Do Renewable Dehumidifiers Work (Here Is What Customers Say)

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What Are Renewable Dehumidifiers?

Renewable dehumidifiers are environmentally safe, work completely silent, are hassle-free with no messy refills or spills, and can last as long as 10 years. They sound amazing however do they actually work?

Renewable dehumidifiers work very well in small areas and keep moisture under control in safes, bathrooms, closets, pantries, drawers, RVs, campers, toolboxes, cabinets, storage containers, sheds, bags, vehicles, laundries, and more.

Designed to help remove moisture and reduce rot and mold on walls, floors, ceilings, and basements, these Renewable dehumidifiers are perfect for residential and commercial locations.

Eva-dry is the most recognized brand for renewable mini dehumidifiers and I have listed below some of the comments from customers that will leave you with no doubt that these dehumidifiers work fantastically well…

Eva-Dry Is The The Most Popular Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier 2-PACK

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier 2-PACK

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Do Eva-Dry Renewable Dehumidifiers Work?

According To Customer Absolutely Yes!


Works much better than damp rid, love that they are rechargeable, and no mess to clean up after. These work very well. I wish I would have bought them sooner. I love the fact that they are rechargeable and there is water that my kids can spill.


Renewable Dehumidifiers Work In Safes

  • They work great for safes or closets.
  • I bought these for my safes. And they work great. I take them out about every 3 or 4 weeks and plug them in overnight and back they go.
  • Got 2 of these over Remington’s for my gun safe after reading. They work very well.
  • I used this to dehumidify my safe and my closets. It worked well for that purpose.
  • Does a fantastic job of keeping my gun safe dry and the firearms safe from moisture and humidity. I bought the 2 pack, they are both in there, doing their job.
  • I use these along with a heater rod since my safe is an area that gets damp. I never have any rust or condensation on my weapons.
  • These replaced my other brand and work far better, used for my gun safe and so far last far longer than the others, easier to recharge.
  • I got this for my gun safe. It seems to work good and I really like that It is reusable. Great product and a good price.
  • Works Great!!! I put 2 in a 24 gun safe and they keep the humidity at an acceptable level.
  • Great product keeps my walk-in gun safe dry.

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Renewable Dehumidifiers Work In Bedrooms


Works great on removing the moisture; pillow doesn’t feel damp any longer, works great in our front bedroom. Easy to recharge plug in & remember 12-14hrs later good to go.


  • Works amazingly well in our daughters’ small bedroom.
  • I purchased the double-pack to use in a small bedroom. One is enough to work in a bedroom of 8 x 10 size room. The change in the air was noticeable, and believe or not, after a mere 20 minutes.
  • We bought two of these for two daylight basement bedrooms to keep the condensation from the windows from creating a mildew issue. They work exactly as described.
  • I can’t believe how well these work for being so small! I have a small apartment with pretty pathetic windows and living in Illinois, my bedroom gets very humid. I actually put one in my bedroom and the other hanging in my doorway. They work and I’m sleeping much more comfortably!
  • Yes, it works, left it out in the bedroom to make sure it was doing the job.
  • We haven’t had any mold issues in our bedroom since we’ve placed them in our closet.

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Renewable Dehumidifiers Work In Bathrooms


It just plain works! It is silent and has made my bathroom much drier (I had mold growing due to lack of ventilation) I just plug it in once a week or so for 12 hours and it’s ready to go back to work.


  • They work really well. I have one in the bathroom and one under the kitchen sink and let me tell you they really do make a difference.
  • I have one in each of my small bathrooms and they absorb the excess moisture in the bathrooms.
  • These items work great. My bathroom had a problem with moisture buildup and mold. I placed one of these in the bathroom and you could feel the reduction in humidity that afternoon.
  • I don’t have a ceiling vent in my bathroom. Works great in there and use the other in the laundry room.
  • Nice for bathroom drawers.
  • These dehumidifiers work perfectly in small areas. I keep on in the bathroom.
  • I use them under my bathroom sinks and in the linen closet. It works well! Great product!
  • These work great in small humid bathrooms where you don’t have a fan.
  • When the Eva humidifiers arrived, I immediately put them in the bathroom and they soaked up some humidity!
  • My bathroom has no exhaust fan. These bad boys have helped with the funky towel and damp issues.

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Renewable Dehumidifiers Work In Closets And Pantry


Mildew in the closets is the bane of living in a tropical paradise (Hawaii). These things really work. A few in the closet plus a few tossed in the bed to keep the sheets dry.


  • Worked great in my closet right away.
  • I bought two and used them in my under stair closet where the hatch is for my crawl space and it really helped remove the musty odor.
  • Works great for pantry and closets and completely renewable so there’s no need to re-purchase anything. Love it!
  • Put these in closets to help with humidity. Works great
  • Works great! Excellent for enclosed spaces like closets.
  • I put one in a small closet and one in a small bathroom and they work as advertised.
  • Perfect for closets! I put two of these in our 4 doors built-in closet and they work great.
  • I bought 3 of these to alternate in my closets. They work great in a regular closet as well as the walk-in. 
  • The product is exactly as described and works perfectly in the very damp downstairs coat closet. 
  • My wife is very happy with this on a couple of small closets we have, it seems that it’s doing the work of keeping humidity from damaging the clothes.
  • I have a dozen of these things, in my gun safes, ammo crates, gun cabinets, in keepsake boxes, and food pantries. works awesome. When it’s wet I just swap it with a spare and move on.
  • Live in Missouri with high humidity problems in closets and such. These work very well. Love them

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Renewable Dehumidifiers Work In RVs And Campers


I am a full time R.V. er the winter humidity is horrible, a constant battle. So I purchased 6 of the Eva-Dry 333, so thankful that I did. Day 3 with them and no more ice in my corners no more dripping cabinet, which by the way was really bad.


