Is GHD A Good Brand? (Hair Styling Tools)

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What Is The GHD Brand Known For?

GHD is known as a premier hair care brand worldwide, but did you know that it’s actually an acronym for “good hair day?” A fun twist on the name and one that fits nicely into a tagline, GHD represents much more than their line of professional hair styling tools.

GHD is a good brand with over 300 beauty awards and counting, they’ve become a renowned authority on hair care…. Since introducing the first-ever GHD styler their range has expanded to include professional styling tools for every hair type.

GHD’s jaw-dropping range of straighteners, curlers, tongs, and hair dryers is expanding daily and includes some of the must-have products that you’ll be able to rely on throughout the years.

From luxurious crown barrels and ceramic plates to advanced ionic technology in their dryers and more; there’s a hairstyle for everyone…. Whether you’re at home or traveling, give yourself a treat with one of the many GHD products.

Below I have listed some of GHD’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

GHD Hair Straightener

The following GHD product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

With the GHD Platinum+ Flat iron, you are styling at the speed of life…. Fast-drying, high gloss shine, and intense volume are packed into one winning combination.

The heat is monitored 250 times a second and through intuitively designed Smart Control it adapts to your hair type, thickness, and length for better results every time.

The HAIR STYLER Flat Iron is your new secret weapon…. With a pro-style 230°C max heat, you can perform all your usual styling tasks and even get creative with curls using this versatile styler—all whilst looking sleek and professional.

Because this Tommie Copper garment is made specifically for a woman’s body, the shoulder support shirt helps improve posture over time by distributing pressure from heavier breasts throughout your torso area…


ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener, Ceramic Flat Iron, Professional Hair Styler


ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Hair Styler, Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener, Black

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The Ghd Platinum+ Professional Styler uses the science of high-density far infrared heat to produce an unbeatably smooth finish for beautiful hair…. The ghd Platinum+ Professional Styler is smarter than your average flat iron and it knows just how fast to heat, how long to keep it on, and when to release it.

  • The Platinum+ styler heats up to 200 degrees in as little as 1 minute with over 60 temperature settings for the perfect style.
  • This salon-quality straightener has an advanced ceramic heater that generates instant shine and a high-shine liquid crystal coating that seals the hair cuticles for frizz-free results.
  • The unique digital interface features accurate automatic shut-off and advanced overheat protection, so your style will be easy to achieve, healthy, and long-lasting.
  • The extra-long swivel cord means there’s no need to sit too close to a mirror so you can easily create any style with ease.
  • It uses a professional thermal engineering system to ensure optimum temperature control and ultra-fast heat recovery through the multi-layer ceramic coating on plates.
  • Know that when applying heat to your hair using this GHD styler you are in good hands – a team of professional stylists designed this solution with the thoughtfulness and use they put into all their products.
  • It features a ceramic heating technology with ions to protect hair from breakage, plus advanced heat control for even heat distribution.
  • So if you’re ever in doubt about what heat to select for your hair type, pick a higher setting to create smoother curls, or use the Titanium technology for ultimate long-lasting frizz protection and shine.

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GHD Hair Dryer

The following GHD product has an AMAZING 83% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Achieve the ultimate style results with the GHD’s Helios PROFESSIONAL HAIR DRYER…. A professional performer, GHD’s helios dryer is easy to handle and capable of achieving a salon finish at home.

Balanced for even weight distribution, GHD helios is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip during use.

The Helios Professional Hairdryer features advanced technology, making the job easy…. A built-in drying sensor in GHD helios automatically adjusts power to your hair’s thickness, so you can concentrate on what you’re doing.

The GHD Helios professional blow dryer has the power to give you great volume and low levels of noise…. It is 81% quieter than the previous model and is designed with a bespoke acoustic system technology…


ghd Helios Hair Dryer, Professional Hair Dryer


ghd Helios Hair Dryer, Professional Hair Dryer, Black, 1 count

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Breeze through your hair drying routine with the lightweight, faster drying ghd Helios professional hair dryer…. With 75mph airflow travelling through the longer-life brushless motor, you can cut down the time it takes to achieve salon style hair in your own home.

  • An ergonomically balanced handle and an advanced thermal protection system mean that it gets hot without burning your hands.
  • It has a tangle-free swivel cord that spins to its own beat adding to the ease of use.
  • With powerful Ionic and Tourmaline technologies and an ergonomically balanced design, it feels good in your hand and works beautifully on your hair.
  • It features an anti-static ion generator to reduce flyaways and the unique helical design of the concentrator nozzle gives you more styling control, so you can achieve smooth results.
  • A pro-quality look in a salon blow-dry, combined with comfort and flexibility to dry and style your hair in any way you choose – everywhere you choose to do it!
  • The GHD Helios Professional Hair Dryer comprises an ergonomically balanced handle, sturdy construction, and is whisper quiet.
  • It has a nifty little button that pops up the concentrator for precision styling on smaller areas of your hair.

