Eufy Is A Good Brand For Robotic Vacuums (26 Reasons To Buy Eufy)

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What Is So Special About Eufy Robotic Vacuums?

Automate your cleaning as much as possible with a Eufy RoboVac the most outstanding robot vacuum cleaner for your home or office…

Eufy robotic vacuums clean as efficiently as other standard models, but with a lower price point they are a worthwhile alternative. This two-in-one vacuum cleaner robot combines the deceptively powerful suction of a robot vacuum with the maneuverability of a Robo mop.

It is lightweight and extends to an impressive 44-inches, giving you ample distance between itself and the wall it is cleaning to prevent damage and remain in motion. The patented swivel design means that it’s designed for corners so you can set it out and forget about it until cleanup time.

The Eufy robotic vacuum can do everything you would expect a robot vacuum to do and in fact, I have listed 26 things this automated cleaning machine is good for, and to be honest, I could have even listed more.

The Eufy Robotic Vacuum is a different type of vacuum cleaner designed to enable you to clean your home from anywhere via an iOS or Android app on your smartphone. Built-in with multiple sensors which allow it to map your home as it cleans, the vacuum uses tangle-free bristles which enable it to easily navigate around the house and perform its task.

Equipped with an extra-large dust capacity, the robot vacuum houses a powerful motor that allows for deeper cleaning, reaching areas even traditional vacuums find difficult.

26 reasons to buy Eufy is probably a little overkill however you will definitely see why the Eufy RoboVac is so popular…

Discover Why The Eufy RoboVac Is A Good Brand For Robotic Vacuums!


eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction


eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

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The Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


This is without a doubt one of the best values in vacs on the market. Had I purchased an earlier version I might have thought differently, but the extra power and slightly slimmer design on the 11S is what makes this one hard to resist.


  • This is one of the best investment purchases I’ve made and highly recommend the Eufy!
  • BY FAR the best purchase I have made in years! WELL worth the money in my humble opinion!
  • This is one of the best things we have ever bought on Amazon, and we buy a lot of stuff on Amazon.
  • This is probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made to simplify my life!
  • Best in its class. This vacuum is clearly a cut above the rest. A must-buy!
  • This thing is THE BEST PURCHASE I have EVER MADE. It’s amazing I set it up for 8 am and it starts cleaning my floor while I’m getting ready.
  • Best purchase ever on Amazon. Had a Shark robot which was great, but the Eufy makes the Shark seem like a cheap imitation.
  • I feel like this is the best purchase I’ve made all year and I have bought some cool stuff, but nothing as cool as this.
  • This is probably one of the best robot vacuums that I’ve ever owned and I’m not being generous here. Vacuums in the past have either been too noisy or too weak but this RoboVac from Eufy manages to get it perfect.
  • Probably the best bang for your buck out there. LOVE eufy!!!

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A Good Robotic Vacuum For Pet Hair


With my four cats, this vac does a great job at picking up pet hair too and it’s not afraid of dark carpets. This little vac cleans my huge BLACK area carpet wonderfully!


  • Cleaning power: This thing sucks… Its suction is much stronger than my Roombas have had. It picks up so much dust and pet hair.
  • This vacuum is quite effective at gathering pet hair and dander.
  • I have 2 short hair cats and didn’t think they shed much, but the eufy says different!
  • My bare feet/socks no longer pick up dirt and dog hair every time I walk through the house, and all I have to do is empty the vacuum bin when I get home.
  • Great purchase for pet owners! If you have a pet that sheds faster than you can sweep, this is absolutely essential.
  • This Eufy instantly was a big help picking up cat hair, litter, dust, and anything else on the floor.
  • We have a short hair dog that sheds a lot, and all our dark hardwood/laminate really shows it. This thing really excels at acting as a sweeper on hardwood and tile. No more evidence of our dog when this runs once a day! That is my mom’s favorite part!
  • I have a long hair cat and having a Robo vac is a must! It cleans up the hair and the other little bits of trash with no problem.
  • Cleans better than I do, is great with pet hair, and most importantly it picks up cat and dog hair really well. Also coffee grounds, kitty litter, dirt, and rocks.
  • I have an incredibly floofy long-haired cat and highly recommend this product for pet hair.

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Robotic Vacuum For Hardwood Floors


eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

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Eufy is programmed to run daily in the mornings through our one-story 1200 sq ft home, which is all hardwood flooring. I can walk barefoot through the house and rarely feel dirty spots.


