included in the design is also gold-filled to further accentuate the gemstone’s innate colors and shine.
  • These gorgeous aurora borealis beads are sure to complement any outfit, and they’re one of the most versatile jewelry pieces you’ll ever own.
  • Wear them as an affirmation statement or as a simple, understated touch – either way, they will add an iridescent shimmer to your look.
  • What a way to add amazing bling to your wrist! This bracelet is rich with the colors of the mineral world and can be worn as an everyday accessory.

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Gorjana Earrings

The following Gorjana product has an excellent 71% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

These Madison Shimmer Huggies Mini Hoop Earrings were inspired by the glamour of Hollywood and your favorite movie starlets…. Gorjana created these dainty, shimmery hoops to keep you looking glamorous wherever you go.

From an afternoon lunch date to an elegant evening out, these earrings make the perfect finishing touch to every outfit…. Boasting sleek, simplistic design and a high-quality brushed gold finish, they will dazzle all who see them.

These beautiful metal mini hoop earrings with Cubic Zirconia are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your wife or girlfriend, a Mother’s Day gift, a sweet 16th birthday gift, or any other special occasion…. A gift that she will love and cherish forever.

Elegant and Sleek, our Madison Shimmer Huggie Hoop Earrings will compliment any outfit or occasion…. These small mini hoops are easily worn with multiple pairs of earrings and are perfect for everyday use…


Gorjana Women’s Madison Shimmer Huggies Mini Hoop Earrings


gorjana Women's Madison Shimmer Huggies Mini Hoop Earrings, 18K Gold Plated, Huggie Hoops

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The Madison Shimmer hoop earrings are the perfect way to add a touch of charm to any outfit…. These ethereal, 18k gold plated brass hoops are a little bit nostalgic and a little bit classic, and are sure to complement any ensemble.

  • A sweet way to affordably dress up any outfit is with a pair of shiny little hoops on your earlobes.
  • Their mini size gives a cute, feminine vibe and their gold coloring gives them an elegant glint that will make everyone happy.
  • These earrings are perfect for your holiday parties and will add light to any outfit.
  • Madison takes details from traditional hoops, adds in flashes of bright, shiny material, and the result is a sleek little earring that will make you look trendy without trying too hard.
  • Perfect for adding some sparkle to any look, this jewelry set can be worn alone or paired with pants or a printed top to create an elegant ensemble.
  • This MODERN MINI HOOP earring is an elegant way to wear a hoop earring without having to break the bank on your jewelry purchase.
  • These earrings are really small so they go with everything from a simple outfit to a weekend getaway – but they look fabulous alone!
  • These innovative earrings come in 18K gold plated brass with a stylinque design that will make you feel like a true fashion queen.

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In summary, Gorjana is known for its simple, modern aesthetic that enhances every day by adding meaningful detail to everyday wear…. Their collections tell a story – one that allows you to express yourself anywhere women’s clothing is worn…. We live in an exciting time, where we are inspired daily.

Gorjana creates designs from these inspirations and develops trends…. Then they mix them up to mix it up, creating something fresh for our customers to own, and enjoy.

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