Is Fiskars A Good Brand? (Gardening And Lawn Care Tools)

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Fiskars’ most popular product is its iconic orange-handled scissors. These have been used by generations of children to cut paper snowflakes at school and for crafts at home. However, in recent years they have alos emerged as big brand for gardening tools.

Quick Overview of Fiskars:

What Is The Fiskars Brand Known For? The Fiskars brand is known for its high-quality cutting tools and garden products.

Popular Products Include: 

More About Fiskars

You can learn more about this brand from their About Page.

If you want to contact Fiskars you can do so here.

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Reel Lawn Mowers

Fiskars lawn mowers are built to last a long time. They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the test of time. The engines used in these machines are also designed with durability in mind, so they do not break down easily.

The controls on Fiskars lawn mowers are very simple and straightforward, making them easy to use even for people who have never used a lawn mower before in their life!


Fiskars Lawn Mowers: StaySharp Max Reel Push Lawn Mower, Eco friendly, 18” Cut Width (362050-1001)


They have an excellent design

The Fiskars lawnmower has an excellent design. The company has designed the mower in such a way so as to allow its users to do most of their work on their own without having to hire any help from other people or even machines.

This makes them very cost-effective compared to other types of lawnmowers which require you to spend more money on hiring people or purchasing new equipment for your lawns.

They Are Durable

The first reason why Fiskars lawn mowers are very good is that they are durable. You can use them over and over again without worrying about breaking them down or having any problems with them. They will last for years if you take care of them properly.

Chain Drive Extendable Tree Pruner and Pole Saw

The chain drive extendable tree pruner and pole saw is a great tool to have in your shed or garage. It is strong, durable, and easy to use. If you need to cut any branches or limbs from trees or bushes then this is the right tool for the job.

If you are looking for a tool that can do two things, then this is the one. It is also very affordable so it won’t break the bank either.


Fiskars 394731-1002 Chain Drive Extendable Tree Pruner and Pole Saw, Orange

The chain drive extendable tree pruner and pole saw are designed with a trigger that makes them easy to use. All you have to do is pull the trigger and it starts working immediately.

There’s no need for any other effort or action on your part, making it ideal for people who don’t like doing anything complicated when trying out new equipment.

You can make the most of your outdoor space with a chain drive extendable tree pruner and pole saw. This type of equipment is ideal for trimming trees and bushes, as well as cutting branches.

Pruning Snips

If you’re looking for a way to trim branches and other living things, these pruning snips from Fiskars are a great option. They come in three sizes, each with its own purpose, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

They have an ergonomic design. Unlike traditional pruning shears, these have an ergonomic shape that makes them comfortable to hold and use.

They have a blade made of steel. This makes it strong enough to cut through thick branches and even small tree limbs without bending or breaking.


Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip, Non-Coated Blades, Orange/Black (399240-1003)


The first reason why Fiskars Pruning Snips are such a great pair of pruning shears is that they are incredibly durable. The blades on these snips are made from hardened steel and they have an ergonomic grip handle that will make sure you get a good hold on them even if your hands are wet or muddy.

The second reason why these snips are so great is that they come with two different blades – one for cutting thick branches and one for cutting thin branches (or stems). This means that you won’t have to buy any other type of pruner just to cut smaller branches because these snips will cover everything!

And finally, there’s no need to worry about getting those annoying hangnails when using these snips because they come with an automatic blade opening mechanism that makes it easy to open up after every cut.

Super Splitting Axe

The Fiskars Super Splitting Axe is a very good ax. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and has a great design. The Fiskars Super Splitting Axe is designed to cut through large chunks of wood with ease.

The unique design features an extra-wide blade that allows you to chop through large logs in one swing.

The handle is also ergonomically shaped, so it feels comfortable in your hands while you’re working. You’ll be able to swing this ax for hours without getting tired of having sore hands!

Fiskars 378841-1002 X27 Super Splitting Axe 36 Inch, Black


Fiskars super splitting axe is very good, there are many reasons for this. One of them is the fact that it has a long handle which makes it easy to control the axe when you are using it.

The length of the handle will also mean that you can use this axe in a variety of ways and it will be easier for you to work with.

The other reason why this is a good choice and will be worth your time and money is because it comes with an anti-vibration system which will ensure that there is no vibration when you use it.

This means that the axe will not slip out of your hands when you are using it, which can be dangerous and could lead to serious injuries if not handled properly.

Garden Tool Set

There are many different garden tools available on the market, but when it comes to choosing one that will last and be durable, you need to look no further than Fiskars.

Fiskars garden tool sets are made from high-quality materials that ensure they won’t rust or break easily.


Fiskars 384490-1001 Ergo Garden Tool Set, Regular Package, Black/Orange


The second reason why Fiskars Garden Tool Set is very good is that they come with many features which make them more convenient for use.

One example is the fact that these tools have ergonomic handles which make them easier to grip even when working with wet hands or if your hands are slippery from sweat or rainwater

This makes using these tools much more comfortable than before and you can be sure that you won’t suffer from pain in your hands anymore when using them!

Bypass Lopper

Fiskars Bypass Lopper is a very good tool. It is designed for cutting thick branches and small trunks. The lopper is very useful for cutting branches, shrubs, and bushes.

You can use it to cut branches that are too big to fit in your trash can. If you are looking for a good pair of loppers, then Fiskars Bypass Lopper can be the best choice for you.


Fiskars Gardening Tools: Bypass Lopper, Sharp Precision-ground Steel Blade, 28” Tree Trimmer (391461-1003)


Fiskars Bypass Lopper is made of hardened steel blades with a non-stick coating so they will last longer than other types of loppers.

This kind of material also makes the blades less likely to rust or corrode over time, which means that they won’t become dull as quickly as other models might do.

The handles are made from fiberglass-reinforced nylon, which makes them strong enough to withstand serious wear and tear without breaking down easily.

This also means that they don’t require much maintenance over time at all, which makes them an excellent investment for serious gardeners who want their tools to last a long time without needing any repairs or replacements at all!

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