  • I have hardwood floors throughout my house with only one area rug (light/medium pile) in the living room and think it does a great job at cleaning both.
  • It goes from carpet to hardwood to tile to rugs with no issues at all.
  • This quiet little vacuum immediately began traversing my house easily coping with hardwood floors, carpet, area rugs, and transition strips.
  • My home is nearly 2500 square feet, almost all hardwood and tile. This keeps up that sand and dirt that drives you nuts, and with just sweeping around the edges (behind doors, odd small corners) once a week, it’s glorious on bare feet.
  • Great on hardwood and has no problem transitioning to our fairly tall area rugs!
  • It cleans hardwood floors easily, and the low-pile carpet we have downstairs it handles as well.
  • I have two furry dogs and hardwood floors, and I set the 11S to run automatically every day, and every day it gets a container full of fur and dust out of my house.
  • Eufy is a great product. I highly recommend it for those with hardwood floors.
  • Amazing hardwood floor vacuum!

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Robotic Vacuum That Transitions Very Well Between Floor Surfaces


eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

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Surprisingly good at transitioning between hardwood floor, area rug, and tile, even making it over the little humps between tile and wood with no problem


  • Eufy can also transition from surface to surface with ease, from bamboo, tile, and then carpet.
  • Works great on white carpet and easily transitions from my living room to the dining room (which has a slight bump)
  • It transitions from tile to carpet to rugs with ease & doesn’t fall down the stairs. If a cord or something is accidentally left out & the vacuum gets caught on it, it automatically shuts off.
  • I like how it runs over transitions and rugs easily, also weaves in and out of the tables and chairs quite effectively.
  • It transitions to and from rugs with ease. I highly recommend this vacuum.
  • Transitions nicely from floor to carpet even on the tile.
  • It’s great on carpet and hard floors and transitions seamlessly to each automatically.
  • The vacuum has no trouble transitioning over the “bumps” on my floor to each room, which surprised me. My floors are so clean all the time!
  • It has no problems transitioning from tile to hardwood to carpet. Even cleans throw rugs without moving them.
  • We have some hardwood floors and some carpet. It navigates the transitions well between floor types.

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Robotic Vacuum For Carpet


eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

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It cleans carpet and wood surfaces with no problem and can even adjust its sucking strength depending on the amount of dirt it can detect


  • We’re all pretty impressed with how well it cleans carpets, rugs, hard floors, etc. Just good all around in regards to cleaning.
  • I have all carpet on my lower level and have cleaned that with Eufy as well and it did a great job.
  • You will be surprised how well it cleans carpet, though I would still recommend deep-cleaning with a standard vac from time to time.
  • I got it for my mom for Christmas because she is always vacuuming and really likes having fresh vacuum lines on the carpet.
  • My euffy goes on carpet 50% of the time, and the rest is on vinyl.
  • It does a thorough job on both carpet and hardwood.
  • Cleans really well even on carpets.
  • It’s NOT just a carpet has suction, and is very efficient!
  • The carpets look great after they ran through the night.
  • Eufy works on hard surfaces as well as it does on carpets, and it picks up large chunks (such as dry kibble)

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A Robotic Vacuum That Doesn’t Fall Down The Stairs


We have dark hardwood floors and I was afraid that the vacuum couldn’t distinguish the edge of the floor by the stairs and that it would tumble down the stairs, especially at night, but the IR sensors do a great job and that hasn’t been a problem.


  • We do have stairs that drop off, which made me hesitant to purchase… but it has a sensor for this, and rest assured it stops immediately!
  • The drop censors seem to be very good, we’ve never had it go crashing off the stairs.
  • It transitions from tile to carpet to rugs with ease & doesn’t fall down the stairs.
  • Even though we have lots of stairs, it has never committed “robocide” by falling down them, with no barriers in place.
  • It doesn’t fall down the stairs, which I was a bit worried about.
  • She’s never fallen down the stairs. I would highly recommend this product. My house stays so clean!
  • The RoboVac works well in my house — I generally let it run unsupervised and it hasn’t gotten stuck anywhere or fallen down the stairs.
  • It’s a trooper. No problem with the drop-off of the stairs and no problem with a dark, low-pile carpet in the living room.
  • I do carry her upstairs a couple of times a week and she does her thing there and has never fallen down the stairs.
  • It knows the difference between wood and rug. It never falls down the stairs… My daughter and I have long hair … hair does get caught up in the brushes … but doesn’t stop it … it Is easy enough to clean the hair off the brushes.

