Best Garden Stool With Wheels, Storage And Handle

Best Garden Scooters

A garden stool with wheels enables the user to sit comfortably while performing tasks such as weeding, mowing, and edging. The high back and sturdy seat provide comfort and support while sitting for long periods of time and the four wheels make it easy to move around the yard or garden.

It truly is a rugged gardening assistant that can help you move large items, wheels easily over most terrains, provides a sturdy area to sit, and even has a place to hold your cuppa’s…

A garden stool with wheels will help any elderly person or person with health problems who have to do regular yard work.

The weight capacity of most garden stools is 250 pounds, so they can handle most people’s weight. This type of stool is very helpful when caring for the elderly who may be suffering from back or hip pain, arthritis, or other problems that can affect their ability to stand for long periods of time.

The stools that have wheels can be used by anyone regardless of age, gender, size, or physical limitations. They are also great for people who have balance issues because they allow you to sit down while working in your yard or garden and you don’t need to worry about falling over.

A garden stool with wheels is an investment that you will use every day in your yard and garden. It will give you more freedom and independence as well as ease the strain on your body.

Discover 5 of the best garden stools with wheels, storage, and pull handles with by far the most impressive being the Ames Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart…

AMES Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart With 2-Cubic Foot Capacity

The Best Garden Stool Cart with Wheels, Great Storage, Easy To Use Pull Handle, Rolls Easily Over Most Surfaces And Even Has Cup Holders!


AMES 1123047100 Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart, 2-Cubic Foot Capacity
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What Consumers Said About This Garden Cart With Wheels and Storage:


It Rolls Easily While Sitting On It For Weeding, So It Can Be Easily Pushed Along The Edge Of The Garden While Still Seated!

I use them all the time to carry things from spot to spot like bedding plants and tools. But the thing that I love the most is this is a place to sit while I am working the beds because my knees are not what they used to be. what’s so great is that I don’t have to get up and move it I can just slide along in my garden working rows of weeds and such. Can’t imagine gardening without my Ames cart.

  • I have enjoyed sitting on it while planting my planters so that I don’t have to bend so low over the containers.
  • At age 64, I am finding I need to try to be kind to my joints. What a back saver!
  • I used it when we went camping as you can sit on it and boy does it save your back from bending over all the time.
  • Open the lid, put in the things you need to carry, keep it open to pull it to your destination, put it down and sit on it. PERFECT!!!!
  • I bought this as a gift for a friend and she loves it! Uses it to cart out heavy plants then sits on it to plant them.
  • The cover doubles as a seat and it is great to sit while working; quite convenient.
  • This is a great garden help. I can hold all my smaller tools inside and it is the perfect height to sit on while pulling weeds.
  • It gave me a place to sit while doing my garden and saved my knees and back. It made gardening possible again for me!
  • This is the best lawn cart for anyone wanting to weed sitting down. 
  • Saves me from having to sit on the ground to do my yard work.


I Have Really Enjoyed My Lawn Buddy Because I Had Both of My Knees Replaced And This is Perfect For Sitting And Doing Gardening Which I Had To Give Up For A While

I had double knee surgery and cannot get on the ground to do my gardening. The lawn buddy is wonderful. I can get low to do weeding and can sit while cutting back bushes. I also use it to clean the lower parts of my car.

  • I used it for multiple purposes and not just gardening. With my bad knees, I use this for cleaning and painting my woodwork and maintenance projects that are hard for me to bend down to do.
  • Perfect for working on low stuff and much easier than getting on the knees.
  • I’m 5’2″ and 160 lbs with bad knees. It makes gardening so much easier for me.
  • I use this on a long sidewalk and no longer have to squat and hear my knees crunching while I tend to my succulent garden
  • This item is a real aid to those with old or bad knees.
  • It also saves my knees and I don’t have to sit or kneel in the grass/dirt.
  • I have had knee replacement surgery this year so kneeling is not an option and the height of this makes it easy to work from and good to weed from.
  • Because I have bad knees I sit on the cart and ride around planting my flowers.
  • Great for me to sit on for gardening with bad knees.


An Excellent Garden Stool With Wheels For Seniors!

My mother who is 80, wanted something she can wheel around the yard and be able sit on and reach the ground to weed or mulch. This product is perfect. High enough, but not to low, very light weight and easy to pull around the yard.

