Beautiful Farmhouse Shelves For Bathroom Storage (Maximize Space)

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If you are planning to take out the clutter from your bathroom, you may go for the classic way of using bathroom baskets. However, there are some smart and gorgeous alternatives that add charm and beauty to it.

The farmhouse shelves are the modern alternative to traditional furniture in bathroom storage solutions. These shelves are best for storing shampoos, medicated lotions, shampoo, toothbrushes, combs, hairdryers, towels, and even for decorative plants.

Best farmhouse shelves for bathroom

If you like the farmhouse style we have found the best farmhouse shelves for your bathroom that are lightweight yet very sturdy with a beautiful wood finish…

The Best Farmhouse Shelves For Bathroom With Lightweight & Sturdy Beautiful Wood

Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Rustic Floating Wall Shelves for Bathroom Decor & Storage


Peter's Goods 2-Tier Rustic Floating Wall Shelves for Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom Decor & Storage - Modern Rustic Farmhouse Bookshelf, Industrial Wall-Mounted Wood Book & Display Shelving
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This 2-tier Modern Rustic Floating Wall Shelves is the perfect addition to your home decor and will make your space look better.

Its best feature is allowing you to maximize and organize your space in any room. You can use this set of wall shelves in a wide range of settings – bathroom shelves, bedroom shelving, living room wall shelves, etc.

In fact, they can be placed pretty much anywhere from the kitchen to even your garage or office. Made from MDF material, these floating shelves are durable and provide a rich and smooth texture.


Here Is What Reviewers Said About This Farmhouse Shelves For Bathroom:


The Perfect Farmhouse Shelves For Your Bathroom


  • Perfect set of shelves for my bathroom.
  • We loved the shelves. The black with the beautiful wood was a real compliment to my husbands’ bathroom.
  • I absolutely love this shelf! I bought it to use in my bathroom to hold my skincare and other items.
  • It was a perfect size and looks great in my bathroom!
  • Looks SO good in my bathroom!
  • A great addition to my small bathroom!
  • I’ve had these up for a week now in my daughter’s bathroom and I’m so happy!
  • Bought this shelf unit to use in my guest bathroom.
  • This was a great addition to our bathroom remodel at an affordable price.
  • I really like the modern farmhouse shelf I ordered from Amazon.
  • My bathroom is small and I had nowhere to put personal items, such as toothbrushes, lotions, etc. The shelves work perfectly for me and look great. I would buy it again.
  • It was the perfect solution for our tiny bathroom.
  • Looks great in our bathroom!
  • My bathroom was so boring. This piece makes the spare bathroom look amazing.
  • I bought this to hang above my toilet in the bathroom. It is super cute on the wall. Not too little and not too big! Just perfect.
  • We bought this for our guest bathroom and it looks awesome.
  • The shelves are the perfect combination of weight and upscale farmhouse design I was going for.

Super Sturdy Shelves Can Hold A Lot Of Weight


  • The wood feels really light but once on the wall, you can feel that it will hold a good amount of weight.
  • It seems super sturdy and it can definitely hold a lot of weight.
  • The materials are lightweight but high quality and very sturdy.
  • Plus it can hold 50 lbs so he could put all his surfing books and magazines on it. Very well made and good looking.
  • The shelves are very sturdy as well and definitely feel like they are more than they cost.
  • I absolutely love the look and the sturdiness.
  • The shelves are sturdy and the included mounting hardware is of good quality.
  • Perfect size, very sturdy, and fantastic price.
  • The wood grain is beautiful and the piece is light, yet very sturdy.
  • For a lightweight piece of wood, it can really hold the weight.
  • The metal is strong and the hardware matched and installation was easy.
  • Don’t be alarmed by how lightweight the wood pieces are – once assembled and mounted on the wall – you’ll see and feel how sturdy it is!

