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Camping Brands: Good, Excellent, Amazing & Mind-Boggling Brands

Below you will find the best camping brands ranked in order from mind-boggling, amazing, excellent, and good…

The Yeti brand is superb for anything cooler-related, Camp Chef has to be the go-to brand for anything camp cooking-related, Outland Living for portable firepits, Blackstone for grills, and Coleman for everything else such as tents and camping gear.

Special note: While the Coleman brand appears down the list this brand is excellent and features heavily on my site for various camping products. They do specialize in a broad range of camping and outdoor equipment.

These are the brands I currently have articles for on this site and organized into the best camping brands list. Any brand I have yet to investigate will be added in due course, so this page will continually be updated with popular brands.

Mind-Boggling Camping Brand

It takes something exceptional for brands to reach my mind-boggling status. They have to have 90% or more consumers rate the product 5 out of 5 stars. If a company has many products that rate that highly even better and if there are thousands of consumers as compared to hundreds then better still.


Yeti is one of the most well-known brands for coolers and is one of the rare brands to reach mind-boggling status on this site. Whether you’re headed to the beach for an all-day concert, looking to put meat and drinks in the shade at your next family cookout, or planning a week-long camping trip with friends, the YETI brand is up to the challenge.

Yeti is a ming boggling brand for camping

Whether you’re buying for a regular outdoorsman or looking to impress a picky recipient, it’s hard to go wrong with a Yeti cooler. All-world insulators that keep ice frozen for days even in the heat of summer, these bad boys are made to take on camping trips and other outside affairs without you having to worry about your beverages.

Keep everything adequately chilled, or store food for the entire party. Yeti has multiple options that exist depending on your needs.

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AMAZING Camping Brands

There is one simple criterion to earn amazing status and that is to have 80% or more consumers rate the product 5 out of 5 stars. If a company has many products that rate that highly even better and if there are thousands of consumers as compared to hundreds then better still…

Camp Chef:

Camp Chef specializes in camping stoves and outdoor kitchen equipment. The company’s products include camp stoves, grills, cookware, and lanterns. With over 30 years in the outdoor cooking industry, Camp Chef has learned a thing or two about creating quality outdoor kitchens. Their team of experts is dedicated to bringing you the best products for your outdoor lifestyle, no matter where that may lead.

Camp Chef Is An Amazing Brand For Camping

Camp Chef is the trusted source for outdoor cooking equipment. Each product is thoroughly researched and tested by a team of experts who use only the highest quality materials and construction methods.

Camp Chef uses only natural gas-fueled products to ensure it is always ready when you are. This includes everything from portable stoves, clamshell grills, fire pits, and Dutch ovens to portable gazebos, chairs, and tables. Camp Chef wants you to enjoy your outdoor living space both now, and for decades to come.

You can read more about this brand here… Is Camp Chef A Good Brand? (Powerful & Portable Outdoor Cooking)

Outland Living:

Outland Living sells a variety of outdoor products as their name suggests however they are one of the most amazing brands can find for firepits including propane, wood, and table firepits.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen a product that doesn’t rate amazing from this company that includes their other sellers such as vertical gardens, torches, and camp stoves. I currently only showcase one product from this brand on this site it has mind-boggling ratings and of course, it’s perfect for camping…

Outland Living is an amazing camping brand

The Outland Firebowl is a portable fire bowl that’s ideal for camping, backyards, patios, decks, the beach, and RVs. Its durable steel construction can withstand years of year-round use.

The reflective bottom retains heat to extend burn times by up to 50%, and its weather-resistant protective coating will withstand heavy rain and snow. Includes a lid and a handle for safe transportation.

Perfect for festivals, backyard get-togethers, and cookouts the ultimate campfire experience. It is so quick and easy to set up and starts instantly with a push of a button.

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When cooking for a crowd, a griddle can cook food faster than a full-sized grill. The Blackstone 36″ griddle has countless uses and is good for any type of outdoor use. The heavy-duty construction and ability to fold flat make it easy to pack away or bring along on campouts or RV trips.

Blackstone is an amazing camping griddle brand

The Griddle reigns king of the camp cookware world, it’s big enough to cook up a feast for the whole family and it comes in handy for all types of meals. Sear your steaks to perfection on one side, whip up eggs sunny-side-up as you sip your coffee, and don’t forget about pancakes!

This versatile griddle is the perfect companion for any outdoor chef.

