Fiverr Launches Fiverr Certified: Revolutionizing Freelance Marketplace For Tech Partners

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In a move to transform the freelance marketplace, Fiverr has recently unveiled Fiverr Certified. This groundbreaking platform targets tech partners such as Amazon Ads,, and Stripe, providing freelancers with the opportunity to gain certifications directly from these companies.

The aim is to enhance their skill set and revenue prospects, while simultaneously assisting small businesses without in-house IT personnel in accessing certified experts to support their SaaS products.

Fiverr Certified also proves advantageous for tech partners like, as it allows them to expand their customer base and offer professional services.

Moreover, this innovative initiative benefits companies like Podia by identifying, certifying, and promoting experts, thereby providing added value to both Podia users and certified specialists.

With a global customer base of over 4 million individuals collaborating with freelance talent on Fiverr, the company’s Talent Cloud empowers organizations to easily scale their teams with professionals from more than 160 countries.

Through Fiverr Certified, Fiverr continues its mission to revolutionize the global workforce and democratize talent accessibility.

Key Takeaways

  • Fiverr Certified provides freelancers with certifications from tech partners, enhancing their skills and revenue prospects.
  • Small businesses without in-house IT personnel can receive necessary assistance and support for SaaS products through Fiverr Certified.
  • Partnering with Fiverr Certified allows tech companies to tap into a vast network of certified freelancers and expand their customer base.
  • Access to certified experts on Fiverr Certified improves customer support capabilities for tech companies and enables small businesses to receive professional support and assistance for SaaS products.


What is Fiverr Certified?

Fiverr Certified is a program introduced by Fiverr that allows freelancers to obtain certifications from tech partner companies like Amazon Ads,, and Stripe, enabling them to better support customers and expand their skill set and revenue opportunities.

The certification process involves freelancers undergoing specific training and assessments provided by these partner companies. By acquiring these certifications, freelancers can demonstrate their expertise and credibility in working with the respective tech partners’ products and services.

This allows them to provide better assistance to customers who require help with SaaS products and other related tasks. Additionally, being Fiverr Certified offers advantages for freelancers, such as increased visibility and recognition within the marketplace, which can lead to more clients and higher earning potential.

Overall, Fiverr Certified empowers freelancers by providing them with the necessary qualifications and opportunities to excel in their respective fields.

Benefits for Tech Partners

The introduction of Fiverr Certified provides tech partners with the advantage of accessing a pool of certified experts, enabling them to expand their customer base and deliver professional services.

This new platform offers tech partners growth opportunities by allowing them to tap into a vast network of freelancers who are certified specifically by companies like Amazon Ads,, and Stripe.

By partnering with Fiverr Certified, tech companies can enhance their customer support capabilities as they can now offer their customers access to experts who are certified by the partner companies themselves. This ensures that small businesses without full-time IT staff can receive the necessary assistance and support for SaaS products.

Fiverr Certified helps identify, certify, and promote experts, benefiting both the partner companies and their customers.

Access to Certified Experts

Access to certified experts on the Fiverr Certified platform enables small businesses without dedicated IT staff to receive professional support and assistance for SaaS products.

This feature significantly improves customer support by providing businesses with access to experts certified by tech company partners like Amazon Ads,, and Stripe.

These certified experts have undergone specific training and certification processes, ensuring that they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively assist businesses with their SaaS needs.

By leveraging the expertise of these certified professionals, small businesses can receive high-quality support and guidance, which may not have been possible without Fiverr Certified.

Additionally, this platform expands the skill sets of freelancers on Fiverr, providing them with new revenue opportunities and allowing them to further develop their expertise in the tech industry.

Overall, Fiverr Certified enhances the freelance marketplace by connecting businesses with qualified experts and fostering improved customer support.