Electric Snow Blower For Driveways & Decks (Corded Snow Thrower)

If you are sick and tired of manually clearing your driveways with a shovel the Snow Joe Electric Snow Blower can slash an hour of intense labor down to a 10-minute easy chore…

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The Snow Joe brand is immensely popular across a broad range of products and their snow throwers are no exception receiving consistently high ratings from reviewers.

Snow Joe sells a few snow blowers and they are all popular however the following electric snow thrower is a best seller…

Introducing The Best Selling And Very Highly Rated Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower…

Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower | 22-Inch | 15-Amp | w/Dual LED Lights


Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower | 22-Inch | 15-Amp | w/Dual LED Lights

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Why Is This Electric Snow Blower So Popular With Reviewers?


Picked this up after struggling with snow last winter (first time home buyer problems!). It’s a great size, throws the snow well (10-15 feet) and doesn’t bog down too much. We’ve used it on 8-10 inches of snow at a time without any issues, and it makes clearing our 50-ish foot driveway a 10 minute job instead of an hour with a shovel.


  • I wasn’t sure if I’d like this thing because of the cord bs but I’m actually really impressed by this machine. For a fraction of the cost of a gas blower, it’s worth it.
  • We saved a lot of money from hiring a snow removal service this year and for what we paid for the SnowJoe was what we would have paid the snow removal service.
  • Works great! Has saved my back this winter. Well worth the money!
  • It was very good easy to use, even my neighbors came to ask what brand of snow blower is this.

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Electric Snow Blower For Deck


I bought this to use on our deck. Used it last week for the first time on about 4″ of really wet heavy snow. To my surprise it threw it a good 15-20′, over the rails. I don’t know if my gas blower would have done any better. Definitely a huge help so I don’t have to lift the snow over the railings.


  • I bought the Snow Joe to clear my big deck and my walks, and it does that job.
  • So today, the predicted storm came and dropped 8-10 inches of snow on the deck (mostly from blowing the snow from the roof). And the Snow Joe SK627E did exactly what it was built to do!
  • Very good single-stage snowblower. I use it to clear snow from our deck and it handles the job with no problem.
  • I wanted something that was easy to handle and that would clear my driveway and my 70 feet of deck. It did both.
  • Bonus discovery, it is light enough to easily lift three steps up onto my deck so the deck can be cleared too.
  • It’s great for a big deck and small areas to remove snow.

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Electric Snow Blower For Driveway


My first winter in Minnesota and we had record snow totals including one day with over 13″ where the wind didn’t blow snow… That was 23″. Both amounts were found on my driveway. This electric snow blower, never backed down. It handled the 13″ no problem despite only having a 12″ depth at opening. And for the 23″, I simply plowed that twice.


  • The Snow Joe has been great on our paver driveway here in the mountains of Idaho.
  • This guy does a great job getting it off my 3 car driveway and the sidewalks.
  • My driveway is approximately 30ft long and 2 cars wide and this snowblower is perfect for the task.
  • This little unit turned out to be a real trooper. If you have a smaller driveway, there is nothing better. Because it uses a reel rather than an auger, this unit will leave your driveway looking like it was swept.
  • The unit has done a great job with our long driveway and even handles the plowed snow at the end of the driveway.
  • We had about 18″ in Denver and I was able to clear my 3-car driveway in the same amount of time as my neighbor with their much more expensive gas snow thrower.
  • I plugged in the SnowJoe in and I was done with my long wide driveway in about 10 maybe 15 minutes.
  • 15 minutes after delivery, I was clearing snow from my driveway with this awesome machine – it did a fine job on 8 inches of wet snow without incident.
  • This has been so helpful! I have a very long driveway and a lot of areas to cover. This helps move the snow and takes me next to nothing to complete the driveway and walkways.

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Electric Snow Blower For Wet Snow


We’ve had a couple of big snowfalls: 7″ and 4: on top of that which was wet and heavy. My Snow Joe cut right through both with no problem. It throws everything far enough to either side of my 100′ long driveway and has saved my back a lot of work.


  • I was able to easily clear ~7″ of semi-wet snow from my driveway including the heavier, wetter stuff left at the end by the town plow while taking full bites at it.
  • This is the first time I have used one and we just had 14 inches of snow. The snow was not the dry fluffy type but was very wet and heavy. I had my doubts but when I made my first pass on my 125-foot driveway it worked like a champ.
  • I used it for the first time this week and it cut through ten inches of medium wet snow. It threw the snow plenty far to reach my yard, even when I was in the center of my driveway.
  • This tool does a very nice of cleaning both heavy wet snow and light powder. 
  • Got to use this for the first time after a 6-7″ wet snow. Snow Joe went through it pretty easily. Some areas where I threw snow on top were a little deeper ( 10-11″) it took just a little longer to get through but never bogged down.
  • I live in SE Wisconsin. We received VERY wet snow. A shovel full weighed b/n 25 to 30 lbs. Snowpack 6 inches. I used this fabulous snowblower. I had to go back and forth often but the result is startling!

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This Snow Joe Moves Snow, Doesn’t Bog Down And Is Easy To Maneuver


This Snow Joe moves snow, doesn’t bog down, and is easy to maneuver. (Yes, you have to push it along–it’s not self-propelled.) The Snow Joe will move impressive amounts of snow when working within its capability–take small bites of deeper snow until a path is cut that allows you continue at half of the 22 inch total width.


  • Some areas where I threw snow on top were a little deeper ( 10-11″) it took just a little longer to get through but never bogged down.
  • It is very easy to maneuver, light enough to easily pick up if needed, and works well.
  • Replaced my antique 2 stroke gas unit with this little beauty. Super lightweight, easy to maneuver, and its snow throwing capability is really impressive.
  • It is super light and easy to maneuver (I can pick it up with one arm and hang it on the wall).
  • I can easily carry it myself and it is simple to maneuver.

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Much Easier To Start Than A Gas Blower


My favorite part of the unit is that it just starts up when its time to go and I don’t come back into the house smelling of oil and gas.


  • Great for women who can’t pull a pull start. Or can’t afford or justify the ignition start gas snowblower.
  • So much easier to start than a gas-powered one. I am a woman and I could never start the gas one we had but now I am able to snow blow by myself.
  • It worked better than I ever imagined and was so much easier than starting a gas blower, easier to maneuver.
  • The pros are that it starts up with no issues, it is fast, works, and very responsive. There are no cons at all.
  • Just plug it in and start. The cord can be awkward, but so is pouring gas and changing oil, air filter, spark plugs.
  • This starts up every time and I never have to think about winterizing, gas levels, oil, or battery.

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No Messing About With Gas Or Batteries


You also don’t have to worry about gas/oil, and can hang it on the wall in the garage without worrying about tipping our cleaning up after a gas motor.


  • If you don’t want to mess with gas, and don’t want to spring for batteries, these are great.
  • Great Snow Blower, Never Run Out of Gas, Clears the Snow in Chicago!
  • If you don’t have time or money for maintenance to keep a gas snow blower going AND don’t mind using an electrical cord, then this is the snowblower for you.
  • Way less hassle than gas, oil, and winterizing an engine each year.
  • I bought one each for my mother and my sister. They both could not be happier! Plug it in and go… no starter pull cord, no gas, no fumes.

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In summary, Snow Joe is a leading brand name and a company you can buy from with confidence.

This electric snow blower is one of Amazon’s best sellers and a very popular product with high ratings from consumers.

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