Is Dorman a Good Brand? Dorman Brand Ratings

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Dorman is a manufacturer of aftermarket replacement parts and components. Founded in 1918, the company offers automotive products such as power window motors, exhaust systems, and brake calipers.

Its product range also includes heavy duty truck parts, fasteners, fittings, and seals for use in a variety of applications.

Dorman Brand Ratings

CriteriaRating (out of 10)Description
Reputation and Trustworthiness8Dorman has a solid reputation in the automotive industry, known for providing reliable aftermarket parts.
Quality and Durability7Dorman products generally offer good quality and durability, but some users have reported occasional issues.
Innovation6While Dorman provides functional parts, it may not be at the forefront of innovation in the industry.
Customer Support9Dorman offers excellent customer support, with responsive representatives who assist customers effectively.
Value for Money8Dorman products are typically reasonably priced, offering good value for the quality and features provided.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices7Dorman is committed to sustainability and ethical practices, but there may be room for further improvements.
Brand Authenticity8Dorman maintains a strong brand identity and is recognized for its commitment to providing reliable parts.
User Experience8Customers generally have positive experiences with Dorman products, with easy installation and functionality.
Longevity and Stability9Dorman has been in the industry for a long time, showcasing stability and a proven track record.
Industry Recognition and Awards7While Dorman has received some industry recognition and awards, it may not be as highly awarded as some competitors.

Is Dorman a Good Brand?

Dorman is considered to be a good value for both cost-efficiency and reliability when it comes to automotive replacement parts.

The company has invested heavily into research and development so that its products consistently exceed customer expectations in terms of functionality, performance, and durability.

Additionally, the brand’s commitment to putting customer service first makes it an excellent option for anyone looking for good quality auto parts at an affordable price point.

Quality of Dorman Auto Parts

Dorman auto parts are known for their quality and reliability, offering an equally reliable replacement to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Dorman products provide an easy, cost-effective solution when replacing a single part or shopping for a complete solution.

The brand designs, engineers, and tests each part in their own facility, so customers can be sure they’re receiving a quality part backed by the expertise that goes into every new product they produce.

Dorman has made a name for itself by providing top-notch customer service along with quality products. Their revolutionary design process follows strict engineering standards and provides long lasting performance at an economical price.

They provide constant research and development in order to innovate current product lines and invest heavily in testing programs that guarantee each part is forged with exact precision – meeting or exceeding all OEM standards to ensure fitment and durability.

From control arms and brakes to headlights upholstery sets, radiators, power windows, and sensors – all of their high-quality parts are backed by the satisfaction of customers who have been coming back since 1918!

Goodness of Specific Dorman Products

Dorman is one of the top brands for high-quality and reliable parts. Dorman also offers an extensive online catalog where you can find exactly what you’re looking for from your car – including OEM-reproduced components as well as high-quality universal replacement options as well like for lighting, restorers, and heaters. 

Dorman auto parts review

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Are Dorman Ball Joints Good?

Dorman Ball Joints are designed to offer superior performance in automotive applications.

They feature a heavy-duty construction that is resistant to wear and tear from road debris and extended use cycles. The self-lubricating design allows them to deliver exceptionally smooth operation regardless of the application conditions.

Are Dorman Bearings Good?

Dorman Bearings offer long-term durability in extreme driving conditions. They have been engineered with optimal sealing abilities to extend the life of your vehicle’s bearing system.

Additionally, Dorman’s bearings boast low friction coefficients for decreased fuel consumption as well as improved power output for enhanced performance.

Are Dorman Brake Hoses Good?

Dorman Brake Hoses are direct OE replacements that help ensure your vehicle performs at its best by providing consistent brake pressure over time and from location to location.

With their made-to-specification construction, they offer exceptional fitment while maintaining integrity during times of braking stress or impact loads associated with different terrains and driving conditions.

Are Dorman Brake Lines Good?

Dorman’s Brake Lines provide secure lines with no leak points along their entire length due to their corrosion resistant coating and double crimp fittings on either end that helps prevent hose disconnection or breakage under even the most demanding circumstances like off roading or aftermarket modification setups.

With improved handling capabilities due to increased ride height clearance distances between parts on your vehicle’s chassis when compared to original equipment components which often require additional modifications since they are not developed with off roading activities in mind.

Are Dorman Cam Phasers Any Good?

The Dorman Cam Phasers are precision crafted parts designed specifically for managing valve timing control on each cylinder head creating an engine’s ideal power band by optimizing valve overlap so that all cylinders fire at exactly the same time resulting in more efficient combustion and creating more horsepower torque acceleration response thus maximizing overall engine potential.

In short, these cam phasers provide improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, increased power & torque, smoother shifting & start stop ease.

Are Dorman Car Parts Good?

Overall, Dorman auto parts provide reliable performance regardless of driving scenario and help protect against premature wear giving you peace of mind knowing your car will run safely wherever you may take it allowing long lasting reliability backed up by a no questions asked warranty policy — evidence of customer confidence in the quality of their products—helping make sure you can enjoy good drivability day after day!