  • I use it when I play with my grandkids. I have bad knees so I can sit on this when we play on the floor.
  • The kids like to use it as a wagon and they store all kinds of toys in it.
  • Several of my grandmother’s friends ordered one after seeing it at my house.
  • I’m short, lack energy and I’m a senior – and this works for me.
  • My husband and I are seniors. We find the cart perfect for putting all our groceries in and wheeling it from the car right into the house to the kitchen table. Perfect!
  • I’m 70 yrs old, female, arthritic. Yard work is doable but difficult. This cart helps enormously.
  • This was purchased for my 76year old mother-in-law who loves to garden. It saves her from having to get up and down off the ground. She is able to tend her beautiful flower beds with ease. It also givers her a convenient place to store her trowels, gloves, etc.
  • Finally found a sturdy wheeled cart for my 80-year-old Mom to use in her garden. She loves it because it is not tippy, not too low to rise to a standing position, not too slippery of wheels, not too narrow, big enough to hold tools, and cover doubles as an easy handle that she can pull to her garden location without stooping down to pull it.
  • I bought this for my 76-year-old Mother she loves it, she doesn’t have to get up and down.
  • We bought it for my 78-year-old mother who loves to garden. She can carry all her garden tools in the cart and it’s comfortable to sit on while tending to her garden.
  • Bought it as a gift for my 83-year-old mom. She likes it just fine. It holds her tools and gives her a place to sit while tending her garden.

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Really Rugged With Lots Of Storage Space… Perfect For My Gardening!

AMES 1123047100 Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart, 2-Cubic Foot Capacity
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This cart is sturdy and rolls easily when I’m sitting on it (I weigh 190 lbs). The storage compartment is larger than I expected and long enough to accommodate a kneeling pad. Great quality. Great buy. Looks great too.

  • I use it as an ottoman, a mini-storage place, a garden cart, a spare seat, a mini-table, and it was of great help when we moved recently.
  • Very sturdy and has a large storage area.
  • The storage area is much bigger also! Some of the tools I have sticking out of the handle while I work, easy to get to, and don’t have to worry about going around picking up tools left behind!
  • It is easy to move around, provides convenient seating, and has ample storage
  • I use the Ames to store all garden tools, gloves, and related items.
  • A good place to store my tools as well.
  • Perfect for the garden… I can store tools under the lift-up seat.
  • Has a small space near the handle to store a few items and at 4 cubic feet, holds quite a lot.
  • I can sit on it ….roll around on it…store my stuff, carry my weed and garden materials.
  • It’s very durable and has held up great. Carries lots of hand tools, seeds, etc.
  • The cart is large enough to carry tools and flats of plants to areas where needed but easy to maneuver on narrow paths and through gate openings.
  • Works very well when you are carrying several small pots that need planting.
  • I have used it to carry heave bags of birdseed from my car to the storage cans.
  • The product enables me to carry items around to the back yard like bags of potting soil or other heavy items including hand tools for gardening that ordinarily I wouldn’t be able to carry.
  • It’s also good for carrying tools around the yard and for bringing groceries to the house (I have an 80-foot walk).
  • I can carry heavy potted plants for me, and so many other things.
  • Carries a lot and is easy to handle on rough terrain.
  • Heavy-duty enough to carry potting soil and plants, and easy to roll.
  • Will hold ALOT of dirt, grass, limbs, whatever you need.

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This is a Great Little Garden Wagon; I Sit On It To Weed And Use It To Move Big Bags Of Rubbish or Mulch. It Moves Easily Across Lawns, Dirt Areas, And Patios


AMES 1123047100 Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart, 2-Cubic Foot Capacity
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The thing about the Ames cart that I like so much better are the 2 sets of wheels. It makes moving heavy loads so much easier, almost effortless. Virtually no lifting needed if you are rolling the cart across any surface that is hard packed and level.

