Why Did My French Tips Turn Brown? (or Yellow?)

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French Manicures And Discoloration

French manicures look chic and stylish, but they can also present a problem…. The tips of the nails are painted a different color than the rest of the nails, so if you don’t get the application right, you might have to deal with yellowing or browning on your nails.

With its latest launch, Shellac has taken the nail world by storm…. Suddenly everyone loves gel nails, and everyone wants to know how to keep them looking great…. Everyone is hot to do a Shellac manicure (or pedicure) but so few are willing to hear the truth: that Shellac nails can sometimes turn brown, yellow, or orange after time.

There are numerous reasons why your French tips are turning yellow…. It could be caused by a number of factors, including the use of cheap nail products, eating certain foods, or even not cleaning your hands well enough before applying them.

Why Did My French Tips Turn Brown?

French tips are the best way to add a little bit of flair to your otherwise ordinary nails without having to invest in an expensive manicure…. They’re also extremely easy to do yourself, and they can be done on natural nails or acrylic nails.

Trouble is, they don’t always last…. You may get a few days of perfect-looking tips before they start to turn brown or yellow…. That’s normal and can be fixed with a few simple steps.

A lot of people ask how to fix their French tips from turning yellow…. The answer is that you have to go back and redo them…. Sometimes, the tip of the nail gets stained by the acetone in the nail polish remover you use to take off the polish from your natural nails or acrylic nails.

It’s harder to fix when you go back and try to redo them because the stain from the old dye has already set into your tips so there isn’t anything you can do about it at this point besides just painting over it and hoping for the best.

How Do You Remove Brown Stains from Gel Nails?

Gel nail polish uses a different type of chemistry than normal nail polish…. The gel is cured under UV light, and it’s designed to cure to a harder finish than regular nail polish.

Trouble is, sometimes gel nail polish can leave behind brown stains on nails…. These are usually caused by the oxidization of the gel when curing…. So how do you get rid of brown stains from gel nails?

  1. The first thing you need to do is try to get rid of the stain as soon as possible…. The longer it has to oxidize, the more difficult it will be to remove.
  2. Try using acetone-based nail polish remover on the stain…. Be careful not to get too much on your skin because it can cause irritation and even allergic reactions in some people.
  3. Rub gently at first, but if that doesn’t work use more pressure until the stain starts to disappear.
  4. If that doesn’t work, try lemon juice or vinegar instead of acetone.
  5. Rubbing alcohol can also help remove the stain if used in conjunction with rubbing or scrubbing.
  6. If you really want to try an at-home remedy, mix equal parts white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together, then dip a cotton ball in the mixture and gently rub it onto your fingernails

Why Do French Tips Turn Yellow?

You may have noticed that your French manicure or pedicure has started to turn yellow…. Usually, this yellowing of the tips is because of the nail polish remover you’re using.

The most common reason that French manicure tips turn yellow is because of old nail polish…. Over time, nail polish begins to oxidize, which makes it change color…. When the oxidized polish begins to dry out, it can flake off of your nails and cause problems with your manicure.

  1. Yellowing at the tip can also be caused by moisture underneath your nails…. If you’ve got long fingernails or live in a humid environment, there’s not enough space for air to move in and out between your skin and your nails as you go about your daily business.
  2. Toner remover, or non-acetone remover, is meant to remove all traces of nail polish, and most of the time they do a great job…. However, if you use them too much, you could be stripping the natural oils from your nails which can make them dry and brittle.
  3. Other times, your nails might just be really porous and absorb a lot of the nail color…. Whatever the reason may be, there are some steps you can take to help fix those yellow French tips.
  4. Another reason French manicures turn yellow is that the white tip is not pure white…. Instead, it is often a creamy or off-white color that doesn’t match the rest of the white on your nails…. This makes your nails look dirty and unkempt, which is why you need to keep them clean…. If you have time, wash dishes by hand…. Otherwise, do whatever you can to keep your hands as clean as possible.
  5. Another factor that leads to yellowing French tips is the use of cheap nail polish remover or harsh acetone nail polish remover…. If you gently rub acetone nail polish remover over your nails, they will be much whiter after a few weeks of having your French manicure done.
  6. Finally, if you have a habit of biting or picking at your nails (a habit many people have), you are likely to get scraped off the polish on your skin underneath them…. This will lead to discoloration.

How Do You Fix Yellow French Tips?

If you have gel nails and haven’t been using remover too often, it’s probably just your nail bed that’s stained…. Try soaking your fingers in a bit of warm water for about 10 minutes and then use an orangewood stick or a cotton swab with a touch of acetone to wipe off the excess color…. If that doesn’t work, try soaking your hands again for 15-20 minutes before giving it another go.

If you’re getting ready for a special event and still have some old nail polish lying around from last year’s French manicure, try using remover to get rid of it before applying a fresh coat.

If the effect is slight, you may be able to fix the problem by going over your nails with a little bit of polish remover…. Just dab a bit onto an unused paper towel and use a cotton swab to apply it over your tips…. Rub gently until they look normal again.

Alternatively, you could apply a coat or two of white nail polish over your existing French manicure – this will disguise the yellowed tips and make them look fresh again…. After you have finished painting your nails, use a cotton bud dipped in remover (if possible use one that is in a small bottle) to soak up any excess polish near the cuticle area.

How Do You Keep French Nails from Turning Yellow?

Whether you have gel nails or acrylic nails, there’s a good chance that your French tip will turn yellow…. Those are the most popular nail designs, but they also tend to fade quickly…. If you have never had them, here is the trick to preventing them from yellowing: the longer you wait between the base and glitter application, the better.

  1. Get rid of excess oil from your nails: If your nails are oily because you’re constantly washing your hands and exposing them to water, acetone (nail polish remover) will help with this…. If they’re oily because you’re using hand cream or lotion all day long, try plain soap and water without any hand lotion or creme first.
  2. A good base coat will protect your French manicure and keep the yellow color on longer…. It’s worth buying one that has special UV protection because sunlight plays a big role in fading the polish.
  3. Applying a topcoat is important because it will help keep your nails hydrated as well as protect them from damage and chipping…. The topcoat will also add shine and give your nails a professional look…. You’ll look like you just had a professional manicure or pedicure every day, but without having to spend the money!

In summary, French manicures are so popular because they are simple, elegant, and low maintenance…. French manicures are also classy and sophisticated…. However, like all other nail polish, the color of French manicures tends to fade over time.

The tips of your nails may start to look yellow or they may develop a brown tint…. If you are really worried about the color of your French manicures, you can make sure that you have a fresh coat of nail polish every week to prevent them from turning yellow.

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