Is Fluke Networks A Good Brand? Fluke Networks Brand Ratings

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Fluke networks is a very popular brand for network technicians. They make quality tools that not only work well but are easy to use. And they have a wide variety of tools to choose from.

Fluke Networks is one of the premier electronics test and measurement companies in the world, renown for their professional-grade product test equipment. From network management to operation, Fluke Networks products make it easy to ensure you have a reliable network infrastructure.

Focus on the tech, not on the flash with Fluke Networks. The most innovative and comprehensive tools in network testing now offer more to solve some of today’s toughest challenges.

Fluke Networks Brand Ratings

Reputation and Trustworthiness8.5Fluke Networks has built a strong reputation for providing reliable and trustworthy products. They are known for their expertise in network testing and monitoring solutions. They have a large customer base and are trusted by professionals in the industry. However, there have been occasional reports of issues with product support and communication. Overall, their reputation is solid.
Quality and Durability9.5Fluke Networks is renowned for manufacturing high-quality and durable products. Their network testing equipment is known for its accuracy and precision. The brand invests in rigorous testing and quality control processes, ensuring their products meet industry standards. Customers can expect long-lasting and reliable equipment from Fluke Networks.
Innovation8Fluke Networks has a history of innovation in the network testing and monitoring field. They continually update their product lineup with new features and advancements. While they may not always be on the cutting edge of technology, they consistently deliver reliable and effective solutions that meet industry needs.
Customer Support7.5Fluke Networks offers customer support services to assist users with technical issues and inquiries. While they generally provide timely responses, there have been occasional reports of slower response times or difficulties in reaching their support team. However, they do have an extensive knowledge base and resources available online for self-help and troubleshooting. Overall, their customer support is satisfactory.
Value for Money8Fluke Networks’ products are generally considered to be on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. However, the brand’s focus on quality, accuracy, and durability justifies the premium price tag for many professionals. While they may not be the most affordable option, the value offered by their products is often considered worthwhile for those who require reliable and accurate network testing solutions.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices7.5Fluke Networks demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices by adhering to industry regulations and standards. They strive to minimize their environmental impact by implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes and responsible waste management. However, there is room for improvement in terms of public transparency and initiatives focused on social and community impact.
Brand Authenticity9Fluke Networks maintains a strong brand authenticity by consistently delivering on their promises. They have a clear focus on network testing and monitoring solutions, and their products align with their brand identity. Customers can trust that Fluke Networks’ offerings are genuine and targeted towards their specific needs.
User Experience8.5Fluke Networks designs its products with the user in mind, resulting in a positive user experience. Their equipment is intuitive, user-friendly, and backed by comprehensive documentation. However, some users have reported a learning curve when initially using certain advanced features. Overall, Fluke Networks strives to provide a smooth and efficient user experience.
Longevity and Stability9Fluke Networks has been a prominent player in the network testing industry for many years. Their longevity and stability in the market indicate their ability to adapt and meet evolving customer needs. They have established a strong presence and are likely to continue providing reliable solutions in the long term.
Industry Recognition and Awards9Fluke Networks has received numerous industry recognitions and awards for their contributions to network testing and monitoring. These accolades validate their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality products. Their recognition within the industry further solidifies their standing as a reputable brand.

Let’s look at 5 of their best-selling Fluke Networks products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Fluke Networks An AMAZING Brand For Cable Testers

The following Fluke Networks product has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Fluke Networks 5018513 MS-POE-KIT is a 25-pair Cable Verifier and PoE tester that combines 4 tools into one easy-to-use handheld device. This compact, lightweight tool helps technicians test PoE, basic copper cable installation, patch panels, and fiber cable splices.

The verifier and cable tester come with RJ45 CAT5 and CAT6 tester for tests on patch jacks/ports.

Fluke Networks’ 5018513 MS-POE-KIT MicroScanner Copper Cable Verifier & PoE tester for RJ-45 Category 5-6A Ethernet Cables is a great solution for any network technician or installer. This device provides a fast and accurate way to check data cables for proper installation. The MicroScanner is easy to use and can troubleshoot faulty data network connections.

This kit is designed for use on any Ethernet cable. It includes accessories to fit most wiring conditions…

Fluke Networks – 5018513 MS-POE-KIT MicroScanner Copper Cable Verifier & PoE tester for RJ-45 Category 5-6A Ethernet Cables

Fluke Networks - 5018513 MS-POE-KIT MicroScanner Copper Cable Verifier & PoE tester for RJ-45 Category 5-6A Ethernet Cables, Includes IntelliTone Pro 200 & Remote ID Kit

  • The Fluke Networks 5018513 MS-POE-KIT combines the Fluke Networks MicroScanner Cable Verifier to discover faulty wires and locate the cable problem, with the POE injector that delivers power over Ethernet to connected devices or APs.
  • This kit is ideal for troubleshooting Cat5/5e and Cat6 networks.
  • The Fluke Networks 5018513 MS-POE-KIT is compact, accurate, and easy to use.
  • Ideal for troubleshooting performance of PoE (Power over Ethernet) and/or non-PoE network infrastructures at the desktop and in the field.
  • The Fluke Networks 5018513 MS-POE-KIT verifies proper polarity, detects faults in cables or equipment, and locates cable pairs for tracing and termination.
  • This portable tester finds faults in RJ-45-style Ethernet cabling and is ideal when you’re troubleshooting misbehaving cables that are concealed behind walls or under floors.