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Now let’s take a look at the excellent brands:

Camping Brands That Made The Excellent Category

Once again I had one one simple criterion for brands to reach my excellent status and that is to have 70% or more consumers rate the product 5 out of 5 stars. If a company has many products that rate that highly even better and if there are thousands of consumers as compared to hundreds then better still.


Camping brands don’t come much more famous than Coleman and they have a proven track record for creating quality camping products over a long period of time. Coleman has a full line of products that’ll keep you camping in style.

Coleman is an excellent camping brand

Open up to new ways to enjoy camping with lightweight Coleman camping gear. The Coleman Company, founded in Wisconsin in Texas in 1900, is the leading manufacturer of quality outdoor products and recognized for its innovation and high-quality design.

From sleeping bags and tents to coolers and camp furniture – Coleman continues to be the first choice of outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Coleman features the latest gear for car campers, family campers, and off-road adventurers alike. Whether your next adventure is across Europe or at your favorite local campgrounds, the Coleman brand is sure to have all the camping equipment you need.

You can read more about this brand here… Campers Say Coleman Is A Good Brand For Camping And Outdoor Gear


Etekcity is not a camping brand as such however one of their products does feature on this for camping and that is the following camping lantern…

Etekcity is an excellent brand for camping lanterns

The Etekcity Lantern LED Camping Lanterns are the perfect companion to keep in your home, car, or office for when the power goes out. They are extremely bright and provide 360 degree of light coverage that gives you a clear view of any space.

You will never be in the dark again with Etekcity LED Camping Lanterns. Plus, with their quick deployment design, you can use them for camping outdoors or home emergencies!

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Great Cooler For Camping and Ice Lasts For Days… Whether you’re tailgating, pulling a boat, or having a pool party, Igloo makes all the coolers you need to keep your food and drinks icy cold. Perfect for work or play, these tough coolers are built to do it all.

Igloo is an excellent cooler brand

The cooler industry has changed for the better. With this BMX cooler, Igloo introduces a game-changing breakthrough in ice retention technology.

You’ll stay out longer and tackle more trails with the proven 4-5 day ice retention at 90° F, all packed in an extra rugged and lightweight piece constructed with high-density polyethylene for maximum durability, it’s ideal for extreme applications.

The BMX Series is made for those who take their adventures seriously and want to haul their catch home.

You can read more about this brand here… Finally, An Affordable Cooler That Will Keep Your Ice Cold 5 Days

Best Choice Products:

This is another brand that is not a specialist camping brand however they have excellent camping chairs so I just had to include them.  These ultra-comfy recliners glide smoothly into a comfortable zero gravity position and removable elastic cords to support back and neck muscles.

Best Choice Products is an excellent brand for camping chairs

With the Best Choice Products camping chair you can easily enjoy your next getaway. These portable folding chairs are designed to provide you with a comfortable & relaxing way to spend time outdoors.

Its comfortable padded fabric seat & backrest will have you sitting in ultimate comfort. The lightweight, foldable design makes these an easy addition to your next trip to the park, beach, or your child’s next sporting event.

You can read more about this brand here… 8 Reasons To Love The Best Choice Products Reclining Lawn Chairs

Good Camping Brands

To reach my good status requires 60% or more consumers rating the product 5 out of 5 stars. If a company has many products that rate that highly even better and if there are thousands of consumers as compared to hundreds then better still


Once again this is not a recognized camping brand however they do provide an excellent portable tabletop grill that is ideal for camping. With the Cuisinart complete outdoor meal preparation is as easy as cooking on your home kitchen stove—and clean-up is a snap, too.

Cusinart is a good brand for portable grills

The portable CGG-180T fits easily on the patio table, around the firepit, and onto camping trip packing lists; and it sets up and folds down instantly with no tools or assembly required.

It cooks 8 burgers, 8 steaks, 6 to 10 chicken breasts, or 4 pounds of fish for a delicious outdoor meal in no time—all with virtually no cleanup because the grill top detaches from the base and can be cleaned while still hot. Just wipe down the grill top when finished cooking

You can read more about this brand here… Cuisinart Petit Gourmet – Best Portable Tabletop Gas Grill To Buy

In summary, as I started out by saying there are a few clearcut brands that are supreme in what they specialize in.

Yeti is the go-to brand for coolers and Igloo is the best cheaper alternative. Camp Chef is the top pick for all of your camp cooking needs but serious consideration should go to Blackstone as well for BBQs.

Outland Living isn’t a recognized brand however their firepits are amazing are definitely the brand for portable firepits and Coleman is by far the best “all-round” camping brand. They provide all of your camping needs and you can get excellent camping products from the one company.

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