Is Gearwrench A Good Brand? (Tools For Automative Repair & DIY)

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What Is The Gearwrench Brand Known For?

Whether you’re working on an engine, a bicycle, or a car, Gearwrench is a good brand because they focus on a single thing: how to make tools that work better.

GEARWRENCH products are designed for and by technicians, making them the best tools available for automotive, industrial, and small engine service work.

Gearwrench is made by the Apex Tool Group which has reinvented this premier hand tool brand into the most innovative design lineup in the hand tool industry. Apex is proud to offer GearWrench products.

5 Reasons Why Gearwrench Is A Good Tool Brand

Gearwrench is a brand of tools that you’ll definitely want to have in your toolbox. With a variety of products, ranging from auto repair hand tools to sockets and accessories, you’re sure to find what you need for any project.

1. Built to Last

The GearWrench brand of tools is made to last. They are designed to be strong and durable so that they can withstand the toughest jobs. The last thing you want is to buy a tool that breaks easily or comes apart in your hands.

2. Strong Construction

GearWrench tools are created with strong materials that won’t break under pressure. This construction makes it ideal for any job, whether it be large-scale or small-scale projects, as well as industrial ones.

You know your tool is going to hold up no matter what you put it through, which is why this brand has become so popular among contractors and homeowners alike over the years!

3. Easy To Use

If you’re looking for a tool that’s easy to use, then look no further than GearWrench!

These tools are designed with comfort in mind so that even those who have never used their own brand of tools before can pick up on how easy they are to use within seconds of setting them down on the table or benchtop where you plan on doing your work!

They’re also compact enough so that they don’t take up much space when not in use either!

4. Gearwrench has a wide variety of sockets available for both metric and standard applications

They offer high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel sockets, which feature a scratch-resistant finish that helps prevent corrosion and rust from forming on the surface of the tool during use or storage.

5. The handles on their tools have ergonomic grips that help reduce hand fatigue when using them for extended periods of time.

These are also slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about dropping them due to a slippery handle when your hands get sweaty from working on an engine or something else that’s hot and heavy duty!

You can purchase Gearwrench products online from their website, at Amazon, or from any of the other stores listed on Gearwrench’s where to buy page.

Let’s look at some of the best-selling Gearwrench products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Gearwrench Is A Good Brand For Mechanic Sets

GearWrench’s newest mechanics tools – are now together in their largest, most comprehensive storage box EVER. This 243-pc. set includes 60 different ratchets and extensions; 36, 12 point combination wrenches; 12-, 14-, and 15-mm sockets; and more in a convenient 3-drawer hard case.


GEARWRENCH 243 Pc. 12 Pt. Mechanics Tool Set in 3 Drawer Storage Box


GEARWRENCH 243 Pc. 12 Pt. Mechanics Tool Set in 3 Drawer Storage Box - 80972

Gathering the best of its unique tools, GEARWRENCH’s new Mechanics Tool Sets bring them together for the first time in convenient storage boxes.

These strong steel tool sets are packed with high–quality features such as magnetic bit holders and large printed size markings on the ends of each tool.

This Master Mechanics Tool Set in a 3-drawer storage chest is the ultimate toolbox for your garage or workshop…

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Gearwrench Is A Good Brand For Ratcheting Wrenches

Gearwrench’s most popular ratcheting combination wrench set is now even better, with stronger, forged heads and a new cold-forged process that gives you up to 20% more strength than our previous material.


GEARWRENCH 12 Point Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set, 16 Piece Metric – 9416


GEARWRENCH 12 Point Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set, 16 Piece Metric - 9416

GearWrench 12 Point 9416 Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set is designed for standard nut sizes. This GearWrench wrench set features comfortable, ergonomic polypropylene handles for fatigue-free use.

The ratcheting mechanism allows for fast and accurate tightening to a fixed angle, or reversible operation to remove bolts.

With GearWrench’s patented TuThroat on both wrenches, you’ll get greater access for hard-to-reach bolts. The GearWrench combination wrench set will save you time and money on the job…

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Gearwrench Is A Good Brand For Non-Ratcheting Wrenches

This 44 pc. Long Pattern 12 pt. combination wrench set from GEARWRENCH features a case design that helps keep your tools organized, and is bulkier for better grip and control.

Plus, the nonmarring handles will not scratch sensitive fasteners or steel surfaces.