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Fluke Networks An AMAZING Brand For Tone & Probe

The following Fluke Networks product has an AMAZING 82% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

The Fluke Networks MT-8200-60-KIT IntelliTone Pro 200 Toner and Probe Kit is an all-in-one touch-tone set that lets you easily measure open, short, and cross tone pairs, as well as dial tone and line voltage.

The kit includes a Fluke Networks G1100 Tone Generator and a Fluke Networks MT8200 tone and probe set. The G1100 is a state-of-the-art device for dial tone testing and troubleshooting. The Tone and Probe set includes a tone probe for accurate detection of tone pairs.

The Fluke Networks MT-8200-60-KIT Toner and Probe Kit is the ideal accessory for use with the Fluke Networks IntelliTone Pro 200 Cable Diagnostic Tool to proactively identify cabling impairments in copper and fiber networks.

This dual-tone probe and toner kit contains all the most important tools for locating where problems are occurring within your network. Each of these durable tools comes with a solid warranty and tech support for when you need it.

The MT-8200 IntelliTone Pro 200 is an elegant yet powerful dual tone transmitter, receiver, and tone locator…

Fluke Networks MT-8200-60-KIT IntelliTone Pro 200 Toner and Probe Kit

Fluke Networks MT-8200-60-KIT IntelliTone Pro 200 Toner and Probe Kit, IntelliTone Probe and Toner Kit

  • This kit includes the newly released MFC-8200 multimeter, an IntelliTone tone generator and probe, 8 copper patch cords, and an IP67 waterproof test box.
  • The MFC-8200 multimeter provides Fluke Networks patented iFlex testing with live cable data and enhanced margin testing.
  • The MT-8200 uses the patented Fluke IntelliTone technology, which provides start tones and other high-quality tones that let technicians easily distinguish between wires, locate faults rapidly, and verify accurate connections.
  • Easily regain access to the inside of a connector where damage has occurred with the tester’s 180˚ rotating head.
  • The MT-8200 is compatible with all generations of popular protocols found in twisted pair Ethernet cabling.
  • It is a VERY easy to use, programmable, built-in tone locator and all FOUR YELLOW LED Tracer Light PRObes on an ergonomic probe to allow you to easily troubleshoot wiring problems!
  • In addition to these wonderful features, it enables Fluke Networks’ patented FIRST RF Spectrum Analyzer Mode to easily identify and locate active RF sources.
  • It is the ONLY test tool in the industry that measures voice, data, and wireless signals simultaneously.

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Fluke Networks A Good Brand For Certification Tools

There are many things to consider when choosing a cable tester, but one of the most important is how well it accurately performs its measurements.

An essential tool for any installation or repair technician, Fluke Networks’ DSX2-8000 cable certifier is a handheld device designed to thoroughly test the Cat 5, 5e, 6, 6A, and 8 cabling that is found in most modern buildings.

Its high-quality, built-in testers can detect problems such as shorts, opens, and miswires before they become a problem for your customers.

Designed for skilled network professionals, the DSX2-8000 CableAnalyzer from Fluke Networks uses proprietary technology to identify the location of wiring faults in copper wired networks.

No tool for today’s network administrator is more important to the success of an installation than a cable certifier.

Fluke Networks DSX2-8000 CableAnalyzer Copper Cable Certifier for Category 5, 5e, 6, 6A & 8 Twisted-Pair cabling

Fluke Networks DSX2-8000 CableAnalyzer Copper Cable Certifier for Category 5, 5e, 6, 6A & 8 Twisted-Pair cabling, 2 GHz, Touchscreen, LinkWare Reporting, includes Permanent Link & Channel Adapters

  • The DSX2-8000 CableAnalyzer is for anyone who needs to make sure their existing or installed cabling systems are working properly.
  • It quickly and accurately identifies the exact length and location of wire faults.
  • The DSX2-8000 also lets you verify that you’ve connected all the wires according to the existing wiring standards, so you can confidently terminate your wire connections using either the T568A or T568B configuration.
  • Fluke Networks DSX2-8000 CableAnalyzer is the next-generation copper cable certifier designed to accurately verify the most common and popular cabling systems, including Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat6A, as well as supporting 4/6/8 Wire Pair on RJ45 jacks.
  • Now you can more easily verify your structured cabling, faster than ever before.
  • The Fluke Networks DSX2-8000 CableAnalyzer is easy to carry, use and manage.
  • Its compact size enables effortless testing in the field – especially when working in congested areas like telecommunications closets.
  • It’s the most trusted tool for superior quality assurance.
  • Computers and Cisco devices can automatically manage the test intervals for faster troubleshooting, report results directly over the network, and performance to reduce costly delays.