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A Good Robotic Vacuum For Tile Floors


Our house is all tile, no carpet or rugs and my floors are shiny ALL THE TIME! EVERYTHING is cleaner and I’m energized and feeling positive. I got a great follow up email from Customer Service too. I hope I never have to live without one again


  • Keeps my tile floors and floorboard edges clean!
  • I thought it would never go into the kitchen because of the high tile threshold but it jumps right up over it, It was a great price and I would definitely buy it again and this is from a skeptic.
  • Our house is one story with all tile floors and I can honestly say my floors haven’t been this well-swept since we moved into our home 10 years ago.
  • It easily goes over tile, thresholds between rooms, area rugs & bathroom rugs. Its hassle-free cleaning makes my floors look great with barely any effort on my part.
  • As for suction power, she does great on both tile & laminate flooring.
  • Works well in my home which has tile floors and area rugs.
  • We have tile, wood floors, and carpet. It does a GREAT job on all of them.
  • It picked up quite a bit of dust and dirt that I hadn’t even noticed on the tile floors!
  • Super quiet compared to other models I’ve had and really does a great job on our tile floors.
  • I have ceramic tile in my three bathrooms and it does a great job on them too.

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Robot Vacuum For Cat Litter


The trail of cat litter from the litter tray, across the hallway, is no more and all the cat (and human) hair that would gather into little dust bunnies are silently sucked up. It’s brilliant!


  • I absolutely love this vacuum. I had an issue with cat hair and kitty litter getting tracked all over my apartment, but now it’s never been cleaner.
  • It’s been great especially for getting litter that my cats track around the apartment.
  • This thing works like a CHAMP on hair, bits of food on the floor, leaves, kitty litter, etc… it picks it all up!
  • The suction power is amazing for a robot, and I have found myself using it to clean up dry spills (like when I spilled a cup of cat litter on the floor) instead of reaching for my Dyson.
  • It has always found its way back to the charging station and continues to pick up so much cat hair, litter, and dust in a day that amazes me.
  • He is a handy little machine and leaves my floor free from kibble and litter.
  • I really can’t say enough about the auction power to get the dirt, litter, cat hair, cat dander, dry food that’s been knocked out of the cat bowl, and various other things on the floors!
  • It also picks up the litter they track everywhere so that is also now not a constant irritant.
  • I have two cats and it seems to handle litter and hair with aplomb.
  • It appears to suction up cat litter better than my expensive Shark and it cleans both my hardwood and carpeted rugs.

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Robot Vacuum For Apartments


Twice a day, we set him loose and he diligently munches up all the dust and cat hair our tiny city apartment can produce (and it can produce a SICKENING amount).


  • Makes a great gift for “kids” living in an apartment!
  • It runs for about an hour and 45 minutes or so on a full charge and really gets around my apartment.
  • We placed it in a corner of the apartment and left it charging. I didn’t keep track of time, but when it finished charging, we had it on Auto and it started going all over the apartment, bouncing off things on its way.
  • She does exactly what she is supposed to do, cleans my 1100 square-foot apartment in about an hour and a half, then returns to her nest to charge.
  • It works incredibly well in my 800 sq. ft. apartment.
  • My daughter has one, too, for her apartment after seeing mine in action. She just loves it.
  • It covers our apartment in about 1 1/4 hours. Then, it finds its dock and settles in to recharge!
  • I am a nursing student and tend to run it when I am sitting at home studying in my apartment. I am legitimately horrified at the amount of dust, cat hair, dander, carpet fuzz, and my own hair (seriously, huge wads of it– how am I not bald by now??) that I have emptied and pulled out of this thing.
  • OMG, it is so much cleaner in our apartment since he lives with us.
  • Especially in a studio to two-bedroom apartment size, this vacuum will keep your floors clean and hair/dander/etc. free with no issue whatsoever.

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Robot Vacuum For Allergies


My eufy cleans under my couch, cabinets, entryway bench, etc. I suffer from allergies; It’s has helped a lot. I used to have to vacuum the dust off the floor daily now just turn on my eufy. Great product!