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GHD Hot Brush

The following GHD product has an excellent 73% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

With ceramic tourmaline technology, GHD Glide and Rise hot brushes are smooth and silky…. Ideal for creating bouncy curls, simply glide the brush through hair for a sleek and straight look.

GHD Glide and Rise hot brushes offer all of these benefits, plus the benefit of extra lift at the roots…. Achieve maximum results whether you’re looking to create a sleek ponytail or smooth out a frizzy mane in minutes.

These ceramic ghd Glide & Rise Hot Brushes have been designed to glide effortlessly through hair, while the heat-resistant bristles preserve your style…. The stylists choice ghd straightener brush lets you create multi-directional styles with ease, and the anti-static properties are great for keeping your hair smooth and shiny.

The glide and rise pole reaches all hair types to help create a truly polished finish, whilst the new auto-off feature ensures maximum efficiency between strokes…


ghd Glide & Rise Hot Brushes, Professional Hair Straightener Brushes


ghd Rise Hot Hair Brush, Professional Hot Brush for Hair Styling, Ceramic Hot Brush

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The ghd Glide & Rise Hot Brush is a revolutionary hair straightener and brush in one…. This ergonomic design features a soft-touch handle, ceramic coated plates and auto-off safety function…. The Glide & Rise delivers all the benefits of a ghd styler, but is also a professional-quality hair brush that straightens, detangles and lifts hair for ultimate styling results.

  • Tame unruly hair with the ghd Glide & Rise hot brush.
  • Featuring a distinctive design that is shorter on one side to get into the hard-to-reach areas, this professional hair straightener brush smooths and styles as it detangles and straightens.
  • The ghd Glide & Rise hot brush is suitable for all hair types and takes only 10 seconds to heat up to over 420F/210C.
  • Create 2x more volume that lasts all day long with the ultimate professional hair straightener brushes that leaves your hair smooth and sleek using advanced ion gliding technology.
  • Simply glide through your hair from root to tip, and watch the smooth ceramic bristles glide through your hair for an even distribution of heat.
  • The flexible tangle-free bristles glide through without snagging while the curved shape lets you easily wrap around your hair.
  • The ingenious ghd Glide & Rise hot brush doesn’t just make hair smooth and shiny, it helps you to create the full, ‘do-me style you’ve always wanted.

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GHD Curling Iron

The following GHD product has an AMAZING 82% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The GHD Curling Iron provides a perfect curl for every occasion without the hassle of a traditional curling iron…. This hot new hair tool is the must-have styling accessory for creating beach waves, a loose and luscious curl, or an elegant curl that won’t come undone…. The results will impress you.

The GHD Signature Curling Iron has been the number one selling ceramic tourmaline hair curler for over 10 years…. Fast heat up with infrared, negative ionic technology and the exclusive GHD Spring System let you create elegant curls, waves and flicks effortlessly and in a fraction of the time it takes to straighten your hair.

The Revolutionary GHD wand has taken the beauty world by storm…. It produces hair-smoothing, all-day hold with brush-free styling—it leaves curls softer and healthier looking…


ghd Curling Irons, Curl & Wave Wands, Professional Curve Hair Tools


ghd Curling Iron, Creative Curl Wand, Professional Hair Curling Iron with Tapered Barrel

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The ghd curve Creative Curl Wand is perfect for creating big, bouncy curls or glamourous waves…. Combining maximum heat, powerful performance and breakthrough ionic conditioning, the ghd creative curl wand styling set is designed to deliver effortlessly gorgeous hair.

  • The ghd curve Creative Curl wand is faster heating than ever before thanks to ‘ready-to-curl’ technology and is more accurate because of the new slim 210°C heat-resistant swivel cord.
  • Created with ceramic ionic technology to lock in moisture and keep hair looking radiant, healthy, and shiny.
  • The unique tapered barrel makes it easy to create big bouncy curls or beachy waves on medium to long hair.
  • A breakthrough in curling wand design, the new far-infrared ceramic curl barrel allows for strong, healthy hair with zero damaging infrared undertones even at 365°.
  • With even heat distribution across the whole barrel and a swivel cord that prevents snagging when styling in confined spaces.
  • The whole collection is travel-friendly, each individual curling iron or wand can be stored easily in its own drawstring case.
  • The ceramic heating system produces negative ions that eliminate frizz and provide shiny and healthy hair.
  • Love locks have never been this easy…. Curl your hair for the night and easily re-create your look in the morning with the GHD Curve styling tool.
  • From tight and defined curls to soft and romantic waves, you control every curl of the GHD Curve.