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Fluke Networks An AMAZING Brand For Termination Tools

The following Fluke Networks product has an AMAZING 85% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Since the D914S is an industrial tool, it’s designed to last for a lifetime. It’s made of high-quality materials, has special shock-absorbing features, and has been tested to meet all applicable safety standards.

Although you can use it to punch down Cat5e and 6 cables, it’s not limited to just this—it can also perform the same functions as a standard 110 blade. It comes with a miniature version of each blade type (110, 66, 48) and can be used with Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6, and even optical fiber.

The D914S is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

The Fluke Networks 10061120 D914S Impact Punch Down Tool is an excellent choice; it’s an industrial-grade tool that can replace a manual punchdown tool for many professional jobs. The D914S comes with both 110 and 66 blades and also includes an EverSharp blade for the 110 blade.

The tool incorporates an impact-activated forward/reverse switch, ergonomic shape with rubberized cushioned grip, easy access LED work light that is visible from any angle, ultra flat storage box, and an on-tool blade storage area…

Fluke Networks 10061120 D914S Impact Punch Down Tool with EverSharp 110 & 66 Blades

Fluke Networks 10061120 D914S Impact Punch Down Tool with EverSharp 110 & 66 Blades

  • It provides a new level of speed and accuracy in the field for punch-down work.
  • It efficiently partners with our EverSharp 110 and 66 blades- the only blades with innovative Blades-Out technology.
  • The connection blade is protected in the closed position, and the tool automatically disconnects without interrupting power when pressure is released from the anvil.
  • This lightweight, ergonomic tool is the industry’s first and only impact punch-down tool.
  • The D914S represents a major advancement in impact punch-down performance and durability.
  • Fluke’s exclusive EverSharp 110 has detentes that reduce fatigue and ensures the blade remains sharp, even after extensive use.
  • The bar has a patented Dynaplug that will repair damaged insulation and restore lost punch-down force within seconds.
  • Increase productivity while reducing the chance of error with this punch-down tool from Fluke Networks.
  • This punch-down tool comes with one 110 blade and one 66 blade for quick and easy blade changes, so you can continue working without interruption.
  • The compact design allows you to work in tight spaces in the data closet or wiring closet while standing on a ladder.

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Fluke Networks An Excellent Brand For Telephone Test Sets

The following Fluke Networks product has an excellent 77% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

Fluke Networks produces a series of all-in-one test sets for telephone lines. In the TS19 model, the wires from your telephone line are terminated into an alligator-clip cable and a banana plug cable.

This allows you to quickly test the condition of your telephone lines. It comes with two red LEDs that indicate power and a dial tone, and three yellow LEDs that indicate the presence of ring voltage, dial voltage, and transmit and receive audio.

It’s compact, easy-to-use, and has a 2-way power switch, allowing you to use it to troubleshoot devices that have no power. The TS19 also has a built-in AM/FM radio and a loud, audible continuity indicator, which makes it very hard to misplace.

Fluke Networks TS19 Telephone test set is a compact and professional-grade unit that provides an easy, dependable way to troubleshoot wired voice and data telephone networks…

Fluke Networks TS19 Telephone Test Set with Banana Jacks to Alligator Clips

Fluke Networks TS19 Telephone Test Set with Banana Jacks to Alligator Clips 19800003

  • Fluke TS19 Telephone Test Set for POTS or VoIP applications.
  • Includes a set of alligator clips for hard wiring connections and a banana jack for connecting to the telephone or cable modem.
  • Used in conjunction with the Fluke Networks Workbench software, the TS19 Telephone Test Set enables network technicians to quickly verify dial-tone on their VoIP or POTS lines, and help trace line faults.
  • The Fluke Networks TS19 Telephone Test Set consists of a lightweight network cable tester that enables you to test and troubleshoot telephone jacks and cords.
  • The TS19 allows you to quickly confirm telephone line connectivity by sending an alert in response to a short or open condition on the jacks, as well as testing continuity of helplines and cord connections for proper wiring.
  • Each kit comes with everything needed to test telephone cable connections.
  • Say goodbye to legacy networking tools!
  • The Fluke Networks TS19 Telephone Test Set enables technicians to quickly troubleshoot voice, data, and video applications, saving time and money.
  • A single touch of a button on the handset gives access to all 8 test functions.

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In summary, Fluke Networks is a well-known American brand of test and measurement instruments for the communications industry. Over the years, Fluke has seen great expansion, while allowing for future growth to accommodate their customers with quality products.

Challenge the limits of accessibility. Now, more than ever, you need tools to keep up with the ever-increasing demands for information, connectivity, and network reliability.

Fluke Networks brand products deliver exceptional quality and performance in a wireless, wireline, broadband, voice over IP (VoIP), server technology, and IT diagnostics. From test tools to network management software and support, Fluke Networks® is a smarter way to work.

Fluke Networks offers network administrators and technicians tools for measuring the speed and reliability of computer networks, Wi-Fi (wireless) networks, and electrical outlets.

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