  • The triple filter seems to pick up super fine dust – which is great for those in this household with allergies.
  • It’s very easy to clean and it’s shocking how much dust is sucked up; I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my allergies.
  • Also, my allergies have subsided after using “George” the last week or so since he picks up so much dust that has fallen to the floor every day.
  • In just a week we have already noticed that our allergies have improved.
  • We have all laminate and vinyl flooring and it works extremely well to keep things clean between deep cleaning (about once a month); definitely helps my allergies.
  • It has really improved our lives, our allergies, and give you peace of mind that the floors are always clean.
  • As an allergy sufferer.. this changed my life.
  • I already see an improvement in my allergies and our dog loves to follow it around quietly. Amazing product!
  • Having carpet vacuumed every day is a game-changer. The air is less stuffy and my allergies are better. Eufy can reach places a normal vacuum doesn’t. I turned on the automatic daily vacuum feature and I am very happy that I did.
  • It goes under the couches and the beds and has really helped with my allergies.

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Robot Vacuum For Basement


I love this vacuum for my basement. My cat litter box is down there and my cats stay in the basement at night. It does an amazing job of keeping the hair and litter picked up.


  • The eufy 11s is a great RoboVac for our finished basement, an area that we don’t really vacuum all that often with an upright.
  • Cleaning the low-profile carpet of my basement office.
  • We purchased to pick up the dog hair in our basement. We’ve been using it for a week and it works perfectly. It runs for a little over an hour daily and our floor is spotless.
  • I use the RoboVac 11S to clean up a very large basement play area. The flooring in this area is mostly hard surfaces with a few area carpets. I am always amazed at the amount of dirt that this vacuum can find and remove.
  • It keeps hard surface floors very clean, our basement has never been this clean before.
  • I bought this for my wife, who was very skeptical about it. After a few days, she liked it so much she bought a second one to run in our finished basement.
  • So we used it in our basement which is bare concrete with some carpet remnants. No problem.
  • We turned Eufy loose on our low-level loop finished 1300 sq. ft. basement floor. The first time filled it up. Second time not as much. Subsequent times just dust and some dog hair. Definitely beats the old Kirby.
  • I bought this as a gift for my father for his man cave in the basement. He uses it every day. Now my parents do not need to take their other upright vac up and down the steps.
  • Our basement is largely made up of furniture pieces that are either black or white. The RoboVac did a great job of “seeing” the white surfaces and would adjust before running into them.

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Robot Vacuum For Black Floors


My #1 favorite thing about Eufy? He cleans dark, I.E. black flooring. Yup, even Roomba can’t say that.


  • We were worried about the caveat that it would not navigate onto “dark” floors, as we have black tile floors in our kitchen and two bathrooms. The Eufy transitions from our hardwood floors to those black floors without any issue, while still avoiding falling down our stairs.
  • This little vac cleans my huge BLACK area carpet wonderfully!
  • I have black hardwood floors. They show every spec of dust. Eufy works amazingly!!!
  • It does a great job showing up on time and getting to work on our wood laminate, black laminate (yes, works great on dark floors), and carpet.
  • I have matte black hardwood floors and they show every speck of dust. I set the remote to run every midnight and it is a delight to get up every morning and have brilliantly clean floors. Life-changing. My whole house feels clean.
  • Vacuums well, does just fine over black tile flooring, not so great with crystal cat litter though.
  • I bought this product for an almost black EVP floor. Even though it says it will not work on black floors, it does on mine. Love it!
  • We have black wood floors and a white dog that sheds like crazy. This thing gets underthings, does edges, it is seriously amazing!!!

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Robotic Vacuum For Baby


I personally believe when you have a baby the hospital should just send you home with one of these things. People with pets, kids, my grandma everyone should have one!


  • It’s not too loud and as long as it doesn’t get stuck and start beeping, my baby can sleep through its noise.
  • We recently had a baby and vacuuming was just not happening. I didn’t feel like it or the baby was sleeping and our Dyson was too loud. This thing is as quiet as a microwave, really like white noise for a baby.
  • It’s so quiet I can run it while baby naps!
  • I bought this vacuum when I found out my husband and I was having a baby. I was so looking forward to not having to vacuum multiple times a week which I thankfully haven’t had to do since buying this product!
  • We have two cats, one has really long hair and recently we had a baby. So, no time for cleaning, and we needed artificial help because I don’t like having strangers at home.
  • This vacuum is perfect for us. It’s quiet enough that we are not concerned it will wake our napping baby.
  • The eufy can keep up with all of them so well we don’t have to worry about our baby (who is learning to crawl) constantly being covered in and eating fur.
  • As an owner of two dogs (pit bull and a golden retriever) with Hardwood floors and a baby on the way, this little guy saves my sanity.
  • We have a baby and a cat and Eufy picks up hair, crumbs, and dust that accumulates daily.
  • When our baby started crawling we realized how hard it was going to be to keep up with the dog hair and bought this to run at night after she goes to bed (a little quieter than our huge Dyson). This is a game-changer!!!