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GHD Heat Protect Spray

The following GHD product has an AMAZING 82% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

GHD Heat Protect Spray is the only heat protection product you will need…. The unique GHD Heat Protection System targets your hair’s weakest point to provide protection from heat…. The spray can be layered with other styling products to create the perfect result.

This lightweight mist was created to protect your hair; it won’t cause build-up in fine, colored, or chemically-treated hair, but will strengthen and smooth any style.

GHD Heat Protect Spray is an alcohol-free formula that delivers instant heat protection and long-lasting shine for all hair types…. But that’s not all – a few quick sprays of the GHD Heat Protect Spray under your hairstyling tools will also help to protect them against damage from everyday use.

A must-have for anyone who uses heated styling tools, the spray can be layered with other styling products to create the result you desire…


GHD Heat Protect Spray


ghd Heat Protect Spray, 4 Fl Oz

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In just one spritz, you’ll discover why the ghd Heat Protect Spray is must-have for all hair types…. With its innovative formula that includes a combination of thermal protectants, a heat strenghtening agent and moisture- and frizz-fighting properties, this spray can be layered with other styling products to create the ultimate result you desire.

  • It is the perfect preparation for styling your hair straight, thermal reconditioning treatments, blow-dry protection, or creating any other look you can imagine.
  • With its unique, enriched formula that contains the unique ghd Heat Protection System, you can be sure to have a lasting style.
  • It infuses hair with heat-defense properties and a lightweight mist to create long-lasting, effortless styles.
  • For use after blow-drying or before styling with GHD tools, this heat protects spray directs protective ions that shield the hair fiber from damage by creating a protective layer around the hair, locking in moisture and leaving your hair feeling smooth.
  • This lightweight mist can be layered with other products to create the look you want.
  • GHD Heat Protect Spray is the ultimate heat protection for your hair…. No more dry, brittle, and damaged hair.
  • Ideal if you use a hairdryer, curling iron, wand, or straighteners frequently.
  • This lightweight, leave-in heat-protecting spray guards against heat styling damage, leaving hair shiny with no product build-up.

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GHD Paddle Brush

The following GHD product has an AMAZING 82% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

Designed to be used at home or while traveling, The GHD Paddle Brush is for styling longer hair…. It has a comfortable soft-touch, non-slip finish handle and a heat-resistant paddle brush that is rounded on the ends and ideal for creating smooth styles.

The GHD Paddle Brush is designed with a soft touch, non slip handle to provide total comfort and control…. It features a wide paddle brush for styling large sections of hair at once, and true professionals know that bigger sections create a smoother, straighter style.

This paddle brush is part of our premium GHD collection and was built with a soft touch, nonslip finish for a stylish look that feels great in your hands…


GHD Paddle Brush


ghd Paddle Brush

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The paddle brush was designed specifically for professional blow-drying and styling…. Using it with a blow dryer will allow you to smooth through even the thickest hair with ease or wrap the wide, crisscrossing bristles around your hair for a bouncy blowout…. The smooth handle makes it comfortable to use, even for long periods of time.

  • Constructed with dense pins, a uniquely shaped brush with an extremely soft touch, pliable bristles this paddle brush is ideal for styling large sections of hair.
  • The unique shape of the brush and thick pliable bristles allow the natural movement of hair to do its job while you style it.
  • With rounded, anti-static bristles, the paddle brush smooths strands of hair and helps to shine without snags for a sleek finish.
  • The soft-touch handle features a non-slip grip and rubber stopper that provides maximum control during styling.
  • The GHD Paddle Brush is an ideal all-rounder for creating soft flowing curls, waves, flicks, and any other style that takes your fancy.
  • This paddle brush features a wide surface area so is perfect to use on shorter hair, while the long handle makes it easier to hold.

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In summary, as a global leader in high-end professional hair styling tools, GHD is the UK’s Number 1 recommended styling brand…. With an ever-growing offering of professional de-salons and salons stocking GHD, you can achieve the style you desire no matter what your location.

With over 20 years of industry knowledge and innovation behind their products, there is a GHD styler to suit everyone – regardless of hair type, length, or texture.

Get professional salon results in the comfort of your home with GHD’s advanced heat styling tools…. Their breakthrough technology means you don’t have to fry your hair to get beautiful-looking straight hair.

With a choice of professional styling tools, whatever your need GHD has got the right tool for you…. From curling tongs to irons, from brushes to straighteners, all their products are designed to deliver on the performance delivering amazing results every time.

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