  • The wheels are nice and big so it rolls nicely on my rock path and in the grass!
  • It pushes like a dream and no heavy lifting like a wheel-barrow
  • The wheels roll great on the yard and top with handle pulls easily.
  • I used it doing yard work and filled it with dirt wheeled great thru the yard and very easy to dump!
  • At age 79, this cart just makes my yard work so much easier because of its four wheels and balance.
  • Nice product- sturdy, light-weight, easy to push and pull, the second set of wheels really makes a difference.
  • The back wheels make all the difference in ease of movement.
  • Much easier to maneuver than the others and the wheels work well in grass and dirt! 
  • The wheels are sturdy and don’t leave trenches in your garden.
  • It is easy to scoot both around the garden, in the paths, and on the road. 
  • It also has wide wheels so it moves easily on the lawn.
  • The 4 wheels keep everything stable but it just rolls so much easier than a wheelbarrow and can carry much more.
  • The four wheels make it easy to move from place to place. 
  • It rolls very well from spot to spot and I don’t even have to get up to move it.
  • Sturdy garden cart… I use it all over my 1-acre landscape… loading topsoil, potting soil, heavy pots moving around the yard with ease in this rolling cart.

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The Handle is Just The Right Height For Me To Pull The Cart When Loaded


AMES 1123047100 Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart, 2-Cubic Foot Capacity
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 It is just plaine awesome. Highly recommend the yard cart. It seems sturdy and have been using it daily since I got it . The handle is easy to control the cart and it is even light enough for me to pick it up and carry it over a fence. It is a wonderful product and I was so happy to find it on-line !!! YEAH AMAZON!

  • The lid becomes a handle and that works out really nice. 
  • Most important, it’s very stable as a seat (doesn’t roll out from under you), and the lid lifts to become a handle.
  • The wheels roll great on the yard and top with handle pulls easily.
  • Use the lid as the pulling handle.
  • Also, the top serves as a handle. You just need to rotate the seat and you have a handle.
  • The handle makes it easy to pull around.
  • This not only allows her to sit but she can hide away her tool and the lid lifts to make a pulling handle.
  • I like the easy handle and the large compartment. Very sturdy.
  • The top opens and becomes a handle to pull the wagon.
  • Perfect size and easy to maneuver around with the handy handle that doubles as a seat.
  • I like the handle to pull it and inside storage for tools.
  • Large interior capacity, nice handle with tool holes.

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Best Of It’s Kind For Sure, And IMO The Most Important Gardening Tool Ever!


AMES 1123047100 Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart, 2-Cubic Foot Capacity
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This is the best lawn cart for anyone wanting to weed sitting down. I purchased another one and it was so flimsy that I couldn’t use it. This is the truly the BEST!

  • I haven’t found any other carts as good as this one.
  • It is one of the best outdoor investments I’ve made. 
  • I have bought 3 different garden scooters in the past. The Ames is by far the best one for me. 
  • Best garden cart ever!
  • Much better than a cumbersome wheelbarrow.
  • The best yard helper ever!
  • Best purchase ever! I love this cart.
  • The Ames seems to be much better constructed, and there is no metal to rust or corrode.
  • It is one of the best cart wagons to have and it lasts a long time.
  • The garden wagon we ordered a month ago is absolutely the best thing we have ever had to assist in moving plants, etc around the garden.

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Other Excellent Garden Stool With Wheels To Consider:

The Garden Stool with Wheels is a kind of a stool with wheels attached to it. This stool with wheels allows elderly people to easily move from one place to another without having to lift themselves from the ground. It also helps in preventing accidents that may arise if they fall from a height.

A garden stool with wheels can be moved freely from one place to another. It makes the lives of elderly people easy and comfortable. This is because it does not require any kind of effort on their part and they can move it freely and easily from one place to another.

Let’s look at some other great options…


Suncast Outdoor Rolling Garden Scooter – Durable Plastic Portable Garden Seat Rolls in Grass and Dirt

Suncast Outdoor Rolling Garden Scooter - Durable Plastic Portable Garden Seat Rolls in Grass and Dirt - Carries Garden Supplies
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er Comments:

This garden scooter is exactly what I needed! It’s small & lightweight & really easy to pull around. I keep catching my kids riding it down the big hill in our backyard!

It holds my weight without sagging & the removable cushion that doubles as a knee pad make it quite comfortable. The inside is bigger than it appears in pictures & holds quite a bit of my gardening junk!


  • It has a pull handle to drag it back and forth in the yard.
  • The pull handle makes it super easy to drag it along beside me like a pup on a leash to put it back in the garage.
  • I’ve recently retired, so I’ve got to tell you that while sitting on this scooter and taking care of my garden I was living out my Retirement Fantasy.
  • Sitting sideways allows me to scoot and roll a little further onto the next bunch of weeds.
  • This has made it so much easier to work in my garden without having to haul my supplies in and out of the shed every time and to have a comfy spot to sit while working.
  • Sturdy enough that I can sit on it with confidence. 
  • Our yard has no grass, it is mostly 1/2″ gravel with paths of trail mix, and the cart moves fine on both even when she scoots herself along while sitting on it.
  • The larger size wheels allow you to sit and move with ease while gardening.