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Robot Vacuum For Concrete


This vacuum is amazing!! It will blow you away how much it sucks up even after your floors have just been cleaned. We have concrete floors and it works awesome!


  • We have a single-level unit with concrete floors and it tackles the area with ease.
  • I’m super surprised that it’s pretty powerful and leaves my concrete floors clean enough for yoga and whatnot.
  • We have polished concrete floors and I’m amazed at how much fine dust this vac pulls in.
  • Totally works! We have concrete floors and a dog.
  • We have concrete floors and low nap rugs and it performs awesome.
  • I have concrete downstairs and it did a great job again. It went under and around furniture beautifully. Super happy with the purchase!
  • We got this little vacuum and now we have clean floors again. We run it once a day on concrete floors.
  • A great little robot. Transitions nicely from concrete floors to tight rugs and even my loose rug.
  • We have concrete floors, some linoleum, and a bit of tile and he maneuvers through it all. Absolutely in love with this vacuum!
  • I have 3 large dogs who live indoors and stained concrete floors. It’s worth every penny.

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Robot Vacuum For Corners


It even picks up the stuff along the baseboards and in corners. It’s actually quite amazing how much lint and stuff the vacuum picks up. And with two young kids in the house who constantly generate crumbs and random lost goldfish crackers, running this vacuum every night has nearly eliminated my need to pull out the upright vacuum.


  • The two side brushes allow better cleaning along with all corners and for more to be swept under the robot.
  • She does very well getting debris in the corners where furniture meets the carpet and the corners where the wall meets the floor.
  • Now my floors even in corners and under the beds and furniture are spotless.
  • Surprised about the amount of dirt picked up – and as random as the patterns seem, he seems to hit all the corners, edged and middle sections.
  • It also does a great job with corners and edges – the spots that get the grossest.
  • She gets under nearly all of my furniture (we have a lot) and the corners.
  • Loving the corner cleaning mode.
  • You can make it do all the corners, which is a great feature.
  • Quiet as a mouse but it climbs over throw rugs, gets into every corner, and is relentless in its pursuit to cover the floor and get all the dust, dirt, debris that in plain sight or hidden in cracks & crevices.
  • This vac goes under couches, really gets in the corners, I am impressed.

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Robotic Vacuum For Dust


eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

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The extra suction power of this device is great for our carpeted area and having the larger dust bin is also nice. I believe this vacuum has one of the largest dust bins of any similar device.


  • We’ve been running it for about ten days now and it gathers a large amount of dirt and dust every day. 
  • The dust bin is always full or near full when we get home and check it, so it definitely is doing its job trying to keep up with our two large dogs and their fur.
  • He truly gets ALL the dust and cat hair that accumulates.
  • Picks up way more dust than you realize you had. Less dusting! I don’t have to dust surfaces as much as I used to. So overall even less housework than I expected.
  • I have been amazed at the amount of dirt and dust this vacuum has picked up.
  • And, though I thought my home was clean, this little worker bee found so much dust and hair that I was mortified at the lack of my cleaning skills!
  • I run it every morning (run time is approx 1.5 hours) and am consistently impressed with the amount of dust, hair, and debris it lifts from my hard floors and area rugs.
  • Picks up a whole lot of dust and hair every time. Stuff that’s invisible to me, but it ends up in the dust bin thingie so it must be there.
  • If you are a busy family who fears dust bunnies attacking in the night, I highly recommend this.
  • It picks up SO much dirt and dust and hair EVERY TIME.

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Robot Vacuum For Elderly


eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

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This would be an excellent gift for elderly or disabled people, as there is little effort involved and makes the place so much nicer to be in.