  • These are working great in our Motorhome! I just bring them in the house and plug them in occasionally to refresh them
  • I bought one for our RV and it worked so well in the bathroom that I bought two more for the living area and bedroom. An amazing invention, so easy to use. The best part is that they don’t need power or batteries. Put them where ever you need them (they also have hangers if you want to hang on a closet rack). To dry them out, just plug them in.
  • We are using these in our RV. They work perfectly and help keep the moisture down so we don’t have to work about mold/mildew. I plan to buy two more so every room had one.
  • Reduces humidity in RV bunk and Bath. They work as advertised. Being used in RV to reduce condensation. Simple reliable and well made. I will buy more.
  • Keeps your RV dry so the AC works less removing humidity.
  • Used them to take out moisture in my camper worked great.
  • Easy to use and works great for our camper.
  • Works quite well! I rotate 4 of them in an unheated heated motor home near Seattle.
  • They work fine for helping to control moisture in my camper.
  • Working great in my 23ft camp trailer! Super easy and works as expected. We went from battles with mold (a new problem moving the trailer from Idaho to Oregon) to now seeing no return in the mold.

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Renewable Dehumidifiers Work In Tool Boxes, Cabinets, & Containers

  • These work great and are easier to recharge the other canister type. I use them in a gun cabinet, toolboxes, and tool cabinet.
  • I have 4 of these and find that they work very well for removing moisture. The Eva-dry units also dry overnight after I plug them in. They easily last more than 1 month in the semi airtight containers that I use them in and they last even longer in ammo boxes.
  • They definitely work. Living in Hawaii and my cabinets get gross. It’s helped them stay dry without producing any heat.
  • I like the product and it keeps the moisture out of the toolbox in our building.
  • Works well as long as you remember to recharge. I use them in my pool and patio storage bins to keep things from getting moldy and rusty.
  • They work, my ammunition said thank you. They are nice and compact and unobtrusive.


Renewable Dehumidifiers Work 3D Printer Filament Storage

  • It works great!! I use these devices within clear storage containers to keep my 3D Printing filament dry.
  • They work very well put them in the storage cases for my 3D printer filament
  • I’m dehumidifying medium-sized storage containers holding 3D printer filament, and these do the job well.
  • Keeps my airtight filament boxes dry for a long time.
  • I use these in my sealed bins that I store my 3D printer filament in. They work GREAT!

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Renewable Dehumidifiers Work In Sheds And Garages

  • Worked perfectly. I live in Florida and have a shed and it’s always wet inside from the humidity. These work so great. No moisture at all in my shed. The recharge was easy and no issues.
  • Great value. These do what they say they will!! Perfect for a confined space like a bathroom or RV. We have one in our outdoor shed also. Works great.
  • We use these in our camper, in our basement, and in our garage. If you pay attention to area size and use the correct number of these, they work well.


Renewable Dehumidifiers Work Inside Camera Bags

  • These are great for putting in camera bags when storing gear. They work perfectly!


Renewable Dehumidifiers Works For Cars And Trucks

  • I have used the Eva dry dehumidifiers for years in my cars and truck cab. During the winter months since my garage is not insulated….works well to keeps the moisture at a minimum.


They Can Dry Out Chest Freezers Too!

  • Absolutely flawless! Worked exactly as stated and dried out my chest freezer in less than 24 hours.
  • Works as advertised. I use it to keep a chest freezer/fermentation chamber dry.


How About Kegerators?

  • Use these in my kegerator to keep the condensation from forming and then mold…. works great.
  • Works great to keep my kegerator free of condensation! I check the color of the crystals periodically and plug it into the wall overnight when I need to recharge the crystals.
  • Works great to remove excess moisture in my Keezer and fermentation chamber.


Renewable Dehumidifiers Work In Laundries

  • I really like to use these rechargeable units in the laundry room, RV, closets. They work very well.


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Another Renewable Mini Dehumidifier That Works


UooEA Mini Renewable Dehumidifier, Portable & Rechargeable Moisture Absorber


UooEA Mini Renewable Dehumidifier, Portable & Rechargeable Moisture Absorber with Independent Drying Base, Perfect for Closet, Cabinet, RV, Gun Safe, Car. Remove Humidity & Prevent Odor

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This works perfectly for my needs. I have a bathroom with a humidity problem, and I hate letting the bathroom fan run all day long to combat the problem. I had ordered a different humidifier, but it died after a couple of months. That’s when I saw this little guy! It pulls the humidity from my bathroom nicely. 


  • Works well in a small bedroom!
  • I purchased this one for the bathroom using and my bedroom, and it works well in both places, especially in the bathroom after taking shower.
  • Works as described. Using in my safe to keep the humidity in check.
  • I use this in my bathroom which does not have ventilation. This has been amazing and has really helped with the humidity.
  • Works surprisingly well. Takes about 1-2 minutes to get to full blowing power but just leaving it my bathroom yielded a surprising amount of water pulled from the air.
  • This small dehumidifier works really well.
  • I have a bathroom that tends to hold a lot of humidity. I bought this to use in that space and it works great!
  • Small enough to not get in the way, but really pulling moisture out of the air. So quiet, you can not hear it running. Definitely worth the money!

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In summary, as you can see even at a quick glance at the comments about renewable mini dehumidifiers customers give this device a huge tick of approval.

There were plenty of happy gun safe owners stating how well these units work and lots of customers verifying their effectiveness in numerous areas of the home and storage areas.

For small areas and especially safes and storage containers the renewable mini dehumidifiers are fantastic!

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