Are Dorman Catalytic Converters Any Good?

The Dorman catalytic converters are made with high-quality stainless steel and have heavy-duty construction which provides better flow and power.

Their innovative designs help reduce emissions and also come with a 5-year warranty offering peace of mind. In addition to this, they boast improved durability ensuring maximum engine protection.

Are Dorman Control Arms Good?

Dorman offers an extensive range of control arms that are manufactured using heavy duty steel to ensure long lasting performance.

They feature multiple pivot points on the ball joint to provide improved stability when taking sharp turns or hard braking maneuvers.

The control arms are built with precision engineering which makes them significantly more reliable than regular OE arms on the market today.

Are Dorman Driveshafts Good?

Yes! The driveshaft made by Dorman is known for its robust design that significantly reduces vibration from uneven surfaces and driving conditions while still maintaining optimum power transfer from the engine all throughout the drivetrain system.

The shafts feature forged steel construction along with surface hardened material for complete strength and durability in any application.

Are Dorman Exhaust Manifolds Good?

The Dorman exhaust manifolds feature stainless steel construction which helps maintain peak engine performance while reducing backpressure from the pipes thus improving horsepower and torque output as well as providing a deep toned roar when accelerating or cruising at higher RPMs.

Furthermore, these manifolds incorporate heat shields for thermal isolation thereby increasing the lifespan of other components installed nearby such as spark plugs or turbochargers etc.

Are Dorman Fuel Tanks Any Good?

The fuel tanks produced by Dorman are corrosion resistant due to their galvanized steel construction making them applicable even in harsher elements commonly experienced while traveling off roading or through extreme weather conditions such as rain sleet snow etc.

Their double wall design further insulates contents producing above industry standard levels of fuel economy while also helping reduce hazardous fuel vapors from entering the atmosphere by recycling them back into the combustion chamber via an evaporative process eliminating concerns associated with stinky smelly fumes

Dorman Is A Good Brand For Gaskets

Dorman gaskets, harmonic balancers, headlights, injectors, and intake manifolds are all high-quality auto parts made by the leading aftermarket brand Dorman. The company is known for its commitment to producing durable products that deliver excellent performance.

Their selection of aftermarket parts includes chemically treated gaskets, injection system components, engine control unit relays, and various replacement lighting items.

Dorman gaskets are designed to provide reliable seal protection between the two surfaces they connect. Constructed with tough materials like nitryl rubber or silicone O-rings and long-lasting metal reinforcement layers, these gaskets can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures to prevent leakage from crankshafts and valve covers.

Dorman offers an array of sizes so customers can find the perfect fit for their engine’s needs.

Dorman Is A Good Brand For Harmonic Balancers

Dorman harmonic balancers are built with an elastomer layer to absorb vibration at crank pulleys and the low revving can diminish stress on other engine parts in order to minimize damage over time.

Each part is tested to ensure quality assurance before leaving the factory floor so drivers know their vehicles will perform well under any operating conditions.

Dorman Is A Good Brand For Headlights

Dorman headlights offer both high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs as well as halogen bulbs that deliver brighter light output than standard lighting options while also providing more coverage of space ahead of the vehicle.

Their LED headlight kits come in a variety of styles that feature robust construction to protect against dust and water elements while affording wider, further range visibility on dark nights or in foggy weather conditions.

Dorman Is A Good Brand For Injectors

Dorman carries some special mileage specific fuel injectors; reverse flushing helps clear out blockages in the intake tract that might otherwise decrease gas mileage performance significantly when performing an oil change or tune up job.

Furthermore all Dorman Injectors have longevity durability allowing them to outlast harsher racing environments because they won’t break down over time under extreme conditions due to top notch material engineering technology incorporated within their production standards.

Dorman Is A Good Brand For Intake Manifolds

Dorman also provides sturdy aluminum intake manifolds. These manifold assemblies are perfectly machined pieces crafted with precision measurements capable of handling higher operating limits than OEM counterparts thanks entirely from using specialized design parameters which have ultimates expansion capability covering motor vibrations naturally without having to interlock any solid mounting screws which would eventually cause excessive heat transfer levels throughout over time.

Are Dorman Knock Sensors Good?

Dorman produces some of the highest quality knock sensors on the market. Their sensors offer superior precision and detection with greater accuracy than other brands.

Their knock sensors come with an OE-match performance and are also 100% tested before being released for sale.

Are Dorman Leaf Springs Good?

Dorman produces durable leaf springs with superior quality materials built to last longer than the standard OEM springs. They also feature corrosion-resistant finishes to ensure rust isn’t an issue over time.

In addition, their leaf springs provide the correct ride height without modification and offer an OE-match fitment for easy installation into most vehicle makes and models.

Are Dorman Lug Nuts Good?

Yes! Dorman’s lug nuts are highly engineered with extremely tight tolerances so they can provide maximum strength and long lasting durability on almost any type of vehicle model—from the smallest hatchback sedans to heavy duty diesel pickups.