  • I bought one Eufy for my elderly mom so she could mark this chore off her list.
  • I’ve had her for a little under a year and just purchased one for my elderly parents. They will love it!
  • Outstanding product my mom loves it. I bought one first and used it for almost weeks before deciding that must get her one. She’s elderly and everyone I visit has to clean her floors. Not anymore!
  • I bought one of these for my elderly mother. She is not a fan of technology, but to my great surprise, she LOVES it! She can set it loose and just watch it do the job for her.
  • Bought for Elderly Parents! Nothing short of life-changing since one of my parents is disabled. Makes their life so much easier.
  • I never dreamed it could be this easy to vacuum my home. I am elderly and cannot push the vacuums around as well as I like. This little girl cleans places I haven’t cleaned in years!
  • I bought this for my elderly parents and they LOVE it!! They have two dogs and my mom is very particular about her house but vacuuming several times a week was becoming difficult.
  • Great for the elderly who are not technically savvy.
  • I bought this for my elderly parents who are about 80yo. The house is 4800sq ft the kitchen and dining room area is about 1000sqft this stays in those two rooms. I wish I’d have bought this for them sooner!! This thing is amazing!!

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Robotic Vacuum For Laminate Floor


I have mostly laminate in my apartment (800 sq ft) with the exception of carpeting in the bedroom: I also have three cats and a dog and HOLY MOLEY this changed my cleaning game. It’s literally been amazing.


  • We have laminate floors and one room with carpet. She goes over both with no issues.
  • I have laminate floors with a few rugs and it does fabulous on the floors.
  • Cleans most rugs just fine and the laminate flooring is where it will shine.
  • I was skeptical, but this little robot is fantastic. We use it on our kitchen laminate flooring.
  • We have laminate floors and no carpets. The vacuum has gotten under tables/chairs and in corners.
  • The vacuum does a great job on my laminate flooring and tile.
  • We use our Eufy for cleaning our laminate floors on our single-floor house on a weekly basis.
  • Works really well on our laminates, wood, carpet, and navigating around obstacles.
  • EXCELLENT performance on hard floors such as tile, wood, and laminate.
  • I have laminate floors across the entire house. Now when I walk barefoot I don’t feel dust sticking to my feet.

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Robot Vacuum For Marble Floor


We live in a 2250 sq foot condo, all on one floor with marble flooring throughout. Each day I pick a room, stick it in there and close the door for it to do its work. I didn’t think we would have that much dirt in our place! You can’t argue with results.


  • My RoboVacs work very well at keeping dust and stuff off of marble floors wood floors ceramic tile and carpeting.
  • All my floors are ceramic or marble. I live alone with no pets. I do have long hair. I am using it 2-3 times a week and I am always surprised how much dust it can collect.
  • Tried it on both carpets and marble flooring. Great results. Good to have at home.
  • Love Eufy! Great on marble floors.
  • We have very shiny high gloss white marble floors, so you see everything. We typically sweep twice a day, cuz we’re just like that. I haven’t seen our broom in a week! That’s a good thing!!!
  • Don’t require babysitting and works great on by 50% marble, 50% high carpet floor.
  • An absolute value for money, it helps clean the marble, tile, and wooden floors of my home so well that I have no words to describe the experience.

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Robot Vacuum For Golden Retriever


I have two large long-furred dogs (a golden retriever and a husky-lab-malamute mix) and only so much time in every day. Eufy has been an absolute godsend in every way.


  • Picks up Golden Retriever Hair better than anything I’ve used!
  • We have a long-haired golden retriever, I am always amazed at the amount of hair that she picks up every time she goes to work.
  • I have a golden retriever who sheds and this keeps hair to a minimum.
  • We have a golden retriever and the Eufy does a good job taking care of that.
  • I have a Persian cat, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever, this equals a lot of hair and dander. I (easily) programmed the vacuum to run every morning and the amount of hair, dander, and dirt that it picks up is incredible.
  • At first, I was skeptical as I have two long-haired Golden Retriever dogs and plenty of dog hair. But I have grown to love my Eufy!
  • We have a golden retriever who sheds like crazy, and the eufy gets A LOT/MOST of the pet hair that’s everywhere.
  • Great vacuum, great value. It does a great job getting all the dust bunnies from our golden retriever and our indoor cat.
  • I’m obsessed with my Eufy! I have two golden retrievers and a ragdoll cat so the pet hair situation at my house can get out of control if left unaddressed for more than a couple days. The first day I got my Eufy, I ran it several times and was shocked at what it picked up. Wow.
  • A must-have for golden retriever owners.

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Robotic Vacuum For German Shephard


I have 3 dogs- 2 German shepherds & a husky. They shed A LOT. I was so tired of sweeping my tile 2x+ a day. I run this little magic robot every day at 10:30 & it’s made my life quality improve, literally. It helps so much.