The Wood Is Beautiful


  • The wood is very detailed and beautiful.
  • My husband is a woodworker and he was really impressed with the quality of the wood.
  • The wood is absolutely beautiful, lightweight but tough.
  • I love this shelf! It is made of real wood and the brackets are high quality.
  • The wood and the black frame combination makes for a great look.
  • Very modern and rustic feel.
  • The paulownia wood is nice and the stain looks good.
  • I really like the look of the wood next to the matte-finish black metal supports.
  • The wood grain is very sharp.
  • Very impressed- I love the stain on the wood showing the beautiful grain.
  • Wood-look was perfect, the right mix of industrial and rustic.
  • I have it in my office and receive many compliments as well.
  • Love how these shelves look!
  • The wood grain is amazing with a lot of character.

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Other Farmhouse Shelves For Bathroom To Consider:


Rustic Farmhouse 3 Tier Wood Shelves with Black Pipe Brackets

Rustic Farmhouse 3 Tier Wood Shelves with Black Pipe Brackets (Walnut, 3 Tier)
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Delight in the endless design and storage options for your 3 tiers wood wall shelves with black pipe brackets.

It’s a well-built display that can be used as a multi-level bookshelf for displaying photos, collectibles, treasures, spices, drapery panels and more.

It will serve as an excellent addition to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

The metal pipe is very solid and has a good weight to it – industrial strength.

The brackets are adjustable to allow you to set up the supports to best suit your space and decor.

The great thing about this product is that you are not required to screw it into studs


Reviewer Comments:


  • Perfect for the spot I needed it for in my remodeled bathroom, well made and beautiful!!
  • It’s sturdy and it really finished off our bathroom.
  • We had a family get together right after our bathroom was complete and our family loved the bathroom!!! 
  • The walnut color fit perfectly well with my bathroom and the size was just perfect.
  • Not to mention how good my bathroom looks with the shelves.
  • The sturdiness of these products is great.

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Farmhouse Rope Shelves for Bedroom Living Room Bathroom

Boho Wall Hanging Shelf - Macrame Wood Hanging Shelves for Wall - Farmhouse Rope Shelves for Bedroom Living Room Bathroom - Rustic Wood Shelves - Hanging Plant Shelf - Triangle Floating Wood Shelves
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The Boho chic triangle hanging wall shelf is a beautiful alternative to your typical store bought shelf.

These wall shelves are unique and can be displayed in many different ways.

These rustic metal wall shelves are perfect for living room decor, kitchen decor, dorm room decor, dining room decor, bathroom decor, side table decor and more!


Reviewer Comments:


  • These shelves ended up making our bathroom look finished and much nicer than I had expected... they are very light but that seems actually good so they don’t get super heavy with things on them.
  • Love how they look.
  • Okay, these are freaking adorable!
  • They’re very simple but so cute!
  • These are great for holding smaller items such as small succulents and little Knick knacks in our bathroom.
  • Instead of hanging them all together, I put one in each of my bathrooms as a little decorative shelf.
  • The shelf itself is very lightweight and the nails are nice and sturdy.
  • Very cute shelves for a rustic/farmhouse feel. Just what I was looking for, for our bathroom!
  • The jute rope is thick and looks nice.

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AGSIVO Hanging Shelves Wall Mounted Wood Shelves with 2 Rings Lightweight and Durable Farmhouse Rope Shelves

AGSIVO Hanging Shelves Wall Mounted Wood Shelves with 2 Rings Lightweight and Durable Farmhouse Rope Shelves for Living Room Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen
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The AGSIVO Home Decorations Hanging Wall Shelf is a wonderful wall shelf for you to place all your knickknacks in your home.

You can use it in your bedroom to place photo frames and one on either side of your bed to keep your glasses, phone and other bedside items.

It can be hung in the living room used as display shelf for decorative items or hung outside the washroom as towel rack.

It’s just practical and simple yet stylish and stylish. It is the perfect wall decoration for any home at an affordable price.