GEARWRENCH 44 Pc. 12 Pt. Combination Wrench Set, Long Pattern, SAE/Metric – 81919


GEARWRENCH 44 Pc. 12 Pt. Combination Wrench Set, Long Pattern, SAE/Metric - 81919

This GearWrench Combination Wrench set provides you with 12-point opening access for modern fasteners. Featuring a long pattern and chrome vanadium construction, this set contains 44 different wrenches for an extensive variety of jobs.

In addition to its high-quality construction, this GearWrench product has an ergonomic design that provides comfort and reduced user fatigue.

This powerful combination combines the best qualities of both hand tools and power tools into one sturdy unit that you can access easily in your own workshop or garage.

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Gearwrench New 90T Ratchets

GearWrench’s Locking Flex-Head ratcheting wrenches provide the same quality and performance, but with a convenient locking mechanism for sizes 3/8″ and 1/2″, giving the user a more versatile tool.

GearWrench 81230T 90 tooth Flex-Head Ratchet Set. GearWrench combines the highest quality materials and precision engineering to produce tools that can be trusted for years of use in any variety of applications.


GEARWRENCH 4 Pc 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ Drive 90 Tooth Flex Head Ratchet Set, Full Polish Chrome – 81230T


GEARWRENCH 4 Pc 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Drive 90 Tooth Flex Head Ratchet Set, Full Polish Chrome - 81230T


  • Gearwrench Full Polish chrome ratchets feature forged hollow ratchet heads that are stronger and deliver a longer service life.
  • Each ratchet head is chrome plated to resist rust for added protection.
  • The 90 tooth flex head design allows access to even the tightest spots.
  • All GearWrench ratchets are SAE & metric compatible allowing you to choose the size you need and giving you peace of mind knowing your tools go where you do.
  • A full polish chrome finish and aerodynamic design help you get your job done faster.
  • A true craftsman is only as good as his tools.
  • This 4pc flex head ratchet set is constructed of durable, high-quality materials, and features a full polish chrome finish.
  • GEARWRENCH is proud to equip craftsmen all around the world – from professionals in industrial jobs to students working on their first project.

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Gearwrench Is A Good Brand For Socket Sets

GearWrench brand 84 pieces 1/4 in. 3/8 in. 1/2 in Drive Bit Socket Set offers sockets and quick release sets in a zinc-plated steel case, each socket machined from drop forged steel to a fine finish using GearWrench’s proprietary heat treatment process for added performance and durability.

The professional grade sockets and ratchets are chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability, and each one features laser etched markings for easy identification.


GEARWRENCH 84 Piece 1/4 Inch, 3/8 Inch & 1/2 Inch Drive Bit Socket Set


GEARWRENCH 84 Piece 1/4 Inch, 3/8 Inch & 1/2 Inch Drive Bit Socket Set, Hex/Ball End Hex/Tamper Proof Torx/E-Torx/Torx, SAE/Metric - 80742

  • This industrial grade tough toolset is made from durable steel and coated in a rust-resistant finish for increased protection against the elements.
  • The tools in this socket set combine to provide you with everyday shop applications and offer easy-to-read laser imprinted sizes on every tool for quick identification.
  • The ratcheting socket set provides a durable solution for anyone needing a complete assortment of sockets. Full polish technology means strength, durability, and smooth operation.
  • This set is ideal for projects around the home or workplace.
  • GearWrench 84 Piece 1/4″ Drive Socket Set is ideal for the professional or DIY mechanic.
  • So many uses in and around the house, auto repair shop, garage, machine shop as well as for boat motor maintenance and overhaul.

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Gearwrench Is A Good Brand For Extraction Sockets

The GearWrench 8 pc. 1/4″ & 3/8″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Extraction Socket Set (84782) is a high-quality, durable socket set that will far surpass your expectations.

You’ll have the confidence of knowing that the gears you’re working with are reliable and safe, thanks to the steel reinforcement and cushion grip handle.


GEARWRENCH 8 Pc. 1/4″ & 3/8″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Extraction Socket Set – 84782


GEARWRENCH 8 Pc. 1/4" & 3/8" Drive Bolt Biter Impact Extraction Socket Set - 84782

  • Gearwrench 8 pc. 1/4″ & 3/8″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Extraction Socket Set is designed for hardcore torquing applications that need a little more torque than conventional sockets can deliver.
  • Impact mechanics will appreciate the added value to their trade while working with car enthusiasts on their hot rod project.
  • With double-ended sockets, the GearWrench reach range gets a step closer.
  • The heads are chrome vanadium steel for durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • The sockets have a blue anti-corrosive finish and the ratchet has a comfortable grip.
  • Each piece is laser etched with its size for easy identification.
  • GearWrench’s 1/4″ and 3/8″ Drive Bolt Biter Socket Set, with its comfortable, easy-on, easy-off, yellow plastic collar of the bolt biter feature offers three times more contact area and 25 times more torquing power than standard extensions.