  • I have 2 cats and a large German Shepherd and my cement floors stay hair-free since using this vacuum.
  • This vacuum has basically eliminated regular vacuuming and we have a German Shepherd’s daily shed to deal with. No more pet hair piling up in the corners!
  • I have a German Shepherd Husky mix who has a double coat and never stops shedding. We have laminate floors and no carpets. The vacuum has gotten under tables/chairs and in corners. I scheduled it to vacuum 1x a day at 3 a.m. and every morning the floors look good and the dustpan is FULL of dog hair/dust.
  • It picks up sooo much fine dust brought in by my 2 German Shepards!
  • I purchased this item due to living in a home with two German shepherds. This product did not disappoint! I run it twice a day, on a timer, and we never notice hair on our hardwood.
  • Our home has no carpet and we also own a German Shepard who sheds A LOT and a cat that likes to kick litter everywhere. THIS IS THE BEST MONEY I’VE SPENT IN A LONG TIME! I absolutely love it!
  • This little guy runs on a schedule daily, and even with a german shepherd and two cats, my all-tile-floored house is always spotless, with minimal effort on my part.
  • I have a German Shepherd who sheds an insane amount of hair on a daily basis. we recently replaced our carpet with laminate and the hair is everywhere! This vacuum does a really good job at sucking it up, it also takes care of the hair and would-be dust bunnies under the couch.
  • We have a German shepherd and 3 cats, we have the eufy set up to do our main floor while we sleep, and I will tell you it’s amazing.

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Robot Vacuum For Kitchen


Cannot say enuf good things about Eufy. This guy is saving my back and should be an ABSOLUTE for anyone over 65. I was so, so tired of sweeping my kitchen floor every day – sometimes twice. This guy just does a perfect job. He goes right over my gel mats with no problem.


  • I, like many human adults I know, hate vacuuming. I also hate sweeping my kitchen floors. So naturally, I got a robot vacuum that will do those jobs for me while I lay on the couch continuing my binge of whatever show I’m into at the moment.
  • VERY thoroughly too! Another feature I love is that it ‘edges’…. it goes around the perimeter of rooms really well. LOVE that in the kitchen, and in the hardwood floor rooms too. It does go under our beds…which is pretty amazing!
  • In the kitchen, it had no issues getting under the cabinets.
  • I don’t even need to move my kitchen table chairs; it can work its way around them to clean under the table.
  • It’s great for the kitchen. I send it in there frequently.
  • I set this loose in my kitchen/dining room where all the crumbs like to gather and the grass from shoe tracks in.
  • Great to be able to clean while doing other tasks, has made a big difference in the everyday cleanliness of our kitchen/living room.
  • The main reasons are that this one is ultra-thin and gets stuck less and fits under kitchen cabinets.
  • I put it in my kitchen/dining area which is vinyl plank flooring and it truly does a great job with tracked-in dirt and dog hair.
  • Wonderful, lil vacuum, quiet enough I forget she is here, but I know where she is…She goes under beds, couches, tables, plant stands, around the chair legs in the dining/kitchen. She does good edge cleaning.

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Robotic Vacuum For Grass


The dogs have the run of the house, with access to the yard. They are constantly bringing in dirt, leaves, grass clippings, etc. And, they shed. The Eufy 11S does a good job of managing the heavy removal, as long as we run it nightly.


  • I mean, this thing really works. It picks up everything from pet dander to small bits of dog food to grass. It does everything I need for it to do.
  • The side brushes work well-collecting pet fur, sand, and grass.
  • It’s very efficient at picking up everyday crumbs, dirt, grass from outside, etc.
  • Even though we have no pet now, my husband tracks in dirt and grass clippings—no problem for this beast.
  • It takes care of dog hair, dust, dirt, little pieces of dog food, and grass from outside, etc.
  • Very impressed! We bought it to clean up after the dogs which were constantly dragging in dead grass this winter.
  • Their house is mostly hardwood and it is perfect for keeping up on grass or dirt that may have been tracked in.
  • It’s very quiet, picks up cat hair, grass and dirt tracked in, and fits under the bed and other furniture.
  • We run him every other day and keeps us from having dog hair and grass stuck to the bottom of our feet.
  • I was amazed!! My Eufy does a great job of cleaning up the small pieces of dirt, grass, etc my dog tracks in from the yard. While my Eufy is running, I am free to do other things.
  • We get a lot of grass and dust in the house (country living) and it is VERY visible on dark hardwood floors. I run this once a day and it replaces me sweeping or dust mopping.