Reviewer Comments:


  • I love these little shelves. I put two in my bedroom and one in my bathroom.
  • They’re perfect for little knickknacks or skincare stuff.
  • There are several ways you can put the rope in also which I thought was cool.
  • I was looking for a more creative bathroom storage shelving option. I came across these wooden shelves and love them!
  • We have a small bathroom that’s also used as a guest bathroom so this is exactly what I was looking for.
  • Something that could give me space to add decor without feeling overwhelmed.
  • I had an awkwardly empty spot in my bathroom and these shelves fit perfectly.
  • Hung them in my bathroom and they look great!
  • I recently purchased this and have been getting compliments on it all week!
  • Lovely well made shelves, I bought these to give my bathroom a bit of personality.
  • I use it as a shelf for my plants in my bathroom and it completes the aesthetic of the space.

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Unique Farmhouse Decor Bathroom Rope Shelf Bedroom Decor – Triangle Rustic Industrial

Modern Living Set of 2 Floating Shelves Solid Wood Hanging Wall Shelf Boho Decor - Unique Farmhouse Decor Bathroom Rope Shelf Bedroom Decor - Triangle Rustic Industrial
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This Modern Living wall mounted shelf features a sleek solid wood design that is perfect for any space.

This set of 2 will match with any decor and provide the perfect place to hang your plants.

Shelves come already pre-assembled. They are designed to self-balance and sit flat against the wall.


Reviewer Comments:


  • I literally could have used these anywhere but chose my bathroom because I have yet to finish this space off.
  • They are lightweight and a breeze to install.
  • I like that we got three different colors of metal rings to choose from, I will use one in the living room where I have gold accents and the other in the bathroom where we have silver.
  • The wood color was really nice and matches everything.
  • I put one shelf in the bathroom and the other in the kitchen over the sink. They both are a nice addition to my decor.

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HXSWY Rustic Floating Shelves Farmhouse Wood Shelves Wooden Wall Shelf Set of 3

HXSWY Rustic Floating Shelves Farmhouse Wood Shelves Wooden Wall Shelf Set of 3
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These beautiful rustic floating shelves are made of solid wood, hand-decorated with heart pattern and supported by the unique brackets.

In addition, they can be easily installed on the wall or used as a room divider.

This modern shelf creates a charming atmosphere and is best for bedroom, living room, study room, kitchen or bathroom.


Reviewer Comments:


  • Very nice shelf!
  • Fits great above the toilet and adds a nice touch.
  • The wood looks great, high-quality shelf.
  • I wanted something to help organize the bathroom. It is light and surprisingly sturdy for what it can be since it hangs.
  • Very easy to put up, the shelves are already roped together so you just need to open and hang.

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HXSWY Rustic Wood Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Farmhouse Wooden Wall Shelf for Bathroom Kitchen Bedroom Living Room Set of 3

HXSWY Rustic Wood Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Farmhouse Wooden Wall Shelf for Bathroom Kitchen Bedroom Living Room Set of 3
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Reviewer Comments:


  • I put this shelf up right outside my bathroom and place small trinkets on it, along with lotion and face cream.
  • It’s a simple shelf but adds a lot to the room.
  • The shelf itself is sturdy and adds a nice rustic feel to the room.
  • I was worried about the shelves being too shallow but it allows for the perfect amount of space for decorating and storage.
  • The wood is very nicely stained and the twine gives it a little rustic touch keeping a rustic chic look.
  • This is adorable in our bathroom.
  • It’s the perfect depth for this space.
  • I think it would look cute about anywhere or great for plants.
  • The planks are solid and not at all flimsy.
  • The shelves sit very level as well.
  • Great accent piece!

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In summary, there is a very good variety of styles available for shelving in the farmhouse style and all of them will look great in your bathroom or toilet.

However, based on the volume of people who have left feedback on their positive experience about using it in the bathroom we have opted for Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Rustic Floating Wall Shelves for Bathroom Decor & Storage as our top pick for being the best farmhouse shelves for your bathroom.

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