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Pure Garden Plastic Garden Storage Cart & Scooter

Pure Garden 75-MJ2011 20" Plastic Garden Storage Cart & Scooter
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er Comments:

Having the storage space to put tools, seed packets, and planting instructions is so convenient and makes moving from area to area very easy. It’s lightweight, rolls easily, and puts you about a foot off the ground when sitting.

My husband and father, both over 220lbs., use it with no problems. Save yourself the money you’d send on a metal version with no storage and buy this.


  • Lightweight, easy to roll, if mud gets on the wheels, easy to hose off, love the handles both to carry as well as to push down on to get me back upright.
  • It holds whatever he needs in the storage compartment. It rolls around the yard easily and it’s sturdy enough for him to sit on while working on his flower beds, pulling weeds, or whatever he’s doing
  • I can put all my little gardening tools inside and sit comfortably when I need to work outside.
  • Great for sitting while working in the garden without getting your butt wet!
  • Nice to have wheels so that I can often just roll along a bit to access a new area without having to stand up.
  • It rolls like it should and has plenty of storage for gloves, seeds, labels, and hand tools!

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Best Choice Products 4-Wheel Mobile Steel Rolling Garden Cart Work Seat w/Tool Tray and Storage Basket

Best Choice Products 4-Wheel Mobile Steel Rolling Garden Cart Work Seat w/Tool Tray and Storage Basket, Green
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er Comments:

My 83 year old sister has a love for gardening and due to a recent stroke, this has been difficult for her because of bending and getting dizzy. But because the seat is adjustable it allows her to sit and move about without fear of falling.


  • It is comfortable to sit in and the basket and tray are handy.
  • Saves my back and knees, and is quite comfortable to sit on.
  • This is a back savior!
  • It is comfortable to sit on and the adjustable seat height is a plus.
  • If your ground is dry you can roll it around with your feet fairly easily.
  • Great for rolling down our long walkway and trimming 18 inch high hedges on one side and planting/tending flower bed on the other side.
  • The rolling lawn seat is built sturdy and was very easy to put together.
  • This is a fantastic little rolling cart for gardening or any other type of work around the house that would otherwise require bending or kneeling for long periods of time.

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Sunnydaze Rolling Gardening Chair Cart with Wheels


Sunnydaze Rolling Gardening Chair Cart with Wheels - Full Range 360 Swivel Seat with Adjustable Height - Utility Tool Tray and Storage Basket - Blue
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er Comments:

This one has a small basket for a drink, gloves, or small hand tools. Also, this one has front wheels that can be turned and our other had set wheels. The seat rotates for working on both sides of your location. We both have bad backs, and we have to bend over to turn the wheels.

We got this for working on anything low, washing tires, weeding flower beds, etc., as we did not keep the garden tractor we had when we moved to the city. Great back saver. I even use it when I clean and polish my lower kitchen cabinets.


  • Absolutely love this gardening tool it has been most helpful as the seat is adjustable for different heights of gardening.
  • The seat is comfortable and turns easy.
  • It sure makes it easier to pull weeds.
  • The seat turns all the way around.
  • Moves easily, basket & tray are awesome for holding tools.
  • We love the garden cart!
  • This product is very well-made: sturdy, well-engineered, heavy-duty tires.
  • The basket and tool tray is very handy.

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In summary, the AMES Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart tick all of the boxes for us. It has great storage, rolls easily with an easy-to-use handle is rugged and sturdy, and is perfect for sitting on. Therefore, it is our top pick as the best garden stool with wheels.

An individual who is not disabled or elderly might find a garden stool to be a useful addition to a home. Garden stools with wheels provide comfort and convenience for the user, as well as mobility.

In the home, a garden stool with wheels is often used as a seat at the kitchen table or to provide extra seating for guests. The wheels make the chairs easy to move from place to place, giving users the flexibility they need. In addition, these seats can be used outside of the house as well, such as in a garden setting.

Whether it’s reading a book in the shade or having friends over for an outdoor barbecue, garden stools with wheels provide comfort and convenience for their users.

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