Their lug nuts are resistant against extreme temperatures as well as vibrations from off-roading. They even include lifetime warranties allowing consumers to get replacements if needed under their guarantee policy conditions.

Are Dorman Master Cylinders Any Good?

Master cylinders produced by Dorman come in many sizes depending on your needs making them suitable for both front wheel drive cars as well as rear wheel drive cars which have larger cylinder capacities due to bigger brake systems.

With a supreme level of attention paid towards its assembly line processes, including no external disruption during operation or assembly process; these master cylinders deliver consistent results each time at the highest standards possible given current technology limitations.

Are Dorman Sensors Any Good?

The answer is a resounding yes! All sensors offered by this dependable brand are designed using leading innovation technique that enables these products to develop prolonged stability throughout use despite hostile weather conditions like steamy hot summers and cold winters that enemies continuity integrity of regular not so good sensors from other brands in comparison..

Moreover, these advanced peak performing sensors easily generate information output when required helping drivers take control during alleged cruising mode smoothly with complete assurance about authentic readings at all times rendered by their accurate measurement capacity regardless of prevailing turbulence level in driving scenarios handled such that worries related to sudden unaccounted incidents fall steeply downhill instantly boosting overall confidence during roads trips big time!

Are Dorman Suspension Parts Good?

Dorman suspension parts make it easy to restore a vehicle’s original performance – and even upgrade its ride quality depending on the specific product.

Whether you are replacing worn-out bushings or upgrading with new components, Dorman provides aftermarket suspension parts for nearly any application. Dorman uses high-quality materials to ensure proper fit and superior performance for the life of the part.

Are Dorman Wheel Bearings Good?

Yes, Dorman wheel bearings are a good choice when you need reliable replacements. Their manufacturing processes ensure that these parts provide tight steering all around.

They offer sealed designs with corrosion-resistant coating for longer part life. Plus, all Dorman bearing assemblies are 100 percent inspected before leaving their warehouse to give customers an extra sense of confidence in their purchase.

Are Dorman Wheel Studs Good?

Dorman offers high-quality wheel studs that have been hardened and plated with zinc to provide long lasting protection against corrosion while providing a secure connection between your wheels and axles.

They feature precision engineered threads so they do not require any reaming or threading prior to installation and feature double nuts designed specifically for buying replacement bolts at the hardware store if one ever needs to be changed out.

Are Dorman Wheels Good?

Yes, if you’re looking for quality wheels at an affordable price, then you should consider purchasing from the extensive selection of options offered by Dorman.

Their products range from steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels, both which can accommodate direct tire fitment without needing additional steps taken like hub centering rings or additional lug nuts when looking for optimal performance in the long run.

Are Dorman Window Regulators Any Good?

When looking for window regulators, you won’t be disappointed in investing in a product from this company as they provide superior sturdiness and position accuracy within its components due to careful engineering done in OEM subjection tests during the production process.

The pulleys – included within most window regulator kits – use a metal material composition that will guarantee the longest possible motor lifespan compared to other brands.

Comparing Dorman with Other Brands

Dorman vs other brands

Wondering if Dorman is as good as Mopar or which is better between Moog and Dorman?

Is Dorman as Good as Mopar

Dorman is an after-market replacement parts company offering high-quality OE-comparable products that provide excellent performance and affordability.

They are widely available for most of the popular vehicles on the road today, with a wide selection of parts like brake parts, wheel hubs, oil pumps, radiators, headlight assemblies, and more.

Mopar is the original equipment manufacturer’s brand for FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). By many people’s standards, they are considered top of the line when it comes to quality control and reliability of auto parts.

Their stringent engineering processes ensure that the parts you get meet exact OEM specifications.

Which Is Better Moog or Dorman

Moog is another well-known aftermarket replacement car part brand that specializes in suspension components like tie rods, ball joints, and suspension kits used in cars and trucks.

They supply a comprehensive range of parts but tend to charge slightly more than similar products offered by different manufacturers.

So while Mopar offers higher quality OE products at a higher price tag compared to other brands such as Dorman or Moog, there are still plenty of options if you need high-quality OE-equivalent parts at a reasonable price from recognized manufacturers such as Dorman or Moog.

Ultimately it’s up to the user to what parameters for the quality-price ratio suit their needs best.


Dorman is an excellent choice when it comes to automotive repair needs. They have a long track record of providing high-quality parts and tools, and they understand the needs of the automotive aftermarket.

Their product line includes brake hydraulic items, drain plugs, thermostats, thermostat housings, and electrical connectors. The quality of these parts is unrivaled in the industry, and the precision engineering means they are sure to fit perfectly no matter what vehicle you’re dealing with.

What sets Dorman apart from its competitors is their commitment to providing complete auto repair solutions for their customers. They don’t just offer a part – they work hard to ensure that everything needed for a successful repair process is included in their kits. This level of service isn’t seen often in the auto repair business and really underscores why Dorman is so widely regarded as one of the best brands out there.

For anyone looking for a complete, reliable auto repair solution without compromising on quality, look no further than Dorman. With their range of premium products backed by excellent customer service, you can be confident that your repairs will be done right the first time around!