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Gearwrench Is A Good Brand For Impact Socket Sets

Whether you’re tightening a tappet or changing the oil on your car, the Gearwrench 209 piece ¼inch, 3/8inch, and ½ inch drive master impact socket set provides a tremendous amount of torque in a simple design.

Each socket is made from forged and heat-treated steel for strength and durability with polished chrome vanadium for long-lasting use.


GEARWRENCH 209 Piece ¼inch, 3/8inch, & ½inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set – 89072


GEARWRENCH 209 Piece ¼inch, 3/8inch, & ½inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set  - 89072

  • Gearwrench’s master socket sets are designed using our unique Master System with individually laser-cut precision-sized sockets that provide superior fit and maximum durability.
  • The GearWrench Master Socket set is perfect for your home garage, at the job site, or on the road.
  • These sets are designed to be an indispensable tool in any technician’s toolbox.
  • Full polish on all contact points – Polished chrome vanadium steel is stronger and tougher than standard steel – Made with high visibility markings for easy size identification – Never get caught with the wrong tool again.

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Gearwrench Is A Good Brand For Torque Wrenches

When you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, the last thing you want to do is waste a lot of valuable time getting a part to the right location.

This sturdy, high-strength construction is more than twice as strong as standard impact wrenches, while allowing fast, easy switching between standard/metric settings.


GEARWRENCH 3/8″ Drive Electronic Torque Wrench, 10-135 Nm


GEARWRENCH 3/8" Drive Electronic Torque Wrench, 10-135 Nm - 85076

  • Achieve faster, more responsive power with the GEARWRENCH 10-135 Nm 3/8″ electronic torque wrench.
  • This easy-to-use wrench features “feel free” technology that allows for unlimited 360° revolutions on fasteners, and a 4-line digital readout with 4 touchpoints for precise measurement.
  • It also features preset torque values that allow you to get back to work fast!
  • The GearWrench Electronic Torque Wrench accurately and consistently delivers torque settings for the most common fasteners.
  • The 5-digit LED display shows torque settings in foot-pounds, Newton meters, or kilogram-force centimeters.
  • Variable speed and direction control so you can easily work on automotive, motorcycles, lawn equipment, or industrial tools.
  • The Gearwrench Electronic Torque Wrench is the latest in Digital Torque Tools.
  • The wrench also features an auto-stop feature that will not allow you to over-tighten and provides added security while tightening bolts/nuts on equipment.
  • The GEARWRENCH Electronic Torque Wrench is digital, designed to be easy to use and set, and helps give you confidence that your fastener will be properly secured.
  • It’s easier and safer to use than a standard torque wrench because it alerts you when you’re approaching your desired torque target so there’s no over-tightening.
  • Plus, the large, digital LCD screen shows values in real-time, so there’s no need for guesswork.

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Gearwrench Is A Good Brand For Pry Bars

A Gearwrench 33 extendable pry bar replaces the need to carry multiple pry bars, and it can be extended by hand or by foot to reach deep into the toughest spaces.

The bar’s head is 2.5 inches long and 1/2 inch wide and it is intended for use in sheetrock, walls, and ceilings. It can also be used to break up concrete and sheetrock.


GEARWRENCH 33″ Extendable Indexing Pry Bar


GEARWRENCH 33" Extendable Indexing Pry Bar - 82220

  • The GearWrench 33″ indexing pry bar features a slim neck that allows for greater access in tight areas.
  • It is designed to provide the leverage needed for more difficult prying tasks.
  • The precision-machined tip will not slip and guarantees accuracy when pulling or moving components.
  • The GearWrench 33″ extendable indexing pry bar with 4 sets of notches is ideal for a wide range of uses.
  • It can be used to direct, lift, position, or apply force to an object.
  • Its all-steel construction and oversized forged head provide maximum strength and durability.
  • Its durable nylon handle provides comfort and a non-slip grip in any working condition.
  • It has been designed with a wide tip for prying work.
  • The four-sided indexing head prevents rolling, and the handles are coated for non-slip operation.
  • The GearWrench 33″ Extendable Indexing Pry Bar is the superior choice for many prying applications, with a 2-in. head made of forged alloy steel that extends up to 33 in. and then locks in place.
  • The drop-forged handles are heat-treated for extra strength and optimal durability, and the knurled on/off collar makes it easy to switch from one angle position lock to another.