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Robot Vacuum For Office


I brought my Eufy into the office and gave a demo. My office bought one, and three of my colleagues bought them also.


  • I work from my home office, and this thing is quiet enough that I don’t even turn it off during conference calls.
  • We originally got it for the office so we could last between maid visits. It did such a good job that I started bringing it home. The cheap carpets at the office are perfect for it and hard surfaces. It does a really great job and I don’t need another vacuum!
  • I have very heavy lower furniture and it goes under all of it even in my husband’s office which has tight spaces.
  • BEST CLEANER FOR OFFICE. I have had this cleaner for more than a month, it has cleaned my office every day. I have 5 rooms here and when I leave I start it and it returns to the charging station after cleaning.
  • I planned to have it just clean my office floor, but after it did so well there, I let it loose in the hallway to clean up cat hair and litter, and it cleaned it all.
  • My office has never been cleaner!
  • I had to shut the door to my office to make calls while the Roomba ran, with the Eufy that’s not the case. I make phone calls with it right in the room.
  • We have it in an office with a dog, hard flooring, and lots of doorways. It picks up the dog hair that was lurking along the baseboards and other dirt tracked in and runs long enough that it is able to make the rounds of the whole building.
  • I love that I bring it to my office, come back in the morning and my office is clean.
  • General cleaning around the house, even put on in the office and it’s holding up well so far!

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Quiet Robotic Vacuum


eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

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Quiet – the motor is SO quiet! The bumper guard is gentle so it if runs into something, it lightly taps it before redirecting itself in another direction, so that doesn’t’ create much noise either. That’s also a nice feature for caring for your furniture, too!


  • Very quiet. I can work on stuff with it in the room and it does not bother me at all (my dog also does not mind it).
  • I went with the Eufy for a few reasons: price point, cleaning power, quietness, and sleek design.
  • The Eufy is also fairly quiet, so it doesn’t bother the dogs. You can also hear the TV perfectly fine while it is running.
  • It’s also easy to use and quiet- neither our toddler nor dog are freaked out/bothered by its sound.
  • The vac is super quiet in the regular setting. I didn’t really hear much of a difference on the Boost setting but may use that if I feel the room is beyond dirty.
  • I had it run while I was home over the weekend, and it was very quiet.
  • For comparison, when it was vacuuming in front of me, it sounded like somebody is vacuuming in a different room with the door closed. So not absolutely missing, but so quiet that you can watch TV without adjusting the volume.
  • It is very quiet, virtually noiseless, rarely gets stuck, and when it does is very forgiving.
  • Very quiet was our first impression. Sleek design which we like as well but performance is more important.
  • It’s so quiet that I run it at nighttime, and have it programmed to run at midnight every night, and it bothers nobody.

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Robot Vacuum For Rugs


We have five rugs in the house of varying material and pile heights (jute knots, low natural fibers and low pile wool) and Eufy hops over them with ease.


  • I also have a thick wool rug that is 0.625 high pile & it marches right over it….perfect!
  • More importantly, this vacuum can clean heavy and long-haired rugs.
  • I have hard floors, one area rug in the living room, and rubber-backed rugs in the bathrooms. It transitions to and from rugs with ease. I highly recommend this vacuum.
  • This is it! My needs were a slim vacuum to pick up pet hair on hardwood floors in a one-story house that is equally capable of cleaning small rugs with low and medium piles.
  • I even have a higher pile rug in my room that I was concerned about, but my little guy went right over it with no issues.
  • It works on rugs and bare floors, and if you want it to concentrate somewhere you can close it in a room or block off an area for a deeper clean.
  • Can clean my half-inch thick rug-dense fibers, no loose strings, or fray.
  • It navigates rooms decently well and goes over thicker rugs better than you’d expect.
  • I have a shaggy area rug that I was afraid that Eufy would get stuck on, but he vacuums it just fine.
  • It runs over our Berber carpet, tile, and floor rugs with ease. It even cleaned a high pile rug that always stops my main vacuum.

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In summary, the Eufy RoboVac is an outstanding robotic vacuum. I’m sure things will get even better in the future however this company has produced the best you can get with our current technology and standout as a leading brand for robot vacuums.

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