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Gearwrench Is A Good Brand For Hammer & Mallet Sets

Today Gearwrench introduces the 5 pc. Hammer and Mallet Set, the best value in toolsets on the market. From overall length to the number of tools in each set, the Hammer and Mallet 5-pc set takes the money-saving approach to a new level.

The 5 pc. set includes five tools, making it the ideal size for most homeowners or those who work in the trade.


GEARWRENCH 5 Pc. Hammer and Mallet Set


GEARWRENCH 5 Pc. Hammer and Mallet Set - 82303D


  • GEARWRENCH combines form and function with a specially designed hammer and the mallet.
  • The hammer’s comfortable grip makes the perfect tool for a multitude of tasks both inside the garage as well as and around the house.
  • The smooth polished wooden handle with an attractive silver ferrule fits beautifully in your hand so you can apply just the right amount of force onto nails, screws, or bolts.
  • The 12oz hammerhead is made from tempered forged steel so it is strong enough to deliver a powerful blow yet not as heavy as a solid steel hammer, making it easier to work longer.
  • It is designed with high quality, long-lasting, durably zinc die-cast machine-finished handles, and bright chrome-finished hardened steel.
  • This 5-Pc. Hammer and Mallet Set is an affordable and efficient solution to your home-tool needs.
  • The set’s wooden handles offer comfort while its polished polyurethane head grants durability.

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Is GEARWRENCH a professional brand?

GEARWRENCH is a professional brand. It is one of the leading manufacturers of tools and equipment for industrial use.

Who is GEARWRENCH made by?

The GearWrench brand from Apex Tool Group is a revolutionary new line of high-quality, professional-grade hand tools that feature innovative designs, superior ergonomics, lightweight construction, and improved functionality to make the toughest jobs easier.

Gearwrench hand tools are designed for and used by technicians and mechanics in industries including automotive repair and assembly, electrical and electronics repair, in-plant maintenance, telecom facilities maintenance, heavy equipment servicing, mining equipment servicing, and construction.

Are GEARWRENCH and Husky the same?

Gearwrench and Husky are two totally different companies that provide very different products. Gearwrench is a brand owned by Apex Tool Group, and they specialize in automotive tools.

Their tools are designed to provide the best performance possible, but at a price point that’s still affordable for the average consumer.

Husky is a Home Depot brand that caters to construction professionals and homeowners alike. They offer a wide variety of hand tools, power tools, and accessories for both professional and DIY use.

Does GEARWRENCH make good ratchets?

GearWrench ratchets and wrenches have been a staple of mechanics around the world for years. The brand offers over 200 different sizes and types of ratchets, so it’s easy to find one that suits your needs.

GearWrench also makes sockets, extensions and other tools.

They are strong, durable and well-made. The handles are comfortable to use, which is especially important when you’re dealing with heavy loads or working in tight spaces.

How do I get rid of Gearwrench packaging?

GearWrench packaging is made up of a number of layers, which you can remove individually.

The first layer is the outer cardboard box.

This can be recycled if you take it to your local recycling center. If you don’t have access to such a center, you can recycle this by placing it in your regular trash, but make sure that all of the parts are removed from the packaging first so that they don’t get stuck on other items in the bin and cause them not to be recycled properly.

The next layer is the inner plastic bag that contains all of your tools.

This cannot be recycled, so you should dispose of it properly by putting it in your regular trash bin or (if there’s room) in a compost pile or landfill.

Does Crescent own Gearwrench?

Gearwrench is a brand of hand tools manufactured by Apex Tool Group. Gearwrench products are often distributed by Apex Tool Group’s other brands: Such as Crescent.

So Gearwsrench is not owned by Crescent they are sister companies who both fall under the umbrella of the Apex Tool Group.

In summary, every mechanic needs high-quality hand tools that are going to stand up to the demands of the job. Gearwrench tools are designed with precision and durability in mind.

These tools are built to last and work as hard as you do, no matter what the job is.

Offered in a range of models to meet the needs of do-it-yourselfers as well as professional mechanics and fleet service centers, Gearwrench products offer the quality, comfort, and performance that top professionals demand.

Gearwrench hand tools are designed to tackle the toughest jobs. Crafted from superior materials and built to last, their lineup of hand tools has everything you need for any job, large or small.

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